Episode 1

October 10, 2023


S1 Ep1: Annabelle's Party

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep1: Annabelle's Party
The Chicago Chronicles: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep1: Annabelle's Party

Oct 10 2023 | 02:56:00


Show Notes

A highly anticipated party by one of the most esteemed of Chicago’s Toreador went from bad to worse this night. The guest list put quarreling siblings together, the impressive sculptures acquired by the lady of the evening were replaced with toys, and a dance meant to show talent devolved into public feeding between two kindred. Annabelle is furious, and for good reason, but her misfortune speaks to a complex series of move behind he scenes, and the Coterie has been asked by powers on high to look into matters themselves. Can they outpace the bullish shariff and find the mastermind of this sabotage? Or will the party crasher catch wise and vanish into the night? Find out next time on Vampire: The Chicago Chronicles.

Jasper Black - Anarcholoserist
Soraya Sharif - Jazzy
Wren - Jimmy
Margot Beaufont - Legacy
Warren Sawyer - GR

Storyteller - Vironz

Opening Theme: Kick It by Flint

Art Commissioned From https://www.instagram.com/killjoyforhire

Listener Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:31] Speaker A: My name is Cameron Narcoleuserist. I will be playing Jasper Black, the ambitious young Bruja revolutionary who's looking to bring some change into Chicago's nightlife. [00:00:43] Speaker B: Hi, I'm Gr. I'm going to be playing Warren Sawyer, very, very paranoid conspiracy theorist. [00:00:56] Speaker C: Hi, my name is Jazzy and I'm going to be playing Surya Sharif, the Afghan Assamite exile who is hiding a dark secret. [00:01:11] Speaker D: Hello there. My name is Jimmy and I'll be playing Ren, a gang role, a well known smuggler in the area and willing to do anything for some jobs. [00:01:24] Speaker E: And I'm legacy. I will be playing Margot, the Toriador, with a song in her heart and a story to tell. [00:01:35] Speaker F: I am virons, your storyteller for this evening. We welcome you to Chicago, the Windy City. We open at the Succubus Club, where the very in people of the city go. It is an ancient brick warehouse that looms over State Street like a brooding titan, projecting solidarity and stability to all. There are hordes of people trying to get in tonight, but it is invitation only. We start with Margot inside the club up on the third floor, hovering around the stage with Jazz play. It's very smooth, jazz and brass is seeming quite loud to her. It's definitely taking over. But Jasper, you come up to the door. As you know, tonight is invitation only. You hand over your invitation and you notice your sire is there with you, is in front of you, I should say. [00:02:36] Speaker A: I reach forward and I tap him. [00:02:38] Speaker F: On the shoulder, turns around like he's ready to reflexively ready to punch, then realizes it's you and goes like, oh, hey, they said they inviting you to oh, yeah. They're letting any old person in, apparently letting in neonates or at least their term. He hands his invitation to the bouncer and walks inside, seemingly waiting for you to follow. [00:03:12] Speaker A: I do the same. [00:03:14] Speaker F: Bouncer takes your invitation, he puts it over, he stuffs it in his coat pocket. And as you walk inside, you see that everything is shut down. Just not normal. There's no mortals. There's nothing playing on the base floor. But you hear music coming from atop and you see red velvet rope leading your way up each floor. Up until the third floor. You see a jazz band playing with a few other kindred. There. You see the city's. Prince Loden is there with a few others and they're all kind of sort into clicks. You see some of the ventruth and you notice most of the protein are here. There are nosferatu. [00:04:12] Speaker A: Look around. A little bit intimidated, sort of stick by my sire just because I don't want to violate any of the unspoken rules that might or might not get me staked. [00:04:27] Speaker F: Yeah, it's very camarilla heavy event. Your sire is also seemingly uncomfortable and kind of very close guarded at the moment. They're not as happy with where they are at the moment because it is filled with so many camarilla. [00:04:54] Speaker A: So how do you want to divide and conquer this tonight, Blackjack? [00:05:02] Speaker F: Don't know. It depends on what goes on. I heard there are some events taking place, so we'll see. Right now, I just plan on sitting, hanging out, not doing all that much. [00:05:18] Speaker A: Some events? Could I be worried. [00:05:22] Speaker F: Toriodorus? You never know. [00:05:25] Speaker A: Ain't that the truth. [00:05:29] Speaker F: You see a illustrious woman in a red dress over by the jazz stage. [00:05:39] Speaker A: She's incredibly good looking, separate from the mini clicks. [00:05:45] Speaker F: Yeah. There's not a lot of people hanging around the band stage. I mean, she's the one that is the closest as well. The others are sitting there. [00:05:57] Speaker A: I'll approach. [00:06:00] Speaker F: Margot, you see someone who's very obviously not a Toriador come up to you. [00:06:12] Speaker E: Margot is puffing away at a cigarette, and the moment that she sees somebody approach her, she lets out one more puff before tapping the ash onto the base of the ashtray and kind of crushing the leftover the cigarette. MMM. To approach. [00:06:45] Speaker A: Well, somebody has to. Beautiful place like this, no reason to stand off by the walls, as far as I'm concerned. [00:06:56] Speaker F: Oh. [00:06:59] Speaker E: Darling. The stage is where I belong. [00:07:04] Speaker A: Is it? [00:07:08] Speaker E: In a way. And who are you? [00:07:14] Speaker A: My name's Jasper Black. Perhaps you've heard about me, or perhaps. [00:07:18] Speaker F: You haven't, but you will, so mm hmm. [00:07:27] Speaker A: And yours? [00:07:31] Speaker E: Margot Buffant, sir. Pleasure to meet you, Jasper Black. [00:07:39] Speaker A: And you as well, Miss Margot Buffant. And he goes to shake her hand. [00:07:44] Speaker E: And the way that she meets his hand is very dainty, intentional softness to her fingertips as they glide on his hand before forming a proper handshake. [00:08:10] Speaker A: His handshake has all the sloppiness of a man who is too confident. [00:08:19] Speaker E: I see. You seem to be the type that likes to party. [00:08:32] Speaker A: I suppose partying is one word you could use for it, but I've been known to enjoy a good time. [00:08:40] Speaker E: Do you smoke? [00:08:43] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:08:46] Speaker E: She's going to pull out a box of Marlborough Reds 100, open them and offer him a cigarette. [00:08:53] Speaker A: He takes it for a light. I don't think he brought a lighter with him. [00:09:02] Speaker E: No need to worry. And she reaches in for a lighter, but the moment that it kind of flicks, it makes her kind of flinch back just ever so slightly. Anybody who's been around her long enough knows that even, like, the slight flitch of a lighter will come sometimes take her back a little bit. But she'll light his cigarette, relight the one that she was smoking, and get to puffing away. Probably finishing up some small talk. [00:09:48] Speaker F: Yeah. We next cut over to soraya your imitation is sort of on. It's kind of regal paper from what you've seen. And this is like the first event, the first thing we've really done in Chicago. And again, the bouncer takes your invitation from you. He stops it in his jacket, and you see the same thing. It's a red velvet rope going up the stairs onto the second floor. And then onto the third. [00:10:31] Speaker C: Right. I PROCEED up the stairs. I'm trying my best to hide the fact that I feel sort of out of place. A veiled woman in a hijab carrying prayer beads just looks rather out of place in a nightclub. And just in general, I'm visibly unclear about my standing with the camarilla. [00:11:09] Speaker F: You see some important you see a few I shouldn't say stragglers you see some people there's, like, a couple groups around this third floor, and you see some people off to the side. And again, you also see Margot and you see Jasper. Those two, you don't know them, but you see those two kindred by the stage making some small talking with each other halfing away on some cigarettes. [00:11:48] Speaker C: I don't approach, but I attempt to assess them surreptitiously from a safe distance. [00:12:07] Speaker F: Well, you see the woman is dressed very wriggly and very nice compared to the male. And you can see that she carries herself very prim and proper where he doesn't. [00:12:21] Speaker C: Do they appear to have a relationship of any kind? Do they work together? [00:12:29] Speaker F: I don't know if you'd be able to tell, actually, if you can give me a wits and empathy all right. Or expression. Let's see. [00:13:09] Speaker C: Dice roll from pool three. [00:13:16] Speaker F: Your pool should be five. For wits and empathy and difficulty. We'll say standard difficulty six. [00:13:27] Speaker C: All right. Success. [00:13:33] Speaker F: All right. You can gather that they don't really have a lot connecting them together. Jasper and Margo, do you shift somewhat awkwardly in your seats as you're talking to each other? [00:13:50] Speaker E: No. Margot is very confident. [00:13:52] Speaker A: Yeah. Jasper is too. [00:13:59] Speaker F: Yeah. So you see them both looking very confident. You would guess they're trying to make a show of themselves at the moment. [00:14:06] Speaker E: If anything, Margot might be actually more so leaning towards him. And then whenever she goes to take a drag, then that's the only time that she'll semi back away. [00:14:22] Speaker C: Then I'm interested by these two rival displays of peacocking, and I decide to approach. [00:14:35] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:14:35] Speaker F: You guys see someone of a lady of Middle Eastern descent. Do you want to maybe describe what you're wearing to this event as well? [00:14:43] Speaker C: Yes, I'm wearing a tunic with fine embroidery. I was told this would be a very different sort of party, so I'm wearing, like, a silk dress, and it looks rather out of place in a nightclub with a headscarf and very modestly covered. [00:15:11] Speaker F: Yeah. You see this Middle Eastern woman come up to you guys. Margot and Jasper. [00:15:24] Speaker A: Turn up to face her from my small talk and cigarettes and go, oh, a third person joins us. It's nice to meet you. [00:15:32] Speaker C: You as well. My name is Saraya. I'm new in town, if you couldn't tell. [00:15:40] Speaker A: Hell of a place to be new in town. [00:15:43] Speaker C: I was told this would be a different kind of party. [00:15:47] Speaker E: What kind of party would that be? [00:15:50] Speaker C: The kind with tea instead of drinks instead of alcohol. [00:15:57] Speaker E: I mean, there's Long Island iced tea. [00:16:00] Speaker C: Yeah, I don't really do that. Although I'm sure that there's more than just booze to drink on the menu tonight. [00:16:16] Speaker F: I should say this is known to be a kindred only event. [00:16:21] Speaker C: Oh, okay, then. I didn't say that. [00:16:27] Speaker A: You'd think? Though it does seem to be rather empty in here tonight, so we'll see where it takes us. [00:16:35] Speaker E: The party's just getting started. [00:16:38] Speaker F: Yeah. There's about, I would say about six other people in there as well. Some other notable figures show up, like Capone and Tamosius, who is the Toridor primagent. And Capone is very much just there to make appearances. From what all of you can gather. Now, Lauren, let me go to you. Guard has a very dark air around him as you approach him for your invitation. The energy around the club and everything feels very tense. But you are also compelled to go in. Okay. Yeah. [00:17:35] Speaker B: Not one to reject his instincts. He's going to approach the front door, although kind of weary of the guard going to let him speak first. [00:17:49] Speaker F: Invitation, please. As you see, there's groups of kind on either side of you, like clamoring to get in, but he's obviously ignoring them and focusing only on you. [00:18:09] Speaker B: As I invited to the event. [00:18:12] Speaker F: Yes. You have your A for you. It is literally just a plain piece of paper that says, you are invited to the Secublic Club Annabelle's party this time only kindred only event. [00:18:32] Speaker B: Just going to give a solemn nod, pull the folded paper from his back pocket and hand it to the boundary. [00:18:42] Speaker F: He lets you in. You follow up the stairs and again, the energy for you. It feels tense. It yeah, it feels tense. And, you know, stole the red velvet ropes going up into the third floor. There's a breast. Sorry. There is a jazz band playing. Mind you, I should say this is a very full jazz band. You see some known venture off in one corner, some tramir, you see Al Capone and you see some Toriodors scatter around the stage area in front of the jazz band. And then three people, all who look very different from each other at the front of the stage. [00:19:45] Speaker B: Okay. Can I kind of read the body language of the people or see, I can read anything off of them based on their body language. [00:19:56] Speaker F: Yeah. You see the lady in red and Jasper's character. They are definitely peacocking each other, very much trying to show displaced power. And how is Soraya acting at this point? [00:20:19] Speaker C: In contrast to the very deliberate displays of confidence from Margot and Jasper. She's trying her best to shrink and be. She's very visibly nervous. [00:20:41] Speaker F: So the Middle Eastern woman is very clammed up and compared to the other two. [00:20:56] Speaker D: Okay. [00:20:57] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:20:58] Speaker B: Warren will cautiously make his way over. He'll pretty much only make eye contact with Jasper. This is the only one he's met before. As he gets to the table, he nods to the group, and it's a short greeting. Evening, Jasper. [00:21:19] Speaker A: Evening, Warren. Are you feeling good tonight? Treating you well? [00:21:34] Speaker B: Warren is going to sort of shift his weight between his feet and look around good as I can, given the environment. Who are your friends? [00:21:57] Speaker E: Margot is going to before Jasper can answer for her, she's going to give that same little dainty hand out towards Warren Mago. It's delightfully pleasant to meet you. [00:22:26] Speaker B: He's going to pause for a second, giving the hand a bit of a cold look before he does eventually shake it. Same goes to you. [00:22:38] Speaker C: Saraya. The pleasure's all yours. She doesn't shake hands. [00:22:47] Speaker B: Warren is going to give a bit of a chuckle to that. [00:23:07] Speaker C: So, Jasper, who's your friend? Are you going to introduce us? [00:23:17] Speaker A: Of course. This year is Warren. We've known each other for a little bit, of course, but I'll let him choose what to. [00:23:37] Speaker B: I'm Warren. I've lived in Chicago for a long time. [00:23:51] Speaker F: As you guys are making your small talk, learning about each other at least a little bit. Ren you you were invited, but your invitation is sort of a backhand as a backhanded compliment. It's on a piece of paper with a few stains on it. And honestly, paper isn't really what I should be calling it. They just hastily wrote it down and just sent it your way. They needed to make a show of at least inviting some people. Yeah. When the guard sees you, he gives a round look as you walk up. [00:24:45] Speaker D: I just hand him what I basically sorry. Stained him much. There's most likely some more stains on it. And I just hand it to him, just like yeah. [00:25:00] Speaker F: He sort of folds it very gingerly, touching it, might you? And he actually tucks it into a different pocket from all the rest. [00:25:14] Speaker D: Yeah, I kind of figured, all right, okay, I'm just going to go in and I'm just going to walk in basically past him after handing him the invitation. [00:25:35] Speaker F: You walk up at this point when you get to the third floor, you actually start getting uncomfortable yourself. You see some prominent tramir from the area, and you see the Prince. You see a lot of his childers. You see Capone. You see Brennan Thornhill and a few others. A lot of these people have very much outspoken against the Gangrel clan, but except that you were needed in some cases. [00:26:12] Speaker D: Yeah, I kind of figured just stuff I do for them and yet still get no respect. That's always the case. [00:26:26] Speaker F: It feels like with all the clicks spread around the third floor, around this lounge, there is one group of people that really does stand out the most, though, and that is the group of people that we've been focusing on so far. You see a lady in red. You see a Middle Eastern woman. You see what appears to be someone of well, how would you describe your character? [00:26:56] Speaker E: Cameron? [00:26:59] Speaker A: He's certainly a black man. I don't think you get into it a ton more clues of that. He's American. [00:27:08] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:27:10] Speaker A: Open buttons. Well, maybe the top few are undone where maybe they shouldn't be. [00:27:19] Speaker F: Yeah. Someone who's very much not into fashion. And then you see someone with an eye patch as well. [00:27:31] Speaker D: Well, might as well go over to the over there because there's no one else who's going to talk to me, really. Just try to strike up conversation and just head on over. [00:27:53] Speaker F: So you see someone. Well, again, Jimmy, why don't you describe your character as well? [00:27:59] Speaker D: Okay, so Ren is a slim, tallish person. He is. And they are they are they they definitely because of the invite, I definitely am not dressed for this event at all. I'm most likely just in, like, a ratty T shirt, some my best dress pants, which are most likely ripped in some places, and have my nice long hair with some of it with a little bit of undercut and that's what I look like. But I'm very misleading on terms of how strong I look. [00:29:06] Speaker F: So, yeah, you see this person who is very much dressed against the establishment in a sense. As much as they do look like they were trying, it's still not as fancy as what probably was intended for this party to look like. They are definitely here to just they look like they were just invited for appearance wise and weren't fully expected to show up, but they did. Yeah. So, yes, stress locked up, and I should say the jazz band has now switched over to kind of a different song, and the bass is kind of taking over from where you guys are sitting at the moment. So you do need to speak sort of louder as well for it. [00:30:10] Speaker D: So as I'm approaching, I'm more on the lines of just going to be staying on the outskirts until they ask who I am, basically until yeah, Gasparo. [00:30:30] Speaker A: Take note of them and turn as the band starts playing loudly. So, like, finishes up the end of some anecdote or sentence a little too loud and then turns and sort of waves the new person over. Well, hey, if you're going to stand there and listen to us, you might as well jump into the conversation. [00:30:50] Speaker D: All right, fair enough. And I will walk on over and sit down next to and might ask who you guys are. It's kind of first time being here, really. [00:31:14] Speaker E: Well, I introduced myself first last time. I think one of you two can pick up the slack next and she'll take another drag of her cigarette. [00:31:23] Speaker C: Fine. I'm soraya I don't love being eavesdropped on, but I acknowledge that that's what these parties are for. [00:31:35] Speaker D: Sorry, didn't catch that. Sriracha. [00:31:39] Speaker C: Close enough. [00:31:43] Speaker D: Okay, it's nice to meet you. Then I look over to who I'm. [00:31:56] Speaker F: Sitting next to, which would probably be Jasper at this moment. [00:32:01] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:32:02] Speaker A: And I am Jasper Black. It's a pleasure to meet you as well. [00:32:09] Speaker D: Okay. It's nice to meet you as well. And I will reach out for a handshake. It's returned a little bit strong on the handshake, by the way. Very firm. Deceptive. Yep. Then look over at eyepatch guy. [00:32:36] Speaker B: Warren. No handshake. [00:32:45] Speaker D: I was about to reach out, and I pull back. Okay, that's fine. And you miss. [00:32:53] Speaker E: Now, before she makes her introduction, how clean is Ren? Is he showered, or does he have, like, dirt on his face? [00:33:05] Speaker A: Savage. [00:33:06] Speaker D: Um, kia's. I mean, they are. [00:33:14] Speaker E: They'Re they're clean. [00:33:16] Speaker D: It's just their hands. They're very much like their hands and stuff like that. As they're clean, it's just more on the lines of, like, their hair and some of their you could tell they did not mess with the head up. Basically, they just like, I don't care how it appears. [00:33:35] Speaker E: Got it. So their hands are clean, but the rest of them is up for debate. [00:33:45] Speaker D: Yes. [00:33:50] Speaker E: Margot is going to pointedly look at the hands and then kind of like her, her eyes will go from the hands where she'll smile, and then the moment that she sees the rest of you, that smile will kind of falter mago, darling. And unlike the other three, when she goes to hold out your hand, she'll allow the tip of her fingers to kind of touch you to give you a very gentle shake before pulling away. [00:34:29] Speaker D: Yeah. I nod respectfully. So it's nice to meet you. I am Ren. And nice to meet you. It's nice to meet you four. [00:34:52] Speaker C: So do neonates usually get invited to parties like this in Chicago? [00:35:05] Speaker E: Well, I mean, this is one of the most respected Toridors nightclubs. She's open to, inviting many people to her parties. [00:35:22] Speaker A: I can't speak for any of you, but they'll let me in just about anywhere. [00:35:30] Speaker C: Well, I see. But we do seem to be part of an exclusive audience. Have we been called for a particular purpose? Does anyone know? [00:35:45] Speaker D: I know I haven't been called for a job anytime soon, so no idea. [00:35:54] Speaker E: And I have open access to this place whenever I want. [00:36:01] Speaker F: So. [00:36:05] Speaker C: Questioning as to I would imagine you do, but it seems like this place is committed to a private event. [00:36:17] Speaker E: Of course, like I said, she is one for throwing gatherings for no specific reason. It's kind of like an Elysium, but a little different, so don't go breaking glass or anything. Respect the place. And again, she kind of glances towards Ren before looking back. No offense. [00:37:04] Speaker D: Honestly, honestly not taken. I wasn't like I was planning on doing that. [00:37:17] Speaker E: Wonderful. Wonderful. Pick up the devil. I wonder where she ran off to. [00:37:30] Speaker F: The music actually slowly shifts into something more of like a grand entrance kind of noise as Animal comes up the stairs in a very sparkly purple dress that drapes down and follows her just a slight bit, leaving a cut of one of her legs. She goes ah, welcome all to my party. Not everyone is here yet, but this is as good enough as we're gonna get for now. Most of you are already here. We're only missing, I don't know, a few stragglers. I would like to thank Prince Lodan for coming and joining us today. I know you have such a busy schedule nowadays. Now we have some events planned for tonight but we will have to wait just a little bit longer just to make sure that they are all ready. And then she walks off with a slight flourish and walks over to the Prince and starts smooshing schmoosing, I can pronounce it. She's going to start talking with Prince Logan and basically doing her political rounds. Now you see one of the late entries come up behind her which everyone stares at. They kind of start to murmur a little bit and you see someone else follow up behind and these two just start getting into it with each other and they start bickering and yelling while all the other clicks are kind of staring and murmuring. As this is happening, you see Annabelle stand up quickly walk over to them. Now, those of you who have been Chicago for a while if you want to make a intelligence and politics check that would be good for me. I will tell you who these two people are. [00:39:39] Speaker D: I would love to. [00:39:41] Speaker A: Difficulty six. [00:39:43] Speaker F: Yes, I will give you difficulty six. [00:39:49] Speaker D: Let's see OOH. [00:39:56] Speaker A: Three successes. [00:39:59] Speaker D: One success. [00:40:01] Speaker F: One success. So everyone who did roll, which is everyone except for soraya you know that these two people who are starting to bicker with each other are the two pains. They are the childers of Annabelle herself and they are known to hate and despise each other. And normally Annabelle goes to great lengths to prevent scenes like this coming up her parties, so she only invites one. But this time though, Pierce, she might have slipped up. [00:40:48] Speaker A: Oh, this is quite the show. [00:40:52] Speaker E: Oh, it'll only get more interesting. [00:40:56] Speaker D: Oh yeah, it's going to get rowdier than some gatherings I've been to. [00:41:09] Speaker F: They eventually split up. Mind you, this is only for a couple of minutes as they're kind of stalking each other around the room, keeping their distance until one comes close to the stage around where you guys are and then the other one just sort of speedily walks up. Not using celerity or anything, my dear, they are just quickly walking up and they just start bickering and pushing each other out of the way. And then Annabelle comes over, she looks extremely embarrassed and upset and then she tries to bring them both over to one side of the room. [00:41:52] Speaker A: Do we get a sense of whatever it is or if they are fighting about anything particular tonight? [00:42:00] Speaker F: They were not fighting about anything in particular tonight. They're more taking dominance of who should be here while the other one shouldn't be here and they're kind of going around in circles about that and they were trying to stick to certain clicks. And then it was only a couple of minutes, they sort of went to one click and the other went to the other. And then one swiftly moved up to the stage to enjoy the music, as Sharon Payne is known to do. And then Michael kind of came up and people started arguing like, no, I wanted to be here first. No, I wanted to be here first. They're very petty children. [00:42:47] Speaker A: Since Annabelle is looking kind of stressed, I want to try and maybe calm them down a little bit or work out a solution to maybe catch her eye somehow. Hey, it's all right. It's all right. Hey, there's enough room for all of us up here. [00:43:03] Speaker F: Why don't no, I am Annabelle's favorite. No, I'm Annabelle's favorite. They're both going and Annabelle's like, no, you're both my favorites. I love both of you equally. Trust me, I really do. Is there any way that you could both be here at the same time? No, he has to leave. No, she has to leave. [00:43:26] Speaker E: Now. Now, for the sake of your sire, don't you think it's best if you two just get along or keep your distance? [00:43:40] Speaker F: No, I can't stand him being here. I'm supposed to be here. I got my invitation first. He goes like, no, I got mine first. I got mine this day, this time, where she goes like, no, I got mine as that day and that time. And they're the exact same day as well. Mind you, it's not like they were very much are being children. [00:44:02] Speaker A: I want to sort of extend an arm to whichever one is closest to me and say, well, hey, it looks like this going here. What if we come over here and you tell me all about what I'm sure your broodmate here has done to you trying to separate the two of them? [00:44:19] Speaker F: And Sharon shrugs off your arm and goes like, no, he has to leave. Otherwise I am just gonna go out and go, I don't know, I gotta ruin whatever gonna ruin his next like, but if you do that to me, then I will ruin the rest of your nights. And I just kind of amp up in that circle again. [00:44:50] Speaker C: I attempt to intervene and say, you are embarrassing yourselves. This is unbefitting of Annabelle's disciples not knowing really who Annabelle is. You are scrapping like children. Is this really what you want to display of Annabelle's descendants of those who have taken Annabelle's blood. [00:45:25] Speaker F: And then Annabelle herself? She's still there, mind you. [00:45:30] Speaker C: Yeah, I don't know who she is. I'm just trying to. [00:45:35] Speaker F: You two are absolutely embarrassing me. So either you need to make up or just leave, because I can't do this today. Today is far more important. And then both of the pains go like, but I was supposed to be here, this was my turn. As they both say to each other, she goes like, well, it was actually neither of your turns. I was wanting to have you yeah, I was wanting you both here to smooth over your turbulent relationship. Always. She kind of, like, leans into them, always ruining my reputation. And then she kind of leans back out. So please, if you cannot conduct yourselves with decorum, just leave. [00:46:42] Speaker E: But Annabelle. [00:46:45] Speaker F: Just leave if you cannot make this work for just 1 minute only if a kindred could look like they have a red face are embarrassed and red around the cheeks. Embarrassment they both would be. And Michael is the first one to stalk out first, where Sharon is looking very pleased with herself. And then Annabelle. After a couple minutes, Annabelle walks over to Sharon, whispers in her ear. Sharon now looks shaken herself as well, even more so than before. And then, kind of slinks out of the lounge. [00:47:50] Speaker A: Is Annabelle stolen earshot of us. [00:47:54] Speaker F: If you want to make yourself known enough, sure, why not? [00:47:58] Speaker A: No. I was going to speak to the rest of the table, but I didn't want to catch her ire. [00:48:04] Speaker F: You would gather. Maybe she's not paying attention to you right now as she is with a different group of people, but you never know with older kindred and people at these kinds of events. [00:48:19] Speaker A: Anyway, what a fucking pair those two are. [00:48:25] Speaker E: Me. [00:48:26] Speaker C: Embarrassing. [00:48:31] Speaker E: You get used to it, though. That's why we tend to keep them separated. Yeah. [00:48:37] Speaker A: You said you stay around here all the time. Is this an every night ordeal, or do they just steer clear of the place? Mostly. [00:48:46] Speaker E: Well, I'm not going to lie. We tend to keep them as separated as possible. If we let them get too close. Things you'd think that they knew each other in a past life, but how often they argued, becca it's quite embarrassing. [00:49:09] Speaker C: We were all young. I mean, we still are technically. [00:49:16] Speaker E: But. [00:49:16] Speaker C: They'Ll grow up, I'm sure. [00:49:19] Speaker E: Hopefully. Well, we shall see. They've been at each other's necks since I came to the city, and that was a long time ago. [00:49:40] Speaker D: I agree on that. End jobs for them before, and they were still always so rowdy. [00:49:52] Speaker A: Oh, you've worked with them? [00:49:55] Speaker D: Not personally, just hearsay. [00:50:06] Speaker F: As the song finishes up on stage, annabelle makes her way up and she takes a microphone that was sitting at the center of the stage that one of the trumpets was playing into. And she picks it up and goes, well and she does a with fake breathe in and breathes out now that everybody that is supposed to be here is here. Thank you for being here. I am so excited and pleased that you are all here. And we even have a newcomer to the city. And she gestures to soraya goes like, stand up, young girl. We are so happy to have you here. [00:51:00] Speaker C: I stand up and give a slight bow and I say, I suppose I'm. Happy to be here. Thank you, madam. [00:51:11] Speaker F: She cuts you off at that point and I was like, yes. And I'm just so excited to be having so many wonderful people on display, like one of my own progeny, Sophia. And you see one of the people who was kind of like sitting alone, be dressed very nicely, walks up to the stage and they start sort of clearing out some chairs and you actually see the doorman as well, help clear some space. And the music starts to change to something. If we want to give it some reference, think of it as a waltz or something similar to Diamond Dogs by David Bowie. It's very much a waltz. Starts playing as the doorman basically tears off some clothes and it shows that he's wearing some dance garf underneath. Now, Sophia walks up to the stage and goes, well, she starts saying, Before I get started, folks, I'd just like to say, well, most of you know me, and I'm sure a lot of you think you know what you're going to see. Well, this is different, very different. Far as I know, it's never been done before and it's just for Annabelle, so oh, yeah, and friend's gonna help me out. And she gestures to him, she walks down and as the band fully ramps up sorry, by the way, I should say the actual song is We Are the Dead from the Diamond Dogs by David Bowie. And it is waltz and they start dancing and it is this waltz that goes into a tango of sorts and it becomes very aggressive, it's very gentle waltz at first and then slowly fades into a tango as the band changes it to a different song. And they start pulling at each other. Sophia and the doorman Brett start tearing at each other's dancing clothes, these drip foley. And then you see everyone is looking a lot of the clicks around the lounge, if you were to look at them, they all look very shocked. We're like, this is very strange and unusual. Then as they get to the climax of their tango together, sophia bites into Bret's neck and blood starts leaking down. She begins to feed off him and he responds in turn by grabbing her wrist and doing the same. And everyone you hear an audible gasp from some people, and this is very considered to be a very sensual act among others, among kindred society. And they are just becoming covered in streams of others blood, of each other's blood. And people are murmuring. Annabelle's horrified and she's embarrassed and she signals to the band cut. And then she uses her solarity and just grabs both of them and ushers them off. And the band is looking at each other in confusion and disarray and everyone is murmuring and talking and gossiping. [00:55:20] Speaker A: You're to room, you two. My God. [00:55:28] Speaker F: I just what the. [00:55:34] Speaker E: Margot seems completely unfazed by this. [00:55:41] Speaker C: Saria wordlessly. [00:55:43] Speaker F: Averts her gaze and you see Sophia come out of another room or not Sophia. You see Annabelle come out of another room clutching a rug of sorts, puts it open, blood. And you see Bret and Sophia looking ashamed, embarrassed, clutching some other clothing around themselves. They look like bathrobes almost as they run over and grab their clothes and then run back. And Annabelle walks up onto the stage. I am so sorry. I was not told what was going to happen. I am so sorry for that display of indecency and just uncoofus. And she looks at Lodan. I will be dealing with him personally. I am so, so sorry. [00:56:56] Speaker E: No. Her child do take War and Peace at two very different extremes. And Margot's just going to roll her eyes and just take another drag of her cigarette and fringe at her own comment. [00:57:18] Speaker F: Yeah. As much as Anbel would have heard that. After you do say that, she does kind of walk up to you and go, like, can you do your thing and go on stage? Just do a live thing for me really quick. [00:57:36] Speaker E: Yes, of course. [00:57:39] Speaker F: And she actually walks up with you and she'll grab a microphone again and take an instrument away. Whatever instrument you play out of the hands of one of the band members and it gives it to you. It's like, here is an actual display of some true artistic genius from musical genres and such. And she'll kind of the microphone in the correct place for you. Or if you don't want to play this right as your no, no for. [00:58:19] Speaker E: Annabelle, she is willing to distract the audience. [00:58:24] Speaker F: You can do singing if you would like. [00:58:26] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:58:28] Speaker F: And I'll have you roll a charisma performance. All right. We'll say difficulty for this moment because it's just a very light distraction to kind of regain. [00:58:45] Speaker E: Yeah. I have a singing specialty in performance, too, so that's cool. [00:59:16] Speaker F: What would be a piece, if you can think of one off the top of your head, what is a piece that you would start singing that the band behind you could back up? [00:59:28] Speaker E: She is going to be taking it down to kind of like mellow out the mood. She'll sing. Dream a little dream of me. [00:59:45] Speaker F: The band starts following your lead through that song as Annabelle basically makes sure that the rest of the blood on the stage is covered. [00:59:58] Speaker E: I also have the enchanting voice. Mert. [01:00:02] Speaker D: All right. [01:00:04] Speaker F: And everyone is just enraptured by your voice. They want almost everyone in the room, except for a select few, are paying attention directly to you. [01:00:23] Speaker E: And it's very, very slowed down to kind of give Annabelle a little bit more time to take care of whatever she needs to take care of with whatever atrocity just happened on that stage moments ago. [01:00:43] Speaker F: Yeah. You see her and Bret and Sophie kind of off in the corner as she's visibly scolding them in a hushed voice, making very threatening gestures to both of them. And then she calmly walks over as she's and the other two kind of exit through a different door and leave and are no longer a part of the party. She walks over to a annabelle walks over to a covered what you could assume possibly is a statue of some sort, but it is covered, so you have no idea what it actually is. She kind of gives a cue to you of going like lead out and over to me. [01:01:41] Speaker E: And as the song kind of draws to an end, she's going to make her way to Annabelle and just hand her the microphone after that absolute last beat of the song and she'll make her way gracefully off the stage. [01:01:58] Speaker F: And as you two very illustrious, beautiful women are next to each other, everyone is still paying attention to you. She does look a little bit upset about that, but now that she has the microphone, she goes ahead. Now we have a special art piece made by it was made by this very beautiful, amazing painter and sculptor. And she pulls off the she pulls off the COVID and she's still explaining about this piece and people have walked up and are looking confused because the description is not lining up. She's like this statue of some important person. I will leave that up to your imagination. Is the most beautiful and amazing piece I have ever seen. But what you see is a sculpture of a train and some tracks around it. It's very contemporary, very modern, artificial. If I can have you roll a perception and perception science or technology? All of you. [01:03:42] Speaker E: I assume standard difficulty. [01:03:45] Speaker F: Yes, sorry, difficulty seven. [01:03:49] Speaker C: I have the keen eyed bonus. [01:03:53] Speaker F: Does that add if you can write that down into the specialty. Okay. [01:04:02] Speaker A: Oh, I actually got two successes, four success. [01:04:13] Speaker F: Roll. [01:04:15] Speaker C: So what would my pool be? Sorry? [01:04:17] Speaker F: It is perception and science. Yours is just your perception and yours is going to be a higher difficulty, for you do not have science or technology. [01:04:28] Speaker C: Okay? [01:04:30] Speaker F: So for you, your pool is four, difficulty eight. [01:04:37] Speaker E: I'm very excited for this for this pool. Let's go. [01:04:47] Speaker F: Very nice with Margo's. One dice, roll to ten. I now everyone who got a single success, which is just Margot, and. [01:05:09] Speaker E: Obviously. [01:05:10] Speaker F: You understand that this is supposed to. [01:05:12] Speaker D: Be. [01:05:17] Speaker F: You understand that it's a train and this is 100% not what she's describing at all and has literally no connection. You can kind of see that on the placard it says Locomotive something something. Now for Ren and Warren. And Jasper. You all see that? It says Excelsior Locomotive Works. And do any of you point this out? Randez, wait, what do you and she'll turn around and look at it and she'll gasp. She'll kind of go like woman and you see one of the people who was hanging around loden kind of look pleased with himself and scuttles away and leaves the room entirely and she'll kind of swiftly throw the COVID back on. Go, like, so sorry. Let's go to our next event. And she'll walk up to where the band is and they've all stopped playing. They look confused. And she'll go like she'll gesture for all of them to just get the fuck off this off the stage. And she'll kind of sit sorry. She'll open the piano bench and take out a binder. She'll open it up and put it on the piano. She'll close the piano bench, sit on it. Now, this one this one is from a mortal protege of mine. He has specifically made this piece just for me. And it is just absolutely beautiful. Anyway, here we go. She just looks very angry and frustrated and everyone can tell that it is a very thin facade of calm. She starts playing and it is a very strange, almost dissonant piece. Tasmosius, the Toriodor primogen, sits up from where he has been sitting the entirety party. He stands up and walks over to the piano, looks lightly confused, and then everyone is listening to Annabelle play. It is strange. It's not what you would expect. And he'll his eyebrows furrow as she finishes up and she'll start gushing more and more about the sport of protege of her because he's just absolutely stunning and beautiful. And this music piece is absolutely amazing and just oh, so wonderful. And you see Taswazius kind of walk around from the side of the piano and sit on bench. And she'll stand up and out of his way. He'll scoot into the center. He'll take the binder and flip it upside down and you actually start hearing Beethoven. And at this moment, Annabelle flies into absolute rage. She just launches herself at him and goes through the piano. [01:09:28] Speaker A: Oh, my God. [01:09:29] Speaker D: Oh, shit. [01:09:30] Speaker E: Oh, no. [01:09:32] Speaker F: And to everyone you can tell she's in a frenzy. [01:09:41] Speaker D: Oh, shit. [01:09:45] Speaker C: Golly. [01:09:48] Speaker F: What do you all do? She is going through for the throat. She's attacking him. [01:10:00] Speaker D: I am. [01:10:05] Speaker A: I'm going to make eyes at my sire and see if he could give me any eyebrow based guidance. [01:10:12] Speaker F: He shrugs his shoulders at you and just hmm. Your choice. You can gather he's very okay with letting them die. Both of them die. They're both camera shits. [01:10:24] Speaker A: Fair enough. [01:10:26] Speaker C: I look to Margot to see her reaction. [01:10:33] Speaker E: Margot is in complete shock. And as much as she wants to go down and help Annabelle's old Margot is not that old and would probably know better than to try to get in the way of old lest she lose her head. [01:11:12] Speaker C: I smile bemusably if slightly perturbed by this turn of events. [01:11:27] Speaker A: Is there anyone besides the person who got up and walked out that seems satisfied or bemused except for us? Or am I sire about the clearly intentional ruining of Annabelle's night? [01:11:41] Speaker F: No one's looking amused. They're all now worried. And you can see Prince Lodan actually kind of walking up ever so slightly gingerly wanting to let her somewhat finish what she was doing, but also going like, you can't kill him. So he'll actually kind of as he's gentrily walking up, he swiftly gets his arms under her and pulls her back into him. [01:12:04] Speaker D: At the same time. I was going to go ahead and start. I might have tried to rush on over and try to help break it. Simple. [01:12:13] Speaker F: Totally fine. [01:12:15] Speaker D: I'm going to do that. [01:12:17] Speaker F: Yeah. You kind of run up at the same time as Lodan grabs her and you sort of push her into him and put yourself between her and Tasmosius. Lodan is now escorting Annabelle outside of the room, and you see Nikolai the Tramir Promjen following behind as well. Now a lot of people are murmuring, and you hear going like, I think fucking Blackjack did it. And go like, yeah, him and that Gangar. I can't believe he even it's so weird that he tried to protect Hasmosius. That's so weird. It was him and Gangrel, and I know they have to be involved. And you hear things like that all around the whole room. And Jasper, your sire, comes up too, and he actually kind of looks he points at Warren and beckons you closer to him. [01:13:26] Speaker A: Yeah, I walk over to him. I make sure Warren follows. [01:13:34] Speaker B: Warren looks a little taken aback, but he does comply. [01:13:40] Speaker F: Warren, I am sorry for dragging you into this. I need you, both of you, to figure out what happened, what's going on? I didn't plan this, but something's going on. [01:13:55] Speaker A: I saw a guy bouncing after the train got revealed. I don't know if he knows anything, but that seems suspicious. [01:14:04] Speaker F: Yeah, drummond, the train baron. Maybe just figure out what's going on. [01:14:13] Speaker A: Okay, got it. [01:14:16] Speaker F: Maybe get that other person you guys were talking to in as well. [01:14:21] Speaker A: Yeah, I think one of them is, like, in good with Annabelle or something, so she'll probably want to help us with this anyway. [01:14:29] Speaker F: No, not no, not her. You can't trust her. She works for Annabelle. You can't trust her. [01:14:37] Speaker B: What door you door can you trust? [01:14:41] Speaker A: I mean, she's got a stake in this, at least until we can find who it was. [01:14:48] Speaker F: Maybe I don't know, and just figure it out. [01:14:52] Speaker A: Figure it out. [01:14:53] Speaker F: He'll walk away and he's going to look angry and frustrated, and he leaves and he slams the door to the lounge that everybody's in, and you hear one of the hinges ever so slightly come out of the wall as he did that. Yeah. [01:15:12] Speaker A: I'll walk back to the table, deliberate for a second, and start, perhaps incorrectly, with furaiya. Hey, new girl. Do you want to help make a name for yourself? [01:15:25] Speaker C: Absolutely. [01:15:28] Speaker A: Excellent. We're going to go and find whoever did this because clearly everybody's mad about it, and it's putting my sire's name in some people's mouths. [01:15:40] Speaker F: And he was not involved, of course. [01:15:43] Speaker C: And I am now a loyal member of the camarilla. There's nothing suspicious about me or my Asimite heritage? [01:15:55] Speaker F: No, sir. [01:15:56] Speaker D: Insight check. [01:16:03] Speaker F: For those that are investigating at the moment, which would be Jasper and at the moment. Soraya, Warren, are you looking around for things as well? [01:16:17] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm going to go and start looking around at things because I'm near the stage and everything after booking. [01:16:24] Speaker F: Yeah. For everyone who's investigating. Can I have you roll Perception and alertness? Or Perception investigation? Perception and alertness or investigation. [01:16:39] Speaker D: Whichever is does this involve any noises at all because of my specialty? For. [01:16:50] Speaker F: Difficulty. Difficulty eight. [01:16:55] Speaker A: One success. [01:16:58] Speaker F: As you guys are currently rolling your stuff at the moment. Go to Margot while I wait on the other two. Margot, the woman you work for, just attacked her sire because of some musical thing and he get this sense, this feeling that something about the music is important. You feel a beckoning towards it. [01:17:44] Speaker E: I'm going to follow the music. My concern for my boss, I put in quotation marks. I need to see what is causing her such distress. [01:18:13] Speaker F: All right, for the other four, those of you who rolled four successes, which is everybody but Jasper Sad, which is kind of nuts, mind you, you guys kind of pick up on the invitations. All of them are kind of looking different. But you see one address to Sharon Payne, one of the Payne siblings that made a scene earlier in the night, earlier in the party, I should say. It's printed on slightly different paper. And Margot, you actually notice as well, compared to the other in the binder, compared to the rest of the sheet music in there, the piece that Tasmosius and Annabelle played is actually of different quality as well. Both of the things I mentioned are of better quality than the rest. Um, now, those of you who have computers as a knowledge that they know. [01:19:47] Speaker E: I do. [01:19:51] Speaker F: If anyone wants to possibly enlist help from someone else around the room, because there are a few stragglers around the room. One person is looking ever so slightly confused and is kind of like thumbing. This kind of the strangely shaped, not normal sized book of sorts. I mean, it's thin, but it doesn't look like what might be. It's not the standard size, I should say. And this guy's just kind of like thumbing it nervously. Margot, if you can roll me a perception computer. [01:20:32] Speaker E: Okay. [01:20:32] Speaker F: And anyone else who has computers as well. Perception and computer. This is going to be difficulty seven. It. [01:20:53] Speaker E: One success. [01:20:59] Speaker F: It kind of get the idea that this paper associated is different from the rest. You kind of gather it's from a pretty impressive PC, someone's actual computer. It's pretty impressive, which during the time period that it being having a personal computer is an impressive feat on its own, as this is 1991. [01:21:34] Speaker E: Hmm. [01:21:38] Speaker F: Anyone who takes notice to the individual thumbing that strange shaped book, can you have me roll perception Investigation? Difficulty six standard difficulty. [01:21:56] Speaker A: You got. [01:21:59] Speaker F: It. And if you do not have investigation and still want to roll, I will also accept politics. [01:22:08] Speaker A: I rolled too fast. [01:22:11] Speaker F: If your politics is better, then, yes, you can roll that. [01:22:14] Speaker C: If I have investigation and politics, can I? [01:22:17] Speaker F: Which is higher? [01:22:19] Speaker C: They are equal. [01:22:22] Speaker F: I will allow it to be your choice of which one you want to roll. I do want you to tell me, though. [01:22:29] Speaker C: You do or don't. [01:22:32] Speaker F: You can choose which one, whether it's investigation or politics, and I will tell you information based on the circle difficulty. [01:22:40] Speaker D: Seven, right? [01:22:42] Speaker F: Seven. [01:22:43] Speaker C: All right. [01:22:47] Speaker A: I rolled before you said politics. Can I just roll three more dice? Since that's what my politics would add? [01:22:53] Speaker F: Yes, you can. [01:23:00] Speaker C: So I'm rolling for politics. [01:23:02] Speaker F: Okay. You guys recognize that this is anyone who rolled politics. This is Bobby Weatherbottom. He's known for being kind of the tech head of the people that he runs around with his cuttery. And for those of you who actually rolled investigation as well, you see that this guy is thumbing a little like apple MacBook. Margo, you can also roll this as well, if you would like. Yeah, get the same information. [01:23:54] Speaker E: Okay. [01:23:57] Speaker F: If you would like. It is your choice. Or you can as a group, you guys can talk to her about it if you so choose. [01:24:07] Speaker E: You said it was a perception. Perception. [01:24:10] Speaker F: Investigation or politics? [01:24:24] Speaker E: Another one. [01:24:27] Speaker F: So, yes, you understand this is Bobby Weatherbottom, the computer guy of his own codery. [01:24:33] Speaker E: Am I able to kind of put two and two together that this personal computer might belong to him? [01:24:42] Speaker F: That or that he might know something about what kindred in the city might have a personal computer? Who would like to go talk to him? [01:25:03] Speaker A: You go. [01:25:05] Speaker D: Yeah, I'll go ahead and go talk to him. Just because. [01:25:10] Speaker F: Would anyone else like to go talk to him? [01:25:13] Speaker C: Sure. I see. [01:25:15] Speaker F: This could be done as a group or everybody in toll. It is 100% your choice. [01:25:22] Speaker A: I think we all mob the guy. [01:25:29] Speaker F: So you guys, Jasper and Warren, you see Margot also approaching, as you are, as well as you four are approaching. You see Margot approaching as well. And she are you holding the invitations in the sheet music? Not separately, I should say. The group of four holding the invitations. Margot holding the sheet music? Yeah. You see her holding the sheet music, and you he kind of, like, looks up at you guys and goes, like, oh, hi. [01:26:12] Speaker D: Yes, hello. [01:26:17] Speaker F: What can I help you with? [01:26:24] Speaker A: You're a computer guy, right? [01:26:27] Speaker F: Yeah. How can I help you? [01:26:34] Speaker D: We would just like to know do you happen to know anyone who might have, I don't know, a MacBook at all to. [01:26:45] Speaker F: You know. [01:26:55] Speaker C: Do we know the stuff that Margo discovered about the paper quality or not? [01:27:04] Speaker F: You guys don't, but you understand, like, you do see that the paper quality on yours is different. She knows that it might have come from a computer. [01:27:12] Speaker C: Okay. [01:27:20] Speaker E: Darling, we have some we have some questions about where specific materials might have come from. She'll kind of plop the sheet music on the is he, like, at a table? [01:27:43] Speaker F: There's a table next to him. It's about, like, a foot or two away from him. He's not sitting at it, and he's just kind of here because he kind of has to be, but, you know and he'll kind of, like, shuffle over a little bit and pick it up. And he's, like, deliberately kind of, like, not talking at the moment. He thumbs through and he thumbs between the Beethoven pages and the rest of the other ones. [01:28:14] Speaker E: Looks like it might have been printed on a personal computer. [01:28:21] Speaker F: Yeah, that's really obvious. It looks like it's probably from a Mac. He kind of, like, pulls it closer to him, goes, like, by Encore. Who has that much money? [01:28:44] Speaker E: Someone who wants to. [01:28:47] Speaker F: And Encore. Do you want to know what that is? He's looking concerned and stressed out that you're here. [01:29:00] Speaker E: Would I be able to maybe recall if I know what Encore is? [01:29:06] Speaker F: As someone who does music? Yes. I will let you roll. Oh. What would work? Intelligence performance. Okay. Which is really I will accept your specialty, stringently. [01:29:26] Speaker E: Okay. [01:29:28] Speaker F: It's very strange to be a, say, intelligence performance, you know. [01:29:34] Speaker E: Standard difficulty. [01:29:37] Speaker F: Yes. [01:29:38] Speaker E: Okay. [01:29:52] Speaker F: It is a pricey piece of software. It's typically used as, like, a music processor and Midi interfacing program. So you kind of take whatever instrument you're working in on to just write out notes. So for you, it's probably, like, this piano that you have in your Haven, and it just links up to this program, and it transcribes it, and you can now kind of recognize, like, oh, yeah, I think I saw that watermark on the cheat music too. But it's very faint on the corner. So you can understand why you missed it. [01:30:27] Speaker E: Yeah. Encore. That's what a lot of people use to kind of process music. I personally use it just to get recordings of backtracks and whatnot it helps with the CD that I'm coming out with soon. May I ask why that might I mean, obviously, it's important detail, but is there a way to maybe get an understanding of where that might have been printed from? [01:31:13] Speaker F: That would take months. Well, it would take weeks to figure out which computer printed it and then where they printed it from. The whole process would end up taking months. It's not feasible. [01:31:40] Speaker A: Who's using this sort of things? If they're in here, then you should know them. [01:31:45] Speaker F: Right. [01:31:46] Speaker A: It's your expertise. Trying to, like, brow beat the guy into just telling us everyone who owns a computer. I guess. [01:31:57] Speaker F: He'Ll kind of look at you and be like, I don't know. Could be any of the cremature or people who hold rank at Elysium. [01:32:09] Speaker E: I mean, hell. [01:32:10] Speaker F: Big list. [01:32:11] Speaker E: It's also a computer that doesn't necessarily mean that it was a kindred that printed it out. [01:32:19] Speaker C: Who else would it be? [01:32:21] Speaker E: Somebody's retainer? [01:32:28] Speaker A: Anyone been coming to you for tech support lately? [01:32:34] Speaker F: I mean, I can't really think of anyone specifically. Kind of everyone comes to me, even the people I don't want to, which is also everybody, but also the people I don't especially want. [01:32:53] Speaker A: Who might that be? [01:32:56] Speaker F: He'll kind of look at the shadows around the room and he'll kind of whisper, I don't want the Nos. Yeah. And he'll kind of look up at you guys and go like, can you guys just I'll try to think of anyone who in the court who has access to this. Why don't you guys leave me alone? And he'll look nervous and kind of like try to shelter himself off again. And he's actually going to start examining each thing of each note and staff line of the music sheet to try and determine what kind of printer. [01:33:57] Speaker A: Well, hmm, that does raise an interesting question. None of the Nosferatu appear to have been invited tonight. Other people that Annabelle might call undesirable have been. Perhaps we should start looking there. [01:34:19] Speaker F: Margo would know that Drummond and a few other ventru have some distasteful things to say. She has distasteful things to say about Drummond and a few other ventures. Basically the ones with the eccentric personalities and Drummond is if not one of them. [01:34:47] Speaker E: And was Drummond there? [01:34:50] Speaker F: Drummond was he was the one who left after the train. [01:34:59] Speaker E: Right. I mean, all we can try to get hold of Jummin himself or you can try to get hold of Jumin yourselves. I don't mean to intervene. [01:35:18] Speaker A: I mean, that seems the best lead that we have. I don't suppose. [01:35:25] Speaker D: We can also ask Sasha was it the second act tonight that happened? [01:35:36] Speaker F: Oh, the dancers, Bret and Sophia. Sophia. [01:35:46] Speaker E: I mean, maybe what I find bizarre is Annabelle's careful. She's whatever she does, she does with sincerity, be it good or not. And everything that she does has a calculation. I think that it's a little bit bizarre that two of her child that dislike each other got an invitation for an event on the same night and it seemed to even thrown Annabelle off and then suddenly her other two children act out of line and then things get mixed up. Sculptures that are supposed to be there, aren't there, and somebody takes off after just enough chaos has been spoken about the whole club, really. I think that there's some deliberates with our venture friend. Might be worth looking into him. I want to know when or how their invitations were delivered because that's the most damning of it all. [01:37:21] Speaker D: Exactly. I want to know if there's any instructions. [01:37:30] Speaker E: And as for Brett and Sophia, I mean, Brett has a hard time keeping it in his pants either way. I wasn't particularly fazed by it, but that's because he's as predictable as predictable comes. That being said, he usually doesn't make an absolute ass out of himself. Might be what to look into as well. [01:38:02] Speaker A: Perhaps they were mind controlled in some capacity. [01:38:08] Speaker E: It might. Maybe. I mean, it would all make almost too much sense, especially because a venture of all clans left the party after it stopped getting good. [01:38:34] Speaker A: Where would she normally send her child? Or for misbehaving, would Bret and her still be in here? On a different level, perhaps. [01:38:48] Speaker F: Margo would know that while they did leave the party, they're probably still on the same level, wanting to at least observe or listen in on as they are upset that they are missing out. [01:39:04] Speaker E: Yes, they're rickety, and they love gossip, so I'm sure that they're still in the building somewhere. Just because they're not here doesn't mean that they're not here. [01:39:19] Speaker A: Would you be willing to show us where they might be? [01:39:23] Speaker E: I have a couple of places that I can assume that they went and scrammed off to. This isn't my home. So once Annabelle's calmed down, I might need to find allowed to observe other levels. [01:39:49] Speaker F: You saw her pull them into Brennan's office, and then as they collected their stuff, they actually went over into the bedroom, which is on the other side of the road as well. So it is easier to surmise that they might be there. [01:40:07] Speaker E: Okay, you know what? Follow me. I think I know what they ran off to. [01:40:17] Speaker A: Thank you, Marco. [01:40:18] Speaker C: Thank you. [01:40:19] Speaker E: Yes. She'll make her way to the bedroom now. [01:40:31] Speaker F: As you walk in, you see them both kind of near the door, kind of talking with each other, both seemingly upset and obviously embarrassed. And they'll instantly shut up as you kind of push open the door a bit more. And she'll kind of snap her attention to you. Margot, I'm assuming you are the first one to enter. [01:40:56] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. [01:40:58] Speaker F: She'll snap her attention to you and then kind of, like, widen her eyes at the others. Do you want. [01:41:07] Speaker E: Well, I'm sure I don't need to give you a scolding and tell you how absolutely embarrassing that was for your sire, but we need answers. And to help us help her. It is the least you can do. [01:41:30] Speaker A: Somebody put you up to this. [01:41:36] Speaker F: She'll look at Jasper, and she'll kind of do some hand gestures as she's talking. I do not need to tell you who put me up to this or if I was up to anything. Okay? I was asked to do a performance, and I did it. That's enough. And that's all you need to know. [01:41:53] Speaker D: By who? [01:41:56] Speaker F: Annabelle? [01:42:01] Speaker D: You got permission to do that type of performance? [01:42:07] Speaker F: She asked to be surprised. Whatever. Leave, she'll start motioning you to leave. [01:42:13] Speaker A: Forgive me for insisting, but she is your sire. Surely you would know better than to think that is a performance she would think was desirable. [01:42:23] Speaker F: You are not forgiven. She keeps gesturing you to leave. [01:42:30] Speaker C: What are you hiding? [01:42:35] Speaker F: Nothing. Not. Hiding anything. I wish to be left alone to reconflect myself, regain my composure. And Bret kind of stands up and he'll kind of try to put on some sort of intimidating position. She asked you to leave and we won answers. [01:42:58] Speaker D: We're just shy. [01:42:59] Speaker C: It comes down to the fact that we don't believe you and we do have the best interests of your sire at heart. [01:43:12] Speaker F: Rival look to Margot, your group, please leave. You're trying to recollect ourselves and recenter ourselves. This is our atonement for what we did was a miscalculation. That is all. [01:43:36] Speaker D: Did you know about the other two acts? [01:43:40] Speaker F: No. [01:43:45] Speaker D: All right. [01:43:47] Speaker A: If you find yourself in the mood to speak, let it be known that I am looking to clear your names. If there's anything to be clear, I'm sure you can find me if you ask around. And Jasper will leave if asked. [01:44:03] Speaker F: She does sophia does look genuinely embarrassed and angry, and they both look like they're actually trying to recenter themselves for atonement. [01:44:15] Speaker C: For what it's worth, I did enjoy the performance based. [01:44:21] Speaker F: She'll look up at you and go she'll look up at you and goes like, it wasn't for you. I was just trying to do something new. Please leave me alone. [01:44:39] Speaker D: I like to think that Ren as well was trying to be as intimidating as well, and then as soon as I was like, okay, fine, I'm just all right, we'll leave. [01:44:56] Speaker F: We'll leave. [01:44:57] Speaker D: I'll leave. [01:44:57] Speaker A: At least. [01:45:02] Speaker E: Let it be known. [01:45:05] Speaker F: That. [01:45:06] Speaker E: You'Re not doing Annabelle a service by keeping your mouth shut. Think about that. And then she'll turn and walk away. [01:45:23] Speaker F: She's starting to cry some tears for anyone left looking at her. [01:45:28] Speaker E: Oh, get over yourself. And she'll slam the door. [01:45:40] Speaker F: Warren, you feel there's some energy, that dark energy that was around bret is kind of actually moved around the actually now from where he was during the performance, it moved on to the stage and then it moved over to the sculpture and it's still kind of in centering around there. [01:46:13] Speaker B: I'm going to go over to the sculpture, see if I can find anything unusual about it, or see if I can find the source of this feeling. [01:46:25] Speaker F: There's a few people there, there's a Toriodor there and another there's just a couple other people there. Kind of like murmuring, kind of like talking about sculpture. Like, I can't believe Drummond would do this kind of prank to her. It's so strange. Very unlike him, so much as they had their bat and everything, it's just unusual. [01:46:56] Speaker B: You're all sure Drummond was behind this? [01:47:01] Speaker F: The two of them look at you like, frankly, no, as much as this. He might have funded it, maybe, but even then it's still out of place for him to he loaden's child children. They know better than to do this. They all know better. So strange. So strange. [01:47:35] Speaker B: What makes you think Drummond had anything to do with even funding it? [01:47:41] Speaker F: Trains trains are his thing. [01:47:49] Speaker B: You don't think anybody could have taken done this to make it look like it was Drummond? [01:47:57] Speaker F: Maybe, but this would be one hell of a stunt to pull. Then that's almost enough for a blood hunt. Or a feud. Maybe an open feud. [01:48:12] Speaker C: I'm still curious about the Nosferatu. We haven't heard much more about them. [01:48:25] Speaker A: I mean, we don't know much. The problem with them is if they were here we wouldn't know about it. [01:48:33] Speaker C: Of course, it's the same everywhere. Nazis are always in the shadows and they always have their feud with the Toriodor. [01:48:43] Speaker A: I will say is Drummond knows that this puts perhaps a target on his back and if it wasn't him, he'd want to help us figure out who it was. I think we should try and track him down. [01:49:11] Speaker F: Jasper, are you pulling Margot in with this as well since she is following a lot of the same leads that you are? [01:49:17] Speaker A: Yeah, I think so. She has clout and even though Blackjack warned against it, I think she's also invested enough that she won't stab us in the back. [01:49:27] Speaker F: Okay, presuming, you can tell me if I'm wrong that you share everyone has shared all the information that they have together. [01:49:40] Speaker C: Yep. [01:49:44] Speaker F: Now this is going to be a intelligence politics to know about Drummond himself. [01:49:58] Speaker D: Rank. [01:50:03] Speaker F: Difficulty? [01:50:04] Speaker A: Six. Seven. [01:50:08] Speaker F: Yeah, we're going to do seven. It's general knowledge that he's the railway baron, but no one really knows where his haven is or his primary haven is. [01:50:27] Speaker D: Jesus. Okay. [01:50:28] Speaker C: It totally failed. [01:50:30] Speaker D: Also big thing. [01:50:38] Speaker A: Two successes. [01:50:40] Speaker F: Three successes. Two successes. Three successes. Marco, have you rolled? And so we have the three successes. [01:50:57] Speaker D: Ren did. [01:50:59] Speaker F: So you know enough about trains. Their main hubs are like marshalling yards and you would surmise like, that there's about like ten or so different marshalling yards throughout all of Chicago and you kind of make a list of going like, where's the ones closest to here? Where's the one furthest from here and all of that and you kind of like narrow it down to like five other ones. Warren, what was your role? Rolled five in total. You rolled intelligence politics, correct. Warren yes. Believe you're missing a die on there. [01:52:01] Speaker B: I am sorry about sorry. [01:52:04] Speaker F: I would just want to make sure I can get everyone as much as possible. You can ask around or kind of brand. You are welcome to ask around or ask any of the other people who might know where Drummond is. [01:52:29] Speaker D: Yeah, I will go to what Clan is again. [01:52:38] Speaker F: He is a venture. He's one of chalitor. Okay, so Bobby Weatherbottom is also a he is also a venture, I should say. [01:52:56] Speaker D: Okay, I think I'll go up to a different one person just be like out of the five yards, which one he would most likely be at? [01:53:13] Speaker F: He kind of looks through them, goes like of the five that you have on there, he kind of goes like, not this one, not this one, not this one, not and he kind of, like, puts his pen on one of them, goes like, no, that's likely. That's likely. Your most likely one is probably Union Station. There's a lot of trains going out of that place. [01:53:45] Speaker D: Union Station? [01:53:47] Speaker F: Yeah. If you show him a map, he'll kind of, like, circle the little area that he could be. So it includes Union Station and the Marshalling Yard right next to it as well. [01:54:08] Speaker D: Okay. [01:54:10] Speaker F: And there's about, like, two warehouses there. You can kind of tell that there's two warehouses there. [01:54:20] Speaker D: All right, that's good to know. Thank you very much. And that will surely help out a lot. Thank you very much. Is there anything you need with that information? Is there anything you would like of me or don or anything like that? Because I know how this works. [01:54:48] Speaker F: I'm not at liberty to discuss anything else about that place. [01:54:56] Speaker D: That's fine. [01:54:57] Speaker F: I don't need anything else, but other than silence about that, I shared it, but yeah. Hey, nothing else. Nothing else about that place. I can't anymore. Or he'll know. They'll know. [01:55:12] Speaker D: Client information, privilege. I will not say a thing. Don't worry. And I will head back and I will share. Like, he could most likely talking around to multiple people there. It is looking like Dromin might be at Union Station. That's the best one I could limit down to. [01:55:55] Speaker A: Then we should probably get over there as soon as we can. I'm sure even if we can't find him, he'll take notice to a bunch of kindred walking around his place. [01:56:07] Speaker D: Yeah. Yes, he would. [01:56:13] Speaker F: Yeah. As you guys are on your way there, do you notice sorry, let me back up. As you guys are leaving club, you see the sheriff outside kind of pulling off some of the other kindred that you saw in there. And he's, like, talking to them. And he sees you, a group of five kindred, leaving. He walks over and he puts himself right in the way of you all. Just like, where the fuck are all of you going? And then he sees Jasper, and soraya where the fuck are you two going? [01:57:00] Speaker A: We're following leads for everything that happened tonight. [01:57:05] Speaker F: I think the fuck not. [01:57:07] Speaker A: No. [01:57:09] Speaker F: Do you have orders from the prince? [01:57:13] Speaker A: Not strictly. [01:57:14] Speaker C: Exactly. [01:57:15] Speaker A: We haven't been ordered to stay here either. [01:57:18] Speaker F: I think you're going back to your havens. That's what I think that is going on. And you're not doing in fact, actually no, you're actually going to share whatever information you gathered. You're going to give that to me. [01:57:36] Speaker A: Does this guy seem like he's on the level? [01:57:41] Speaker D: You know him as prince. [01:57:47] Speaker F: Sorry. You know him as a sheriff. He's working for the prince, and you have the idea that the prince probably contacted him, say, hold up people and get whatever information you can and then do what you need. [01:57:58] Speaker A: Right. I'm getting paranoid now. [01:58:01] Speaker F: Right. And Warren, this guy has a different energy about him. It's an aggressive energy, which stands reason you're even seeing it right now is that he's not happy. Yeah. [01:58:31] Speaker B: Keep quiet. My head down. [01:58:37] Speaker A: Yeah, I want to try and calm him down or at least get him to not be immediately contemplating putting us into some dirt. Listen, man, we'll share what we know. We figure it's important to get off these things quickly. And Jasper's not going to fuck with the Sheriff. So we found some weird fancy paper that Margo here said came from computers or something. It's not my bag. And we know that this train drummond does trains. Drummond left right after it got revealed. Seemed like a lead. We don't know much more than that, to be honest with you. [01:59:20] Speaker F: All right, good havens. Go. Leave home now. And you see him turn around, he'll whistle for cab. And you see one kind of like pull up and he'll get in and he'll drive off. [01:59:38] Speaker A: Now to Warren. And soraya so are we going back to our havens? He left, right? I'm making sure I understand what's happening, okay, before I make the world's biggest mistake. [02:00:03] Speaker C: Well, on one hand, I can't afford to upset the Camarilla, and we do have pretty clear orders from the sheriff. But on the other, if the Camarilla tears itself apart, that's not good for me either. And I don't really trust the sheriff. I'm going to defer to Margot on this. She seems to know the issue with Annabelle best. [02:00:44] Speaker E: I think right now tensions are a little high, especially because whatever happened to cause her to frenzy, I don't think that was natural. She is she is one for the dramatic, sure, but I don't think that I've never seen her lose lose herself like that, personally. I think it might be for the best if we let things rest for the night and then maybe. [02:01:43] Speaker A: And draw up a formal letter of setting up a meeting. Meanwhile, Drummond can clean up all of the evidence, or whoever did this can sink back into the shadows. [02:01:55] Speaker E: What time of night? What time is it? [02:01:58] Speaker A: That's smart. [02:02:00] Speaker F: I would say it's close to around midnight. [02:02:05] Speaker E: Okay. [02:02:06] Speaker D: Already. [02:02:08] Speaker F: And Margo, you hear some music, kind of go into a downward turn, into a minor key, kind of sour almost around the idea of going home. [02:02:33] Speaker E: She'll kind of look around and look back. Then again, the Knight is still young. We do have a lead, and I've never been one for following the Sheriff's rules anyway. [02:02:56] Speaker F: You guys see someone kind of busking on the street and they actually start playing more of an upbeat guitar solo as they see this group of people outside. And as much as there is some pulsing beats coming from inside, from outside the club speakers, because that's just what happens as they want to draw some business, even though it is imitation. Only tonight you see this guy kind of like busking on the street, and the music that he plays kind of goes into an upturn. [02:03:38] Speaker A: Was he there when we came in? [02:03:40] Speaker F: No, he's actually kind of just, like, set up his stuff. Okay. He's obviously just, like, trying to get some late night cash. [02:03:48] Speaker A: Right. [02:03:52] Speaker F: None of the kind the mortals none of the mortals are trying. It's normal for them to all be in and for it to just be like this, full to the rim club. So it's unusual. So he saw this as an opportunity. [02:04:16] Speaker A: I'll toss him a pity 20. [02:04:23] Speaker F: Um, yeah. The Sheriff has driven away at this point, and you see some other people from the club actually kind of like whistle as well. Cats. And you see, like, one person kind of get into a car across the street or next to you. [02:04:47] Speaker A: How did we all arrive? Because if we're going to a train station, figure we can take a train. But I know if you're supposed to be back at your haven, should probably go collect your cars if you got them. [02:05:02] Speaker D: My foot that way. [02:05:23] Speaker E: I came here by I came here by taxi. [02:05:31] Speaker C: I just sort of walked shape in the shadows. Classic vampire stuff. [02:05:40] Speaker A: Excellent. Then we can all take the same public transportation to Drummond. [02:05:48] Speaker D: Go ahead. Let's head out that way then. [02:05:58] Speaker E: As we are getting ready to hop on public transportation, Marga's going to approach the guy playing the guitar and kind of following Jasper's lead. She's going to throw him a couple of dollars that she's got just kind of like, in her wallet. [02:06:23] Speaker F: Yeah. As you Margo get closer, there's like, this air. Some of the pulses of air coming out the speaker, they just feel bit sharper than what you were hearing from across the street, which isn't fully unusual, but it does stand out to you a little bit. Like, there's more of a buzz coming from the speaker, like a little bit more overdrive. But again, it's not anything really of note, not something you wouldn't fully notice from across the street before. [02:06:59] Speaker E: Right. Tell me, darling, have you been playing here long or did you just get here? [02:07:11] Speaker F: I got here about an hour ago, but I just got back from my break about, like, you know, a couple of minutes ago. [02:07:19] Speaker E: Okay. You wouldn't have happened to see a man leave this club when you arrived? Maybe take off in one direction or another? [02:07:32] Speaker F: Um, I mean, yeah, to describe there's a lot of men. [02:07:45] Speaker E: Would I have, like, at least, like, a brief description? [02:07:50] Speaker F: Oh, yeah, he's a fat, tubby guy wearing overalls. That do definitely stand out. [02:08:00] Speaker E: Batman overalls. [02:08:03] Speaker F: Oh, yeah. I saw him go that way. And he's still playing his guitar while doing this. He kind of, like, nods off into the direction that the Sheriff went as well. [02:08:24] Speaker E: Anywhere, or did he just keep going straight? [02:08:28] Speaker F: Couldn't tell you. [02:08:32] Speaker E: Show that I have an extra couple bucks. The music's beautiful. [02:08:45] Speaker F: Thanks. As you walk away from the speaker, it turns back into that more normal tone you were hearing from across the street. Though it does sound sort of off out of tune now, but that just could be, like, the time, like, the humidity or the air. [02:09:13] Speaker E: Treasure needs to tune those keys. [02:09:19] Speaker F: Strings. [02:09:20] Speaker E: Strings, whatever. [02:09:22] Speaker F: Yeah. [02:09:22] Speaker A: Get his ass. [02:09:28] Speaker F: Um, you guys, as a group, you would take your public transportation to Union Station. You look at one of the warehouses. You look at the warehouses. There's, like an admin. Like, there looks like there's, like, two different buildings. There's, like a warehouse warehouse. And this kind of, like, small office, like, building sorts, you could reckon as admin or whatever. But the whole fence line, you see a couple of people surrounding the area. And if you look out on the streets, you see some police as well. Kind of like set up set up shop. [02:10:09] Speaker D: Oofing. Sneak in here. Or should we even sneak in? Or should we just say we're looking for joman? [02:10:28] Speaker A: Well, we should probably do a pass to make sure that the sheriff didn't beat us here. [02:10:34] Speaker D: That's fair. [02:10:36] Speaker A: I mean, he took a cab, so I don't know how he would do that, but. [02:10:42] Speaker F: Yeah. You are welcome to use Seption Awareness for this or Sorry alertness. Or if you have it, use Auspecs. [02:11:01] Speaker D: I'll use my Perception alertness. Does my specialty kick in here because of noises or anything like that? [02:11:13] Speaker F: I will give you noises. [02:11:17] Speaker C: Standard difficulty. [02:11:19] Speaker F: Standard difficulty. All right. ospects, if you have it, can be added. Let me go look up the ruling for that because I feel like I've forgotten. [02:11:29] Speaker E: Regretting not taking dots and Auspecs. [02:11:33] Speaker C: Yeah, me too. [02:11:38] Speaker B: I could use Auspecs to activate heightened senses. [02:11:48] Speaker E: Louise. [02:11:51] Speaker F: We will drop the difficulty down by two for your level, for your dotspecks. So for you, it will be difficulty for Warren. For those of you who are just on our twitch and not looking at our bot channel in our lovely discord, which feel free to join our player. Jimmy just rolled eight successes. [02:12:23] Speaker A: By the way. [02:12:25] Speaker D: Spelled like this. He's supposed to be aware and silent at all times. [02:12:41] Speaker F: Oh, poor Warren. At least it's a failure. [02:12:46] Speaker E: Well, you know what? Watch watch this, guys. Bring it. My deficiency goes up by two. [02:12:55] Speaker F: It's off. [02:12:59] Speaker E: Yep. [02:13:03] Speaker A: You are. [02:13:06] Speaker F: Stop it. Lexi, with your one dot, ten dot rolling at ten. [02:13:14] Speaker C: Fucking this is the second time that's happened. [02:13:17] Speaker F: The second time this has happened tonight. [02:13:19] Speaker D: Oh, my God. [02:13:21] Speaker E: This is Margot yelling at me to buy more dots in literally anything that has to do with seeing. [02:13:29] Speaker F: Yeah, I'm inclined to only give this to Ren just because oh, my. [02:13:39] Speaker D: Yeah, I think Ren stole everyone's motor's. [02:13:42] Speaker F: Like, I got this, Ren. You hear all the cars passing by, but you hear that same taxi as it pulls up. You hear the faint squeal brakes, like, it would not be perceptible to anybody else. But you hear it and you know that it's like the same brakes that you heard from before. It's the same engine, just like the. [02:14:13] Speaker D: Frequency the sputtering happens now. Sputters? [02:14:17] Speaker F: Yes, that's it. You hear police chatter going like, yeah, we were just asked by someone to just kind of like section off this part of the city and you hear some private security guards but you could surmise or from the actual warehouse and everything was like, yeah, we're on high alert. Someone going on. Apparently security got like some sort of threat or whatever or shiftley got some sort of threat or whatever. So he wants us all on high alert. [02:14:57] Speaker D: Okay, sheriff is think the Sheriff might be here or that's why I got from here from that. And also apparently everything is on high alert right now. [02:15:14] Speaker F: With one other thing. You can reckon that you have about two or three minutes to get inside before the Sheriff can get to the. [02:15:25] Speaker D: Warehouse and we only have two to three minutes before the Sheriff gets into the place. So if we're doing this, we need to do it now. [02:15:37] Speaker E: Do you need a distraction? [02:15:42] Speaker D: I give a cocky smile. You know what, I would love a distraction. [02:15:53] Speaker E: Not you, darling. Let's just say I'm good at drawing in crowds. Um, how many security and like, like police officers are there? [02:16:17] Speaker F: If you're looking at the warehouse, you see two people inside the fence line, like walking up and down. And then there is one guy at a door with a doberman. [02:16:32] Speaker D: Oh, okay, I can easily get in guys. [02:16:43] Speaker E: You but. [02:16:51] Speaker F: Oh. [02:16:55] Speaker E: He'S going to flip her hair and in her cute little cocktail dress, all she's going to do is walk past the walk, walk past the warehouse and kind of stop. And I would like to activate awe. [02:17:36] Speaker D: Yes. [02:17:40] Speaker E: Going to do what the Tori door do best. And that is be hot up. [02:17:47] Speaker F: Yes. Prisma performance. Make sure you spend a Bloodpoint as well. [02:17:58] Speaker E: Yes, Bloodpoint spent. Charisma performance. [02:18:06] Speaker F: How are you drawing it in? Are you just using your seductive being or are you using your voice as well? [02:18:23] Speaker E: She's going to go up to the warehouse and kind of look about and she'll look at one of them. Oh my, what's going on here? Is everything all right with my enchanting voice? Without bringing the difficulty down, believe by two or is it because it's a power? [02:18:59] Speaker F: Let me do one extra check. I gotta I forgot one book I was missing. [02:19:14] Speaker A: D. [02:19:32] Speaker F: Yeah. For now, let's say yes, we'll lower the difficulty by one. [02:19:36] Speaker E: Okay, let it two successes leave two draws. In a crowd of two. I'm pointedly aiming for the two that are walking back and forth. [02:20:07] Speaker F: Yeah. So the two walking the fence line, they walk up to you and they're just going, yeah, there's this like a thing going on. [02:20:27] Speaker E: What kind of thing? [02:20:30] Speaker F: Here? They're obviously not looking at your face, to put it politely. [02:20:40] Speaker E: Fair. [02:20:45] Speaker F: Which is common with a lot of your characters. Yes. They are not looking at your face. They're just like, yeah, there's some sort of threat or like, yeah, you know. [02:21:02] Speaker E: How about you two comes me on a little walk and you can explain to me what type of threat it is that you're dealing with. [02:21:10] Speaker F: Yeah. They start walking over to the fence gate. What's the rest of the group doing at this point? [02:21:19] Speaker D: I am going to try to get in and sneak in. I'm just going to try quickly sneak into the place just so I can get to Dromin's or before the sheriff arrives. [02:21:35] Speaker C: Yeah, likewise. [02:21:39] Speaker F: Go ahead. [02:21:40] Speaker A: I was going to say I think I follow behind them because the only thing worse probably than being in there is just standing around out here doing nothing. [02:21:50] Speaker F: So right now there is you see Margot using her presence to draw away two guards. You see that there's like one other fence door that's kind of further away. It's further away. It's going to take about like a minute to get there if you're kind of like walking the spearly. If you run, I'd say it may be 45 seconds because there's just a bit of bumpiness and roots that you might they kind of trip over. Otherwise. The fence has barbed wire all around the top oof. [02:22:37] Speaker C: So would that be dexterity athletics or Dexterity stealth? [02:22:47] Speaker F: We'll roll stealth for this one and that will be dexterity stealth. Yes. Okay. Just for you guys to be quiet ish for the most part, even though I hit my Margot specialties for those who have it with stealth. [02:23:06] Speaker D: Yay. [02:23:08] Speaker F: Because I know one of you has silent movements. Difficulty standard as a helpful hint for our azimite quietus, which you do have, does silence things at the first dot, if I remember correctly. [02:23:29] Speaker C: I got success anyway. [02:23:34] Speaker F: Sorry, go ahead. [02:23:37] Speaker D: No, go ahead. I'm looking something up here. [02:23:41] Speaker A: Having no dots in a given ability increases difficulty by one. [02:23:45] Speaker F: Correct. [02:23:46] Speaker A: Okay. Thank you. [02:23:49] Speaker F: You are also allowed to use your solarity dot as well if you are not using it, which it appears you are. So everyone is mostly who am I missing? [02:24:06] Speaker D: I was about to ask something, actually, because I have daredevil. Is this is that when attempting a this ain't exceptionally risky. Is this exceptionally risky? Non combat action. [02:24:18] Speaker F: Do you want to go over the barbed wire? [02:24:23] Speaker D: Yes, I just don't want them to I'm going to try to go over to barbed wire. [02:24:30] Speaker F: So for you we're going to say dexterity and that is going to be exceptionally risky. So your daredevil can come into play. [02:24:39] Speaker D: Okay. So that will be and if you. [02:24:44] Speaker F: Want to stay stealthy, then that is not going to be daredevil. But it is going to be a separate role. [02:24:53] Speaker D: I would just stick with the regular dexterity subject. I feel much more confident that way. And two successes this time. [02:25:10] Speaker F: All of you, all four of you I should say. Do make your way over to the gate. It's padlocked on the outside. It's just like a chain around the uh jasper, you could surmise that this would not be too difficult to break if you want. Same with Ren as well. You would also surmise that this is not difficult to break. [02:25:42] Speaker D: I will go ahead and try to break it then. That's up to Jasper. [02:25:52] Speaker A: No, I am not the breaking things guy. [02:25:56] Speaker D: I'm the breaking things guy. I'll break it, I'll go out and try to break it. [02:26:00] Speaker F: Can I just get a strength roll? Difficulty seven. [02:26:05] Speaker D: Just strength. [02:26:06] Speaker F: Just strength. All right, I need one success for this specialty. Yes, strength reserves can fit in here. [02:26:18] Speaker D: Okay. Game. [02:26:38] Speaker F: Yeah. So you just kind of like you kind of push the gate and padlock just snaps. You can tell it's kind of flimsy but it still needed just a little bit of strength to break off that little metal part and you guys make your way in. There's only like one entrance other than the big warehouse door and that's where the guard, the doberman is. [02:27:12] Speaker D: Can I is the doberman looking one way and the guard looking the other way? [02:27:20] Speaker F: The guard is looking superiorly bored, supremely bored, I should say. And the Doberman is just kind of like also sitting there kind of bored as well. It's kind of laying at his feet kind of like snoozing a little bit but it's still kind of on alert. [02:27:40] Speaker D: I just want to make the Doberman run away so badly. [02:27:48] Speaker F: You are more than welcome to. [02:27:53] Speaker D: I'm going to try to make the doverman look at me. Like, I'm going to try to make the doverman look at me and then I'm just going to try to use my feral whispers on it. [02:28:08] Speaker F: It kind of looks up at you and ears perk up a little bit, but it looks at you. You do have that connection. Now. [02:28:19] Speaker D: I'm just going to say, could you run for me? [02:28:25] Speaker A: Simple. [02:28:26] Speaker F: Can you roll? Manipulation, animal ken. I'm going to need only one success for the simple command of run. [02:28:40] Speaker D: Okay, I and yeah, this is can. May I spend one point of willpower just to make sure yes, this works? [02:28:57] Speaker F: Yes, you are more than welcome. [02:28:59] Speaker D: Okay. Difficulty six. All right. And make that three successes. I'm not sure why. [02:29:22] Speaker F: They wonderful. [02:29:24] Speaker D: Oh, no. [02:29:25] Speaker F: This dog just gets it kind of like slowly gets up, looks at its owner and then kind of looks back at you and goes what you could surmise is a bit of a smirk. If a dog can smirk, it smirks at you and it just bolts the opposite direction. And the card gets swept off his feet and like this Doberman is strong and he just kind of just starts getting dragged. [02:30:05] Speaker D: He's going, good boy, good boy. And I'm going to go to the let's go into the door. [02:30:17] Speaker F: Marco you see a Doberman and a guy being dragged behind the doberman as well behind you is, like, coming up sort of close to you. If you what are you what are you gonna do? [02:30:36] Speaker E: Oh, she's just gonna watch. [02:30:40] Speaker F: The other two are the other two are kind of, like, still enraptured by your figure, and they kind of go, like, yeah, Frank, simultaneously. And they're just going like, so what are you up to in the morning? You staying up all night? What you doing? [02:31:10] Speaker E: A bit of a night owl. [02:31:13] Speaker F: What's your number one guy goes like, I have tomorrow off. What you doing? I can stay up during that. What you got? [02:31:22] Speaker E: Yeah, that you know, I'm feeling rather playful right now. How about you and I? Is there any alleyways? [02:31:40] Speaker F: You can go under the train tracks if you want. [02:31:47] Speaker E: You don't want to feel like you're 16 again. [02:31:54] Speaker F: Oh, what about whoever whichever one you're talking to? Or both of them, mind you, their eyes just kind of, like, open wider and go like, yeah. [02:32:09] Speaker E: Meet me down by the train tracks. Shalom. She'll begin to very slowly back up, thinking to herself, these people owe me, as we and she's just gonna beckon them. [02:32:35] Speaker F: Yeah. [02:32:36] Speaker E: Yep. [02:32:37] Speaker F: We cut to our group before. Now, inside the warehouse, you see someone at the front. Are you crouching down, or do you kind of, like, walk in with confidence before? [02:32:52] Speaker D: I'm still being silent. I've done too many jobs where going in cocky does not end well. [02:33:00] Speaker C: Likewise, crouching silent, trying to make myself as small and indetectable as possible. [02:33:10] Speaker B: Following their lead. [02:33:27] Speaker F: At the desk. There's a guy at the desk. He kind of, like, looks up from his computer, and he has a notebook next to next to him as well, and a lamp. He kind of looks up and looks back down and looks up again and does a double take. You're like, Excuse you. [02:33:53] Speaker C: Oh, I just dropped my glasses. Excuse me. [02:34:02] Speaker F: Was Drummond expecting you? [02:34:10] Speaker A: Yes. [02:34:12] Speaker C: Not as such. [02:34:15] Speaker D: Oh, no, thanks. [02:34:22] Speaker F: Do you say yes or no? [02:34:27] Speaker C: I think he said yes, and I said no. [02:34:28] Speaker A: Yeah, I think we just both said different things. [02:34:31] Speaker F: Okay. [02:34:32] Speaker D: Yes, you guys did. [02:34:34] Speaker F: So do you or do you not have an appointment? Not an appointment. We don't do appointments during the shift. Is he expecting you? [02:34:47] Speaker C: He should be. [02:34:52] Speaker F: You see kind of a button red light start flashing, and there's, like, a call a light flashing on the phone, as if signaling it's ringing. But it was kind of, like, on silent as to not overly disturb him or distract from any other noises he might hear around the building, he goes like, I guess he's calling to send you guys up, so go ahead. And he kind of, like, presses a button on the keyboard, and you hear a little click on a door next to you, and you walk in. You hear him pick up the phone. As you guys walk through into this corridor. And goes oh sorry sir. And as you guys are walking through the corridor you see this room off to the side. Looks like an office or a drawing room of sorts. [02:36:09] Speaker A: Is there anybody in it? [02:36:11] Speaker F: Not at the moment. But there is there is a train set kind of there's a train set in the center of the room kind of like a almost roller coaster like a train set off to the side with like a doorway leading up. And there are bookcases as well giant amount of bookcases and a easel on one side in another corner of the room. [02:36:52] Speaker A: Does anything strike me as strange or something I've seen before? Like if the train set has a train that was identical to the one. [02:37:00] Speaker F: We saw or something nothing really strikes you as similar from what you saw at the party. But you do realize that, oh my God, this guy has a kind of like roller coaster train in this warehouse. [02:37:13] Speaker A: He likes what he does. [02:37:15] Speaker F: You hear a click on the intercom in this room it's like I see you looking at it. Get on. We need to talk. [02:37:29] Speaker A: Yeah well creepy but we don't have time to question it since Mr. Murder is on the way to catch us. [02:37:38] Speaker D: Yes. Let's go. Let's go. All aboard. [02:37:46] Speaker A: Choo choo. [02:37:48] Speaker F: The train makes the choo choo noises. [02:37:52] Speaker A: Fuck yeah. [02:37:55] Speaker F: You see the doors in front of you open up and the train starts basically doing the chugga choka chugga choka all the way up. And it kind of goes around and goes around this empty part of the building. And you go into what appears to be his intersynct. And there he is sitting in the center of the room with a wraparound desk. Might you? He's sitting in a leather chair. One side of the room, the opposite side from where you guys are actually is a giant wall of TVs and they show security feats from every other station. A couple from outside, you see the sheriff outside and you see a group of other people outside as well and they're kind of like talking to the sheriff at the moment and he's looking at them goes like I knew something like this would happen but like not this. [02:39:06] Speaker A: Did you know that that was going to happen tonight? [02:39:13] Speaker F: What happened? [02:39:16] Speaker A: You know everything at Annabelle's well I. [02:39:25] Speaker F: You see in like firms brow kind of I mean you know one of my siblings kind of mentioned it'd be funny if we did this and he's like he's like rubbing his forehead a little bit. [02:39:48] Speaker A: Has somebody been in your. [02:39:58] Speaker F: Mean I just had a couple appointments or dinners of sorts with Ballard and we were talking about this party. We've known about it for quite a while and surmised that she would pull something like this he was consoling me about how she was talking about the railway festival. She was making fun of me for it. For throwing awayaway festival but it was so nice. [02:40:30] Speaker C: Oh, that's not fair. [02:40:35] Speaker F: He said the sculpture part would make her appreciate it more. He gave me the money to get it. [02:40:49] Speaker A: Ballard? Does he have beef? [02:40:55] Speaker F: Not like I do. I just you see him kind of, like, rubbing his temple a bit. But Ballard wouldn't do this. No, I must have done it. Everything that happened tonight must have been me. [02:41:17] Speaker A: No, hang on. Something's clearly not right here. And I'm keeping an eye on the cameras to see. Like, do I need to go hide in a locker or something? Drummond, you need to tell us everything you know. I don't know. This seems fishy to me. Did you know about the music? About the weird performance? [02:41:42] Speaker F: The dance? No, that was just wrong. And the pain? Yeah, I kind of remember burning out. Sharon's Hallard told me it was that he wanted to see her there, that he promised Michael wouldn't show up. He said he would get rid of that invitation. Guess he forgot. [02:42:18] Speaker A: Oh, interesting. Now, he told you to print this out? [02:42:27] Speaker F: Are you holding up the invitation? Yeah. [02:42:30] Speaker A: Yes. [02:42:34] Speaker F: He told me to. No, he must have told me to print it out. He must have. He wouldn't lead me astray. He's always so helpful to me. [02:42:48] Speaker A: Listen, I get, like, real close, make eye contact with him. I'm here because I have a connection. Well, generally, I'm on your side here. I need to get to the bottom of whatever caused all this. But you're about to be in some deep shit. Okay, straight up with you, Drummond. Sheriff is coming looking for you, and he's not going to be happy that we are here. You need to tell us everything that you know before he comes and beats it out of you. [02:43:22] Speaker F: You see a group on one of the monitors that you recognize. They look like an anarch cuttery, and they're kind of, like, sneaking. And they kind of see the gate that you guys broke, and they're going in through that. And you see the Venture group. You see, like, two or three of them, and they're done talking to the sheriff. So they kind of, like, walk over to the gate that Margot was at, and they just walk through that, through one. The two groups haven't seen each other yet. You would surmise that you have maybe about five, six minutes. And Drummond is going like, no, Ballard wouldn't do this. So he was helping. [02:44:19] Speaker D: If anything. Where could we find Ballard? [02:44:23] Speaker F: I don't know. [02:44:30] Speaker A: Are you sure he wouldn't do something like this? As far as I can see. He put you up to this, get suspicion off of him. You got any proof that he was giving you directions? [02:44:44] Speaker F: No, he didn't give me anything. He just gave me money. [02:44:47] Speaker A: Money. And he asked you to print out the paper and he suggested you do the Train sculpture? [02:44:56] Speaker F: He didn't suggest. He just thought, like, doing something artsy about it, which I thought was artsy. [02:45:04] Speaker A: Hey man, I like your sculpture. Know, Annabelle's got her own issues, but clearly it was not what she was anticipating. Can't you smell that? And it doesn't smell fishy to you? [02:45:19] Speaker F: Listen, I did it. And he'll look at the monitors and he'll look at his computer that's sitting there as well. If you were looking that as well, you could see some security fees from inside the building. He's used to venture messengers. He goes like, listen, if the sheriff is on you guys, you can't be here when this guy gets here. Listen, I will answer for what I have done. I will give this human information I gave you. Just get out of here before you get in trouble. [02:45:58] Speaker D: Okay? [02:45:59] Speaker A: I appreciate it. Don't drop our names. We're on your side. We got a blast. Do you have a back exit so we don't have to pass him on our way? [02:46:09] Speaker F: He points on one of the monitors and you kind of see it pop out and open up and it's a doorway. He goes like, I have them all over this building. [02:46:21] Speaker A: That's handy. All right, appreciate it. [02:46:25] Speaker F: And then you guys are led into sewers and some subway tunnels. [02:46:32] Speaker D: I don't like. Yeah. [02:46:35] Speaker F: And you eventually come out at another Marshalling guard about 20 miles eastward, 20 blocks eastward, I should say. And you don't feel you feel safe. You feel like there's no way that he would have if you feel you feel like he would feel true remorse for what he's done and that he might actually answer this call for this audience with Prince or what you could assume would probably be an audience with the Prince. [02:47:29] Speaker A: That's fucked up. [02:47:34] Speaker F: Yeah. [02:47:35] Speaker C: And whoever's really behind it would still be at large, which is bad news for us. [02:47:43] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. [02:47:44] Speaker A: Bad news for Drummond. [02:47:48] Speaker C: Bad news for the Camarilla. [02:47:55] Speaker F: Do you guys make your way back to the warehouse to try to get Margot? [02:48:02] Speaker C: Yeah, we should probably meet up with her. [02:48:05] Speaker F: Yeah, we'll say it's a fairly easy journey despite know there's police around the perimeter, but I'm going to assume that Margot has used her exceptionate looks to kind of like walk past them. [02:48:22] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. She's going to wipe the corner of her mouth as they approach. Well, how did that go? [02:48:44] Speaker C: Well, we found out who it isn't. [02:48:52] Speaker A: Drummond says he did it all, but I don't know. He kept talking about this guy Ballard who put him up to it. Seemed like he wasn't, you know, he wasn't right in the head or he got manipulated. Either way, maybe he did it, but it doesn't seem like he was at. [02:49:12] Speaker E: Um Storyteller, having been a member of the Camarilla and having a little bit of status within them. Do I know who Ballard is? [02:49:22] Speaker F: He is a venture as well. He is a sibling of sorts to Drummond. And I would say with your you can be like wits politics we'll say difficulty five for this one. [02:50:02] Speaker E: Successes. [02:50:07] Speaker F: Do we know that, like, Ballard holds some power over Drummond at the moment? Basically, you could almost surmise that Ballard was the one who put everything tonight to motion except for maybe the dance, because that one did seem genuinely like Sophia's thing. [02:50:41] Speaker E: Yeah, I you know what? I know exactly who he is, and I can almost guarantee you that this is definitely something that he would put somebody else through. [02:50:54] Speaker C: Do we really think that it was Ballard instead of Drummond? Do we trust know lost lamb act. [02:51:07] Speaker E: Ballard has some sort of control in that dynamic? That much I do know. That much is made quite obvious, actually. I wouldn't knock it. [02:51:28] Speaker C: Well, as always, I'll defer to all of you. [02:51:33] Speaker F: I will say, just as a reminder to Jasper, drummond did say he will tell the full story of how Ballard did probably help in this, but he doesn't still fully believe that it was just Ballard. He still wants to accept some fault. Drummond wants to accept some fault. [02:52:09] Speaker E: It might be worth requesting an audience with Mr. Horatio Bashar himself. [02:52:24] Speaker A: If we get there before the Prince does, maybe we can squeeze a little extra out of him. [02:52:32] Speaker E: Might be worth it. What time is it now? [02:52:40] Speaker F: Oh, it's probably around 02:30 a.m.. Um, and as you guys do make your way back to the club and do try to see where the Prince went. He's still there. He's still taking care of Annabelle. You do see Ballard there as well. And you actually do, surprisingly, see Drummond. It's almost like he has, like, bolt holes. [02:53:15] Speaker A: Fast. [02:53:20] Speaker F: And you see Drummond and Ballard. You see Drummond talking to Loden while Ballard is in the corner. And you see Drummond looking over constantly, but he's still giving you would almost surmise that he's still giving the full truth, or at least Warren would get that feeling that Drummond is giving the truth. There's no paranoia or anything sitting beneath right now. [02:53:53] Speaker B: So definitely not the bad feeling I've gotten from the train or the bouncer or anything like that. [02:53:59] Speaker F: No, that feeling has kind of left you now. Go ahead. [02:54:21] Speaker A: As far as I know, because I'm doing this on Blackjack's behalf. He was still in the building when we left Loden. [02:54:28] Speaker F: The prince? [02:54:29] Speaker A: No, sorry. I was off on my own. [02:54:34] Speaker F: Yeah, blackjack has left. He's left by now. He's gone by now? [02:54:39] Speaker A: Yeah, it makes sense. [02:54:44] Speaker F: You would guess that he's probably at the Haven right now just trying to figure out, like, damage control. And you see Drummond walk out and he kind of, like, breathes in. It does like a sort of fake breathe in, then breathe out. Yeah, he said he's going to talk to Bellard alone. So let's see what's going to go on with that. And with that, we're going to end for tonight. It's Canada.

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