Episode 6

October 31, 2023


S1 Ep6: Death's Sweet Sting Pt1

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep6: Death's Sweet Sting Pt1
The Chicago Chronicles: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep6: Death's Sweet Sting Pt1

Oct 31 2023 | 02:27:00


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The Coterie's most recent assignment is complete and a holy man lies dead in a nightclub. While the Coterie focuses on the information provided by the boons they were offered for completion of this task, the most valuable information they receive might have been a suggestion of cleaning up their own messes. Disposal of evidence has hardly been their priority, and as a result the Tremere are on their trail. A visit to the Chantry proves every bit as unnerving as one would expect, but also reveals some interesting information from the child-like Primogen of the blood sorcerers. As they refocus on body disposal, a hole is dug on hallowed ground and servants are sent to retrieve the corpse. But nothing is ever so simple, and as the sun creeps towards the horizon, one of the coterie must race to get the body before it is discovered.

Jasper Black - Anarcholoserist
Soraya Sharif - Jazzy
Wren - Jimmy
Margot Beaufont - Legacy
Warren Sawyer - GR

Storyteller - Vironz

Opening Theme: Kick It by Flint

Listener Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:30] Speaker A: Hi. Tonight I'll be playing Jasper the bruja. [00:00:33] Speaker B: Tonight I will be playing Gr the malkade. [00:00:39] Speaker C: Hi, my name is Jazzy, and tonight I'll be playing Saraya the asimite. [00:00:46] Speaker D: Hello there. My name is Jimmy, and I'll be playing Rin the gang. [00:00:52] Speaker E: And I am your storyteller of iron. When a murder is committed, how long does it take for someone to notice? How does the disease take hold of the heart? How long does the body sit still while the world still moves and changes around it? Does the spirit still linger? How does one deal with the fact that they can commit murder? The music of the universe might still beat and pulse, but the victim will never hear it again. The group around the body once was calm, but now is melancholy and sad, not knowing what caused it. The crowds of protesters and Bible thumpers are now leaving the club. And are and club is now returning to a state of normalcy as the body of the priest is still sitting there. Soraya, I'm assuming you've sneaked off by this point and have returned to your cuttery and you see him just sitting there, slumped over. [00:01:53] Speaker C: Well, that is done, I say, trying to hide the fact that I am at all bothered by having to do what was deemed necessary. Let's get paid then, shall we? [00:02:22] Speaker A: Seems like complaining to me. [00:02:29] Speaker C: We never did figure out why his elders didn't send their own leg breakers after him, did we? We never really did find out what we got into. [00:02:47] Speaker E: Just to remind you, Genghis, one of the elders who were in the room with you. And he was actually going to say, because you were there, you were in the room with us, so you had to do it. The rest of us were too old and we all have too much shit going on. [00:03:11] Speaker C: Oh, right. That makes sense. Still visibly bothered, but not. But trying very badly to hide it. [00:03:23] Speaker A: Did we see it happen? [00:03:28] Speaker E: Um. No. I mean, you can see the body there now. It's still sitting in the chair, but you don't see anything. You didn't really see it happen. [00:03:42] Speaker A: What did you do to him? [00:03:49] Speaker C: I got him in the neck with these claws. You know. [00:03:57] Speaker A: He doesn't look it. [00:04:01] Speaker C: I mean, they're very sharp and very venomous. [00:04:09] Speaker A: Are you doing all right? [00:04:12] Speaker C: Yes, never better. I think I just need to. [00:04:19] Speaker A: Ah, alright. [00:04:20] Speaker E: Speaking of which, can I have you roll, humanity? You do seem very. You were giving off that. Soraya seems very nonchalant about killing this guy. As much of it might still be in her code to do. So far as you can tell, this guy was probably just a good guy going about his life soon to make everyone else's lives better and happier, even when he approached them. [00:04:50] Speaker C: Yeah. Here. Okay, so I'm at humanity ape, right? [00:04:56] Speaker E: Let me go check what I believe. Yes, it. [00:05:19] Speaker C: What am I rolling? Humanity. Difficulty six. [00:05:23] Speaker E: Yes. [00:05:24] Speaker C: Yeah. Okay. Success. So do I have to lose humanity now, or. [00:05:46] Speaker E: Let me see. Oh, no, you're good. It's very much. I mean, this is the second murder you've committed in a very recent amount of time. [00:06:01] Speaker C: Yeah, and this one wasn't in a combat situation. [00:06:07] Speaker E: You get the feeling that you're probably rationalizing it in your head of this is just the job. This isn't any different from when I was an alamant for the incident happened for you had to flee. [00:06:27] Speaker C: I don't know. I just feel like we canites have been given all of these powers, all of these blessings, all of these responsibilities. It's not right for us to lord it over mortals like this. It's not right to treat humans as kind. [00:07:00] Speaker A: Of possibly, but I mean, for of all the people to have sympathy with, weirdo pastors are pretty far down the list, as far as I'm concerned. Not the greatest track record. [00:07:14] Speaker E: Especially ones Genghis will step in. Especially ones that can do whatever he did to a pretty old and pretty powerful ventril. Probably didn't deserve to continue living. [00:07:30] Speaker C: Now, somebody who loved God enough to literally manifest a weapon from his soul seems like he might have been on the right side of the Lord. [00:07:42] Speaker A: Jasper is going to kind of look around at the kindred we're at least aware of being here, namely the elders. Well, possibly he may have been a virtuous man, but his flock, as religious folk put it, I think they're here on their satanic panic. Whatever. He's in charge say maybe he should come get us. But what about all these people? [00:08:14] Speaker C: I mean, they're his followers. And if. I don't know, there's much to think about. [00:08:27] Speaker E: A bit of haws and Genghis thinking. It was very stereotypical bruha and the sense that they were very gun ho, ready to kill. [00:08:39] Speaker C: To clarify, we still expect to get paid. [00:08:43] Speaker E: Yeah, no shit. But, like, leading them, though. [00:08:50] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:08:51] Speaker E: Any of you see that or prove that obviously he needed to die, but, like, come on. [00:09:04] Speaker C: He will be judged by God, and so will I. [00:09:12] Speaker E: Oh, you still have that thing? Okay, cool. [00:09:16] Speaker C: Yep. [00:09:17] Speaker E: He'll start walking up in motion for the rest of the group to follow. [00:09:25] Speaker A: Okay, I do. [00:09:32] Speaker E: You guys do see your other cuttery mate out on the floor? You see Warren out there still as much as the protesters have left about now, Warren is still there. [00:09:48] Speaker A: Does he look in his right mind? As much as he can be, I suppose. [00:09:57] Speaker B: Spent most of his time kind of trying to peel off the true believers, like the actual legitimate Bible thumpers, rather than people who are paid or tricked into being there. [00:10:14] Speaker E: Which, truthfully, is a very small amount. You're kind of the only one who discovered who that they were actually, like. A lot of them were paid to go there, just, like, out of circumstance. They were just paid to either go on this bus or to affiliate with this group. And some of them have, like, adopted that way of thinking, but they were just going like, this is more out of circumstance on anything. So the few that did stick around to listen to you that weren't paid to be there, there's even stronger sense of mourning in them, and they don't understand why they're feeling so downtrodden and depressed. Got you. [00:11:04] Speaker B: Do I see my codery mates going up? [00:11:09] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. I mean, you see them ascending the spiral staircase up to the third floor. And anyone else who's kind of, like, paying attention to where Warren is will also see that Margo's kind of, like, trailed off. It looks like she's in a bit of a daze. There could be some sort of control, like extended, extended mind control over her or some other thing that could be happening. But she's walking down and outside of the club. [00:11:56] Speaker B: Warren's going to turn back to the very small group that he was able to kind of click. Don't lose hope now. As long as we are able to know the truth and fight, keep ourselves armed and aware, then we will win. Go up to join. [00:12:16] Speaker C: Their codery's attention. [00:12:30] Speaker E: Doesn'T really stick. [00:12:34] Speaker C: Margo. Margot, are you okay? [00:12:39] Speaker E: She doesn't really say anything. Kind of like brushes you off. Not in the sense of anger or anything. It's just like something is calling to her. She doesn't say anything, but it's more of the sense of, like, you can tell this is more in her soul or in her mind. And she's not trying to be rude, but she just needs to do this on her own for the time. [00:13:07] Speaker C: I see. I nod and let her be on her way. Cool. [00:13:21] Speaker A: Maybe I can steal her. Boon. [00:13:28] Speaker E: The rest of you get into the. Into Brennan Thornhill's office. You see Warren kind of, like, standing at the door, probably psyching himself up to get in, just knowing that there's, like, these pretty powerful figures who are actual mind manipulators. Which also could be like deep state kind of stuff they really wanted. [00:13:57] Speaker B: Certainly. Sarah left my tinfoil hat at home. [00:14:14] Speaker E: And you see, sir, who is the venture, he opens up the door, you see Warren for the first time. See, as well you saw earlier, is that Portia, a neonate who was also at the party at Annabelle's party about a week or week and a half ago in game time. She's in there as well. She's the only other neon other than the rest of your codery that you see. [00:14:59] Speaker A: We did it. [00:15:06] Speaker E: Angus has a happy smile on his face because, like, well, she did it. [00:15:11] Speaker A: He'll point out. [00:15:12] Speaker E: He'll point out Soraya. Yeah. The assassin girl. Yeah. [00:15:19] Speaker C: Come. [00:15:23] Speaker E: And Ornhill's gonna look at her. Oh, so you're the one getting the boon then. You'll decide what your group wants. Well, not primagen. [00:15:39] Speaker C: Damn. Gentlemen, what do we want that is good? [00:15:53] Speaker D: Is there anything that we. [00:15:57] Speaker C: I want further information on any other asimite exiles in the city. Does anybody have an idea better than that? [00:16:17] Speaker A: I was hoping we could get some info on. I got to check my journals. Hang on. On what was going on with Drummond. I haven't forgotten. Who knows if he knows anything but. [00:16:39] Speaker E: The guy who was kind of manipulating Drummond. [00:16:41] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:16:47] Speaker D: That is a good idea. [00:16:49] Speaker E: Yeah. Drummond was manipulator. Weatherbottom is manipulated. [00:16:57] Speaker C: All right. If that's what everybody's voting, then I'm willing to concede. Although you owe me one. All right. [00:17:09] Speaker A: Seems fair. I already paid you one by coming and getting you out of that vault. [00:17:15] Speaker C: Well, yes, but you would have done that anyway. [00:17:21] Speaker A: No comment. [00:17:22] Speaker C: Mmhmm. Fine. What exactly do we want to know about Drummond? It's best to be specific or. [00:17:35] Speaker A: Yeah, the person manipulating him. Hang on. I scrolled all the way back down from my journal entry. [00:17:44] Speaker C: Here. You ask petition for. [00:17:48] Speaker A: We want to know everything. Like it's so long that I don't have the working memory of it in my brain. And I didn't write it in that much detail because I try to write it in character a little bit. We want to know. To clarify, by the way, because I haven't written down, is Ballard. To our knowledge, we aren't talking to the person that did this. Right. Storyteller. [00:18:18] Speaker E: So. No, the only people in the room right now, the neonate Portia, a elder known as Sir Genghis, who is an anarch, and Bruja, and Brennan Thornhill, the legal owner of the succubus club. [00:18:34] Speaker A: Thornhill. Okay, that makes sense. And my head got all messed up. Yeah, we want to know if you can tell us anything about why or how Ballard would have been messing with Drummond's head to make the events of the party go the way that they did. Or if any of his contacts know, tell us the same. [00:19:02] Speaker C: All right, so I relay that message to sir and Genghis and Portia. [00:19:12] Speaker E: And Thornhill. [00:19:13] Speaker C: And Thornhill. [00:19:14] Speaker E: Yes, I should say Portia is still sitting off to the side. It's not like she can do anything, okay? She's a neonate. [00:19:26] Speaker C: I don't know. I still think something's up with her somehow. Like, she's clearly in the company of these very important people for some reason. [00:19:38] Speaker E: Actually, speaking of which, when you did bring up earlier, when you did bring up the acidmite refugee, can you roll perception and alertness? Your keen eyes are gonna. Keen eyed is gonna figure in. Is gonna be in play as well. [00:20:02] Speaker C: So that's four perception plus keen eye, plus one alertness. [00:20:11] Speaker E: It's five dice total. And if you get two tens, you get an extra success. [00:20:17] Speaker C: Okay. [00:20:18] Speaker E: Or, sorry. If you get a ten, you get an extra success. Or remembering it wrong, the dice roller will tell me. [00:20:26] Speaker C: Okay. And difficulty six. [00:20:28] Speaker E: Yeah, this is difficulty six as well. [00:20:35] Speaker C: One success. [00:20:38] Speaker E: Now, you didn't really notice it at first, but now you realize that she's paying closer attention to you now that you did bring that up. You would almost guess that she's kind of, like, now realizing, oh, wait, you actually look different. [00:21:02] Speaker C: I realize that about her. Or she's really me differently. [00:21:07] Speaker E: Yeah, she's looking at you differently now. You would see, like, the cogs are clicking in her head of like, oh, this person isn't from here, as in they're not even embraced in America. You see those, like, cocks licking in her head. [00:21:29] Speaker C: Interesting. I try to flash her a look without seeming too eager, and I don't say anything outright yet now she looks confused. Not that kind of look. [00:21:50] Speaker E: No, she still looks confused no matter what look you give her. But I'm assuming that you guys were also whispering during that conversation as. And the fact that she's not sitting close to you as well. That's as much as I can get at the moment. And when you relay what your wants are for the boon to Thornhill and Genghis and sir, they all kind of look at each other in the way of like, are they sure they want that information? And Thornhill's gonna, like, are you. Do you want to try thinking about it again? Well, I can tell you that for freed. [00:22:55] Speaker A: Well, if information free, we'll take it at that cost, maybe you will get what you want. Soraya. [00:23:03] Speaker E: Yeah, all right. [00:23:05] Speaker C: We'll take what information you can give us and then we'll judge. [00:23:10] Speaker D: Not permit. Not permit. [00:23:17] Speaker E: Sir will actually speak up. I'm sorry? This book, he's on adventure. He's a toriador. He'll speak up and say they have daddy issues. That's just it. They have daddy issues. They want to be the best. So Drummond just threw weatherbottom under a bus train, I should say. Just. It. [00:23:49] Speaker D: Got a little case. Daddy issues. [00:23:53] Speaker C: It does sound like a pretty typical story. [00:24:06] Speaker A: Interesting. I don't know. German seems pretty genuine to me. But I suppose you can never know. [00:24:19] Speaker C: Well, empire doesn't have daddy issues. Speaking of, I should be getting back to the church. [00:24:32] Speaker E: Thornhill is going to say, the ones who aren't embraced in massive groups like we were. He'll, like, gesture, like, purely to himself only. Um, everyone but Soraya would know is like, yeah, he's a child of lodin. He's in one of the broods, as there are two of them. And Drummond and Weatherbottom and Bobby Weatherbottom are in different broods but still compete with each other. [00:25:18] Speaker A: But if it was just infighting. I mean, it was so obviously pointed to him. If he's smart enough to try and set up his broodmate as a cat's paw, wouldn't he have been smart enough not to make the sculpture a train? [00:25:45] Speaker E: Weatherbottom knew that Drummond like trains and wanted to pin everything on him. [00:25:53] Speaker A: Oh, you misspoke earlier. Okay, my bad. [00:25:56] Speaker E: My bad. Well, yes, it's hard to remember when. Yeah, of course, when the majority of my siblings he gives air quotes to that have ridiculous names. They're ridiculous. [00:26:12] Speaker A: It is pretty ridiculous. I'll have to concede that. Well, in that case, what can you tell Saria about awesome refugees? [00:26:27] Speaker C: Yep. Where can I go to find them? Who is in town? Who is in town and doesn't want to be found? Who is hunting for us? Give me the deets. [00:26:43] Speaker E: Well, we haven't really heard anything of any other asimites being in town, other than you. [00:26:58] Speaker C: I'm the only asimite in all of. [00:27:01] Speaker E: Chicago, to our knowledge. [00:27:06] Speaker C: You need better spies. [00:27:10] Speaker A: It's ominous. [00:27:13] Speaker D: Very much so. [00:27:16] Speaker C: I mean, I know for a fact that there are asimite hunters here. [00:27:23] Speaker E: As in people who aren't asimites? Yes. [00:27:27] Speaker C: No, as in hunters from Alamut still loyal to Urshulki. [00:27:38] Speaker E: Well, your kind are also very good at hiding. [00:27:42] Speaker C: Well, that we. Are. [00:27:49] Speaker A: You saying we should be worried about. Sorry. [00:27:53] Speaker C: Go on. [00:27:54] Speaker A: Are you saying we should be? You first. [00:27:57] Speaker E: This is like three of us trying to speak at once. Okay. Thornhill is firmly going to put his voice in. It's just going like. I have heard from my sire that we are to protect you. Only you. [00:28:16] Speaker C: That was the agreement. Yes, but you being known to us. [00:28:23] Speaker E: Is actually beneficial at the moment. [00:28:26] Speaker C: For you, that is true, but. But information know valuable. I. Being ignorant of an entire clan's presence in the third largest city in America, I expected better from the Camarilla. With all due respect, venerable elder. [00:29:19] Speaker E: Well. Sorry. Well, he's just. He's just gonna say. Well, it could just be that, you know, given that everything that's happened lately and you guys honestly not being that quiet about it, kind of puts shit in a different. Like, puts that on a different priority list. Not that big of a priority as we are dealing with your shit you keep leaving around. [00:29:45] Speaker C: Could be. Then could I modify my request to have a standing obligation that you report the presence of any hostile assamites to. [00:30:06] Speaker E: Mernhill is going to look at Genghis, and Genghis is going to shrug. Sir is going to flip a coin. As Thornhill looks at him, sir gives a nod to Thornhill. Thornhill's gonna go. You'll do so. To the best of our current abilities. [00:31:00] Speaker C: Excellent. Well, thank you very much. [00:31:06] Speaker A: Speaking of our messes, with all due respect, we didn't opt into these situations. We tried to get the much older and more capable. I say, like rolling my eyes, Annabelle in to help us rescue our coterie mates from what the weird dungeon Dimitri had in. And she seemed uninterested, despite her protege being in there. Annabelle herself sent us to go and get the books. Nod? We're not trying to stick our nose into everything happening into Chicago. Well, the night of the party, no comment. But the rest of it, that's not on us. Other people could have gotten involved and chose not to, including. And I gesture. Except for Genghis here. Plenty of respect. You, tonight with the priest, man. [00:32:02] Speaker E: Genghis is going to look at you and he's going to say, don't put me in your own shit. Don't cover me in your shit. Listen. [00:32:11] Speaker A: Yes? [00:32:12] Speaker E: You four decided to go talk to Annabelle about the Book of nod. About the apocrypha. To the book of Nod. You, he's going to point at Jasper this time, chose to leave a note with her, and you still came up empty. And you left a whole apartment full of dead bodies. Do you know who found that out? The tremere. [00:32:46] Speaker C: Oh, fuck. [00:32:50] Speaker E: You people. Have been leaving your shit around towneer. [00:33:05] Speaker A: Looking into our business. [00:33:08] Speaker C: Yeah. Did we do anything that they'd consider interesting? [00:33:20] Speaker E: Not simultaneously. But all of them are going to give something along the lines of how the fuck would. How the fuck am I supposed to know? Most, most, if not all of you understand that. The secretive, untrustworthy. So even if they did know, they can't guarantee it's the full truth. You even hear Portia go, like, how would they know? She's a neonate. [00:33:58] Speaker A: In any case, we left a mess. But as far as I remember, we killed them like people did. And they were armed and had who knows what else in there. If I didn't know what they were, I would have just assumed they were a weird gang. [00:34:18] Speaker C: It's a weird gang. [00:34:22] Speaker E: They had society of Leopold on their computer. [00:34:27] Speaker C: Another weird gang, sure, but you get. [00:34:31] Speaker A: Killed with guns and knives. I can't imagine any mortals looking into it would think anything other than strange gang war. [00:34:44] Speaker E: And the crosses. [00:34:48] Speaker A: Listen, people get weird about religion, too. That's none of my business. [00:34:57] Speaker C: Saria rolls her eyes. [00:35:01] Speaker E: Thornhill's gonna look at the rest of you guys and he's gonna say, you guys are really gonna let him speak for you through all this? [00:35:08] Speaker C: I'm interested in seeing where he goes. [00:35:16] Speaker B: Worm, give the thumbs up. [00:35:19] Speaker C: He doesn't speak for me, but I am allowing him to speak. [00:35:30] Speaker E: Well, I need to see what kind of shit I'm going to have to clean up tonight. Where is the body? [00:35:39] Speaker D: In a chair downstairs. Yes. [00:35:45] Speaker C: The poison is corrosive. Oh, my God. [00:35:52] Speaker B: Who did you poison? [00:35:56] Speaker D: Oh, great. [00:35:56] Speaker C: Now Warren does. Who did I poison? [00:36:09] Speaker E: Warren doesn't know. [00:36:11] Speaker C: Oh, there was this priest. Apparently he was a good guy, but he had to die anyway. [00:36:23] Speaker E: Everyone saw the priest born was the only one who didn't know that you guys were told to kill the priest. [00:36:43] Speaker D: We are asked to kill the priest. [00:36:45] Speaker C: Did. [00:36:46] Speaker D: So that's what happened there. [00:36:50] Speaker A: Warren. [00:36:57] Speaker B: Just going to rub the bridge of his nose. [00:37:01] Speaker E: It. [00:37:04] Speaker C: Should have been just enough venom to have looked like it caused a shock. Like a heart attack. Not too uncommon for an old, frail man in a nightclub and. [00:37:26] Speaker E: But Lordill's gonna say. Except he wasn't old. Yeah, frail but not old. [00:37:35] Speaker A: Cardiovascular failure is the number one leading cause of men in the United States. [00:37:42] Speaker C: What number is vampire? [00:37:47] Speaker A: One, for all we know. [00:37:53] Speaker E: One moment. Jasper has any sort of intelligence? Yes. [00:38:00] Speaker A: Look, he watches the news occasionally. They talk about it on the Today show. He watches reruns at night tonight show, but not the other one's. [00:38:24] Speaker E: Just so I don't have to do it. Forget any of the other employees here so I don't have to dominate them to do it. So I don't have to use my gifts to do it. Go get rid of the body. Dump it. [00:38:51] Speaker D: We do easily put it in the street or something like that. But. [00:38:57] Speaker C: We do have a church with a perfectly functional churchyard. [00:39:03] Speaker A: Sir, hang on. [00:39:05] Speaker E: Face palms. He face palms when he says. When you say. We could just leave in the street. [00:39:15] Speaker A: Sir, are you telling me you keep an active cemetery at your place? [00:39:20] Speaker C: I mean, it's been abandoned, but where would you expect a priest to be buried? [00:39:27] Speaker A: That's crazy. I suppose we could do that. We could also take him out on Lake Michigan and do it mob style. No concrete shoes. Do you dislike the lake? [00:39:43] Speaker E: You got it. [00:39:49] Speaker C: Yeah. Jasper, you can do that on your own if you like. [00:39:56] Speaker D: That sounds a great idea that you can do. [00:40:03] Speaker A: Do you guys have phobias of bodies of water? [00:40:07] Speaker C: We have phobias of being out in. [00:40:08] Speaker E: The open with a dead body. [00:40:12] Speaker A: Well, you put them in a big cooler. Whatever you have to do. [00:40:18] Speaker C: We roll them up in a carpet. [00:40:22] Speaker A: The cops can't be watching all the time. But if you want to put them in your front yard, I'm perfectly happy with that solution too. [00:40:30] Speaker C: Yeah, listen, the coast of Lake Michigan is much more brightly lit and much more, well patrolled than, like, the middle of Lincoln Park. [00:40:45] Speaker E: I feel like it should also be worth adding patrol wise. There are still cops in the club, just in case protesters do come back. [00:40:57] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:41:05] Speaker A: Well, we should. Well, I guess we got a weekend at Bernie's until the cops leave. We act like we're escorting him to come have a polite conversation with the propriety of the establishment. [00:41:24] Speaker C: Oh, God, do we have to dress up as Christians? I remember when I was a girl, my dad disapproved of what I was wearing, and he told me to change because I looked like a Protestant. And I said, don't you mean prostitute? And he said, no. [00:41:57] Speaker E: They have Protestants in the Middle east. [00:41:59] Speaker C: Yeah, we call them Americans. [00:42:01] Speaker E: Yeah, Kangals will say that. And he goes like. And then when you say that part, you're like, oh, that's just. [00:42:16] Speaker D: So. We saw police here. Guess we. I don't know. The hype. [00:42:26] Speaker A: I'm gonna, like, lean out of the office in. What's it look like between here and the priest body? [00:42:41] Speaker E: I will say, what do you do? Look at the priest body. There are still people there. There are still people by the body. [00:42:53] Speaker C: Has anybody noticed that he's dead yet? [00:42:56] Speaker E: No. It's not uncommon to fall unconscious in the club. But for somebody to die in the club, to die in the club upstairs is an issue. In the basement, you can get away with it a little bit because you can hide a body in a corner during the rest of the night and then in the day, have someone get rid of it. [00:43:20] Speaker C: Is there like a secret? I feel sort of silly for asking this, but there wouldn't happen to be an exit through the basement, right? A cellar door or anything like that? [00:43:35] Speaker E: Orn Hill's gonna shake his head and go, nope. No secret exits. No secret entrances. No secrets in the labyrinth. [00:43:44] Speaker C: So then is there a fire escape at least? [00:43:52] Speaker E: I mean, this is an old warehouse. There isn't. No. [00:43:58] Speaker C: So the only way in and out is through that door, which is being watched by cops. Delightful. We can pretend that the priest just had a bit too much to drink. Right? [00:44:17] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:44:17] Speaker E: You could also move him to the bathroom. [00:44:20] Speaker C: That's. [00:44:25] Speaker D: That's a good idea. Put him in a stall and it. [00:44:43] Speaker C: I'll do that. [00:44:46] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. You can hide yourself from people, right? Usually including what you're carrying. Maybe if you pick them up. [00:44:59] Speaker D: Can I. I don't think. Can I carry something with unseen presence? [00:45:05] Speaker E: I am checking. [00:45:10] Speaker D: That's a question. [00:45:10] Speaker A: This is the funniest solution to this problem. [00:45:15] Speaker E: It's a solution. [00:45:17] Speaker D: It is a solution that. [00:45:19] Speaker E: It's. [00:45:23] Speaker C: Where is my. [00:45:27] Speaker E: So generally it says, and I am going to have you roll it. It would be a wit stove. Could be difficulty seven. That's fair. But it's generally going to make people avoid you. So that's just to get to the body without being seen. If you're going to be using. [00:45:51] Speaker D: Okay. [00:45:52] Speaker E: If you're going to be grabbing the body and doing that, then you can't really. As for what the rule says, it says, upon success, vampire and offer clothing and objects that could fit into a pocket are concealed. [00:46:06] Speaker D: Yeah, that's fair. The pockets. [00:46:08] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:46:09] Speaker A: Bigger pockets. [00:46:13] Speaker E: Um, there's. You technically could get up to it. You can get up to the body. You can maybe even begin moving it. But people are gonna, like, kind of like, snap out and go like, oh, shit, you're there. And then you're going to have to reason with the idea of, oh, yeah, this is my friend. I'm moving him into the bathroom. Just that way he's not, like, taking up space. [00:46:49] Speaker D: Right. Which I think I can easily do. [00:46:54] Speaker E: That still comes with the issue of, like, how did you know he was passed out? He didn't realize you were his friend. How come he looks so much? How come he looks so different. And he's a priest. [00:47:10] Speaker D: I think I could do this. I think I can easily get him into the bathroom. I think I could do it. I'll still. I have a way to get him into there, and I'll do. Move him and see if he needs help. I mean, to get him out of the way for the night. [00:47:40] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:47:41] Speaker C: I also have an obfuscate if you need help. [00:47:45] Speaker D: I think I'll be fine. Just keep an eye on me, basically, if you can. [00:47:50] Speaker C: All right. [00:47:53] Speaker D: So I am going to go out of the office and head towards the body. [00:48:12] Speaker E: That means I got to ask, are you sneaking over there, or are you just walking normally? As normal as possible? [00:48:21] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm just going to act like I'm going to the bar, but still make it look like I'm just going. [00:48:25] Speaker E: To go. [00:48:31] Speaker D: By him, basically. And once I see him, I'm going to just make it look like. Look over at him, be like, oh, he's definitely dead, but look at him and then go up to him and then tap on his shoulder and be like, hey, are you okay? Softly into his ear. Make it look like to see if he's okay to some people. [00:48:59] Speaker E: Um, all right. [00:49:06] Speaker D: And then I'm gonna pick him. Then I'm going to make it look like I'm helping him to the bathroom. [00:49:16] Speaker E: I am going to have to roll something. I just need to figure out how I'm. [00:49:19] Speaker D: I know this is so. [00:49:20] Speaker E: And how are you knocked and how to make you not fully, flat out fail. [00:49:25] Speaker D: No, I agree. [00:49:32] Speaker E: You. It's. It's gonna be. It's gonna be a two dipole. It's going to be your prisma. [00:49:57] Speaker D: Okay. [00:49:57] Speaker E: It's going to be expression as well. It's the same thing or performance. The same thing. Yeah. Because you're trying to show that you're his friend and that you just noticed. [00:50:12] Speaker C: Yes. [00:50:16] Speaker E: On. It's going to be standard difficulty, but since you have no dots in expression or performance. [00:50:25] Speaker D: Yep. [00:50:25] Speaker E: It's gonna be difficulty seven. [00:50:28] Speaker C: Yep. [00:50:29] Speaker D: That's there. Two dice seven. I will burn a willpower on this. [00:50:34] Speaker E: Okay. [00:50:36] Speaker D: Seven and. [00:50:39] Speaker E: Four. [00:50:39] Speaker D: And I just do willpower just for. How do we do it in Macy? [00:50:46] Speaker E: It is Mw. It will add your willpower for you. [00:50:56] Speaker D: All right. And that is two dice difficulty seven. [00:51:04] Speaker C: One success. [00:51:05] Speaker D: Didn't fail. [00:51:10] Speaker E: The two blood dolls, who are kind of, like, just sitting there talking to each other mostly. I mean, inadvertently talking about death, not realizing that there is a dead guy in front of them. [00:51:23] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:51:26] Speaker E: But they see you. They look at you very strange. They're kind of like just about letting this pass. This is creepy, but okay. This guy has been sitting there for a while now, so I guess maybe, um. And with your. Your. With your strength and your. Your reserves strength, you very easily pick up this dead body. And while he might have been like about 100 and 6170 pounds while alive or while still having a beating heart and awake, dead weight is no joke. [00:52:18] Speaker D: Oh, no, it's definitely. [00:52:21] Speaker E: Yeah. So you would recognize that some of your other codemates might actually have struggle with this, but for you, not much of an issue. And you bring them over to the bathroom and it's about like two stalls are occupied right now. There's one directly all the way over on the end for people who need the accessibility for wheelchairs and such. And then otherwise there's like one in between the first two and then your Ada cubicle. But otherwise there are just urinals, kind of like across from them as well. [00:53:06] Speaker D: Okay. And all the stalls are filled up, or is it. [00:53:12] Speaker E: There's two open. You have your larger one for people who need. Who have wheelchairs and then the other one for people who don't need the accessibility. [00:53:24] Speaker D: Okay, yeah, I'll put them in the one that. The smaller one. [00:53:37] Speaker E: Okay. [00:53:38] Speaker D: And I'll make it basically prop him up so it looks like he was trying to. Basically he was having it make him look like he wasn't feeling well and he needed to throw up. And. [00:54:00] Speaker E: You hear someone or someone or a group of people come in, you're not entirely certain. You just hear the door open and footsteps. Can you. [00:54:18] Speaker A: Just. [00:54:18] Speaker E: Probably it's gonna be stealth and probably it could be appearance. Just go for appearance, just of what this is looking like at the moment. [00:54:33] Speaker C: Woods. Appearance. [00:54:35] Speaker E: Stealth in appearance. [00:54:37] Speaker D: Stealth in appearance. [00:54:39] Speaker E: Presumably you're trying to cover up the fact that this guy's dead or knocked out and you're like, positioning him, which is sketch. [00:54:47] Speaker D: Yeah, that's fair. And I know definitely silent movements will not apply for this. Difficulty six. [00:54:55] Speaker E: Yes. This one's going to be difficulty six as well. [00:54:58] Speaker D: All right, that's more successes. [00:55:01] Speaker A: Let's go. [00:55:02] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. You're not sure if it was a group of people or whatever. With the pounding of the music, it's kind of hard to hear the amount of footsteps happening at the time. But as far as, you know, no one did like a gasp or anything or go like, oh, my God, what are you doing? They just walked in, did their business, washed their hands, walked back out. Seems like you pretty much have gotten away with it. Okay, what's the rest of the group doing at this time. [00:55:43] Speaker A: I feel like the more people we get involved in this, more disaster it's going to be. So I think I'm keeping Lookout and maybe looking to run interference or something. [00:55:54] Speaker C: Yeah. Soraya is, know, keeping a watch as she was asked to know. Keen eyes, keen senses, looking to make sure that nobody is taking too much of an interest. [00:56:18] Speaker B: Warren definitely would have kind of backed off to his own little area to keep an eye on things. Keeping a low profile. [00:56:28] Speaker E: Yeah. As I was just saying, it was actually like two people who walked in with each other and then just very. Also quickly walked back out. They didn't seem shocked or appalled or anything. Very normal. Still chatting with each other. Presumably that is when Ren makes his way back up to the group. Unless Ren wants to do anything else on the floor. [00:57:02] Speaker D: As soon as I would just be waiting for anything happening. And if nothing happens, I would just head back up to the rest of the coterie. [00:57:23] Speaker E: Yeah. You guys see Bren head back up to the office, kind of waiting by the stairs before fully going up. [00:57:37] Speaker A: I looked at Soraya. Did you just leave him in there? [00:57:44] Speaker C: I think so. I hope not. [00:57:49] Speaker A: Yeah. I'm going to run back up to the office and look for a piece of paper and just write out of order, and hopefully I can grab some tape. I'm going to go put an out of order sign on that bathroom. [00:58:08] Speaker C: Jasper's one. Intelligence is, like, working overtime. [00:58:13] Speaker A: Four wits, baby. [00:58:17] Speaker E: Yeah, I was gonna say your wits is kicking in more than your intelligence at the moment. [00:58:23] Speaker A: I got plenty of you motherfuckers can't even conceive of. [00:58:29] Speaker E: You're really good at thinking on your feet, but nothing else. [00:58:33] Speaker A: Don't ask me what I got on the saTs. [00:58:40] Speaker E: Yeah, you are very quick. You use your solarity. Everything without masquerade, breaking speeds or anything. You just write it quickly, run back down, and then slap it on. And then make sure to close it and kind of COVID up a little bit. Then run back up to the office. And you see now that you can't get into the actual office anymore, does it seem like Kankas or Sir or Portia are in there? You see Thornhill in there, but he's actually doing paperwork at the moment. And now the rest of your guys'night is free. About four or five more hours. [00:59:38] Speaker C: Well, I need to make it back to the church and visit Randy and Deborah. [00:59:49] Speaker E: Deborah is not at the church. At some. She's in her own home. Or me, possibly with Margot. But she didn't stay in the church. Got it just because there still needs to be, like, said that she, Margo or Deborah kind of made it clear to. Deborah needs that sense of stability at the moment. Given the clan purse. [01:00:25] Speaker C: Soraya understands the need for Deborah and Margot to keep her distance. She does have that effect on women. She is very dangerous. [01:00:44] Speaker A: What happened in there? [01:00:46] Speaker E: I don't know. [01:00:50] Speaker D: I am both very curious and too afraid to ask. [01:00:57] Speaker A: Kindred these days. Can't leave him in a room for 48 hours without making kids. [01:01:10] Speaker C: I don't know. I think it went rather well. [01:01:15] Speaker E: Are you guys going to the church with Soraya? [01:01:20] Speaker D: I would not mind heading to the church. [01:01:23] Speaker A: Yeah, I feel like we should start planning out how we're going to bury this guy without anybody getting suspicious. I guess. [01:01:35] Speaker D: That is fair. [01:01:41] Speaker C: So come to the church in the wildwood. Is that everyone? [01:01:49] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:01:57] Speaker E: Well, our group makes way back to the church and you see, all of you kind of like, see Randy at the altar standing, but he's not doing a creature pose or anything. He's actually standing at the moment with his head in his hand. He's reading what appears to be a big book. Soraya, you would understand that this is probably the size of one of the books that you brought from Alamu, of the different casts of asmite. It could be like a book. Basic instructions for the seers or the sorcerers or the one that you're a part of, which is just kind of the standard warrior. [01:02:47] Speaker C: Hey, interesting book. [01:02:52] Speaker E: Yeah, I picked it out of your bag and it talks about. And now that you specifically look at it, now, you do see it as the one from the sorcerers, which does fit in line with him being an intellectual. The warrior cast is all about how to murder and how to be sneaky about it. And best places to strike. How to strike well, how to strike hard, follow through. And the sorcerers are about intelligence and the secrecy and the workings of the blood. And, I hesitate to say, pharmaturical values of it, given the tramir. [01:03:39] Speaker C: Yeah, they don't like the tramir. [01:03:41] Speaker E: Yes, but he's talking. He's going like, yeah, it's just this whole thing. It's just how your are. My. They are people. Anyway, it's amazing how they discovered what they were able to do and some of their basic abilities. And he kind of pull that kind of does like a slight wave of his hands, and you see just kind of this basic shape come up and then there's just like a very poor image of just like a very poor square. It's kind of like a squirrel almost. And you can see like he's struggling to hold it. [01:04:57] Speaker C: You taught yourself to do that all on your own in a single night. [01:05:05] Speaker E: I don't have much else to do. [01:05:09] Speaker C: Randy, I'm so proud of you. It usually takes people weeks to do that. Oh, you're going to go far. [01:05:17] Speaker E: I guess it kind of helps because I had vampires teaching me. Apparently. [01:05:28] Speaker C: You see, community is everything. [01:05:35] Speaker E: He kind of then realizes that the rest of the group is there and he's like, oh, shoot. Hi. What do you guys want me to things. [01:05:50] Speaker C: Well, we need to bury a body. [01:05:58] Speaker E: He pauses with his mouth hanging open a bit and. Why? What did you do? He looks at Jasper. [01:06:14] Speaker A: Fucked up? [01:06:16] Speaker C: No, it was me, darling. I. An unpleasant business. There was a certain priest who. I'm not sure I did the right thing, but I've made my decision and I have to live with it. [01:06:44] Speaker E: Oh, okay. He's still kind of looking at Jasper. He's not fully convinced that's right, did it yet, even though that is the truth, he just sees a lot of anger in Jasper, still assumes that probably a killing would have came from. [01:07:04] Speaker A: Look, dude, the only thing you know about me is I saved your life. Chill. Weren't you locked in a vault? I avoid murdering people, I promise. [01:07:20] Speaker C: Yes, child, you'll find out that as your predisposition is towards sorcery, mine is towards murder, or judgment rather, which is murder with philosophy behind it. [01:07:40] Speaker D: Murder with extra steps. [01:07:43] Speaker C: Murder with extra steps. The extra step being go murder this person. [01:07:49] Speaker E: Well, you do know that he should have almost all your disciplines. He should have all the ones that you started out with. The only thing that manifests differently starting out wise was quietest. And that's just very. It's not much of a difference at all. [01:08:24] Speaker C: Right? [01:08:28] Speaker E: But that also just requires a bit of teaching. So he still has quietest and obfuscated hilarity, like every other aspect. [01:08:36] Speaker C: Right, but I just mean like he's temperamentally predisposed towards being a nerd. [01:08:46] Speaker E: Yes, well, so he'll kind of close the. He'll pull ribbon out from the book and place it down and fold the book close and go. So where are you going to hide the body? Where are you going to put the body? Well, don't tell me that. The more people that know, the more chances that are we're going to hide it outside. [01:09:23] Speaker C: Darling, this is a churchyard, he's a priest, and Lincoln park is one of the least patrolled parts of Chicago. [01:09:33] Speaker E: Don't tell me. The more people that know a lie, the more chances it'll be bad and someone will find out the truth. [01:09:42] Speaker C: Okay, well, then I won't tell you. [01:09:53] Speaker E: So he'll kind of take the book and he'll walking. I think I'm going to go to my apartment. He's looking for permission. Explain. [01:10:11] Speaker C: I mean. [01:10:17] Speaker E: It'S. [01:10:18] Speaker C: I don't think that you should do that. Gentlemen, do you think it would be safe for him to go to his apartment? Clearly this might not be the best place for him to continue his studies tonight. This place here? [01:10:44] Speaker D: Yeah, I would say. I think he should go home for tonight. Just so. [01:10:54] Speaker C: All right. Do you know the way? Do you feel safe going back alone? [01:11:01] Speaker E: Yes, I know the way. You're not my. Yes, I know the way. [01:11:11] Speaker C: All right, make sure you feed, okay? [01:11:16] Speaker E: We already did that tonight. [01:11:18] Speaker C: All right. [01:11:20] Speaker A: Wait. Do you own blackout curtains or paint? [01:11:29] Speaker E: Um, I honestly don't remember. It's been a very long time since I furnished. In reality, it's only been about like a year. But he is a student and time functions differently. [01:11:49] Speaker A: Be careful not to get yourself killed. [01:11:51] Speaker C: Yeah. If any sunlight comes into contact with you, or if you even look at it, it can be your end. [01:12:03] Speaker E: Well, I'll be back at three. [01:12:09] Speaker C: All right? Excellent. We have until then to bury the bodies. Gentlemen, there are shovels in the shed outside. [01:12:21] Speaker D: I will take care of the. I will do so. Where's the shovel, Seraya? [01:12:35] Speaker C: You know, in the chapel shed, the one that's used for tending the cemetery. [01:12:42] Speaker D: All right, so I'll go out to the shed and take a shovel and I'll start digging. [01:12:51] Speaker C: You sure you don't need help? [01:12:54] Speaker D: I'm a look over at Jasper and Warren. I think I got it. But if anyone wants to join me, they can. [01:13:09] Speaker C: I don't think I'm doing anything else tonight. Might as well. And I might see to it that this priest be buried properly. [01:13:23] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. Do we have to? I suppose if we're burying him in front of a church, we should give him the whole shebang with funeral rights. Right? Someone going to give a latin mass over his corpse. [01:13:36] Speaker C: Does anybody have a coffin to spare? [01:13:39] Speaker A: No, I'm not quite that old. [01:13:47] Speaker C: I thought that coffins were traditional. [01:13:55] Speaker A: Yeah, but it wasn't very comfortable. [01:14:02] Speaker D: I fell into that trope as well. When you first app. [01:14:11] Speaker A: It was like a lamer race car bed. [01:14:17] Speaker E: You need to get a race car coffin. [01:14:21] Speaker A: I like what you're smoking. They only make those in child sizes, though. [01:14:27] Speaker C: Don't they have those in, like, Ghana. [01:14:33] Speaker A: Race car coffins? [01:14:34] Speaker C: Yeah. There's this one ethnic group in Ghana that has elaborate coffins where if somebody was a race car driver, they'd make a race car coffin. Or if somebody was a pilot, it'd be a plane coffin. [01:14:51] Speaker A: Awesome. [01:14:52] Speaker C: Yeah, it's really cool. Look up ghanaian coffins. They're really neat. [01:15:01] Speaker A: So we start digging. [01:15:07] Speaker E: Somehow. This is like the most bizarre episode or even show that we've done. Yeah. So presumably it takes about like an hour. If it's just Ren and Saraya just digging, it takes about an hour to dig. What are Warren and Jasper going to be doing? [01:15:39] Speaker A: I think I'll help if Warren wants to keep lookout since I've got some potents that might be useful. [01:15:45] Speaker B: Yeah, Warren can keep an eye out for anybody, like a cops or anybody that looks like they might be searching for something suspicious, like people digging a grave. [01:16:00] Speaker E: Yeah, you guys develop that rhythm and where you start digging? All the graves? Not all the graves. You start digging a grave and it takes about 30 minutes. Now that's like all three of you. And you know, it's. The hole's ready. You find like a spare coffin. It's wood. It's very shitty wood, but wood nonetheless. [01:16:38] Speaker D: Right? [01:16:43] Speaker E: And then Soraya. Soraya first. And then Ren take a moment to think of like, oh, you still don't have the body. [01:17:01] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:17:08] Speaker A: We are the dumbest vampires in the midwest. Oh, my God. Shit. I have someone I can send to get it. It's getting a little late, so we're still going to have a hole in the ground here. [01:17:28] Speaker D: It's about. [01:17:34] Speaker E: It's about 01:00 a.m. Your retainer is probably awake. Your school, I should say it. But cops aren't going to be out of there until about four or 05:00 a.m. [01:17:53] Speaker A: I'm trying to find if I wrote his name down anywhere so that I'm not just calling him my guy. [01:18:03] Speaker E: If it's going to be my guy, it's going to be Mike guy. Yeah, my guy. Very French. [01:18:14] Speaker C: His name is guy. [01:18:16] Speaker A: His name is now Mike Guy. He rules. He sounds like a Naruto character. [01:18:24] Speaker C: Okay. [01:18:25] Speaker A: There's a friend of mine who I give my vite to. I could call him, tell him to show up at the club after it's locked out or maybe get permission for him to stay in there after they close to get the body. We got to wait for the cops to leave and we might not get back in time, but he could probably do it as long as he let everybody know. [01:18:46] Speaker D: I think that's a good idea. [01:18:51] Speaker E: Jasper. Can you actually. And rent too. Both of you can. You both roll me wits and investigation. Not like you're finding shit, but this is more of like you might be realizing there could be something else in this plan of getting the body. [01:19:20] Speaker A: I don't suppose my Woody bond mose specialty applies here. [01:19:27] Speaker E: See, I'm going to need you to describe what that actually means because as much as I've seen that on your character sheet for about a month now, I still haven't actually looked up what. [01:19:38] Speaker A: I was talking and didn't have push to talk on. Yeah, it's one of the suggested specialties under wits, and I thought it made sense, even though it's kind of a dumb specialty to take. It means, like, quips and it's difficulty six. [01:19:54] Speaker E: Yeah, fuck it. Why not? Yeah, fuck yeah. [01:20:01] Speaker A: It's. [01:20:05] Speaker E: Both of you. Okay. [01:20:06] Speaker A: Oh, no, I got three. I was looking at your. [01:20:07] Speaker E: Okay. Yeah. Jasper, you kind of realize that there are some people who don't really give a shit about if a bathroom stall is out of order. And, Ren, you also realize there are some people who don't give a shit if somebody is, like, passed out. They'll probably just try to aim elsewhere. Or if they're particularly a mean drunk, purposely. [01:20:49] Speaker A: I should have locked the door. Yeah, we'll call the club and see if we can't get the door locked now and just hope and pray. [01:21:04] Speaker C: Let's just say. [01:21:11] Speaker D: I don't deal with audience. [01:21:20] Speaker E: But. [01:21:25] Speaker C: So. [01:21:30] Speaker E: I don't know if I was the only one. But you were cutting out and glitching it up quite a bit there. [01:21:35] Speaker C: Yeah, I couldn't hear you either. [01:21:37] Speaker E: Okay. The only bits I got was I don't often. [01:21:41] Speaker D: Yeah, let's do that. [01:21:42] Speaker E: Dead bodies muggle. [01:21:44] Speaker D: Get the building fast, aren't it? [01:22:05] Speaker E: You still have enough time in the night for Jasper to. For you to summon your ghoul to the club and for you guys to even to make sure that the dead body is still there and is intact and in the way that you guys actually left it. Oh, we lost your player. Okay, well, to Jasper then. [01:22:37] Speaker A: Yeah, I'll make sure that the staff there maybe can go and lock the door. Strict instructions from their boss. Do not go in there. Maybe someone mix some chemicals or something. Meanwhile, get it set up so that Mr. Mike Guy get for free. And I wait around until the lights come up. I guess. [01:23:02] Speaker E: Nobody really picks up phone. Just given the events of that night. No one really picks up the phone. [01:23:11] Speaker A: I call again. [01:23:17] Speaker E: Yeah, it's still going to be the same thing no matter how many times you call. Is that it's? Just nobody is really going to pick up the phone just because they don't want to have to deal with hearing any religious bullshit from anyone who's calling, who might call. [01:23:30] Speaker A: So here's the mistake I'm going to make. I'm going to tell Mike to use my name to talk to the boss to then get permission from there since they won't answer the damn phone and hope this does not get Mr. Guy eaten on the spot. [01:23:52] Speaker E: I'll make note of that. What is the plan for the rest of the night for you guys? It. [01:24:05] Speaker A: I do have to admit we've been leaving quite the mess. We don't have a need to clean up right now. [01:24:19] Speaker E: Other than forgetting about body. [01:24:23] Speaker D: Yes. We need to get better, guys. Oh, man. [01:24:36] Speaker A: It like, do any of us know anything about the society if we uphold. Or are they going to come right back for our asses? [01:24:50] Speaker D: I know nothing of them. [01:24:54] Speaker E: Soraya is the only one who would recognize the name, just religion wise. You recognize as the older name of what? Similar to Saint Leopold and people who fold him in the crusades. [01:25:08] Speaker C: Yeah, they were a crusader order from back in the, you know, searched for holy artifacts, tried to fight demons during the Bali wars and also a lot of us. But that's all I know. [01:25:42] Speaker E: Warren, if you also want to know more about society leads in modern times role intelligence and investigation with your research specialty. Intelligence and what investigation with your research specialty or with your specialty, which just says search on my pdf. But I'm assuming you mean research. [01:26:22] Speaker B: Yeah, I it. Difficulty six. [01:26:32] Speaker E: Yes, it. I'm assuming you've probably brought like a laptop with you're. Oh, yeah, no, you definitely just like given your connections online and as much as Shreknet is down around this time, you're still able to go back. You're able to kind of hop on the website a little bit. It does take a bit of work, but you are able to get on it. And you do see like people mentioning the society blabeled and they, I mean religiously and they are religious fundamentalist groups who hunt down all supernaturals. I mean, you see someone account has an account of like. Yeah, I once saw them take down a fucking werewolf. It was crazy. There was like 20 of these guys and they had like silver ammo and they brought down this gigantic wolf like creature thing. Like it could have been an actual werewolf. [01:28:04] Speaker B: Yeah. Warren would do everything he could to share this with the group, calling them around to show them some more interesting account. [01:28:19] Speaker D: Yeah, so that is concerning. [01:28:27] Speaker E: The rest of the post basically goes like, this is a group not to be fucked with. If they are, wherever you are, get the hell out of dodge if you want to keep surviving in the night. [01:28:45] Speaker C: Fun stuff. [01:28:48] Speaker A: I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but we kind of took them down like chumps, right? [01:28:54] Speaker D: Does that mean that could have just been a small recon group for all we know? And if they went dark, oh, boy, we could be experiencing a swarm. [01:29:05] Speaker A: So, yeah, we did kick the hornets nest. [01:29:08] Speaker D: We might have just kicked the hornets nest. [01:29:11] Speaker C: Yes. [01:29:17] Speaker A: Interesting. [01:29:18] Speaker D: And I dealt the first blow. Done it again. [01:29:23] Speaker A: Ran you? [01:29:24] Speaker D: Done it again. [01:29:25] Speaker A: Listen, we all stabbed those guys. Do we tell anybody? I mean, they know, but like, do they know this stuff? If they come to town, is it our heads? [01:29:54] Speaker D: Well, they have a feel. I have a feeling they will know that other kindred are in the area. I don't know if they will specifically hunt us, but. [01:30:09] Speaker B: They know there's something with us, so we're likely at the top of their priority list. [01:30:16] Speaker C: Oh, yeah, they know that. They're aware of a lot of activity that can be traced back to us at least. [01:30:26] Speaker A: Should we track down and go talk to the tremere? If they know that had happened, maybe they have more that they aren't letting us onto. [01:30:39] Speaker C: I don't want to deal with the premiere. [01:30:43] Speaker A: I don't want to deal with the church's goons. [01:30:49] Speaker D: Do we know where the premier chantry is in Chicago? [01:30:59] Speaker E: Seriah doesn't. Jasper also wouldn't. But Jimmy and Warren, can you make intelligence and politics, investigation, politics or cult? Okay, any of those three. I'm going to let you choose the top out of those three that you have. [01:31:31] Speaker D: I'll just do. [01:31:37] Speaker E: Go ahead. [01:31:37] Speaker C: Gr. [01:31:39] Speaker B: If I use investigation, would my specialty also apply to that? [01:31:47] Speaker E: Yes. You don't fully know, but you are kind of like looking through the spots of where it should be. [01:32:01] Speaker D: I'll do a. I know that's the lower one, but I feel like grin would definitely feel like leaning more towards the occult side of things rather than. Because it's the. [01:32:14] Speaker E: Like, this is kind of like a weird occulty building that this guy, that. The tramira rat. [01:32:21] Speaker D: Yeah. He's not thinking practical, he's thinking Coltie. [01:32:25] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:32:27] Speaker D: That is still three successes. [01:32:31] Speaker A: Wonderful. [01:32:33] Speaker E: Not so wonderful. [01:32:35] Speaker C: What the heck? [01:32:37] Speaker D: That's two, four. Isn't that technically supposed to be one success? [01:32:45] Speaker A: No, three ones. [01:32:48] Speaker E: There's three ones, but there is only one time. [01:32:52] Speaker D: Okay. [01:32:54] Speaker E: Do you want to spend your willpower and reroll those ones? [01:32:58] Speaker B: I might still difficulty six. [01:33:08] Speaker E: Yeah, still difficulty six. [01:33:12] Speaker B: That was three. [01:33:13] Speaker E: Success. Wonderful. Actually, that's four, because you still have your specialty. [01:33:20] Speaker D: Oh, indeed. [01:33:21] Speaker E: Yeah. Right? Yeah. With the combined efforts of both of you, as Warren pulls up a map or pulls out a map or pulls up a map on his laptop or out of his bag or whatever, both of you kind of were like, Warren points out, like, it could be like any of these buildings. These are kind of like secluded areas where if mystical things happened, they wouldn't really do much of anything. Where mortals won't really notice if something goes wrong. And then ren goes like, but this doesn't have a. This. I've been to this area. It doesn't feel like it has any magic in that area. And I swear I know what it feels like. And then you both narrow it down to this one house on the north side. [01:34:23] Speaker D: North side? [01:34:24] Speaker E: Yeah, it's closer to the water. [01:34:28] Speaker A: Oh, fuck. Why is my coterie a bunch of water freaks? [01:34:44] Speaker B: Something wrong with the north side? [01:34:50] Speaker D: It's near. More towards the river or lake. [01:34:53] Speaker C: Just wondering, you know, how vampires are about crossing running water. [01:35:00] Speaker D: It's nothing to do about. I can easily cross water going over a bridge, but I fucking hate it. [01:35:13] Speaker E: It's closer to the lake. [01:35:17] Speaker D: Lake can handle. [01:35:21] Speaker E: Okay. It's about like a ten minute walk away, but it's close by. [01:35:28] Speaker D: I mean, it's fine, but I just want to get out of that area. Okay. We can head there to this house and maybe they'll give us information. I just. You can see Ren is a little bit shaking with nervousness, but would you. [01:35:54] Speaker A: Rather stay back, man? [01:35:57] Speaker D: We need all the information we could get. I would much rather be there. [01:36:04] Speaker A: All right. [01:36:05] Speaker C: Nothing wrong. [01:36:05] Speaker A: If you need to bow for a little bit here, I'll stay in the side of you facing the lake. So you can't see it. [01:36:14] Speaker C: Nothing. [01:36:17] Speaker D: It'll be fine. It'll just. [01:36:20] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:36:25] Speaker E: Got. [01:36:25] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:36:28] Speaker D: Can't handle it. Let's find out what the tramir has interest in us. I'm more curious about that than being scared of water. [01:36:44] Speaker A: They don't seem like the types to ask us all to go swimming. [01:36:49] Speaker D: It's the tramir. They would ask us to go swimming. [01:36:53] Speaker C: Yeah, we'll see about that. Mmm. All right, so what are we going to do? Just be as straightforward as we can. [01:37:13] Speaker A: Something like that if someone's watching us. Well, we should frame it not as wanting information, but as wanting to avoid future messes, perhaps. [01:37:26] Speaker C: Well, listen, I mean, the society of Leopold are going to be a problem for the premiere as well, right? We could just say, hey, this is a heads up. And since we've done you a good turn, maybe you could return the favor. [01:37:53] Speaker A: I'm down for it. [01:37:57] Speaker D: Yeah, that works with me. [01:38:02] Speaker C: Excellent. That's on. [01:38:07] Speaker E: Yeah. You guys make your way over to the chantry and as usual it appears normal. Some of you guys walk up to it and knock. Yes. You hear a voice from the inside. You don't know how deep inside we hear someone say, come in. Wow. [01:38:54] Speaker D: I'll walk in as well. [01:38:56] Speaker C: Well, I walk in. [01:38:58] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:38:58] Speaker C: I mean, they told us to. What could go wrong? [01:39:04] Speaker E: Everything appears normal as you walk in. It's kind of the typical tramier look. Red carpet with maroon walls, very fancy, very rich, certain ways. Hmm. [01:39:29] Speaker A: All right, I'm going to keep an eye out for anyone watching us in secret. [01:39:36] Speaker D: Mom's just looking around to be like they don't want available to talk. [01:39:43] Speaker C: Yeah. I'm also looking around, inspecting with keen eye. [01:39:53] Speaker E: Nothing seems out of the ordinary. As you walk deeper into the house, kind of make a few turn. You walk around some corners of the house and it definitely is now appearing deeper than it actually is on the outside, which is typical. [01:40:11] Speaker C: Mmhmm. All right. I call out and I say, hello. [01:40:20] Speaker E: We. [01:40:23] Speaker C: Are a coterie involved with the camarilla. We are associated with Genghis and sir. And we would like an audience with the. It's bold. [01:40:41] Speaker A: I like it. [01:40:42] Speaker C: Please and thank you. [01:40:48] Speaker E: To have a dot in politics. [01:40:54] Speaker C: Yes. [01:40:55] Speaker E: Which is everyone. You know what? I'll specifically aim this towards Jasperus. That's the one who have it the highest, you know. Nikolai is the Tramir Crimson and has the appearance of a ten year old child. Boy. [01:41:15] Speaker A: Keep an eye out for a kid. [01:41:19] Speaker C: Who sirens. A kid. [01:41:24] Speaker E: Really old vampire freaks out of desperation to teach. Or a freak. [01:41:35] Speaker A: Anyway, all due respect. [01:41:37] Speaker C: Anyway, but they can't keep their mouths shut. They'll never keep up the masquerade. [01:41:44] Speaker E: But as you do call out, say you are wishing for a meeting. You see a door kind of materialize and pop out of the wood of the hallway that you're currently in. As it does seem like this hallway you might have been in has actually begun looping a little bit. But now that you've called out, you see a door materialize in front of you. [01:42:06] Speaker C: I'll never get used to this. I just walk up and turn the knob and walk through it. [01:42:20] Speaker E: Okay. [01:42:23] Speaker B: Hesitantly follow behind. [01:42:27] Speaker E: You do see a child sitting in a chair reading a book and they simply say, speak. [01:42:41] Speaker A: Excuse us, apologies for coming unannounced, but we felt it might be important. We heard that the clan tramire was warning some other people about something that we had gotten up to that involved the society of St. Leopold. And we were hoping, if it pleases you, Jasper's a little bit afraid of the trivia. He doesn't get it. That perhaps you could tell us how you got this information. Or at least keep us abreast of it to avoid kicking the hornets nest in the future. We are trying to bring the hunters down on anybody. [01:43:28] Speaker E: Next time you should be more careful, you hear? The book slammed shut. Now, as they stand up and look at you and you see a child in a suit, a black and white suit and a time stares at Jasper. [01:43:54] Speaker A: Of course I won't say that our decisions were the greatest in the world, but we were under duress. Strange situation. We won't do it again. But perhaps you could help us avoid detection so that we aren't forced to. [01:44:21] Speaker E: Continue staring. Not saying anything just yet. He turns his gaze over to Warren and then Soraya. Oh, sorry. No. [01:44:43] Speaker B: Warren gonna raise an eye. [01:44:51] Speaker E: He gives you a nod. I'll turn over to Soraya. [01:44:57] Speaker C: I nod politely and close my eyes. Slight bow. [01:45:09] Speaker E: Other than him saying speak, he's not going to say, I like you. [01:45:16] Speaker C: Thank you. You're eminent. [01:45:22] Speaker E: Then he looks over at Ren. [01:45:29] Speaker D: Just gonna nod my head. Nod my head. I'm good with this stuff. I'm just going to nod my head at him. Just in agreement with everything that's been said so far. [01:45:49] Speaker E: We'll turn back to chapter. So you want to avoid textion next time? [01:46:02] Speaker C: Yes. [01:46:03] Speaker A: Or at least we don't want the problems with these hunters. And you seem to know what's going on with them. We appreciate that you are keeping watch for all of us. But clearly it's been pointed out to us that we have been sticking our fingers in too many pies and we'd like to at least be doing it a little more safely. [01:46:26] Speaker C: And we don't want to make things more difficult for you, sir. [01:46:31] Speaker A: Of course. [01:46:37] Speaker E: It. He breathes in, he makes the loco the breathing in and breathing out that deep sigh. Next time don't be as interesting. [01:46:57] Speaker A: I can't help it. We'll try. [01:47:08] Speaker C: You find us interesting at least. [01:47:12] Speaker E: I didn't say I did. But he's gonna. Even as he did say that, he's still staring deeply and intensely at Jasper. Almost trying to look into your soul. Almost. [01:47:29] Speaker A: Is there something on my face there? Or something you'd like to know? [01:47:40] Speaker E: Does it say anything else? [01:47:46] Speaker A: He gets kind of shifty. He's like looking around, trying to avoid eye contact. At this point, he hasn't done anything to piss Jasper off. It's just weird. [01:47:58] Speaker E: Yeah. No, he's not mad. It's not a look of malice. It's a look of, I'm going to continue staring at you to make you as uncomfortable as possible. [01:48:11] Speaker A: It's also like a kid, but an adult, so I don't have a social script to handle it. It's like saying, yes, sir to a six year old. And he's like, ted, but, you know. [01:48:25] Speaker C: Yeah, but he's like, really 700 or whatever, right? [01:48:31] Speaker A: Is this my grandpa or my nephew? [01:48:37] Speaker E: I mean, he's a little younger than 700, but he looks like he's ten. Though now he seems ever so slightly pleased with himself. Now he's going to start staring deeply into Ren as the other two gained his respect with the bow and the question. And he's going to say to Jasper's remark of I can't help but not be interesting. He says, try. [01:49:22] Speaker C: Oh. [01:49:26] Speaker D: That'S interesting. Or mixed signals here. Red is going to plug at his collar for sure, like, who's getting uncomfortable? [01:49:44] Speaker A: If I'm less interesting, does that mean we'll run into less priests? [01:49:51] Speaker E: It means you draw less attention, less hunters. And no need for Tumba. And the other one, his name I can't remember off the top of my head. He does say that out loud. It means that people like them will not find you. That means you don't leave bodies in alleys. It means you don't get the attention of people who are more powerful than each and every single one of you. And he will then begin looking at every single one of you. [01:50:40] Speaker D: Okay? [01:50:44] Speaker E: And it means you don't give people the fucking book. It means you don't give people the journal you. It means you don't give your sources. It means you keep a low profile and handle shit on the down low. [01:51:08] Speaker D: I'm just nodding my head respectfully. Yes, sir. [01:51:16] Speaker E: How are you guys reacting to this child swearing in front of you? [01:51:22] Speaker A: He isn't saying anything. He does think it's a little funny. He isn't like, fully bowled over, cheeks expanded, but he is trying to suppress a little smirk. [01:51:40] Speaker C: Saris just isn't thinking so much about the swearing as wondering, was he sired as a ten year old or did somebody. Does he choose to present himself in this way? [01:52:01] Speaker D: Ren is not happy. He is like, game with everyone to get to hear all the information as well. Just want to get out of here. I was expecting being dressed down by. [01:52:16] Speaker C: A ten year old. [01:52:18] Speaker D: People. [01:52:24] Speaker E: Can everybody make a wits and wish there was something literally just called memory. Ah. Say investigation for now. What's an investigation? Or academics, whatever is higher. [01:52:52] Speaker D: What's an investigation? [01:52:54] Speaker E: All right. [01:52:57] Speaker A: Three, two. [01:53:04] Speaker C: Let's see. Five. Yep. [01:53:13] Speaker E: Three successes. So, Jimmy and Soraya, something that sticks out to you. No one's actually ever mentioned the name of the first hunter you killed, which was Tumba. And he's the only person who's actually mentioned that name. And you guys did take his information from him. You did take that identifier off of him. That way, people wouldn't be able to identify him somehow. Nikolai also knows that guy's name. And as for Jasper, you recognize that it's kind of strange that he remembers that this guy knows one of the names of the hunters that you've killed. And Warren just goes like something doesn't feel right with the information that he just said. [01:54:38] Speaker C: Ask, you know, deferentially as I can. Beg pardon, sir, but. Forgive me, but who is chumpa? [01:55:01] Speaker E: See him kind of hold self for a second, fully stiffens up as if inflicted with rigor mortis. And then you see a slight movement in his being. Well, I am assuming that it was one of the. Was the hunter that we found in the alley. You didn't clear trail. The one in the apartment had his name on another identification on a note and on the computer as well. [01:55:47] Speaker A: No, we definitely searched his body. I remember that much. [01:55:51] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. [01:55:53] Speaker C: He was well stripped. [01:56:11] Speaker E: You have your information. You got what you wanted. Leave. There's a fireplace behind him. [01:56:20] Speaker A: Oh, no. [01:56:21] Speaker E: There's some candles. You see the flames get more intense as he says. Leave. [01:56:33] Speaker C: Now. Sir, there is no need to be uncivil. We just need a bit of advice. You see. [01:56:51] Speaker E: It back down into what they were before. He looks at you. And now you're getting that same soul digging, thousand yard stare as if this ten year old child is trying to find the deepest crevice, the deepest secret that you hold. You don't know if they can. But now, just like Wren and Jasper, we're also now getting the same treatment as they were. [01:57:44] Speaker C: I'm unintimidated. I have experience with stare downs and eccentric people in hierarchies. [01:58:03] Speaker E: You. [01:58:04] Speaker C: I keep my gaze as steady as I can, and I say we'll leave soon. But we do need to get what we came here for. [01:58:24] Speaker E: Came here for information. Did you lie? [01:58:28] Speaker C: No. We came here for information, but we don't have enough of it yet. [01:58:47] Speaker E: Tell me what you want. [01:58:58] Speaker C: What does the Society of Leopold want in particular? In Chicago? [01:59:14] Speaker E: Same thing they want everywhere. No supernaturals. [01:59:25] Speaker C: Gentlemen, did you have questions. [01:59:30] Speaker A: As far as you got? [01:59:34] Speaker D: Did we hit. When we hit the apartment, was that just a small reconnaissance group, or was that the start of a much larger thing to come? Do you have any information on that? [01:59:58] Speaker E: All he'll say is the first. [02:00:01] Speaker C: Okay. Jack. [02:00:10] Speaker A: Yeah? If you were wanting to know how you knew about them. We aren't, as you said, the world's most subtle people. But as far as we could tell, nobody knew about what was happening there except for us and the folks we had to kill. Do you have people surveilling? Was it your freaky magic shit? We just want to also know when the hunters are coming around. [02:00:39] Speaker C: Follow up to that. How actually, did you. Where did you hear the name Tumba? [02:00:56] Speaker E: It. I have agents. [02:01:01] Speaker C: Do we all have agents? [02:01:09] Speaker E: You I have and will always have more than you do. [02:01:15] Speaker C: Oh, that's true, but that's not an explanation. [02:01:20] Speaker E: You do not communicate with those that I can and you never will. [02:01:26] Speaker A: Do I feel like he's trying to cover something up with this superiority move? [02:01:32] Speaker C: I think it's pretty clear. [02:01:38] Speaker E: Yes. [02:01:41] Speaker A: What I mean specifically is he's saying I have agents, right? But from my perspective, that means I've got people watching the house. But is he, like, telling a half truth? Where he means, like, I was best buds with those guys. I'm trying to suss out. Do I feel like he's telling the whole truth? I guess. [02:02:02] Speaker E: Okay. You'd know he's telling the full truth. You know that he's. When he says, I have agents and I will always have more and that you will never have the same amount, you know he's telling the truth. But you can guess that he's either using his blood magic or his age to do it. [02:02:31] Speaker A: Well, listen, we don't want to cause a stink as much as you don't want us to cause a stink. If, you know, if they're holed up in a safe house, dropping a dress for us would be huge. We'll stay blocks away from that place. [02:02:51] Speaker C: Yes. All of this inquisition is all in service of staying out of your way, sir. [02:03:16] Speaker E: You don't understand. I fear none of you will ever understand. [02:03:32] Speaker A: Help us. [02:03:34] Speaker C: That is the issue. [02:03:38] Speaker E: You must learn on your own. [02:03:40] Speaker C: Well, then we're at an impasse, aren't we? [02:03:46] Speaker E: And. [02:03:50] Speaker A: Now. [02:03:53] Speaker E: He'S going to. You hear the doors open behind you. You didn't see him do anything. There's no movement, no air. No, nothing happened except for the new air that was introduced. And you see the flicker of the flames a little bit now that the doors have opened. [02:04:16] Speaker A: I whip around to see is he telling us to leave or are we being surrounded. [02:04:23] Speaker E: Still in there. Now the question is, Nokia's tramir and he just opened doors on his own. You realize that younger Tramir aren't typically able to do that on their own. They're not able to do that through magic. And you see him waiting, almost tapping his foot. Now. [02:05:06] Speaker D: We had all the information that we can, guys, let's just get out of here. [02:05:13] Speaker C: We all know that younger Tramir typically can't do that on their own. [02:05:22] Speaker E: It takes most often younger Tramir are learning the ways of path of the blood. And even when they do get to movement of the mind, it does take like a visual connection to be able to open, be able to lock or unlock something and move it. And with you guys in the way, and him being so small, didn't really have that much of a visual. He wasn't able to see the door. So it does show that he's of some strength. [02:06:08] Speaker A: I'm not going to wait around till he opens the door. That is my rib cage. So I'm going to back out. [02:06:14] Speaker D: Yes, I'm backing out, back out as well. [02:06:19] Speaker C: But I know that I'm under Camarilla protection and I don't want to show that I'm intimidated. So I stay for another couple of minutes saying, listen, I believe that I might have said something important. And I beg your pardon, sir, if I've caused any offense. Next time we meet, I hope that it'll be under better circumstances. [02:06:52] Speaker E: You stay. [02:06:54] Speaker C: Oh. [02:06:58] Speaker E: You'Ll say that to Saraya. Gr does actually feel a little bit of the mystic push against his chest, as if the finger is poking into these now. But unlike the other two, I should say it's actually going to hold you outside the doors. As the doors do close, the other two are free to walk around. [02:07:31] Speaker D: Okay. [02:07:35] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:07:37] Speaker E: And to Saraya in a closed room, he's gonna say, I know what you did. The doors open again and you feel a very strong push moving you outside of the realm. Then Warren is brought in as if like sliding the chest pieces. [02:08:16] Speaker B: He'S gonna kind of scalp around, sort of against. [02:08:29] Speaker C: I say, I see. Well, in that case, I really am sorry. [02:08:44] Speaker E: Good. Doors closed again. He's in his one. And then with the one on one with horn. I am sorry for what she did to you. What you were doing is good. He actually walks up closer to you and that stone that. What are you going to say? [02:09:28] Speaker B: How do you know about. [02:09:33] Speaker E: Spirits talk? If you bring me the stone. It'll be worth your while. [02:09:49] Speaker A: You. [02:09:49] Speaker B: I like knowing exactly what I get in return before making deal. [02:09:59] Speaker E: Better instruction than what she will give. You're. [02:10:10] Speaker B: Going to nod. [02:10:13] Speaker E: He'Ll nod back, consider. And he'll be the kind of like, grasp he felt on your body now. Like, let go. Be careful around them. [02:10:33] Speaker A: All. [02:10:34] Speaker E: We're shake his head. Doors will open. He'll actually walk over to his seat, pick up his book and a goblet in hand that is wildly out of size for what he is for being a child. He'll kind of hold it as he's holding a book in one hand and occasionally sip till you leave. [02:11:07] Speaker B: Thank you for your time. I hope you're right. [02:11:10] Speaker E: Welcome. Do you guys leave the chantry? [02:11:18] Speaker C: Yes. Yeah. [02:11:20] Speaker A: But I do want to get nosy on the way out to see if I see anything interesting. [02:11:30] Speaker E: Okay. [02:11:34] Speaker A: Not like going into doors and stuff, but seeing if anything was left out that shouldn't have been. [02:11:41] Speaker E: Perception awareness. [02:11:44] Speaker C: Can I roll the same? [02:11:46] Speaker E: Yeah. Are you just looking for what could possibly be like magical artifacts or stuff that these rituals, that kind of stuff? [02:11:56] Speaker C: Yeah, anything related to kindred around Chicago or things like that. [02:12:09] Speaker E: Psorias will be per session investigation. [02:12:13] Speaker C: Okay. [02:12:15] Speaker E: Awareness will be for the ritual material. [02:12:19] Speaker A: Three successes. [02:12:21] Speaker E: Yeah. You find some that shouldn't be difficulty, fun for you, but that doesn't change the. [02:12:28] Speaker A: Oh, I meant to put six, but. [02:12:33] Speaker E: Yeah, you find some not being premier, not knowing rituals, you don't know how important they are. You would guess that they. I mean, they look valuable. And for like, mortal stuff, there's like a really fancy mirror, like handheld mirror. [02:12:58] Speaker A: I think about it, but I leave it there. [02:13:02] Speaker C: All right, so I got a crit failure. [02:13:10] Speaker E: No, it's a standard crit failure. That's like a v five thing. And to get a botch. Botch, you need like, no successes and a one. [02:13:23] Speaker C: All right. But I also have the keenide bonus. Does that affect. [02:13:32] Speaker E: It really wouldn't affect anything. That would just give you an extra dice, an extra success if you got 210. [02:13:39] Speaker C: Okay. [02:13:43] Speaker E: You see books that talk about people from Chicago, you would guess that maybe one or two of them could have had if they were to actually name drop a real person. Maybe there's a vampire there. You don't know. [02:14:02] Speaker C: All right. [02:14:04] Speaker E: You'Re welcome to take the book. Nothing bad is really going to happen if you do. [02:14:11] Speaker C: No, I don't want to piss him off even more. [02:14:19] Speaker D: Now. [02:14:19] Speaker E: About like 230 in the morning, you guys are outside the chantry. It's actually snowing quite heavily now. And the wind. The wind. If it were for, like, a morgue person, it would feel piercing and painful. [02:14:41] Speaker C: What? Well, unless there's work that we need to do, I think I'd better return to my runaway hideaway before Randy gets home. [02:15:10] Speaker D: I need to. I want to get away from here. So I think I'm going to head home. [02:15:21] Speaker E: Warren. Transfer. [02:15:25] Speaker A: I was told to be less. Oh, sorry. I was told to be less interesting. So I suppose I'll just go back to my haven. [02:15:37] Speaker B: Yeah, I'll go. And I think I actually have a show to record. [02:15:44] Speaker E: Yeah, Jasper, when you get home now, I would say it's probably about like a 15. It's about 15 minutes after. So it's about 245. And there's a message waiting on your answering machine. [02:16:04] Speaker A: I'll play it. [02:16:08] Speaker E: And the voice goes, hey, it's Mike. Which body did you want me to get? Because one of them is missing their throat? Can you come here and show me? [02:16:26] Speaker A: Fuck. When was the message left? [02:16:31] Speaker E: About 30 minutes ago. [02:16:36] Speaker A: And I checked my almanac to see when the sun comes up. [02:16:41] Speaker E: You got about an hour before the sun. Your body is beginning to feel a bit heavy. But not at the point where you need to sleep. [02:16:51] Speaker A: Fuck. It's 1991. So this is a pay phone, so calling him back won't do anything? [02:16:58] Speaker E: It's a phone at the bar. [02:17:01] Speaker A: I guess I'll try that again. But I bet they won't answer. [02:17:05] Speaker E: No, they still don't answer. [02:17:07] Speaker A: Fuck. Fuck. Okay. Yeah. I run back out because I don't know what else to do. And I guess I go to the. [02:17:14] Speaker C: Club as fast as do I. So all of this happens after the rest of us have left, right? Jasper's completely alone? [02:17:28] Speaker E: Yeah, Jasper's alone. At this point, everyone's back at their havens. I was going to ask, are you going to contact the rest of your code remates before you do. [02:17:42] Speaker A: Is there anyone who. Like. Who do I know? I guess I haven't met everyone's hat, but do I know anyone who was particularly close to the club? Because I don't want to get us all sunburned. [02:17:53] Speaker E: The furthest one is. Well, and second furthest is Warren. So Soraya would be closest. But even then, there's a very good chance of getting sunburned. [02:18:10] Speaker A: I'm already taking a risk. I'm not going to get these people out of safety. Probably. I mean, it's a role playing game, so maybe I should. But I don't know. I'll call Saraya. Since he's closest. I'll say, hey, there. Probably isn't enough time. But there is another body with our. Wait, we're on the phone. Whatever. There's another body with our priest guy. I'm going back to the club by. I hang up the phone and run out the house. [02:18:46] Speaker E: You both have solarity. [02:18:49] Speaker C: I do have solarity, but I'm also, like, all the way back in my haven now. Which clearly has like, a functioning phone. [02:18:58] Speaker E: Yeah, why wouldn't they? But Randy's also there and he's kind of like, sitting waiting to hear whatever you're going to say. [02:19:11] Speaker C: I say, okay, so where's Randy? Wait, Randy's at the. [02:19:20] Speaker E: Yeah, he came back a bit early. [02:19:23] Speaker C: Okay, I say that sounds. I don't think that that's our responsibility. Then I think that only one of those is our business. I don't think it's worth the risk. Jasper. Just get home. [02:19:48] Speaker A: I mean, I have to go because they won't answer the phone and Mike doesn't even know what body it is. So I have to tell him two bodies. [02:19:56] Speaker C: Then that means somebody else can take the blame for our body. [02:20:01] Speaker E: A brutal murder and then a dead body stashed away in a bathroom. [02:20:05] Speaker A: No, we have to be less interesting. Everybody's talking about all the shit we're getting into. This is going to look like more of our shit. I put the out of order sign of that fucking door and now the premier private Jude is going to come and rip my fucking throat out. I have to get to that club. [02:20:24] Speaker C: All right, I'll say a prayer. [02:20:31] Speaker E: Um, yeah, you. You get there using your celerity and such. You now, like, 315 took about 30 minutes to get there of just you running somewhat publicly, but also not enough to freak people out. But you're like, running and people are like, oh, shit, he's pretty damn fast. Look at him. [02:20:53] Speaker A: Sorry. I get my work in my workouts in at a weird time. [02:20:57] Speaker E: Yeah, and you kind of push past the balancer, who even sees you coming up and he sees you running, kind of like he just about is out of the way. But you still push him past and you make your way up to the bathroom where Ren left the body. And you see someone stashed another body. Well, stashed. No, that's not the right way to put it. Eviscerated a body in this bathroom stall with their throat having literally looking like it was genuinely riped out. You can kind of see almost where fingers were even pressed in on the side of the neck. [02:21:49] Speaker C: Why don't. [02:21:52] Speaker A: Do I recognize the face sand's throat? [02:21:55] Speaker E: Not at all. [02:21:58] Speaker A: I go for a wallet. I try to get an identity because Kendra don't leave fingerprints. And I run my fingers. Not Warren. I'm just looking at the screen. Mike, this isn't our guy. It's the other guy. Do I get the sense that the proprietors of the club don't sleep here? [02:22:22] Speaker E: That Thornhill and Annabelle don't sleep here? [02:22:26] Speaker A: That's right. [02:22:29] Speaker E: There is a bedroom on the third floor that you guys did see during the party. [02:22:35] Speaker A: Right? And whoever let me in is probably going to tell them. Or did Mike let me in? Will they find out that I was here? If I don't deal with the other. [02:22:44] Speaker E: Body, there is a very good chance. Fuck. [02:22:50] Speaker A: This one's not mine. But I already need to sleep and they're older than me, so I guess. [02:22:58] Speaker C: It'S just going to have desecrate the other body. Oh, wait. Shit. [02:23:03] Speaker E: You're not there. [02:23:05] Speaker C: I'm sorry. I don't know. [02:23:07] Speaker A: It's going to have to be a double Decker sandwich. Bullshit. How are you intending to get this body out? Did you bring extra? [02:23:16] Speaker E: I was just. I was just planning on kind of putting him. And he kind of gestures at his, like, tarp. He kind of gestures at, like, a bit of, like, rubber tarp pick out of the stall on one side. Kind of like leading into this one. I was like. I was kind of planning on just putting them in that kind of thing of body bag suture. Kind of like zip tie it up early in the morning after the cots are gone and then putting him in the trunk of my car. [02:23:46] Speaker A: Okay, wait. Okay, stay here. I'm going to run out. I'm going to look for a supply closet. Like a janitor closet? [02:23:55] Speaker E: Yeah. Is solarity still active? [02:24:03] Speaker C: No. [02:24:04] Speaker A: I don't want to draw attention to myself. So I'm moving swiftly and confidently, but not like I'm panicked. So, like, I'm doing my job, but I'm not like, having a public freak out. I'm going to take those big janitor trash cans and every trash bag and not wheel the whole cart. Fuck it. [02:24:24] Speaker E: Can you hold on for a moment? Standard difficulty. [02:24:30] Speaker A: The non specificity of it is scary. I'm going to spend my willpower. [02:24:35] Speaker E: No willpower. [02:24:37] Speaker A: Fuck. [02:24:38] Speaker E: This is you just rolling four dice. There's no stats, no nothing. I'm just needing one success. As you're digging through now to get to these large, the 55 gallon trash bags. After you've done that good bit of digging, you hear a scream. [02:25:14] Speaker A: Coming from the bathroom. [02:25:19] Speaker E: It would only be, fuck. [02:25:23] Speaker A: Fuck. Mike. I told Mike to stay there. Mike's going to get arrested for AII can. I'm going to go and look and see. Is there a crowd around it? Is it one person? I want to see what it's looking like over there. [02:25:48] Speaker E: Sorry about that dice roll. There's a little bit of a crowd now, but there's a bouncer in front of the door now. And you see Mike successfully playing off, being a victim of sorts, who kind of went into shock and passed out front of the body. And I think with that, that's where we're going to end tonight.

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