Episode 5

October 28, 2023


S1 Ep5: Fundamental Differences

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep5: Fundamental Differences
The Chicago Chronicles: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep5: Fundamental Differences

Oct 28 2023 | 02:43:42


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Margot and Soraya share some old secrets in captivity and create some new ones before their rescue. Reunited and with their foe firmly in sight, the Coterie returns to the Succubus club to deal with Dimitri, only to learn the terrible truth of his chess game. Unfortunately, this answer only begets more questions as the next night sees strangers parading their faith across vampire businesses and threatening the Masquerade and the Coterie finds themselves learning a valuable lesson: there's no such thing as a night off in Chicago.

Jasper Black - Anarcholoserist
Soraya Sharif - Jazzy
Wren - Jimmy
Margot Beaufont - Legacy
Warren Sawyer - GR

Storyteller - Vironz

Opening Theme: Kick It by Flint

Listener Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:30] Speaker A: Hi. I'll be playing Jasper Black, the Broja. [00:00:36] Speaker B: Gr. [00:00:36] Speaker C: I will be playing Warren Sawyer, the Malkavian. [00:00:41] Speaker D: Hi, I'm jazzy. I'll be playing Sarai, the asimite. [00:00:46] Speaker B: Hello there. My name is Jimmy, and I'll be playing Ren. [00:00:52] Speaker E: Hi, I'm legacy, and I'll be playing Margot, the daughter of cacophony. [00:00:58] Speaker F: And I am Viron's your storyteller for this lovely evening. Inside the vault. Dimitri had just closed the vault door on you, slamming it shut, airtight. Deborah was just screaming at everything that was going on. It seems like something out of a psychic. It seems like something out of the movies where psychic ward detainees escape start causing chaos. Randy, looking famished. Not starving, but definitely very hungry. Deborah has gas mask on for her oxygen. Margot sinks her teeth in, drains all her blood, then gives some of her own vitae to Deborah, turning her into a canite as well. Process is often gruesome. This is no. And after about half an hour, Deborah stirs awake and is clutching her head and holding it and crushing it ever so slightly. Covering her ears, she begins saying, where is all this coming from? [00:02:32] Speaker E: What's all this music? Good morning to you, too. Glad you're finally awake. Don't worry. That music will never go away. [00:02:53] Speaker F: Saraya. It is dead silent in this vault. Except for the two talking, there's no music. [00:03:05] Speaker D: Music. Is there music playing? [00:03:10] Speaker E: Yes. [00:03:11] Speaker F: It's so loud. It's screaming at me. [00:03:16] Speaker E: The trumpets, the tribune, the bass. It's so loud. Deborah. Okay, darling, I know that it is a lot right now for you, but welcome to your new life, because we don't know when we're getting out of this. So it was either I did this to you or you die. And, I mean, technically, it's a lot. It. I think that you need to just take it. Doing this whole spiel is never easy for anybody, but stand perfectly still and focus your mind on lowering the music. It won't make it go fully away, but it will eventually dampen down and you'll get used to it. Think of your mind as like a. As like a stereo. [00:04:42] Speaker F: She stands up and has oxygen mask in her hand and starts breathing on it. [00:04:49] Speaker E: Oh, you don't need that anymore. And she's going to take the mask out of her hand. [00:04:55] Speaker F: And she starts breathing in and doing the kind of hyperventilating stuff that you do when you're crying. And she is crying, but it is now tears of blood. And she's kind of like, hiccupping and trying to suck in breath, but it isn't there. [00:05:14] Speaker E: What's going on? What did you do to me? [00:05:18] Speaker F: And she's, like, rubbing her temples, and her face comes down ever so slightly. And she then looks at Margo and she goes, like, what's going on? Who are you? What are you? What are all of you? [00:05:44] Speaker E: Well, technically, I am your mommy. [00:05:50] Speaker D: Fire. [00:05:53] Speaker E: Small fun to say, mommy. Should I give a slightly toothy grin? [00:06:01] Speaker D: I look away from Margot. [00:06:08] Speaker F: Deborah is still during that ever so slight hyperventilation. She rubs her face and the blood smears, and she looks down. She kind of, like, freaks out and steps back from all of you, pressing herself up against the vault door again. It. [00:06:31] Speaker D: We've tried. You're not going anywhere. And anyway, you need to learn about your life. We can be your friends. In fact, you have no choice. [00:06:46] Speaker E: Well, you're kind of right. Okay, you sit down. This is a lot to kind of go over in a brief amount of time. Or a long time, I guess, depending on how long we're stuck here for. I don't even know where here is, if I'm being completely honest. But do you like horror movies at all? Like Friday the 13th, Nightmare Street, Dracula, Halloween? Yeah. Do you like horror movies? [00:07:41] Speaker F: Yeah, a bit. Why? [00:07:44] Speaker E: Okay. Do you like monster movies? You know, werewolves and vampires and ghosts and ghouls and all that other fish posh crap? [00:07:59] Speaker F: She's not going to respond. She's staring at you with a slight bit of horror. There's still blood trickling down from her eyes. Flowed, but it is still there. [00:08:11] Speaker E: Okay, so what if I were to tell you that those things exist? The vampires and the werewolves and the ghosts and the pish posh crap? [00:08:37] Speaker F: No, they can't. That's just movies. You got to be insane. No, you have to be insane. This can't be real. [00:09:01] Speaker E: Soraya, darling, would you like to show her or should I? [00:09:10] Speaker D: I'll try my best. Although. Randy, my dear, I must say I'm proud of you for coming to this acceptance. Rather know most people put up quite a bit of protestation. Now, Deborah, was it? First of all, this is your companion. You share a birthday, which is a sign that you two are to be the best of friends for the rest of your life. And since our lives are eternal, potentially, you know. [00:09:50] Speaker F: What do you mean, birthday? My birthday is next month. [00:09:54] Speaker D: Not anymore. This is your life now. And what is life but a motion of limbs, correct? [00:10:07] Speaker F: Not how I would put it. It's blood pumping through you. [00:10:12] Speaker E: That'Ll be full and plenty. [00:10:18] Speaker D: Blood. Although our heart pumps not blood, but ash it's all very romantic. [00:10:30] Speaker E: Yes, romantic. Nothing quite like going out for a walk in the sun and getting a third degree burn almost instantly. [00:10:44] Speaker D: Oh, yes. You won't see the sun again, at least not directly. You're a vampire now, dear. Sorry if we didn't use that word yet, but I think it's best to be direct. We are what you would have called a vampire. Although we're not quite as you might have seen in the movies. [00:11:05] Speaker F: No, because they're. Well, they kind of look like her. And she points to Margo. You know, white, sparkly. [00:11:18] Speaker E: Not. What are you talking about? [00:11:21] Speaker F: Well, your. [00:11:23] Speaker E: Yeah, but this is a vintage. It's a. [00:11:30] Speaker D: Mean. Soraya laughs and says, well, you know, it'll surprise you to know that not all vampires are white. Sorry to disappoint. Not all of us are christian, or christian normative, either. [00:11:50] Speaker E: Not all of us are sexy or seductive. I mean, I am, but Margot certainly is. I'm a bad. [00:12:07] Speaker D: And since you're her child, you might be, too. You might find that that's your inclination. [00:12:13] Speaker E: Or not. [00:12:15] Speaker D: Or not. You might be more like me. You know, a shape in the shadows. Ooh, very spooky. [00:12:24] Speaker F: Deborah doesn't look. I mean, her look hasn't changed mystically or anything. She looks average still. [00:12:36] Speaker D: Or you might be like Randy, who is still silent despite going through the biggest transformation of his life. [00:12:48] Speaker F: You could see that he's showing a lot of restraint at the moment. The. This isn't fully new information to him, but this is still a very weird situation. [00:13:02] Speaker D: It's okay, my child. I know it's a lot to take in. I'm just joking. [00:13:09] Speaker E: This is almost comically funny because, well, I never thought I would ever be. [00:13:17] Speaker D: A. [00:13:19] Speaker E: Sire or parent, quite honestly. My kind is a bit of a dying breed. [00:13:32] Speaker D: You're telling me. I've always wanted to be a mother. [00:13:37] Speaker F: Where's this music coming from? [00:13:41] Speaker E: Oh, that. So you are part of a very special line of all kind, basically. You know how in royalty it's kind of divided up between families, and every family has their own crest and all of that fun jazz. Jazz. [00:14:20] Speaker D: Fun jazz, indeed. [00:14:25] Speaker E: All kind of. Kind of like that. It's kind of like the human race. We're all the same thing, just different bloodlines. Families. Or we call them clans. [00:14:46] Speaker F: And mine is. Ours is. [00:14:50] Speaker E: Well, it's a bit of a fun. Uh. And she'll look to Soraya. If you tell anybody what my real clan or bloodline is, we will have some problems. [00:15:12] Speaker D: Including your own child. [00:15:19] Speaker F: Margot's eyes are shifting around and so are Randy's, by the way. [00:15:25] Speaker E: Hmm. You are a part of a line of mostly women. There are a few men in our. In our ranks, but not many. We have voices of power, and they are unbelievably important, especially in music and politics and entertainment. I guess, in general, you're part of the bloodline called the daughters of cacophony. We are powerful in our own rights. Tell me, what is it that you do for work or did for work or do for work or whatever? [00:16:40] Speaker F: I'm a lawyer. I'm an attorney. I stand up and talk in a courtroom a lot of the time, or I'm at my desk researching. [00:16:51] Speaker E: Interesting. So you know the importance of your voice. [00:17:04] Speaker F: Barry. [00:17:07] Speaker E: Now, what if I were to tell you that your voice could be thrown for people miles and miles away to hear? People would be damned to try to ignore your arguments in courtroom. [00:17:35] Speaker F: That can't be real. [00:17:44] Speaker E: She is. Margot is going to stand up straight and kind of get herself in a shoulders back, chest puffed out. She's holding onto her diaphragm, and she is going to start singing a song. And while she's doing that, she is going to activate her first thought of Mel. Melpany. I don't know how to say that. I've had this power for months. Yeah. Melpominay. That one. I'm going to activate the first dot and throw my voice out where it sounds like I have a backup singer and everybody will be able to hear. [00:18:54] Speaker F: It. [00:18:56] Speaker E: As she just starts singing random, almost like operatic notes. [00:19:05] Speaker F: Forming an own. Forming chords out of your voice by creating duplicates. [00:19:13] Speaker E: Right. [00:19:15] Speaker D: Margo, you're an entire orchestra. [00:19:21] Speaker E: It's how I've managed for years and years on my own, doing the musician thing. It's why I haven't been chased off. The toriador thing is a protective barrier. They think that you're just some hot jazz singer. They don't think twice. [00:19:51] Speaker D: I can understand being a banshee. Is it okay to say that, or is that a slur? [00:20:08] Speaker E: I don't have an opinion either way. It is what I am, and it is what I can become. [00:20:20] Speaker D: Well, of course. Secrets. I know the value of secrets. And I also know the value of hidden identities and of trust to a refugee. Certainly your identity is safe with me. You've kept my secret this long, after all. [00:20:50] Speaker E: I don't. Despite what people might think, the camarilla does not own my life. And I'm not one to just blab secrets. Despite my affiliations with the primogen, by the way. We'll explain all of this stuff to you both as time comes. But Soraya, you must know that I am now in a sticky predicament. Not only for what I am, but for what I just did. Because I did not have permission. [00:21:38] Speaker D: Neither did I. Not from alamute nor the camarilla. The two factions that I'm trying to get in good with. Or at least get not to kill me. But I felt as though I would be more damned if I let an innocent person die for no reason. It is necessary to spread the blessings of the blood. Whatever urshulgi or the Camarilla say. We are in a unique position to do good. To redeem ourselves of our sin. [00:22:34] Speaker E: I've never been religious. Despite my age. [00:22:42] Speaker D: Nobody's perfect. [00:22:45] Speaker E: But we have the ability to welcome new people into our world. And show them the beauty that is the gifts that we bear. And that is what we did. And I am going to try to not regret it. Not that you're a regret, darling. Of course not. [00:23:16] Speaker D: Of course not. [00:23:18] Speaker E: Of course not. [00:23:19] Speaker D: Selfishly, I've always wanted a family. I've always wanted to be a mother. But I was sired when? Before my marriage. And anyway, I've never much liked men. If I'm to learn of love, I'd rather be with somebody who can see things as I see them. Feel what I feel. And, well, I would like a child. Randy. Even though you're older than me, I think, or 19. Oh, never mind then. I thought he was like a long term grad student. Excuse me? [00:24:04] Speaker F: No, I shouldn't say. He's early. Twenty s and late teens. He's a philosophy student. Like getting his bachelor's at most at the moment. [00:24:15] Speaker D: Then I thought that he was like postdoc Randy. Even though you're probably only like maybe ten years or less than that. Younger than me. You should know that I love you like a mother. And I will make sure that you are protected. [00:24:34] Speaker F: He kind of goes like, but what about my mortal mom? [00:24:42] Speaker D: I'm sorry. I'm your mommy now. [00:24:47] Speaker F: Make me a brick character. [00:24:54] Speaker E: Yeah, about your mortal mom. So we should probably tell you both now. Nobody can know what you are. [00:25:15] Speaker D: Yes, much as we desire to help mankind, we must do so from the shadows. We are dangerous. And mortals are right to fear us. But also we are right to fear them. We are actively hunted. And secrecy is of the utmost importance for our survival. Break our trust and you will die. [00:25:45] Speaker F: Randy, you says? But what about my night classes with Professor Cretius? Which is actually the way I'm supposed to be. Pronouncing is creatus. Thank you to some people for correcting me. I really do appreciate it. [00:26:06] Speaker E: You can continue to do night school. I'm not going to stop you. You do have a lot of free will to do whatever it is that you please during the night. Just don't go off killing people willy nilly. Make sure that you keep your new identity hidden. But you're free to exist in whatever shape or fashion you pick. At night, it's the daytime, where you'll be asleep. [00:26:41] Speaker D: I forget. Out of character. Do we know the name? [00:26:49] Speaker F: Margot would. Soraya would not. As Soraya is new to the city. See, you would perhaps know it from history, but not too well. [00:27:01] Speaker D: All right, so I wouldn't recognize the name. [00:27:05] Speaker F: Not really. Embargo would recognize it as the guy who's playing chess in the club. And that really old brute, hawk guy, who might be from the days of Carthage. [00:27:16] Speaker B: Right. [00:27:18] Speaker E: Your professor is actually one of us. [00:27:27] Speaker F: But he doesn't seem like it. [00:27:30] Speaker E: Exactly. That's kind of the point. You need to do whatever it takes to make yourself appear as human as possible. You just have extra special gifts and a new diet. Oh, and you'll never change. You're never going to grow old. Your hair will stay the same. Your skin, your body. Nothing will change. Any tattoos that you may have will be forever on your skin. And they will be forever in the way or condition that they are. So hopefully, you have nothing botched. This goes. Both of you. [00:28:36] Speaker F: Margo, you would have heard of some bruhas that are very rebellious. They do actually shed their tattoos during the embrace. As it is technically a liquid inside your body. And it's a foreign body, so your body does reject it during the embrace. There is rumors of a special trimier ritual, albeit a painful one, that does allow a bruha to get a tattoo. Sarai would also know this as well, but to a lesser degree. [00:29:19] Speaker E: Um, but yeah. You will forever be who you are. [00:29:32] Speaker D: It's like that movie. And they shall not grow old. Such a sweet movie, wasn't it? It's a movie about, like, all the young men who died in World War I. [00:29:50] Speaker E: Bit of a different vibe. [00:29:53] Speaker F: Can you both make a perception. No. Sorry, soraya. Sorry. That's a good point. Saria, can you make a perception alertness standard? [00:30:10] Speaker D: Let's see. [00:30:14] Speaker F: Margot doesn't see shit. [00:30:16] Speaker E: Margot, Margo's got one die. [00:30:20] Speaker F: Okay. [00:30:21] Speaker D: Five, eight. Two successes. [00:30:31] Speaker F: By now you've picked up with all the blood that was running out of Deborah's eyes earlier. Randy is kind of staring at her very intently now. Now that he's not as focused on the conversation. He's now staring very much and looking ever slightly feral esque. But not. He's not gonna act on it. He's just staring at it. [00:31:03] Speaker D: There, there, Randy. It's okay. We'll teach you how to eat properly. Don't. Don't do anything that you'll regret. And don't do anything that'll scare off your sister. [00:31:32] Speaker F: He does like a fake mocking of a sigh. It's still not perfect as he's still having to retrain himself how to do it, because he doesn't breathe anymore, and it does feel unnatural to even attempt. [00:31:49] Speaker E: Now, do you know what helps me remember how to breathe? [00:31:57] Speaker F: They both look at you now. [00:31:59] Speaker E: Smoke cigarettes. You're forced to focus on something. You force a deep breath in to inhale smoke. You exhale it to make it seem as though it does anything. You can't get any diseases from basic things like that anymore. [00:32:27] Speaker D: It's true. I only started smoking after I died. Smoking kills, don't you know? [00:32:35] Speaker F: They both laugh at that slightly. And Deborah is going to ask, but how? She's stammering and she's. [00:32:51] Speaker D: How? [00:32:53] Speaker F: What about regular sickness? [00:33:01] Speaker E: You're not nothing, really. I mean, you personally cannot get sick. [00:33:12] Speaker D: There are no regular sicknesses. But, Randy, you do suffer from certain blood curses which our bloodline is afflicted with, and I'm sorry to tell you that one of them involves a taste for the blood of other vampires. There is a healthy way to deal with this curse, though, and that we can discuss later. [00:33:43] Speaker E: Your curse is that you'll constantly hear jazz music in your head. Well, jazz. My curse is jazz music. Yours could be, I don't know, hip hop, R B, country. [00:34:02] Speaker D: As Marco's curse, constantly being in the presence of something jazzy doesn't sound like the worst curse to me. [00:34:12] Speaker F: I. Marco's constantly listening to that of trump, like, just pure brass sections of a jazz section of a jazz section. It does seem that with Deborah mentioning that of the bass and that she might be suffering from maybe a full jazz band or more aspects of it than Margot is. [00:34:45] Speaker E: It will dole out. It comes with time. It comes with practice. I remember when I was first embraced. It was loud and repetitive, and it drove me practically mad. But over time, it becomes like your own personal theme music. You are both new in a world that is going to be dark and maybe a little bit frightening, but you are given so many ways to cope with it, and you're not going to be alone. We will take care of you. [00:36:05] Speaker D: Yes, all joking aside about family ties and all that, all we have is each other. You know, I sired you, Randy and Deborah. You were sired in my presence with the implication of trust. And that is a rare and sacred thing to us. We will look after you, we will teach you, we will protect you. And in return, just don't betray our trust and be receptive to what we have to say, because it will be with the intention of helping you, keeping. [00:36:55] Speaker E: You safe, as safe as we can. Um, and with the trust thing, let me give you a free lesson. Because you will find that unless you are with the people, with the right intentions, free is. Well, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Be careful who you trust, whether it be your mortal friends and family or the new ones that you will make in this life. Because trust is very unforgiving if it falls in the wrong hands. And she's going to look at Soraya with the I better be able to trust you eyes. [00:38:07] Speaker D: Saria closes her eyes and gives a slight nod, trying to reassure her silently. [00:38:25] Speaker E: Um, unfortunately, I don't know when we are going to get out, but this might be a really good time for us to settle in and teach you the ropes. We've got some space. So what do you say? [00:38:47] Speaker F: They both nod their heads. We come back to our group, leaving for the club. Bargain. Seria have been rescued from the vault and have come out with their two new children. What will happen when they get to the club? Will they attack gracious, the one who put them as chess pieces without their consent? Or will they attack Dimitri, the one who captured them? Snow falls harder and harder on the ground and the feet crunch. There's no sight of breathing. What is the group going to do with the two new children? [00:39:27] Speaker A: That's like one of the traditions. You all, we have to hide them. [00:39:34] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:39:37] Speaker D: I have a pretty secure haven that's reasonably far away from the Secubis club. What say we bring them there? [00:39:54] Speaker E: I cannot lie. I'm surprised that you're one to follow the traditions. [00:40:02] Speaker A: Listen, my issue is with the old camarilla fox. It doesn't mean there aren't good ideas. But more importantly, this shit gets you killed. It gets them killed. [00:40:17] Speaker F: Both of Deborah and Randy. They both go into that bug eyed state and are just looking terrified now. [00:40:25] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:40:25] Speaker A: Welcome to the night, kids. Unfortunately, you've got a lot going on. Listen, if you think your haven is safe, Sarah, we'll drop them off there. [00:40:35] Speaker B: Yeah, that's a good idea. That's. [00:40:43] Speaker D: We can't drop them off there. We can't leave them alone. [00:40:48] Speaker A: Well, I'm not babysitting. [00:40:53] Speaker D: Margu. How safe would it be if we brought them to the succubus club? You know, part of the group. They do need to feed. [00:41:05] Speaker E: Do you remember what happened to Annabelle when a couple of things were off? [00:41:15] Speaker D: Right. Fine. Come along, kids. We'll put you up in my home for now. Everybody agreed? [00:41:31] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:41:32] Speaker B: That's the safest bet. [00:41:38] Speaker D: I'll have some blood bags for you to drink from. [00:41:45] Speaker E: Mmm. Might be for the best. At least until we can get you somewhere safety. [00:42:04] Speaker F: They both nod their heads, and with Soraya taking the lead over to the church, it's about a 15 minutes walk from where you are. As the rest of the group walks in, the other two very trepidacious about entering the church, not knowing if the myth is true about crossing that boundary. And as the two know, they're from different clans, bloodlines. They don't know if they can actually enter the church or not. [00:42:49] Speaker D: Oh, kids. Religious faith is not in and of itself dangerous. There is a danger associated with faith, but, well, we'll tell you more about that later. But look, I'm completely unharmed by this cross. [00:43:18] Speaker F: Randy takes very cautious step in, and then with his shoulders very high up, being very tense. And then as he lands his foot down, Philip crosses the threshold. His shoulders relax. And then Deborah also walks in behind him. Now realizing that it's safe, kind of putting him more in the idea of danger. Deborah speaks up. So where are these blood bags? Or how are we sure that nobody's going to find us? What if they do find us? What's going to happen then? [00:44:02] Speaker D: What indeed? Maybe I should stay back. [00:44:10] Speaker A: I mean, what do you all have back at home? Is someone going to be looking for you? [00:44:19] Speaker F: They both shake their heads. Now. [00:44:24] Speaker A: I turn to the group. I mean, look, if we aren't followed, let's just send them their own places. Black out windows, sleep under your sheets. But if that's the worry, then no one's going to know to go look for them there. [00:44:42] Speaker E: I mean, you're probably right about that, too. But we shouldn't just send them empty handed. If we can get a hold of blood bags enough to get them under control, that's fair. [00:45:09] Speaker D: Yeah, there's probably a free clinic or something around here. [00:45:19] Speaker E: Are any of you experts in breaking into free clinics? [00:45:30] Speaker F: Deborah apparently turns her eyes over to Ren just instantly. [00:45:38] Speaker B: I mean, I have some experience in a pinch needing to go to a clinic, so I can easily try. And I'll be willing to at least get them set up. [00:46:02] Speaker E: If you would be all right with that. That would be very helpful. [00:46:12] Speaker B: I'll help them get them set up and check their places of go with them, check what their status is and see if it's help them. Vampire proof at least, but still. [00:46:36] Speaker E: Writer. [00:46:46] Speaker B: And Deborah, is that correct? [00:46:51] Speaker F: Yeah. My name's Randy and he's Deborah. Yeah. [00:46:56] Speaker B: Okay. You guys are going to follow me. We'll go to the nearest clinic, get some blood bags, and then we'll go to each of your places to make sure everything is on the up. When it comes to making sure no daylight gets in. That's the last thing anyone needs. [00:47:18] Speaker F: Okay. And for the sake of time, we'll just say that the following events happen for the rest of the night. But can you make a dexterity and larceny roll to break in and get the bloodbags? [00:47:36] Speaker E: Sure. [00:47:37] Speaker B: All right. [00:47:37] Speaker F: Difficulty seven. [00:47:39] Speaker B: Difficulty seven. Not daredevil because. [00:47:45] Speaker F: Yes. Not exceptionally dangerous. [00:47:48] Speaker B: It's not exceptionally dangerous. [00:47:53] Speaker E: Five. [00:47:56] Speaker B: Difficulty seven, right? [00:47:58] Speaker F: Yes. [00:48:03] Speaker B: Oh, Jesus Christ. [00:48:05] Speaker F: Oh, dear Jesus. [00:48:11] Speaker B: Uhoh. Start off strong tonight. Yeah, that's a failure. [00:48:26] Speaker F: Okay. As you. You don't really have much luck, so you don't get the blood bags for them. But they aren't. I mean, the only one who's looking close to feral is Deborah. And if you give her some of your blood, it's like she'll be. It'll be close to a blood bond, but you might be able to avoid it. But you can also not do that. You don't know how knowledgeable she is of the whole society so far. [00:49:13] Speaker B: Yeah, I'm going in. I'll offer some of my blood to her. Just so it's like, this is a bust. I know you need this more tonight, kid. And I will gladly give you some of mine tonight and I'll make it up to you. [00:49:44] Speaker F: Wow. In the same way as well. She latches onto your wrist and you were getting the feeling that she might actually start taking more. [00:50:03] Speaker B: I'm at least giving her two of my blood, but then I'm just going. [00:50:07] Speaker E: To. [00:50:10] Speaker B: Try to help her, like. Okay, that's enough. That is enough. [00:50:19] Speaker F: Now, as Ren is doing all this, is the whole group tagging along or are they heading straight to the club? [00:50:31] Speaker E: I'm keeping my sights on Deborah the entire time. [00:50:34] Speaker F: Okay. [00:50:35] Speaker D: Likewise. I'm staying with Randy. [00:50:38] Speaker F: Okay. And the other two, Jasper and Warren. What are you two doing? [00:50:46] Speaker A: Majority rules. I'm not trying to roll up alone because I want to make big stink when we get there. [00:50:51] Speaker F: Okay? Yeah. It's after the beating and everything. It's now getting close to about 02:00 a.m. You have about two more hours left of the night where you can do anything. Going to take about half an hour to get to the club from Deborah's place. We'll say that she was dropped off last. [00:51:27] Speaker B: Okay, do the club then. [00:51:34] Speaker F: All right. You two go there without generally. Everyone goes there generally without any issue other than just slightly looking out because of the two new embrace kindred and wanting to make sure you weren't followed so far to assume you were. And you get into the club and Jasper and Warren and three. Sorry, you three, all your eyes kind of instantly go into that spot of where Cretius and Dimitri were playing chess. They're both sitting there. Kretius and his demeanor have changed to somewhat more gleeful and prideful. And that's visible. And Dimitri is very visibly looking angry. [00:52:41] Speaker A: Whose turn does it seem to be? [00:52:46] Speaker F: It doesn't seem to be anyone's turn at the moment. They're both staring at the board with Cretius kind of. He's actually the one right now who's kind of like standing up and gloating and sitting back down a little bit. Showing that he is more relaxed than Dimitri is now. [00:53:17] Speaker A: I walk up to get a closer look at the board and harass these two like I've been doing the last couple of nights. [00:53:28] Speaker F: Follow along the other three. Who else is following? [00:53:33] Speaker B: I'll be following, but a little bit behind. Just keeping my eyes healed. [00:53:44] Speaker D: I stay back but keep a keen watch. [00:53:47] Speaker E: You think I'm going to stand right next to Saraya? [00:53:51] Speaker F: All right. As the two boys, Warren and Jasper, walk up, Dimitri snaps his attention towards you two. He looks past and sees the two girls there. And he is emanating pure anger. And through your just enhanced senses, you just get this feeling that his blood is searching through him. Now, Warren. [00:54:31] Speaker C: How is the game going, gentlemen? [00:54:40] Speaker F: Not well. And he takes the knight and the bishop that are on the side of the table and puts them back on the board and puts one of the pawns on the board as well. [00:55:05] Speaker A: The two of you seem different from the last time we were in here. What changed? [00:55:21] Speaker F: You see a vein kind of like bulge in Demetri's head and he refuses to answer. And Chris just goes, go on, tell them. And he is remaining dead silent. [00:55:46] Speaker A: Must have been pretty crazy if it's that hard to explain. I don't know much about the game of chess, so forgive me if it's an ignorant statement. [00:55:57] Speaker C: I know quite a bit about chess and it seems by looking at the board like, Dimitri here got much too arrogant and his opponent simply got the better of him. [00:56:12] Speaker F: With that, can I have everyone roll their initiative, as Dimitri will then launch himself at Warren. [00:56:20] Speaker A: Get owned. [00:56:21] Speaker D: Dimitri. [00:56:24] Speaker A: What was initiative again? [00:56:26] Speaker F: It is your decks plus your wits as your modifier and you just roll one d ten. [00:56:35] Speaker B: Plus any unspent solarity. [00:56:38] Speaker F: Plus your solarity as well. Yes, as I always. Forget it. No, Jazzy, it's one d ten. [00:57:03] Speaker D: Oh, sorry. [00:57:04] Speaker F: Plus. [00:57:05] Speaker B: So just do slash in it, add and there we go. [00:57:24] Speaker F: Mark, go. Can I also get one from you, please? [00:57:27] Speaker E: Yes. [00:57:28] Speaker A: How do I have the best pool? But. And yet I'm going last. [00:57:34] Speaker F: Well, you're not going last. Second to last. [00:57:39] Speaker E: There's still no chance that I can. [00:57:41] Speaker A: I missed Warren's role. [00:57:44] Speaker E: There's definitely a chance that I'm not getting a good score. [00:57:52] Speaker D: I believe in you. [00:57:54] Speaker E: Thanks. Oh. [00:58:00] Speaker A: I can't do this anymore. [00:58:05] Speaker F: Okay. [00:58:09] Speaker E: Maybe I should just not talk anymore. [00:58:32] Speaker F: Who had does Soraya have? [00:58:38] Speaker D: Uh, yes. [00:58:40] Speaker F: Okay, Soraya's gonna go first before. Is gonna go before Dimitri. I should say that. [00:58:45] Speaker D: Okay. [00:58:47] Speaker F: Then I have one person to roll as well. Sorry, I have one more person to add, so I got to make sure I get the right number. So then that one or that one. Oh, wow. Still not great. That one was supposed to be for Cretius as well. [00:59:23] Speaker A: Okay, bruha can't win. [00:59:26] Speaker F: No, they cannot. [00:59:29] Speaker B: No, they cannot. [00:59:30] Speaker F: Okay, the first one to go is going to be Margot. You see, Dimitri just basically launch himself at Warren, ready to attack. [00:59:43] Speaker E: Oh, dear. This is much too unruly for the club. I'm going to use my melaphany. Melapomini. [00:59:57] Speaker D: Mel pominy. [01:00:00] Speaker E: Okay. Do I need to remind people I. [01:00:03] Speaker D: Don'T know how to talk? [01:00:07] Speaker F: Sorry, I can't pronounce it either. It's okay. [01:00:12] Speaker E: I'm going to basically intercom to Annabelle that there is an unruly fight breaking out in her club, which could damage the masquerade and something needs to be done. [01:00:32] Speaker F: Okay. [01:00:35] Speaker E: And I spend a blood point to do that. [01:00:39] Speaker F: All right. With that, Dimitri is now going to do his attack against Warren. [01:00:51] Speaker D: Doesn't wait, don't I? [01:00:53] Speaker F: Sorry. Yes, it is supposed to be. Sorry. Saraya. Yes? [01:00:58] Speaker D: Use Scorpion's touch. That's a quietest. [01:01:08] Speaker F: In what form are you doing that as well? The one where you were imbueing it an item with it or you are transferring it through physical contact. [01:01:23] Speaker D: Can I use. How many moves can I. Can I do per turn. Can I use celerity to run up and then use scorpions touch to. [01:01:43] Speaker F: You wouldn't need to use celerity to do that. [01:01:47] Speaker D: All right. Then I move up and I try to touch him physically with scorpions touch. [01:01:54] Speaker F: Okay. How many blood points are you putting into this poison as well? [01:02:02] Speaker D: Let's see, say three. [01:02:08] Speaker F: Okay. And can you also roll a willpower difficulty six. [01:02:15] Speaker D: All right. [01:02:39] Speaker F: You're fine with that. It doesn't really wipe you out. It's just the poison is going to last for about turn, though. All right, now I'm going to have you roll to hit him, though. That's going to be your Dex plus brawl plus hilarity. Dex plus a brawl plus solarity to hit them. If you have celerity, which you should it. [01:03:10] Speaker D: Difficulty six. [01:03:12] Speaker F: Difficulty six as well. [01:03:16] Speaker D: All right. [01:03:24] Speaker F: It. All right, you did make contact, but it is not going to be a lot now. They are going to do their resistance for it as well. It should also get the right difficulty as well. Okay. Should be that. Okay. So even as he's right about to launch himself and do the attack and then he kind of flinches and looks weakened, but he's going to still attack Warren and. Yeah, and he, he does so. And he kind of grabs you and throws Warren across the balcony a bit across the lengthwise. And can you roll stamina, please, Warren? [01:05:07] Speaker C: You remind me of what the command is when rolling that. Is that just a regular dice roll? [01:05:14] Speaker F: Mm. And it's a regular dice roll. So you're just going to be rolling your stamina at difficulty six to soak the damage of the throw. So you take three points of bashing damage as you kind of like land against a tablet. [01:05:42] Speaker B: And is that half? Because if I remember correctly, we take half bashing. Trying to remember. [01:05:54] Speaker F: I do not know if that is a rule in vampire or not. [01:05:58] Speaker E: I. [01:06:02] Speaker F: Let's just stick with the three bashing damage because you can spend your blood point. You can still spend blood points to heal that. [01:06:10] Speaker B: Oh, yeah, that's fair. But still. [01:06:14] Speaker F: It heals quickly and on its own very quick as well for vampires. But as Dimitri does, that Kratius is going to also essentially do the same thing to him but in the opposite direction of the group and so many places of just running around. Yeah. Kretius is gonna make this roll now. So I'm very strong, but he's mean. He throws them, and it doesn't seem to hurt Demetrius much. Now, he's far across the room from you, Red. [01:07:28] Speaker B: Okay, so it's my go now. Is it my go? [01:07:42] Speaker F: Yes. Sorry. All right. I didn't realize I was rushing, but yes, it is your go. Yeah. [01:07:51] Speaker B: I am just going to go over to. Let me. [01:08:12] Speaker F: From what you can tell, this guy's a really old vampire. [01:08:26] Speaker B: I'm going to pop the claws and then go. And then try to go at him. [01:08:30] Speaker F: Okay. I believe you need to spend a blood point for that as well. [01:08:35] Speaker B: Yes, I do. Okay. And then. Oh, God. Bad idea. But all right. He went after Warren. [01:08:51] Speaker F: That is going to be duck's brawl to do that attack as well. [01:08:55] Speaker B: Yes. [01:08:56] Speaker F: That's six dice, I should say now that the crowd below, as you guys currently are on the balcony, but the crowd below on the main floor is absolutely screaming and kind of flooding it out in the front. Okay. [01:09:19] Speaker B: I'm just going to try to make it look like. I know I'm popping claws here, but it's all right. Yeah, still going to do it. Six tax six and difficulty six. [01:09:34] Speaker F: Yes. [01:09:37] Speaker B: That's four successes. [01:09:40] Speaker F: All right, now roll your strength plus your three successes as well. [01:09:48] Speaker B: And an additional one because it's protein claws, I believe. [01:09:53] Speaker F: Yes. [01:09:55] Speaker B: So that is four, five, eight dice. [01:10:01] Speaker F: Awesome. [01:10:02] Speaker B: Difficulty six. Let's go here. [01:10:09] Speaker F: Oh, my God. Eight successes across the board. [01:10:20] Speaker B: That's aggravated damage. That's aggravated damage. [01:10:24] Speaker F: He's only able to soak one of my. Rake your claws into him and you do incapacitate him. And before anyone else can act, Cretius uses solarity and moves so fast and forward and sinks his claws into Dimitri. Is not his claws, his fangs. And begins drinking his blood. [01:11:04] Speaker A: Yeah, fuck that guy. [01:11:06] Speaker F: We're very swiftly in and then out of combat. [01:11:12] Speaker D: I think we have a winner. [01:11:14] Speaker E: Jeez Louise. [01:11:18] Speaker D: And chess is a lot more exciting than I thought. [01:11:23] Speaker F: There's a very brief moment where he pulls his things out and he says, yes, it is. And he looks at Dimitri. Checkmate. And then sucks the rest of his blood out of his body as Dimitri is screaming horribly like a full diablo. [01:11:49] Speaker A: I don't think we're supposed to do that. [01:11:59] Speaker E: Annabelle's going to be pissed. [01:12:01] Speaker A: Cretius. Hey, not my business. And you're old and powerful. Someone might. I don't know, man. That doesn't seem like it's going to end well for everyone around here. [01:12:17] Speaker D: I don't know. That guy locked me up and we locked Margo up and my son and her Daughter. I think that he deserves to get eaten. [01:12:27] Speaker A: Fuck Dimitri for sure. I'm just saying, like, are we going to have five sheriffs and everybody in this room if we don't do something. [01:12:35] Speaker F: No. He very swiftly answers. It was a part of the game and part of the contract. [01:12:44] Speaker B: Oh, that is kissing hell. [01:12:48] Speaker F: The winner got the others blood. [01:12:52] Speaker A: Thanks for your vote of confidence. [01:12:56] Speaker F: Yeah, and you see the three boys, the other kindred that you have staked at Wren's place kind of is there. And he exclaims, oh, my spirit is free. Come, spirits, we can again be friends. My demon is dead. Well, a woman touches Dimitri's body as if she can't believe what happened, and another one who's next to her is crying. [01:13:39] Speaker A: Are you okay? [01:13:43] Speaker F: They're weeping over Dimitri, the one who kidnapped her friends. [01:13:52] Speaker D: Are they humans? Are they ghouls? [01:13:59] Speaker F: Well, the ones that are crying are crying blood, and the other one is talking like a madman. Okay, talking of spirits and that their demon is dead. So you would either believe that they were ghouls or probably suffering or are now free of Demetri's domination. Kretius walks up to the rest of you, goes, thank you. And he's kind of rubbing his head, too. Thank you so much for helping in this part of the endeavor. I must apologize for what I involuntarily made you do. You may have any favor from me. Okay. [01:15:03] Speaker A: Thank you. [01:15:04] Speaker B: Thank you. [01:15:13] Speaker F: And if nobody says anything else, he'll turn around and point to the entrance of the door. [01:15:21] Speaker D: One thing that I've sort of wanted. Gracious, I don't know if you realize, but I'm sort of in bad with alamut. Could you make it so? Know certain debts are forgotten to the banuhakim? [01:15:47] Speaker F: That would be difficult. And the best I can do is offer you protection. [01:16:03] Speaker D: Well, I'd be very grateful for your protection. Thank you very much, sir. [01:16:10] Speaker F: He nods at you. He looks at the rest of the group. And if everybody else is silent, okay, he'll nod at Jasper, kind of in a respectful bruha way, but also in the way of, but with slight unease. You would guess that Croatius is very much. I mean, he's old and he sees he's probably been around since the foundation of the Camaria and is probably in favor of them a bit. And he does know of your anarch nature. [01:16:51] Speaker A: I wink at him. [01:16:54] Speaker F: He offers a very cringed and pained face, turns around and goes to Dimitri's brood, who are all around Dimitri's body, says words to them and points to door and shouts, leave. [01:17:27] Speaker A: Anyone who works at the club made it back here yet? Annabelle or Benev? Her people? [01:17:33] Speaker F: No one is being let back in. You would see that most of this crowd is like all the crowd is out of the building. Or if they were in the basement, they're still in the basement as they don't really know what's going on. But anyone who was on the main floor balcony, they're kind of out of the building at the moment. And you see Brennan Thornhill walk down the steps. So does Annabelle as well. They look at what happened and Annabelle grabs the body. And Brennan walks past everyone and offers an accretius and will then go down to the main entrance, let everybody in. Day is drawing near. Your bodies are beginning to feel heavy. [01:18:44] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:18:46] Speaker F: Is there anything else you would like to do this night before daybreak, as you were leaving, Brennan Thornhill pulls all of you aside. He says, as far as they know, this was just a false alarm of a bar brawl. Tonight is a new night. I have everybody bend a bloodpoint to rise for the evening. Margot, Soraya, do you two make your way over to your. [01:19:37] Speaker D: Yes. [01:19:40] Speaker E: Yes. On my way. I am going to go. I need to hunt. So do I. Yeah, I'm getting close to that point where it will get dangerous. [01:19:57] Speaker F: I do not believe there's, like, a specific role tied to hunting. What are the ways that you're going to hunt? We'll start with Soraya. [01:20:10] Speaker D: I don't know. Could I look for vagrants and alleyways and just hunt from the shadows? [01:20:18] Speaker F: Yeah. Can you do decks and stealth? [01:20:23] Speaker D: Yes. [01:20:24] Speaker F: Don't forget to add your celerity as a bonus modifier. [01:20:29] Speaker D: Great. [01:20:44] Speaker F: And Margot as well. How are you going to hunt? [01:20:49] Speaker E: I am going to. [01:20:52] Speaker F: Holy shit. Sorry. I just saw Jazzy's role. [01:20:58] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:21:00] Speaker F: That is three tens in an eight. Wow. [01:21:05] Speaker D: So how much blood is that? [01:21:10] Speaker F: Roll a self control. How much blood are you missing? [01:21:14] Speaker D: At the moment, I am down to 123-4567 blood. [01:21:22] Speaker F: Okay. Can you also roll a self control? [01:21:26] Speaker D: Okay, what's my self control again? [01:21:31] Speaker F: Your self control is three dots. So you're just going to be rolling three dice. [01:21:34] Speaker D: All right? [01:21:36] Speaker F: You just need one success. And this is more just in the way of not murdering someone. Unless you don't care about that. [01:21:48] Speaker D: No, I do care about that. How do I roll just three dice? [01:21:56] Speaker E: Just do three d ten. [01:21:57] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:22:05] Speaker E: It standard difficulty, I think. [01:22:12] Speaker F: While we wait. And I promise I get distracted. [01:22:16] Speaker D: No, sorry. [01:22:19] Speaker F: Okay. If you do slash. Mm. Three space six in that little syntax box and then press enter, that should be okay. [01:22:31] Speaker D: Okay. Three successes. [01:22:33] Speaker F: Wonderful. So, yeah, don't kill anyone. And you're able to make your way back up to full. [01:22:38] Speaker D: Okay, cool. [01:22:39] Speaker F: Margot. [01:22:41] Speaker E: Okay, so I'm actually pretty famous in the greater music scene of Chicago. I've got two dots in fame. [01:22:54] Speaker F: You're going to go to a different bar? [01:22:57] Speaker E: Yeah, I think I'm going to go to a jazz club. [01:23:00] Speaker F: Okay. Are you going to perform or are you going to seduce? [01:23:08] Speaker E: Well, seduction is a performance. [01:23:14] Speaker F: I'm not going to have you roll performance and subterfuge at the same time. [01:23:21] Speaker E: It's going to be kind of like a classic siren call. She's going to this nightclub to perform, but she's going to kind of use it to lure one sucker letter a into a bit of an alley to help her relax after a strenuous performance or something. [01:23:55] Speaker F: Roll appearance and then subterfuge. Plus an extra dice because you do have two specialties there. [01:24:03] Speaker E: Sure. [01:24:04] Speaker F: That's just how I'm going to do it. It's just plus one extra dice because you have two specialties there. [01:24:10] Speaker E: Sure. [01:24:11] Speaker F: I mean, you are alluring and you are seducing. [01:24:15] Speaker E: Cool. [01:24:34] Speaker F: Wonderful. Yeah. How much blood are you missing? [01:24:40] Speaker E: I am currently at eight. [01:24:48] Speaker F: Can't. No, I don't believe you need to roll through self control. [01:24:52] Speaker E: It's once you reach seven, you do? [01:24:54] Speaker F: Yeah. So you are all good. [01:24:57] Speaker E: I'm going to take two blood points back. [01:25:02] Speaker F: Are you also teaching your children how to. Also, after the fact, are you teaching your children how to hunt as well? [01:25:10] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:25:13] Speaker F: Soraya. [01:25:15] Speaker D: Yes. I will, too. [01:25:16] Speaker F: Okay. Are you going to take them to Succubus club or are you going to not do that there? [01:25:26] Speaker D: Margo, what do you think? [01:25:32] Speaker E: Well, let's see where we can meet the boys. If they want to meet at the Succubus club, we'll take them to the succubus club. If they would rather we meet elsewhere, then we can take them elsewhere. I would rather be in a spot where we have the rest of the group, just in case. [01:25:56] Speaker D: Seems fair to me. I'm unsure about exposing Randy or Deborah to the Succubus club just yet. They should acclimate to kindred society first, don't you think? [01:26:13] Speaker E: Very well. I am in works of getting our children to be seen in the eyes of the Camarilla as we speak in a way that's fully legit. [01:26:36] Speaker F: As we talked about during our break, creatures will allow you to present both of them, but you do need to get them ready for presentation. All right. Our three boys. What are you three doing for the night? [01:26:54] Speaker B: I need to go hunting. I'm at that point where I'm hungry. [01:27:02] Speaker F: Are you also going to be doing this in the way of. In dark alleys and such? [01:27:09] Speaker B: Yes, I will be. [01:27:12] Speaker F: So that is going to be dexterity and stealth, which you also put silent movements on as well. That is more just to catch someone off guard. Yes. [01:27:33] Speaker B: 716 been successive. [01:27:52] Speaker E: Jesus. [01:27:54] Speaker F: You will definitely be filling up the soul, but I also need you to make that self control check. [01:27:58] Speaker B: Yes, I agree. [01:28:00] Speaker A: I was about to say I'm afraid to roll dice. You guys are taking all the. [01:28:05] Speaker F: Okay, okay. You struggle not to kill this person, but you make it. Um, Warren and Jasper. [01:28:23] Speaker A: I want to see if I can't have a chat with my sire and see what he thinks I should do with this boon. I just want to share the events of the last, like, three nights with him. [01:28:36] Speaker F: Okay, we'll get to that in a minute. He is going to be at the club. There's things going on. Warren. [01:28:47] Speaker C: Warren's going to stop by. He'll actually hunt as well. Just kind of sit at the bar, keep an eye out for people going out for smoke breaks or just anybody who might be heading out to a more secluded area. [01:29:02] Speaker F: The club or just a random bar? [01:29:06] Speaker C: Just a random, like, dive bar. [01:29:08] Speaker F: Okay, so yours is also going to be dexterity and stealth, if you want to use obfuscation as well. [01:29:26] Speaker C: It would. [01:29:28] Speaker F: Let me check to see what you need to do. Okay, so you see someone walk by and I have you roll with stealth as you move to fight them. So not Dex and stealth, but with some stealth, which is actually still the same role. [01:30:06] Speaker C: Sorry, what was the difference? [01:30:08] Speaker F: This is going to be difficult. D six. [01:30:13] Speaker E: One, success. [01:30:15] Speaker F: Are you at the point of where you might be frenzying or are you just having. You're just topping off? [01:30:23] Speaker C: I'm just topping off. I'm at eight. [01:30:25] Speaker F: Just babe. So our two girls are calling the boys, I'm assuming, and seeing where they want to meet. [01:30:39] Speaker E: Yep. [01:30:42] Speaker F: So collectively, you all receive a call from wherever you are from. Margot and. [01:31:01] Speaker A: I mean, we've been going to the club together this long. Why stop now? [01:31:06] Speaker B: That's fair. I'm on my way. [01:31:11] Speaker E: Wonderful. [01:31:14] Speaker F: You two drop the children off them. [01:31:17] Speaker E: Did we have a chance to teach them how to hunt for a little while? [01:31:21] Speaker F: Yeah. Just for the sake of time, let's say. So it's their first night out hunting. It's a bit rough, but they do get one person down. And both of you do actually have to pull them away from the mortal. [01:31:38] Speaker E: I like to think that it's kind of like that part in Bambi where Bambi tries to learn to walk for the first time. And it's wobly and messy. [01:31:51] Speaker F: I mean, it's not messy just by the virtue. If they're able to lick away the puncture wounds. Oh, yeah. [01:31:57] Speaker E: But in other ways, like, they're really bad at this. [01:32:01] Speaker F: Yeah, but as you all are at the club, you're about a block away. You hear, I mean, ren especially you hear shouting, but everyone else is kind of this, like, muffled shouting. As you're kind of, like, about to round the corner and you see a bunch of pamphlets all over the ground. And if you check the reference and announcements channel, you will see what they say. It reads, death cultist threatens today's youth. At the top in the headline, oh, no, below. Do you know who your child's friends are? Do they wear occult symbols on their clothes? Have they been hanging out in rock and roll clubs? If so, beware. Death worshippers have been making their way among them. They've been drinking blood in elaborate rituals, pretending it's the latest rage. And then it has an address at the bottom. First Unity Baptist Church, 599 NY, Berlin, Gary, Indiana. [01:33:08] Speaker D: The satanic panic is so 1980s. [01:33:14] Speaker B: I look over at your eyes like I respect you a lot more now. Yes. [01:33:22] Speaker E: Come on. It's 1992. We're in a brand new. Find something else to be mad at. Exactly. [01:33:28] Speaker D: I just came from Afghanistan and I know that. [01:33:31] Speaker B: And of course, it's Indiana Gary, of all things. Of course. [01:33:37] Speaker D: Gary, Indiana. Gary, Indiana. [01:33:40] Speaker F: Wonderful. And as you guys make your way closer to club, I don't know if you hang on to this pamphlet or not. You see two groups. See a group of what seems to be, like, blue collar workers, kind of in plaid, wearing blue jeans. Some of them are holding bibles. And the women are kind of wearing those very midwestern dresses you might wear to church or something, where there's also another group that looks like all of the usuals of the succubus club with, like. And it seems to primarily be consisting of blood dolls. And they're both shouting at each other. [01:34:31] Speaker D: Well, it seems like the succubus club is attracting a lower quality of clientele. [01:34:39] Speaker B: Seems so. [01:34:50] Speaker F: You guys going to make your way forward? [01:34:52] Speaker A: Yeah. Are they, like, blocking the entrances? [01:34:58] Speaker F: Well, it's a lot of shouting. It's angry shouting. They're both angrily shouting at each other. And even as you guys are walking up, you see someone who rakes off from the group. And they specifically start walking up to Margot and Soraya and Ren as well. [01:35:23] Speaker B: Oh, okay. Hello. [01:35:35] Speaker F: This short, dark haired man again, he's wearing jeans. It's a flannel shirt, and he's wearing a baseball cap. And there's fire in his eyes. And whoever's not holding one of those pamphlets, he shoves another into the hands and he's going like, take it, you fools. It's not too late to find salvation. Stop drinking blood. Turn your backs on the devil. [01:36:04] Speaker D: On the devil? Have you heard the word of our lord, Allah? [01:36:11] Speaker F: Oh, Lord, yes. [01:36:15] Speaker A: Blows mind. [01:36:16] Speaker E: That's what they said. [01:36:19] Speaker F: Yeah, for the sake of the seabold. Say that Soraya was not the one who got the second pamphlet shoved into her hands and that it was wren. Most likely. He pulls out, like, another three and just starts shoving them at you. It's not too late. [01:36:37] Speaker E: You can. [01:36:38] Speaker F: You can find salvation. Turn your back on sin. [01:36:47] Speaker E: I don't. [01:36:49] Speaker B: Why? [01:36:49] Speaker D: Just. [01:36:52] Speaker B: I just nod my head like, okay. [01:36:56] Speaker D: Jesus, I just might be. Hasn't, you know, Christ already made the ultimate sacrifice for us? [01:37:11] Speaker F: Yes, but you cannot turn your back on him. You must turn your back on sin. You can't go in and drink the blood and listen to that ritualistic music. Cannot go into this damn drink music. [01:37:28] Speaker D: I mean, if you have a problem with catholic worship. [01:37:36] Speaker F: It would be pretty easy to guess that this guy's not catholic. [01:37:39] Speaker D: Well, I mean, I would think so, but chamber music and transmutation. [01:37:51] Speaker F: And he's kind of shouting and doing those, like, prayer, arms up in the air, like most evangelicals do. And he's still ranting and raving about the devil's music being played in there and the damnation and the evils of alcohol that you partake in the building and drinking of that. Some of you drink blood. [01:38:23] Speaker B: Ah. I don't know where he gets it from. Where are you getting this stupid information that we are drinking? [01:38:32] Speaker E: Bloody people are strange nowadays. I know. I don't. [01:38:51] Speaker F: And even if you guys try moving around him, he kind of, like, starts trying to block your way and kind of, like, moving backwards as you move forwards and trying to make your way into the club. And he's saying that we have come here from Gary, Indiana. We have come here to save your souls. We have heard about this den of sin. [01:39:19] Speaker D: I don't think that a nightclub is where you should be preaching, darling. [01:39:29] Speaker F: And you guys are getting closer to the entrance. You see there are two police officers, kind of like two police officers on each side, kind of blocking off each group. They're both looking very angry and beloved and close to violence. [01:39:45] Speaker B: Oh, no. [01:39:49] Speaker F: And from the crowd, there's, like, screams of that. Like, Satan's among us and apocalypse is drawing near and the rapture will come. And he's saying that you are all controlled. And the guy who's come up to you saying that you are all controlled by Satan, you must turn your backs on him. [01:40:16] Speaker D: If we were curious to learn more, who should we talk to? [01:40:25] Speaker F: Go to the church on the flyer. And he hands you another as you're now, like holding four. Or Ren's the one who's holding all of them. And he'll hand another one again to Soraya and kind of like, point at the address. [01:40:42] Speaker D: Okay, great. We'll do that once we're done with our night. [01:40:49] Speaker F: Here's and you guys are seeing kind of like the place, drawing back and almost drawing their backs, coming back to back against each other from each group as each group is pushing in forward anymore. When the front door opens and you see Brennan Thornhill come out through the front door, he exclaims and addresses Claude. Excuse me. I am the proprietor of this establishment. And I could not help but notice this gathering from my office window. I must say I was unaware of the danger you address. I am sure my customers are as interested as I am in finding out more. And you notice that tensions, it simmers down, the anger and everything. And some people are kind of like from the religious side of the side of the crowds, kind of walking up to him. And you see a middle aged man in the garb of what looks like would be a priest. And anyone who has religion or not religion. That's not thing of this one. Let's say, academics or politics. [01:42:24] Speaker B: All right. [01:42:28] Speaker D: I have both. Academics and politics. [01:42:31] Speaker A: Three politics. [01:42:33] Speaker D: Yes, two politics, one academics. [01:42:36] Speaker F: Can you roll intelligence and politics? [01:42:39] Speaker D: Okay. [01:42:40] Speaker F: And we'll use this as our kind of like religion esque kind of thingy. Do not believe that. I'm sure it's the thing you can opt into for the system, but it does not need it. [01:42:55] Speaker A: Three successes, three sevens. Lucky number. [01:42:59] Speaker D: Failed. [01:43:02] Speaker F: Um, obviously, to everybody, he kind of looks more christian. You would guess that anyone who got a success would get this idea as he's an. I'm going to welcome someone to correct me on this. Episcopal. [01:43:24] Speaker D: Episcopal. [01:43:26] Speaker F: That he's of that sect of Christianity. [01:43:34] Speaker B: Okay. [01:43:38] Speaker F: And he's definitely as the people of the religious side of the crowd. He's definitely the one that stands out. And the other people kind of make their way, move out of the way for him as they look at him with a lot of. Kind of. Brennan isn't looking directly at him as Brennan. Brennan Thornhill's, like talking to one of the guards or bouncers right next to the door. And he taps Brennan on the shoulder and then the air is just suddenly rent by an earth shattering shriek. And as you see some windows along the block rattle, some break even. As he leaps, Brendan Thornhill leaps quite high in the air. And with a look of horror and pain on his face, he races into the club. It's so incredibly fast that you see kind of like three people that are already inside. You just get completely ran over and knocked over by him. [01:44:52] Speaker A: I follow. [01:44:54] Speaker B: All right, I'm going to try to go in. [01:45:00] Speaker F: Anyone who's trying to go in, I need you to make a humanity roll. Difficulty seven. As you were going close to this priest. [01:45:08] Speaker E: Okay. [01:45:09] Speaker A: Scary. [01:45:12] Speaker B: All right. One success. [01:45:22] Speaker A: Jesus. Four successes. [01:45:28] Speaker E: Three successes. [01:45:29] Speaker B: Four successes. [01:45:33] Speaker D: Four successes. [01:45:34] Speaker A: Get fucked, priest. [01:45:35] Speaker F: So everyone other than Ren is able to, like, they make it into this, like, five foot mark. And then I'm going to need you all to make a humanitar role of difficulty eight now. And Ren needs to make a self control role. Sorry. It's a courage roll. My bad. [01:45:57] Speaker E: Courage. [01:45:58] Speaker B: Courage roll. Okay, that's. I was about to be like, oh, man, that's bad. But courage. I'm courageous. Difficulty, me. [01:46:08] Speaker F: The difficulty of the courage roll is six. [01:46:15] Speaker D: Oh, never mind. [01:46:17] Speaker A: Failure. [01:46:19] Speaker E: Failure as well. [01:46:22] Speaker B: Three successes for my courage. [01:46:25] Speaker F: Failure. [01:46:28] Speaker D: Failure. Critical failure. [01:46:33] Speaker E: Almost a BCO failure. [01:46:36] Speaker F: Almost a botch. Almost a botch. Everybody but Margot. Who? Sorry, I need to check. Okay, Soraya, why did he roll three dice? [01:47:06] Speaker D: That was my courage rating. Three. [01:47:13] Speaker F: Not everybody needed to make the courage roll. That was just Ren. [01:47:17] Speaker D: Oh, okay, sorry. [01:47:19] Speaker F: Yes, that was just Ren. [01:47:22] Speaker D: Wait, did I have to roll something else? [01:47:24] Speaker F: Yes, I need you to roll a humanity roll. A difficulty eight. [01:47:29] Speaker D: Okay. [01:47:34] Speaker F: Margot is able to kind of make it up fully up to the priest. [01:47:38] Speaker D: Okay. [01:47:39] Speaker F: While. And so is soraya. But Warren and Jasper kind of give this incredibly warm feeling. The same one that Ren is also experiencing, but Ren is kind of stuck, frozen in place. And can I have Warren and Jasper also make a courage roll? But the two women are able to make their way up to him and they're right beside him. [01:48:12] Speaker B: Of course. It's the boys who are held back. Darn it. [01:48:21] Speaker A: And this is six. [01:48:24] Speaker F: Difficulty six for the courage roll. [01:48:31] Speaker A: Two successes, three successes. [01:48:36] Speaker F: Yeah, you guys are kind of. Just. While Ren is a little bit further away from the. From the other two. All the boys know Jasper and Warren and Ren. They're kind of stuck in this paralyzed state as, like this. They have a slight urge to run away, but they know they don't need to. And like, there's something in this inherent nature that's just emanating from this priest that something is wrong. And if Margot and Sarah were to look at any of the other at the rest of the cuttery, they would realize that something is a bit wrong. [01:49:35] Speaker E: I'm just going to lean in and whisper to Saraya. I'm getting the heapy GB's from this a lot more heeby than GB, but. [01:49:56] Speaker D: Indeed, it seems like our holy friend here has had an effect on the boys. Maybe he's somebody that we should keep an eye on. [01:50:13] Speaker E: I wholeheartedly agree. There's either something very off about him, or the men are very religion shy. She'll look back, but I think that it's the former, not the latter. [01:50:33] Speaker D: I should say so. In the meantime, his holiness also seems to have had an effect on this Elysium, which is even more disquieting. He rallied an entire cult from Indiana to seek something out. That's not good news. [01:51:02] Speaker E: Right? [01:51:10] Speaker F: Warren? With your enhanced senses and such, you do get a faint smell of warm air and roses. [01:51:23] Speaker D: Interesting. [01:51:25] Speaker F: But generally, after about a minute, you all are fine. As he's made his way inside the club the moment. But the four police officers outside are still kind of like holding back some of the groups, some of the blood dolls and the protesters. But it does seem to be like a smaller amount as some blood dolls have gone in and have already paid their cover charge, or going in and paying their cover charge, or lining up. And you could even see some of the protesters are doing the same, as if they might be bringing their protest inside the building. But eventually, you all do make your way into the building. You five are well known by the bouncers by this point, so you are able to make your way in without paying for the COVID charge. [01:52:27] Speaker C: Priest smelled good. [01:52:28] Speaker F: Did anyone else notice? [01:52:32] Speaker A: I don't go around sniffing priests. [01:52:38] Speaker D: I can't really smell much at all. I'm surprised you can't him. [01:52:49] Speaker A: I did get a weird vibe off of him, though. [01:52:59] Speaker C: Very od. Whatever was going on, there's. [01:53:11] Speaker A: Bad. [01:53:12] Speaker F: Oh, sorry, go ahead. [01:53:13] Speaker A: This seems bad though, right? A bunch of people hanging out outside of the vampire club telling people not to drink blood. Someone fucked up. [01:53:24] Speaker B: I have a bad feeling about that. [01:53:37] Speaker F: You all see Jasper. You see a anarch known as Genghis kind of walking upstairs, up to the balcony, and up even further. [01:53:56] Speaker A: I rush to follow behind him. [01:54:01] Speaker F: You force your code, you may do this without much explanation. [01:54:07] Speaker C: Hi. [01:54:10] Speaker A: Oh, wait, no, I think I know that guy. Hey, Genghis. [01:54:14] Speaker F: He kind of turns around to you and then just continues walking. [01:54:23] Speaker E: As if. [01:54:23] Speaker F: He'S feeling more drawn to do a mission, or somebody might have asked him into the room. [01:54:32] Speaker A: I got to know what's going on. [01:54:34] Speaker E: There's. [01:54:41] Speaker F: All right, you were going up the stairs. Is anyone else following? [01:54:49] Speaker E: I will, too. [01:54:51] Speaker D: I'll follow from a distance. [01:54:54] Speaker F: Okay. And Warren? [01:54:57] Speaker C: Warren's going to actually hang back. He's going to see if he can find any of the protesters from outside, see if they've sort of gathered in a general area inside the club, since. [01:55:08] Speaker F: They are the ones that have made their way in, are kind of going about just the whole main floor, actually, frankly, the people that you do see inside now, and this goes for everyone, you see a lot of people that generally reside in the basement of the succubus club, lovingly known as the labyrinth, just due to its somewhat maze like nature. And walls that hide certain that are corners and are dead ends and have less than legal activities. Go on. So you see a lot of those people are up on the main floor at the moment, but the protesters that have made their way in are just kind of more bible thumping. And the blood dolls that are in now and everyone that is now, they're kind of acting more punk and blood doll than usual. They're, like, very showboating right now. Some are even performing, basically skirting the edge of pornography and, like, public acts. Yeah. [01:56:31] Speaker C: Being sort of a more, I guess, redneck crowd. And he'll sort of try to evangelize his own position of, if you really want to make a change, don't waste your time with clubs or little petty things like this. If you really want to combat satanism and satanic influence, you should really be lining up outside of police stations or city halls or places like that, because that is the real way that the patriot movement will kind of take root and actually influence things. [01:57:10] Speaker F: You hear from some of them that they agree, but they're here because they got paid. You don't hear from a lot of them saying that, but there's a good few saying that Astroturf thing. But as for the four heading to the third floor of the club, you go into the office and you see three other kindred that aren't part of your group there as well. There's Genghis, the one that we mentioned earlier, one known as sir and one that Margot knows as Portia. And everyone can. It's a bit hazy, but your memory of her is hazy. But you think she might have been at the party. Well, all three are sitting down as Brennan Thornhill is digging into his carpet, pacing back and forth. Something must be done. Just one more. Like that is a threat to all of us. Never have I suffered this kind of pain he put me through. We don't do it now, we may never get the chance again. He kind of looks up as you guys are entering, even following gangas. He just motions for you to sit at any open chair. [01:58:44] Speaker A: I lean against the wall because I'm an asshole. Wow. [01:58:50] Speaker E: Someone's very cool. I'm very impressed, Jasper. You've really sticking it to the man. She says that she takes the seat. [01:59:03] Speaker A: I like standing. [01:59:05] Speaker D: Yeah. Knowing that I've been spotted, I take a seat as well. [01:59:13] Speaker F: He kind of resumes back to his pacing again, is kind of muttering himself. And then he looks up in this kind of like a dazed mad state, like a paranoia. And he points at Jasper and like, you too have experienced the pain. I did. I know you did. That creature is a menace. It must be destroyed. Oh, the agony of his touch. All to think that he could ever cause the pain that he did. I thought he thought such men were gone. He must be the one behind this incursive spectacle taking place outside of my doors. To die and die tonight. [01:59:52] Speaker A: Hold your horses. Kill them tonight. You can have a lot of people suspicious. Do you know anything about him? [02:00:04] Speaker E: Just you wretched damn smile her. [02:00:08] Speaker F: There's a rogue hell. And he starts calling you so many different names, and after a few minutes they're just like chewing you out. Just takes a fake deep breath in and just goes. He goes to the other, looks at the other three kindreds that are not part of the group. Just goes, who will rid me of this man? And Genghis jumps up to his feet very excitedly, kind of offering up his services, and goes like. And he joins in and says, like, yeah, who does this jerk think he is, coming in here like this? We ought to take them all out, starting with him and moving right through the rest of those damn grits. Serving right after trying to ruin our fun. I'm with you on this one, Brennan. Sir. Who can't remember their exact look or clan or anything, but they are. Just notice, sir. Margot and Jasper and Ren would just know this. Conjure to sir. He just chimes in briefly. One who can both command a legion of kind and protect himself from our special talents is a factor we do not need in this town. This worthless cur is a threat to us and all we hold dear. Indeed, our damn mobile lives may be in nature from them. We do not deal with this right now. It might be too late. Portia says nothing. [02:02:32] Speaker A: From what we saw when we were in the hunter's safe house, did we get any indication or knowing what we know now with the pamphlets and anything we see, anything that might connect the. [02:02:45] Speaker E: Two. [02:02:49] Speaker F: Can you roll intelligence investigation? [02:02:54] Speaker A: Oh, so you just want to make fun of me? [02:02:59] Speaker F: If you want Jasper to be able to connect the dots, yeah, for sure. This is going to be difficulty eight as well. [02:03:05] Speaker A: Plus one because I don't have investigations. [02:03:08] Speaker F: That's what I'm adding. So it's just going to be okay. If anybody else wants to do this, it's going to be difficult. [02:03:14] Speaker A: Seven a box. [02:03:20] Speaker F: They are just completely unrelated. And frankly you're kind of like now angry at yourself, just like for immediately going like, oh wait, no, we don't want to kill this guy. Now you're going full barred on the trade of like, oh shit, this might be like another, this could just be like a different hunter organization or whatever. We need to kill this guy. [02:03:39] Speaker B: Difficulty, difficulty. [02:03:40] Speaker F: Seven. [02:03:41] Speaker B: Intelligence. [02:03:42] Speaker F: Intelligence and investigation. Yes. [02:03:44] Speaker B: All right. One success. [02:03:51] Speaker F: There's a possibility it could be connected but you're not sure. But it could be a possibility. [02:04:01] Speaker B: Especially with how much stronger his faith feels compared to the others that we say. Yeah. [02:04:10] Speaker D: All right, what are we rolling? [02:04:11] Speaker F: Intelligence and investigation. If you want to try and draw a connection to pamphlets and the previous hunter interaction you had, the. [02:04:39] Speaker D: Two successes. [02:04:45] Speaker F: It, while you think it might be connected, it probably isn't. This one didn't seem like ready for war. They didn't seem to have any. You kind of remember the tale of signs of the other priest, of the other hunter you came across. And while they didn't have the whole full priest garb on and the only identifiers of religion were just kind of the christian prayer beads that they had that even had the insignia St. Leopold on it and this guy doesn't have any of that. And as you guys are kind of like thinking to yourselves a bit, the three men who are all advocating for this guy's murder, you hear Brennan just kind of going, all three of them are arguing about how to kill this guy. Brennan is just going for something very flashy. And you would assume that it's because of his paranoia. It's like it needs to be a very flashy, very gory, very visible death. And he wants to make an example after the priest. And Genghis is wanting it to be an abduction and for it to be very slow and painful, torturous death and then the other one is just wanting it, for it to be quick and silent and like avoiding any risks to the masquerade Portia is still sitting in her chair, not saying much about anything. And if you kind of hear, oh, go ahead. [02:06:43] Speaker A: Oh, I was speaking up. You should make a big show of it. That's just going to have more of these people outside of the club. They're going to piss him off more. They're going to think he got murdered for speaking the truth. It's all over the place. [02:06:58] Speaker F: Genghis is going to just kind of, like, gesture at you and go, like, see, he's with me. It needs to be slow, painful, torturous death in my lair. I got the racks. [02:07:10] Speaker A: Well, however you do it, just don't do it in front of everybody. [02:07:16] Speaker F: And the other two kind of like challenge, like, no, can't do that. That's not good enough. Or like, it's still risking the masquerade and blah, blah, blah. [02:07:28] Speaker D: Raya doesn't voice an opinion yet. Instead, she looks silently at Portia, trying to place if she's seen her somewhere before and what her opinion might be. [02:07:56] Speaker F: Now that you're piecing it together. She's from the club. You kind of remember Annabelle talking about a neonate that she, like a fledgling that she had recently and that graduated up to a neonate. And the name Portia kind of rings familiar in your brain that this might be the same neonate, but you're not entirely certain. [02:08:21] Speaker D: So I wouldn't recognize her. [02:08:26] Speaker F: Not. I mean, it's just from the party is all. [02:08:30] Speaker D: Got it. [02:08:34] Speaker F: And she's just kind of like, sitting there thinking, very obviously thinking. And then you hear the three men kind of come to this agreement of come to an agreement of somebody else has to kill him. It doesn't have to be our way, but it has to be some way. I have a club, and it's what Brandon says and Cyril say, I can't do it. Everybody knows me. Genghis doesn't really have much of anything to offer, but he's just know I can't really do anything unless you guys let me abduct him. But it might take a night. The three men turn over to your group. [02:09:27] Speaker A: What's in it for us? [02:09:32] Speaker F: Oh, no. What do you want? Is what Genghis is going to say. [02:09:44] Speaker A: Sidebar. Go to the side with everybody. Well, what do y'all want? [02:09:51] Speaker F: Or sha laps a slight bit, you hear a slight chuckle. [02:10:06] Speaker D: It might be nice to establish myself as primagen in this city. [02:10:18] Speaker A: Might have to kill a few more guys for that, but we could try to work. [02:10:23] Speaker D: Yeah, and I don't know, something about being the do girl, for every big wig in this city seems off. Is there no one else who can kill this random priest? Is there a reason why this priest is so important? I think there's something they're not telling us. [02:10:56] Speaker A: I'm going to turn back. We'll do it at the price of a major boot. It's your club on the line. You can't afford for it not to happen. Isn't that right? [02:11:11] Speaker F: Got to make sure that he doesn't have a certain display. Major Boon is not really on the table, is what Thornhill is going to say. Major Boon is not going to happen. [02:11:27] Speaker A: I could go out there right now and tell them all that what they think is the truth. Or at least that it's worse than they think it is. Make it worse. Or we can make the problem go away. Your club is important to you, isn't it? [02:11:50] Speaker F: Thornhill is going to say silence. He's going to use the word command on you. [02:11:57] Speaker B: Oh, shit. [02:12:03] Speaker F: Make sure it's the right role. Can you roll? Roll your willpower, please. Total. [02:12:21] Speaker A: And that's unspent willpower? [02:12:23] Speaker F: Yes, your total willpower. I need your total. [02:12:26] Speaker E: Oh, total. [02:12:27] Speaker A: Okay, cool. So that's not taking into account what I spend. [02:12:30] Speaker F: Sorry. [02:12:31] Speaker A: I just want to make sure, pop. [02:12:34] Speaker F: This is just going to be your role to kind of soak it up. Not really. [02:12:42] Speaker D: Fuck me. [02:12:43] Speaker A: A botch. A double botch. Fuck all of you for rolling your. [02:12:48] Speaker E: Eight successes and your three tens and your fucking. I hate. [02:12:54] Speaker A: Come on, man. [02:12:56] Speaker F: For the remainder of the sidebar conversation, you were silent. You could still attempt to talk. You could write stuff down if you wanted, but you were going to be silent. I did not expect that role to go that well. But it did. [02:13:13] Speaker A: I finally speak up and this what happens. I'm keeping my mouth shut for the rest of the fucking chronicle. Fuck you guys. [02:13:23] Speaker D: Legacy. And, like, looks at Margot and gives her a slight wink. [02:13:34] Speaker E: Margot actively fighting back. Laughter, like her mouth. Her hand is over her mouth. [02:13:48] Speaker F: Portia has another smile on her face. And she and Thornhill's going to say, listen, we will talk about what you can get if you kill them. [02:14:16] Speaker E: Listen, darling, we can't do anything without a promise of favor in return. We need to know what exactly it is that you are willing to part with. Are you willing to do a boon? Are you willing to do a direct payment in cash? What is it that you are willing to bring to the table for our services? We work as a team, not as a solo. So whatever it is better be enough for everybody. [02:14:50] Speaker F: What do you want? Cash. Or a boon. [02:14:52] Speaker E: I mean, I always go for a boon. I was born at night. Not last night, darling. [02:14:58] Speaker F: All right, boon it is. Moderate boon, not crimigen. [02:15:05] Speaker D: Damn it. [02:15:09] Speaker F: I don't even have control of that. I don't even know what you think I would do. [02:15:14] Speaker E: Make it one moderate, one minor per person. You've got yourself a deal. [02:15:21] Speaker F: Moderate group, collective minor for all four of you. Not your little friend. [02:15:29] Speaker A: I try to talk, okay? For once, I am not the one being excluded. My mistake. [02:15:39] Speaker F: He waves his finger in an aggressive manner of just going like, fuck him for kind of like not joining us and not trying to take care of the situation. All right, just go deal with it, is what Thornhill is going to say, and Genghis is going to like. He's going to look at Jasper and he's going to say, nod your head. Actually, all of you nod your head if you want me to help. He looks at every single four. Every single one of you. [02:16:18] Speaker A: Does Genghis have a good reputation in my circles? [02:16:23] Speaker F: He's anarch. He's a bit older, Bruha as well, so it's not the worst. [02:16:34] Speaker E: Actually. [02:16:34] Speaker F: Is he gang raw or is he Bruha? He might be gang. He's anarch of some sorts, but he. [02:16:43] Speaker A: Doesn'T have a reputation for, like, ruining everything. [02:16:46] Speaker F: No, he does not have a reputation for ruining everything. The other two. [02:16:58] Speaker D: I nod, slowly, intentatively. [02:17:05] Speaker B: I nod. [02:17:07] Speaker F: I. He stands up, he looks at Thornhill and he says, fine. And you suddenly feel like you can talk again. And he ushers you out of the room. Now, as a group, how do you want to murder him? How do you want to murder the priest? [02:17:49] Speaker A: We have to get him away from his people, away from his congregation, from his family. [02:17:57] Speaker F: Rem, that's a due to your nature. As you do look out across the room, you do see him kind of walking around the club talking to people. A lot of the protesters are kind of sheepish now, just at the acts of depravity of happening around them. And he just kind of looks at everyone that he's talking to. Just does seem to have this aura of calmness. And even the blood dolls who did seem angry do become a lot softer around him. Morin, you also do notice this, too, but you do also have a instinctive nature to just kind of move away from him as he is still navigating himself around the room. [02:18:57] Speaker A: I think I might be able to talk to and maybe disperse the crowds a little bit. I might not say, wait, I can talk now, right? [02:19:08] Speaker F: Yeah. [02:19:09] Speaker A: Okay, cool. Good to know. Add in check with rules like that. Get them moving. Convince them that Satan lives at home or whatever. That it's a lost cause here. Maybe once they start to clear out, he'll decide to go home and we can follow. [02:19:27] Speaker B: I can hurt. [02:19:31] Speaker D: What if we did what we did with Dimitri? What if I decided to infiltrate their organization? I'm curious what they're teaching. [02:19:48] Speaker F: That would mean that not. Genghis is going to interrupt. I'm sorry, Ren. Genghis is going to interrupt whatever Ren was about to say. He's just like, no, just kill them now. No need for a long kong. Just kill them now. [02:20:11] Speaker D: You know, taught disappointingly, but nod my head in. [02:20:18] Speaker F: Mean, you're an ass, Mike. Can you do special things? And you? [02:20:27] Speaker D: I can indeed do special things. But I think that our instinct to isolate him would have been a good one. So our more charismatic coterie members should start working the crowd. Maybe. [02:20:57] Speaker F: I mean, you can murder him. You can use. Don't do that. You just straight up try to shoot him. [02:21:08] Speaker A: Getting close to him turns you off. Something with a little distance to it might be the way to go, but bullets are messy. [02:21:20] Speaker F: Or you can know, just muster up more courage. Go out to the guy, despite the fact that he is whatever he is. I don't know. Muster up some willpower. Muster up some courage. Go to him, get the gun, pop him in the head. Go away. [02:21:33] Speaker D: I mean, there has to be some reason why you haven't done that. [02:21:39] Speaker A: Oh, fuck. [02:21:41] Speaker E: Is this gentleman around? Crowd. [02:21:45] Speaker F: If you look at you do see the priest kind of going around the crowd. The blood dolls do seem at ease talking to him. Everyone does seem like whenever he goes to talk to somebody, they do seem a lot calmer than they were originally before he talked to them. So you would almost guess with the aura that he has around him right now that there might be. [02:22:13] Speaker E: What you. [02:22:14] Speaker F: Guys felt with the true faith of the hunter. This is like a different kind or different effects. [02:22:23] Speaker E: I have an idea which will make getting him alone a lot easier. Back in my days, I used to be a bit of a gospel singer. Before. [02:22:42] Speaker F: Well, I became this before fame. [02:22:46] Speaker E: For the fame and the fortune and the glamorous lifestyle that I live. Thinks back to having to stab a priest in the shoulder. [02:22:59] Speaker F: Ah. [02:23:03] Speaker E: I could distract the crowds with a bit of gospel singing. Let's say I have a knack for turning heads with my music and truly being the center of attention when need be. [02:23:32] Speaker F: Yeah, use your. I can do that too. [02:23:38] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:23:44] Speaker F: We can poison him. We can mug him or some other. [02:23:48] Speaker E: Thing, you've got a lot of violent tendencies. I wonder what clan you're a part of. [02:23:56] Speaker F: You would start recognizing. [02:23:59] Speaker E: I am well aware, and I'm sure Margot is at this point, too. She's more so just poking fun at his elimination methods. [02:24:09] Speaker A: Yeah, you have to respect a man. [02:24:11] Speaker F: With range, and you can hear him just kind of like, I wish I had a bazooka. [02:24:17] Speaker E: Just see, darling, men with rage are like a Dime a dozen. Now find yourself a female with rage, or woman with rage, then you have. [02:24:34] Speaker D: Oh. [02:24:38] Speaker A: Yes, I'm gonna. [02:24:40] Speaker F: You go. [02:24:42] Speaker A: I want to go ahead and go outside and try to disperse the crowds. [02:24:50] Speaker F: They've already mostly dispersed. [02:24:52] Speaker A: Okay. [02:24:52] Speaker F: There is a squad car out there, though, that looks like it has a few more officers inside, that if another brawl breaks out again, they're going to come into the club as like you would guess. Maybe they're also wearing riot gear as well. So if something breaks out inside the club, they're going to come in with riot gear and shut that shit down quickly. [02:25:18] Speaker A: The people inside, as we walked up there were the preachy types around. All of the blood dolls starting to get it on. Are they like the spurs throughout the club or, like, concentrated? [02:25:30] Speaker F: The ones that are getting it on with each other. [02:25:33] Speaker A: So you mentioned that there were, like, blood dolls that were, like, not them. The people who were standing around awkwardly trying to preach at them. [02:25:42] Speaker F: Okay, so the Bible thumpers are kind of, like, looking away from those acts, and now they're a lot more cagey trying to do their thing. And some are still rattling off some words, but you can see a little more quiet and are just going like, this is weird. Don't like this. [02:26:00] Speaker A: Yeah, I want to get around them. I want to activate presence and address all of them. Listen, everybody. I know you're here and what you think is a denizen, and clearly there's something going on. But the fact is, the influence of Satan starts at home. These people are beyond gone. The people you're looking to save are at home, in your churches, in your communities, in your schools. Please save your time and go do your work where it will matter. [02:26:29] Speaker E: Stop it. Get some help. [02:26:35] Speaker F: Can you? You're using awe, correct? [02:26:41] Speaker A: Yes. [02:26:42] Speaker F: Okay, so you're going to spend a plot point. You're going to roll prisma and performance difficulty seven, but I'm actually going to make it eight just due to the nature of these people, as they're very much inherently not going to be overly happy to listen to you. [02:27:04] Speaker A: Does my eloquent specialty for charisma apply. [02:27:08] Speaker F: Yeah, you're giving a speech. It's just a higher difficulty. Just because these people are not of ones that are going to typically listen to someone who, I mean, come on. [02:27:33] Speaker A: That'S two successes minus two from ones. Why am I here, man? [02:27:39] Speaker F: I might make my character to talk. [02:27:41] Speaker A: And every time I talk, it fails. And every time I stab her, somebody, it works great. [02:27:47] Speaker E: Tis the ruhawk curse, truly. [02:27:55] Speaker F: I'll allow the thing that's from v five because I do like it. If you want to spend a willpower and reroll those ones, I will let you. [02:28:04] Speaker A: I don't know if I should. I got one more willpower left. I'm already getting dominated. I'm going to try, though. Oh, wait, there should have been two. Should I just reroll? [02:28:21] Speaker F: I'll let you have the one success. All right. There's like, in the grand scheme of things with this group, you see, like a couple people walk away, though it's not a majority. It's like if this were to be like, a group of, like, ten people, you really would have only got, like, one person leave. And they're kind of like, reluctantly leaving. Everybody else unfortunately ignores. You're some of the other blood dolls. Kind of just some blood dolls returned to their regular nature. Otherwise, it's not really much happened. [02:29:26] Speaker A: All right, margo, you're up to bat to embarrass me. [02:29:32] Speaker E: All right, I am going to spend a blood point and activate. [02:29:41] Speaker B: All right. [02:29:42] Speaker F: Same role, difficulty eight as well. Just because of the. Just because of the nature of the crowd. [02:29:47] Speaker E: Sure thing. Sure thing. That's charisma performance. [02:29:50] Speaker F: Yes. Are you going to try singing this as well? [02:29:55] Speaker E: Yeah. So my goal is I've got the third dot in the daughter, which allows me to fuck with people's emotions with my music. So she's going to activate off, which I roll for. Just see how many people I can kind of. You said difficulty eight. [02:30:49] Speaker F: Lta it. Yeah. They're really not. Okay. [02:31:45] Speaker E: I mean, that's fine. That was just to see if I could get them to focus on me. I can still get their emotional state to change using my. [02:31:59] Speaker F: Yes. You're going to be a magic doll. [02:32:01] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:32:03] Speaker F: So that's also a CRISPR performance. [02:32:08] Speaker E: That one, I think, believes just default. These. [02:32:11] Speaker F: Yes. This one is just more. This one's more motion based. Instead of trying to get people who are against people who look like you. [02:32:19] Speaker E: Right. Do I get to add my performance specialty? [02:32:27] Speaker F: Yes. [02:32:28] Speaker E: Okay. And I will spend a willpower for an automatic success. [02:32:49] Speaker F: How many willpower do you have left? [02:32:53] Speaker E: I'm still pretty up there in willpower? Yeah, I'm still good. There we go. Four successes. [02:33:19] Speaker F: What kind of emotion are you trying to instill? [02:33:25] Speaker E: Um, as she begins to sing, she's going to sing gospel. The people who are listening in are going to feel waves of almost like a melancholy calmness. Like they're so wrapped up inside of their heads in prayer that their emotional state is almost changing to sorrow. And I want them to focus in on the pain and the love yet pain of the song. So I'm thinking a little melancholy, like a soothing, melancholic feel. [02:34:31] Speaker F: Okay. Sorry. No, this is just to figure out who in your cuttery is also feeling this. So, Jasper, things are just not in your favor. [02:34:46] Speaker A: Motherfucker. [02:34:51] Speaker F: You're not really feeling this effect of. It's not the exact same kind of melancholy that was described. Yours is. It's very much of the, like, I'm so sad this versus kind of like the root of my sadness. You have even more of a drive to kill this guy. And it's becoming very necessary that you kill this guy at this point. Now, as you feel like this might be your only salvation way to happiness, but a good fifth of the crowd just kind of just stops what they're doing. And Bible thumpers ambled dolls alike. And they just kind of just start thinking and they all seem a bit sad. And kingis turns to you and like, what the fuck did you do? [02:35:47] Speaker E: Underestimate the power of feminine rage. [02:35:56] Speaker D: Amen, sister. [02:36:03] Speaker F: How are we going to kill. [02:36:06] Speaker D: Can I. Oh, sorry. Does anyone else want to go? [02:36:12] Speaker A: Or we should push him off of something tall. [02:36:17] Speaker D: Can I use obfuscate to move through the crowd unseen using, what's it called? Unseen presence. [02:36:29] Speaker F: Moving through the crowd kind of defeats the purpose, if I'm going to be honest. [02:36:33] Speaker D: But if the Crowd is distracted. [02:36:39] Speaker E: This. [02:36:40] Speaker F: Is just to get closer to the priest, right? [02:36:42] Speaker D: This is to get closer to the priest without him. Without him recognizing my presence, without him feeling as though he's getting snuck up on. [02:36:55] Speaker F: Not really going to have you roll for that. As far as you know, he really wasn't aware of your presence before. And even though you may be using your obstacle to do that, you are pretty sure that he still does not know you're there. And you are pretty sure that everyone around you doesn't really know you're there either. [02:37:18] Speaker D: Cool. So I sneak through the crowd and get him in the neck. [02:37:28] Speaker F: So you're going to be rolling humanity eight again. And then you're going to be rolled through scorpion touch. If you and I'm only going to need one. So now you need a roll for scorpion stinks. Tell you what it is again. Go for it. I forget. So how many blood points you're putting into this, by the way? [02:38:14] Speaker D: Two. [02:38:18] Speaker F: So take those two blood points off, roll your willpower. [02:38:23] Speaker D: All right. [02:38:24] Speaker F: And then you'll be able to touch him. [02:38:42] Speaker D: My willpower is five. [02:38:44] Speaker F: And what, it's just total? It's the difficulty of six. It's your total willpower. [02:38:50] Speaker D: Okay. [02:38:58] Speaker F: It you touch him and he kind of bumps over a bit, but it does look like he's still breathing. By doing that again, you are more than welcome to. You would generally guess that you need one more attempt to be able to take her down. Like a singular blood point. [02:39:40] Speaker D: Okay. [02:39:41] Speaker F: Same role of willpower. You just take off one blood point. [02:39:46] Speaker D: All right. Five. [02:39:59] Speaker F: Six. [02:40:02] Speaker D: Yep. [02:40:08] Speaker F: Yeah. And he kind of, he's talking with these two and he kind of just goes, wait. And he sits down and kind of gulps over on deck. That's where we're going to end for tonight's.

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