Episode 4

October 19, 2023


S1 Ep4: Bishop Takes Rook

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep4: Bishop Takes Rook
The Chicago Chronicles: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep4: Bishop Takes Rook

Oct 19 2023 | 02:40:40


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Under attack from an unseen foe, one of the coterie has vanished without a trace, and investigation seems fruitless. The loss of another ally leads those who remain to look deeper into the shadows of a conspiracy, but in the dark of night, no kindred can be trusted. Their enemy is not without a flaw, however, and the capture of an underling yields information. With a lead in hand Warren, Wren, and Jasper confront a danger that is but a taste of what is to come.

Jasper Black - Anarcholoserist
Soraya Sharif - Jazzy
Wren - Jimmy
Margot Beaufont - Legacy
Warren Sawyer - GR

Storyteller - Vironz

Dimitri - Scott

Opening Theme: Kick It by Flint

Viewer Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:30] Speaker A: Hi. My name is Anarka Woozerist. I'll be playing the. [00:00:37] Speaker B: Playing the malkavian Warren. [00:00:40] Speaker C: Hi. [00:00:41] Speaker D: My name is Jazzy, and I'll be playing Saraya, the Asamite. Hello there. My name is Jimmy, and I'll be playing Ren, the gangrel. [00:00:52] Speaker C: And I'm legacy. I will be playing Margot, the toriador. [00:00:57] Speaker E: And I am Viron's your storyteller for this evening. Dimitri, welcome to Chicago. You've taken one bishop and one pawn. Soraya Sharif and Randy, a philosophy student. Now, the rest of our group have just noticed that Soraya has left, or has possibly, probably most likely been abducted. Annabelle awaits her report as snow falls even harder onto Chicago. The music still rages in the club, as you guys realize and report as Warren and Ren report back to the rest of the coterie that Soraya has left and has probably been taken. What would you all like to do? So sorry for my voice cracking, everybody. I'm just out of it. But yes, what would you guys like to do now? [00:02:01] Speaker D: I think we need. After finding everything that we did, we need to talk to Annabelle first, and then we need to see if she would have any idea, possibly, of the going on to the alley. Maybe. [00:02:30] Speaker C: Hate to burst your bubble, love, but even if there was a way to be able to see what was going on in the alleyway, I don't think she would care to show any evidence. [00:02:56] Speaker D: That is fair. That is fair. [00:03:03] Speaker A: Well, wouldn't she want us to find Sarah? I mean, kindred going missing from her club isn't exactly a good look. [00:03:11] Speaker C: Possibly. But again, she doesn't have any cameras around. Kind of use around the alleyways as a feeding grounds for some of our kind. Bad for the books if you're catching that on camera, that is. [00:03:38] Speaker A: Although this might not be the first time she could have heard of other incidents. [00:03:45] Speaker C: I mean, that is fair. There's only one way to figure that out. She's going to want the information that we got on that crap anyway. [00:03:58] Speaker D: Yeah, the fake. Yeah. [00:04:03] Speaker C: Well, shall we go? [00:04:08] Speaker D: Yeah, might as well. [00:04:15] Speaker E: You guys send the three levels that you need to. Well, the two more levels that you need to. From the main floor to the balcony, then into the vip suites where Brennan Thornhill resides. And Anne Belle has her office where the party was not but three days ago. Her door is currently closed. Right now. [00:04:49] Speaker C: Margot will approach the door and she is going to knock three times. [00:04:59] Speaker E: As that is the normal way that Margot knocks. And Annabelle expects most of her apprentices and children to knock. The door opens. There she is, sitting at her desk. [00:05:24] Speaker C: Annabelle. [00:05:27] Speaker E: Yes, dear? [00:05:30] Speaker C: We have some information on that book. [00:05:39] Speaker E: Oh, good. It only took you one night. I was worried it was going to take longer. [00:05:44] Speaker C: Unfortunately, the news that we have in the book isn't pleasant in the slightest. And our people kind of ran into a bit of trouble to find out that unfortunate news. But the book was. [00:06:09] Speaker E: You see, her kind of to a very hard stroke of her pen on the desk. You see ink sputter out of it for it's like one of those kind of old calligraphy kind of hens. [00:06:21] Speaker C: Well, then I believe that it was a trap to lore us out to hunters. [00:06:32] Speaker E: What's the news of the hunters then? [00:06:36] Speaker C: Dead. [00:06:38] Speaker E: Good. Very good. But. [00:06:48] Speaker C: Don'T think they'll be bothered by any collectors and cheap air quotes. Collectors? For a while, the team worked very well to take care of a priest. [00:07:13] Speaker E: A priest? Nothing more of note. [00:07:16] Speaker C: A priest who seemed to be very dedicated to his faith to an almost annoying level. [00:07:33] Speaker E: Wish I could say that seems out of the ordinary, but it doesn't. No, it's every priest turned hunter. Did he see any lettering or names of groups that he might have been associated with? [00:07:49] Speaker C: They were associated with the Society of St. Leopold, correct? [00:07:54] Speaker E: Yes. The Society of Leopold. [00:07:57] Speaker C: Yes. [00:07:57] Speaker E: With the new age inquisition. [00:08:00] Speaker C: Yes. Society of Leopold. [00:08:09] Speaker E: Very unfortunate. I don't suppose you two have met the new guest that we have. Sorry, not you. Sorry. I don't suppose you three have met the new guest that we have. Town. If Jasper is in the room, she's still definitely going to say three. Not counting. Because she's not counting him. [00:08:35] Speaker A: Rude. [00:08:39] Speaker C: I have been made aware. I have not made myself acquainted yet. [00:08:44] Speaker D: Same. I have not either. [00:08:54] Speaker E: Well, he's from Russia. He's a bit of a Traveler with his own group. No one really knows what he does, but likes to travel, apparently. And that's all. Which is strange, given our condition. It's very hard. I guess he finds a way. Yeah. [00:09:11] Speaker C: Good for him. Shall I go make myself acquainted? [00:09:18] Speaker E: No. [00:09:21] Speaker C: Very well. [00:09:25] Speaker E: I don't want him knowing any of my brood. Don't want him knowing them. It's given specific instruction to the rest to avoid him. [00:09:40] Speaker C: Yes, ma'am. [00:09:45] Speaker D: Okay. [00:09:47] Speaker C: I believe it might be good to spread word about that society. Especially with the camarilla. [00:09:59] Speaker E: I will handle it. Do not fret. Now. This is actually. When she does look up at the rest of you. She's only taken a very few, very few glances up from what she was doing at her desk. Then she fully looks up and scans the rest of you. Gives a slight sneer towards Jasper. Per usual, I return it, and then she looks puzzled. Who's the other girl? [00:10:38] Speaker C: That is another issue that we are running across. Our friend seems to have gone missing after going out for a smoke with, I can only naturally assume, a mortal. [00:11:01] Speaker E: She was dressed in blood doll attire. It's okay to say she blood doll. [00:11:05] Speaker C: Okay, well, I'm not going to be that derogatory, non polite company, at least. [00:11:14] Speaker E: Strange she hasn't returned after her feeding. [00:11:19] Speaker C: No, ma'am. We were wondering if you might know what goes on in those alleyways. [00:11:32] Speaker E: Feeding. It's much the same as the labyrinth downstairs. Feeding and whatnot. Rug usage between the hein and whatever else you do. But yes, people most likely see it out there for very good reason. That is why I do not have cameras out there. Yes, for very good reason. That's also why I do not have cameras in here. [00:12:07] Speaker C: Of course. [00:12:14] Speaker E: Well, shame about the book. [00:12:24] Speaker C: Yes, rather unfortunate. Well, don't allow us to take up much more of your time. We are going to see if we can track down our friend. [00:12:44] Speaker E: All right. Happy hunting. [00:12:53] Speaker C: He'll give a very polite curtsy and make her way out of Annabelle's office. [00:13:00] Speaker E: She gives a light smirk, as if, yes, I have trained you. [00:13:15] Speaker C: Well. Now what. [00:13:25] Speaker E: That is. [00:13:27] Speaker A: We didn't see anything useful outside. I talked a little bit to that Dimitri guy, but he was playing chess. He wasn't out kidnapping people. So it's not the new guy. Could we ask around, see if anybody saw suspicious activity? If I saw someone getting stuffed into a van across the street, I'd probably walk away. But if anyone was stupid enough to stick around, they might have some information. [00:13:57] Speaker C: You really are hero to the people, aren't you? [00:14:05] Speaker A: There's a difference between being practical and being youthful. [00:14:11] Speaker D: But with the snow is picking up, so I don't know how many people are still out there. [00:14:16] Speaker E: But that is fair. [00:14:20] Speaker C: I mean, maybe we should saw it outside, see if people saw anything. [00:14:29] Speaker A: She did go down there with somebody, right? If the victim didn't get disappeared with her. [00:14:37] Speaker C: Could always try. [00:14:43] Speaker D: Wait, what about trying to find this blood doll that she was with? [00:14:48] Speaker C: That is what Jasper meant. [00:14:52] Speaker D: Okay, that's fine. I mean, could we talk to the other blood dolls here and see if they possibly know who this person could be? [00:15:01] Speaker A: That's smart. [00:15:05] Speaker C: That might be useful. We should probably divide and conquer. I don't know how many of the dolls are out there now, but kill as many birds with 1 st as we can. [00:15:31] Speaker E: You can probably guess, all of you, that given the nature of the club, there are quite a lot of blood dolls in that attire of that gothic in the 90s goth punk kind of style, which is generally what the blood dolls look like. And there are some who don't look like that, who are like, full punk. And they're the ones currently at the main stage because it is a very punk angry band playing tonight. [00:16:02] Speaker D: Mmhmm. Well. [00:16:10] Speaker E: Sure. [00:16:13] Speaker D: It'S worth it. I would say I could go outside and see if there was anyone that possibly saw anything suspicious happening, like a van or anything. But who knows what that might lead to. [00:16:31] Speaker C: If we're going outside, don't go alone. [00:16:36] Speaker D: That's fair. Jasper, would you like to come with me and have a look around? [00:16:42] Speaker A: Sure, yeah. If there are any blood dolls hanging out, I'll talk to them out there. [00:16:46] Speaker D: That's a good idea. [00:16:51] Speaker E: All right, so just give me a little bit of a recap. Who all is going blood doll talking inside the club? [00:17:04] Speaker C: I believe that is just going to be probably. I mean, Margot, definitely. I don't know about Warren. [00:17:14] Speaker B: Warren also will be staying inside. [00:17:18] Speaker E: All right, Warren and Margo are inside. Then Ren and Jasper are out. Yep. All right, we're going to start with Ren and Jasper. You guys are outside at the front. There's still massive crowds of people waiting outside trying to get into the club. Just because it is prestigious and a lot of people come in and out with drugs or random euphoric feelings that you all know as feeding the kiss, just because that's just what the kiss leaves. There are a few stragglers on the other side of the line, like, they were inside earlier and they're currently smoking some cigarettes. [00:18:18] Speaker A: I'm going to walk up to them. Hey, you were in the club earlier, right? [00:18:25] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. It's a great band tonight. [00:18:30] Speaker A: Yeah, for sure. They're killing it up there. Did you see anyone come down here in, like, a headdress? [00:18:41] Speaker E: Other than from. No, there was one inside. [00:18:46] Speaker A: You didn't see him come out? [00:18:51] Speaker E: I don't see everything. [00:18:55] Speaker A: We just know they came down here to hang out with someone from inside the club and we can't find either of them, our friend or one of the regulars. We were hoping you guys might have a word on them. [00:19:08] Speaker D: Or saw anything. [00:19:12] Speaker E: No, I mean, you're just taking like, a little bit of a smoke break because I just can't smoke inside. [00:19:22] Speaker A: Is there anyone you were hanging out with upstairs that came down here and you haven't seen for a while? [00:19:32] Speaker E: I. No, I don't think so. [00:19:40] Speaker A: Do I think they're telling the truth? [00:19:47] Speaker E: Um, yeah. You think they're telling the truth at the moment. [00:19:58] Speaker A: You know what? There's a bouncer, right? He's probably been here all night. [00:20:04] Speaker E: Yes, there is a bouncer. [00:20:06] Speaker A: That might be a good place to start. I walk up to him, too. Hey, man, I know you're doing your job. I'm sorry to interrupt you. We kind of lost our friend. Did you see them come down here? They came down with someone that met at the club. But they said they were going to be right back up. A friend has a headdress. We don't know where they went. We just want to know if you saw them walk home or get a. [00:20:28] Speaker E: Cab or anything other than when I saw you guys come in. No, I haven't seen her leave. [00:20:35] Speaker A: You didn't see her leave, really? [00:20:37] Speaker E: No. [00:20:40] Speaker A: What the fuck? [00:20:41] Speaker D: Did you see anything come in or out of the alley or anything like that? [00:20:49] Speaker E: That is not my job. My job is to watch the store and let people in and kick people out. Fairy. [00:21:07] Speaker A: Well, thanks, man. I think that's a big help. [00:21:13] Speaker D: Yeah, I think that's full Jasper aside for a bit. That's a little OD. [00:21:27] Speaker A: She was definitely coming down here to get something to eat, right? [00:21:31] Speaker D: Yeah, or at least something of that line. [00:21:37] Speaker A: Does that mean she's still in the club somewhere? [00:21:42] Speaker D: I highly doubt it. I mean, I looked out here. There was obvious sign. I mean, like, signs of stuff happening. But I mean, obviously we would have saw Soraya come in. [00:22:00] Speaker A: This is so crazy Indiana Jones shit. But, like, do you want to look around for secret doors? [00:22:18] Speaker D: Literally, like, pondering that reference for a hot second, like, oh, no, fine. It's. I mean, I highly. I think. [00:22:36] Speaker E: It'S going to look weird. [00:22:39] Speaker D: For us pauling around in the alleyway for something, but. [00:22:45] Speaker A: Yeah, but it's okay if we look a little bit weird. We've got fangs. [00:22:54] Speaker D: Yeah, I did. [00:23:01] Speaker A: Listen, I'll stand out front up the alley so that no one can see past me to look at you looking for secret entrances. I'll tell them you're looking for a gasmate or something. Don't worry about it. [00:23:25] Speaker E: I ren. [00:23:29] Speaker D: Yes? [00:23:30] Speaker E: As you begin looking around, can you give me a wits investigation? [00:23:37] Speaker D: Sure. Will do. [00:23:43] Speaker E: Standard difficulty for now. Yeah, I can tell you what the real difficulty will be later. [00:23:51] Speaker D: Yeah, wits investigation of five, six. [00:23:57] Speaker E: This is definitely more than. [00:24:00] Speaker D: Yeah. One success. [00:24:04] Speaker E: Yes. You rolled it in the wrong channel, my friend. But. Yes. [00:24:07] Speaker D: Sorry. I'm so sorry. [00:24:08] Speaker E: It's all good. You don't really find anything. It is just a warehouse. It's just a warehouse. [00:24:19] Speaker D: I kind of figured it's just a warehouse. I'm just like. I'm just giving a bet. [00:24:25] Speaker E: There's the big opening door in the back, which you could presume is like, what bands use to load their shit in and load their shit out. And then there's the front door, where everybody else is, which is generally in the center of the building. I mean, it's not full center, it's closer to the right. But definitely the bouncer or anybody. They really wouldn't be able to see into the alley unless they were, like, hanging really right at the corner. Then again, if you look through the alley, it's still the walking prints to that, to the side door where people got smoke, because there is also that one as well. It's the walking to that from the back and then the smear snow being. It's being drugged out into the street. I need to not look at that chat because you people are making me giggle. Sorry. Our other players are messaging stuff in the general chat and it's making me laugh. I'm so unprofessional. [00:25:41] Speaker D: Fine. [00:25:42] Speaker E: It's. [00:25:45] Speaker D: I just. It's like finding nothing is just a warehouse like I thought it was. But. [00:25:57] Speaker E: She'S. [00:25:59] Speaker A: I don't know. [00:26:04] Speaker D: There has to be something here. I just cannot find anything. Jasper. [00:26:15] Speaker A: I guess we'll report back and say that we found more nothing than we thought we were going to find. [00:26:21] Speaker D: Yes. More nothing. [00:26:24] Speaker E: Yeah. We will cut to Warren and Margot inside the club, where I now have the band name I was trying to think of. It is the baby chorus, which is something you can genuinely look up on the Wikipedia and books if you need to find them. [00:26:49] Speaker C: We're vibing, we're voguing, we're dancing towards the blood dolls, making a performance out. [00:26:59] Speaker B: Of this as we vibe and dance and perform. I would like to use aura perception. [00:27:07] Speaker E: Yeah. But first, for shits and giggles, I'm not going to have Marco do it, because Marco is exceptional at this kind of thing. I want Warren to do it. Can you give me a performance and then your. Yeah, performance and whatever social attribute is your best? [00:27:26] Speaker C: Can I provide him the health action? Can I give him a die? There you go, bud. [00:27:35] Speaker E: As you two are, like, dancing and driving your way through the club, you're giving him slight pointers and slight corrections. [00:27:47] Speaker B: What difficulty should I be rolling? [00:27:49] Speaker E: This? Six. Very standard. [00:27:56] Speaker B: That is too successive. [00:27:58] Speaker E: Yeah. With Margot's help, you were doing a lot better than you initially thought you would be doing. Just given your nature of your clan and your past, you wouldn't really think that you're much of a movement based person, but you're actually doing pretty damn well. [00:28:17] Speaker C: Yes, darling. You move your hip like that and then like that. And then we're going to shall use that as a guiding way to the first blood doll that we're able to see. [00:28:34] Speaker E: Yeah, this one has its pigtails are black, the tips dyed red. Because that's just a given fashion at the moment. And she's also, like, dancing as well. [00:28:56] Speaker C: See, she knows how to dance. Look at you, you precious little thing. Tell us. You need to tell me where you got your moves from. I'm trying to teach my friend here how to loosen up a little bit. [00:29:17] Speaker E: On the dance floor. Yeah, she's like dancing. And she'll just pull out something from her bra, and it's pills, and she shakes it like. Do you guys want some? [00:29:30] Speaker C: I'm all set. [00:29:33] Speaker E: Oh, I know you are. But she's mainly hanging out towards Warren. [00:29:45] Speaker B: I prefer just drinking to loosen me up. [00:29:51] Speaker E: Fun. [00:30:00] Speaker C: Say, darling. And she'll kind of like move around to the other side of the girl. He wouldn't happen to see anybody dress almost as pleasant to the eyes as you leaving with a girl wearing a headdress, would you? [00:30:28] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. They went out that door. And she points out the same side door that the other two looked at. [00:30:34] Speaker C: All right. You wouldn't have happened to see them come back in, would you? [00:30:40] Speaker E: And then she stops dancing for a second. No. And she goes back to dancing. [00:30:51] Speaker C: Interesting. Say, do you know anything about that girl? The one who escorted my friend out for a suma cigarette? No. [00:31:15] Speaker E: I mean, she wasn't like one of the regulars that we have. She's not like one of the people that I recognize. But, I mean, she had the same dress. So I guess this, like, fashion and everything is kind of spreading more than I thought. [00:31:33] Speaker C: So you haven't seen her before? [00:31:36] Speaker E: Nope. [00:31:44] Speaker C: Would you happen to know one about Shigahia when you first saw her? In this club? [00:31:54] Speaker E: I. Today? Yeah, tonight. [00:32:00] Speaker C: First time here tonight. And was she with anybody else or was she by herself? [00:32:31] Speaker E: She was with that person in the headdress. The one you're asking? Yeah, her. [00:32:40] Speaker C: Okay. All right. [00:32:44] Speaker B: Didn't take any interest in anyone other than the woman in the headdress? [00:32:50] Speaker E: She looked like she wanted to fuck you. And she points mean she's still dancing and points at Warren. [00:32:59] Speaker C: Yes. The prince Charming here unfortunately shut her down. [00:33:05] Speaker E: Maybe. [00:33:05] Speaker C: Fortunately, she was kind of hot. [00:33:08] Speaker E: I don't see why you turned her down. [00:33:11] Speaker B: I have a lot of options open to me. Just kind of want to keep things open. [00:33:15] Speaker E: Do you? [00:33:16] Speaker C: Is that so? [00:33:18] Speaker E: She goes, do you? Okay. All right. [00:33:30] Speaker C: You know what? Good for you, my dear. Good for you. Well, thank you for answering our silly little questions and playing our silly little game. And Margot would take her by the hands and give her a little twirl, and you have a fun evening in that, and she'll kind of, like, push her into the thick of the crowd. [00:33:54] Speaker E: The more mosh pit. [00:33:55] Speaker C: Yeah. Okay. So she came alone, left with our friend, and she's not one of the girls. [00:34:16] Speaker B: Someone couldn't send her to get me. Indeed. [00:34:35] Speaker C: I don't want to make any assumptions about your family line, but from what I've been told, they are remarkably good at peering into. Wouldn't call it the future, but having some sort of visions. [00:35:09] Speaker B: Comes and it goes. Visions isn't the word I would use. [00:35:18] Speaker C: What would you. [00:35:18] Speaker B: Usefulness of episodes of clarity. However, they're indistinguishable from episodes of. Not that. [00:35:43] Speaker C: You wouldn't happen to be. [00:35:44] Speaker E: Able to. [00:35:47] Speaker C: Turn that on whenever you see fit, would you? Or is it kind of like a. I don't know. I used to watch a lot of movies and tv shows where you would rest your hand on an object and suddenly you'd be able to peer and get some of that clarity. [00:36:15] Speaker B: It depends on the text. [00:36:21] Speaker E: You. [00:36:25] Speaker C: I'm wondering if we go outside, maybe she might have dropped something, or maybe even just being in the general area. Maybe that might trigger. And I don't want to pretend to know how your situation works. That would be implied, but I'm genuinely worried that nobody has seen our friend or that girl. [00:37:23] Speaker B: I'm starting to think you're right. It might be our best bet anyway, if we can check with the others and see if they've found anything of use. And if not, we could go back and give the alleyway another look over. [00:37:39] Speaker C: Yeah, let's see if they found anything. Maybe they were a bit more successful in their findings than we were. Though. Knowing that that wasn't a real blood doll does put a few things into perspective. Do you think that we're all being hunted? [00:38:05] Speaker B: Yes, I think I have a lot of ideas about what could be going on. [00:38:17] Speaker C: Well, my dear, you put those hips into good use to get in. It's time to use them to get out. And Margot's going to. Just by her natural presence, not her supernatural presence. She's just going to start trying to pull people apart like the Red Sea. [00:38:44] Speaker E: Oh, you successfully do. I mean around both of you at that as well. Warren, would you like to use malkabian time. Sorry, what was that? You cut out slightly for me. You would. [00:39:07] Speaker B: I'm so sorry. I would very much like to. [00:39:09] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:39:12] Speaker E: Let'S do it. As a perception with that dot. Go ahead, do it. We'll see if you can access it, and then we'll do that. Do the role that you're actually supposed to make. What difficulty? Six three. Success. Um. [00:39:58] Speaker C: Great. [00:40:02] Speaker E: Now I'm gonna have you roll with some awareness. Also the same difficulty. You get the feeling that you could access the network and time through the strange time flow, but you can't fully grasp any messages that might have been sent to you or to any other Malkivian at the time or at this moment, I should say. You don't feel like you can understand or listen to it. [00:40:57] Speaker B: Try to subtly kind of clench his fist. Be very frustrated with this result. [00:41:12] Speaker E: All right, so you two head outside. [00:41:17] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:41:18] Speaker E: All right. For the sake of time, we're going to say that you guys both have shared notes with each other. Outsider. [00:41:38] Speaker A: What the hell is going on? Everybody saw her leave except for the people out here where she was going. [00:41:46] Speaker E: You. [00:42:00] Speaker D: Feels like we're getting nowhere. And with the blood doll thing, that's just. That's great. That's great to know. [00:42:11] Speaker C: That's. Listen, all we know about this girl is that she's not one of Annabelle's, but somehow knew to dress in the same fashion as one of Annabelle. Which means that there needs to be somebody of our family on the inside who's aware enough of the ins and outs of this club, at least enough to piece together that. That blood dolls are cute little goth people. [00:43:10] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:43:21] Speaker C: With a specific aesthetic, which I don't personally get, but teach their own. Were you able to find any clues? I mean, did she leave anything behind? Like, anything? [00:43:37] Speaker D: No, nothing. I mean, we looked out here earlier and there was nothing. [00:43:46] Speaker A: I have an insane idea. You guys have to bear with me. [00:43:51] Speaker C: All right? [00:43:52] Speaker A: We look like we split up, but one person goes off alone while someone else is watching from far away to see what's going on. [00:44:04] Speaker C: Think that might law somebody? [00:44:09] Speaker A: Yeah. If this was a snatch and grab, or if there is some kind of secret thing somewhere and we use ourselves as bait, that will at least give everyone else a clue, and then wherever Sarah is, there will be someone with her. [00:44:27] Speaker D: Well, if anything, I might have something that I could do. [00:44:34] Speaker A: Oh, yeah? [00:44:37] Speaker D: Just picked this up recently to follow one of you guys, and they might not see me. [00:44:54] Speaker A: Yeah, that sounds exactly like what we need here. Who wants to get taken? [00:45:01] Speaker B: They were after me first, so I. [00:45:03] Speaker D: Mean. [00:45:08] Speaker C: Who wants to get taken? Is quite an interesting question to be asked after all this magic, if you ask me. [00:45:24] Speaker D: Fair. [00:45:29] Speaker C: Oh, my goodness. You know what? One of the ladies got taken first. I think it's only right that one of you gentlemen get snatched up like a kid with a white band. [00:45:49] Speaker B: They did try to kidnap me first. [00:45:52] Speaker A: So you volunteer. [00:45:58] Speaker B: I'll go. [00:46:01] Speaker A: All right. You choose to sit on here. We'll go look inconspicuous upstairs. Let's go somewhere else and then execute the plan so it doesn't look like we just stood here, decided to be bait for ourselves. [00:46:19] Speaker D: That's fair. [00:46:25] Speaker C: All right. Well, all right, darling. Well, good luck. If they try to snatch you, I will do my daundest to save you. [00:46:44] Speaker A: I'm not worried. [00:46:45] Speaker B: I've been preparing for this my entire life. [00:46:49] Speaker C: That is a very concerning thing to say. [00:46:52] Speaker A: I'm not sure. These don't seem like they're government kidnappers, but we could be wrong. [00:46:58] Speaker C: Yet that is still a very concerning thing to say. [00:47:07] Speaker A: All right, you go. [00:47:09] Speaker C: Not. Sorry, darling. [00:47:12] Speaker E: Didn't mean to cut you off. [00:47:14] Speaker A: I think we all head upstairs to make it look like we didn't plan this. [00:47:20] Speaker E: Okay, totally. How much time are you guys going to spend on this plan? [00:47:29] Speaker A: I mean, sorry, I got snapped pretty quick. So nothing happens after, like, ten minutes. I feel like we're good. Yeah. [00:47:39] Speaker E: Nothing of note happens for the rest of the night. I will say that even if you do switch out people who think might want to be nothing else happens for the rest of the night. [00:47:58] Speaker A: Okay. [00:48:06] Speaker D: Guess we reconvene tomorrow and try this again. [00:48:10] Speaker A: Guess we have to. We're coming, Sarah. Don't starve yourself to torper yet. [00:48:19] Speaker C: I'm sure she'll be fine. [00:48:23] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:48:27] Speaker C: She seems resilient. [00:48:30] Speaker E: You guys go back to your havens, respectfully, mourning and thinking about the loss of your friend. Where they could have gone. I presumably come to the club to come to the club the next night to feed and maybe regroup and think of a plane. [00:49:02] Speaker A: Do we spend the blood to wake up? [00:49:04] Speaker E: Yes, please. It everyone needs to spend a blood point and wake up. [00:49:16] Speaker D: You. [00:49:28] Speaker E: Jasper and Warren, you both realize that Dimitri is still there almost instantly. You both recognize this. The other two, Warren and a. It takes, like, a couple of minutes where you realize that this guy's back as well. [00:49:49] Speaker B: Wait, does Warren realize right away? [00:49:53] Speaker E: Yes. You do. Because if you're aspects, you realize. [00:49:59] Speaker D: Are. [00:50:00] Speaker A: They playing the same chess game they are? [00:50:07] Speaker E: If you all go up, or if anyone goes up, they will see that a pawn and a bishop, haven't taken creatus. [00:50:23] Speaker D: Okay. [00:50:29] Speaker F: Dobra Viche. Jesus. Dimitri is going to start coming down. Hello. Is Chicago not wonderful? [00:50:41] Speaker A: Love my city. [00:50:46] Speaker D: Pretty good so far. [00:50:49] Speaker F: Would you say that it's better than New York or Los Angeles? [00:50:56] Speaker A: Well, I've heard some pretty cool shit about LA these nights, but I love it here. [00:51:04] Speaker F: I'm only in America for a short time. What is a good city that I should see? [00:51:20] Speaker C: New Orleans, darling. [00:51:23] Speaker F: New Orleans. Where is that? [00:51:29] Speaker C: It is in a state called. [00:51:35] Speaker E: Yes. [00:51:37] Speaker F: Purchased. I heard. [00:51:43] Speaker E: Warren, Warren, you realize through aspects and you just get this. A general vibe. I'm going to make you roll for it. Creatus has a his just of rage. He's emanating rage at this moment, but on the outside he's stone cold. This is a stone faced person right now. [00:52:12] Speaker B: Oh, boy. [00:52:17] Speaker F: It always intrigued me the most american thing to just buy just a state. Or however much it was. It happened a couple of times, I understand. Recently for my own country. [00:52:41] Speaker A: We had the money, you had the land. I don't see why we shouldn't have. As far as I know, you guys weren't using it very much, were you? [00:52:49] Speaker F: From what I understand, you're not using it very much either. [00:52:53] Speaker A: Well, it is a barren ice desert. [00:52:59] Speaker F: Yes, well, sometimes barren ice deserts are nice to live in. I should know. I live in one. [00:53:04] Speaker A: Hey. [00:53:07] Speaker F: Well, I must get back to my chess game. I thought I would just say hello to people that are in this city. This is a very nice club. [00:53:19] Speaker D: Glad you like it so much. [00:53:23] Speaker C: May I ask why it is that you're playing chess in such an establishment? [00:53:29] Speaker F: Oh, chess is the most wonderful game. Have you played chess? [00:53:34] Speaker C: Once or twice. [00:53:36] Speaker F: So you know it's about outsmarting your opponent and using his moves and pieces against him. [00:53:47] Speaker C: Yes. [00:53:52] Speaker F: If we cannot war, we might as well play chess. But anyway, I must get back to my game. [00:54:03] Speaker C: Hmm. Very well. [00:54:09] Speaker F: Unless you have a more intriguing game to play. [00:54:13] Speaker A: Well, actually, you were here last night, so it seems like we should ask you. We had a friend go missing. By any chance, did you see her come back in separate from us or something? [00:54:27] Speaker F: I did not see anyone come or go. I was busy playing a chess game with Creatus, whom, by the way, if you can look at my opponent right now, he's so thrown off by me leaving the table for a little while. [00:54:45] Speaker E: Borin, his rage, as much as it was kind of bright before, it is now emanating. It is such a bright color. [00:55:01] Speaker B: Could I use aura perception on Dimitri, the russian man in front of us? [00:55:09] Speaker E: Yeah. Go ahead. That I will have your wolf for, which is just reception, empathy. Difficulty eight. Actually, I'm going to say difficulty seven. Just for him. Just for now. I. It. Yeah, he is pretty damn happy person right now. It's for a million happy. It's not really much else at the moment. [00:56:11] Speaker F: So, you see, this is all part of my strategy. Throw him off, walk away, make him angry. He thinks badly. [00:56:22] Speaker B: It certainly seems like you're winning. [00:56:26] Speaker F: It certainly does. But sometimes perceptions are not all that they seem. Well, I must get back to my game. It was very nice talking to all of you and discussing the purchase of american land. And as someone on thus far, I shall see New Orleans before I leave. [00:56:56] Speaker C: Absolutely. [00:57:03] Speaker F: And with that, Dimitri will go back up to sit back down at the. [00:57:08] Speaker A: Game of chess quietly, after he's walked away. What the fuck is with this guy? He's playing chess, buying land. I can't get a read on them. [00:57:25] Speaker C: Pawns against you. I have a very bad feeling about that man. Don't quite know. [00:57:45] Speaker A: Yeah, I don't know who he is. But the man he's playing chess with is someone it would be incredibly stupid to piss off and walk away from. So either he's stupid or we're endangered by talking to him. [00:58:03] Speaker E: Let's see. [00:58:03] Speaker D: Make sure it's a boat. [00:58:11] Speaker E: I just. [00:58:16] Speaker C: Look at the two. There's practically a cold war between those two right there. This might. This might sound crazy, but he. He laid very heavily into the chess being a game of using a person's pawns against them or person's pieces against them. [00:58:51] Speaker D: Right. [00:58:55] Speaker C: Do you think that might have been a metaphor for something else and not just chess? [00:59:02] Speaker A: Maybe. But would he play his hand? I don't like him either way. Something weird is going on, so I'll take whatever answers I can give here. I guess. [00:59:23] Speaker C: Very bad feeling about tonight. [00:59:32] Speaker A: Should we put it on an know? Get as many kindred in Chicago as we can on this? It's not normal for someone to just disappear. No signs of struggle. No one saw them do it. [00:59:51] Speaker C: The problem is, Saria is not all that well known in Chicago. Nobody's going. Sorry. [01:00:01] Speaker D: And also with her being an asimite as well, that's still also very rare in the city. So that adds into our problems of trying to find her with anyone, being like. With how rare they are. [01:00:24] Speaker C: I don't necessarily think that it's a rarity. A. I don't know how long she's been in Chicago. I don't know what connection she has. And no offense to Soraya, but it takes a lot to establish yourself in the city. If she hasn't even made a formal introduction to either prince or baron, even. [01:01:01] Speaker D: Hard. [01:01:02] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:01:05] Speaker C: It'S hard to find anybody who isn't within her immediate circle who would care unless she owed them a boon. Or was. Or owed her a boon. [01:01:24] Speaker A: Should we check her haven? Maybe there's evidence, people looking for her or taking her stuff. [01:01:33] Speaker C: Yeah, sure. We can start there. Storyteller. Looking around the club, can we see if that girl's back? [01:01:51] Speaker E: She is not backed. Everything seems normal. [01:02:06] Speaker D: This is. I don't like normal. [01:02:18] Speaker C: We should give the premise one more look around before we leave. [01:02:23] Speaker D: Griffiths. The two, I would say. [01:02:29] Speaker E: I'm not going to make anyone roll. Everything is normal. As concerning as that may be. Everything is normal. Nothing is out of place. Nothing. I mean, there are things out of place, but that's just because there's bottles being moved around. Some people change in and out of the club, but otherwise everything is normal. All the regulars are here. All the regulars who aren't in on this day aren't in. [01:03:15] Speaker C: All right, well, if we're going to play detective, might be good to get going on that right away. Oh, yeah, we're burning moonlight here. [01:03:34] Speaker D: Let's head on over. [01:03:38] Speaker E: Takes about 30 minutes to get over there into the church. If we crunch through the snow. If you walk inside, paintings and tapestry are all the same. Everything feels cold and still, just like before. [01:04:07] Speaker A: Any signs of the place getting ransacked or stuff missing that we saw before? [01:04:13] Speaker E: Nothing seems damaged. Nothing seems to be missing. Everything is here. It. [01:04:23] Speaker A: I mean, if. If she owed something to somebody, they'd come here, right? Nothing else to look for, to rob her blind. Be a lot simpler than taking her off the street. Oh, yeah, exactly. [01:04:47] Speaker C: I don't know. I don't. [01:04:50] Speaker E: I. [01:04:57] Speaker C: I wish we knew what that girl was. [01:05:03] Speaker A: What if we tried to get something to eat? Yesterday, we just had Warren stand around looking like a dough without its mother. But Seraya was trying to get a meal when it happened. Maybe that's what triggers whatever this person is doing. [01:05:23] Speaker C: So we all go hunting. [01:05:26] Speaker A: Hunting? We shall go. [01:05:32] Speaker E: Eat. [01:05:34] Speaker A: Although if we do it all together, that might scare them off. So I guess we have to split up on this one. Or if we all go to different places, but then everybody else is just stuck in the same position we are right now. Until we all get kidnapped. [01:05:55] Speaker C: Wouldn't that be something? [01:06:00] Speaker D: Our main turn is Warren, I think might be the next target. I think that's our best bet, right? [01:06:11] Speaker A: Possibly. Whoever they'll take, right? Generate some kind of lead. If it's me, I can run away fastest. Shit. But then I won't know where they were going. [01:06:27] Speaker C: Right. [01:06:27] Speaker D: That's fair. [01:06:32] Speaker C: Do any of you have the ability to go and seen? [01:06:42] Speaker D: I'm learning it. It's not as advanced, but I can at least not be seen if I stay still. [01:06:58] Speaker A: So what if you, in quotes, don't come back with us to the club, but you're waiting for us outside to see if anything happens? [01:07:09] Speaker D: That could work. [01:07:16] Speaker A: Seems like a point. We go back sans Ren, grab a bite to eat and see who goes poof. [01:07:26] Speaker C: Yeah, that sounds like a more realistic thing. Maybe Ren can keep an eye out. If he's able to be at all invisible. [01:07:44] Speaker D: It'll take a lot, but still. [01:07:50] Speaker C: Or if anybody is relatively good at. [01:07:56] Speaker D: Hiding, I'm possibly the best one at hiding. [01:08:09] Speaker A: I think that's our plan. [01:08:11] Speaker C: All right. [01:08:12] Speaker B: That works. [01:08:15] Speaker E: Yep. [01:08:19] Speaker C: That's. Shall we? [01:08:23] Speaker D: We shall. [01:08:27] Speaker E: Not. 30 minutes back to the club trains the crunching of snow. Then you guys get your feeding as a group. Sands Ren at the time. At the time as well. I'm not going to have you roll. Ren is hiding. Using obfuscate in the raptors with some other gangrel and a couple nosferatu looking for a quick meal that'll actually feed them and feel them. But nothing really happens. No one's pulled aside. No one's getting latched on by a blood doll. Nothing. Sorry, go ahead. [01:09:19] Speaker A: If I try to feed in the aisle. I don't, like, teleport into another realm when I go out the side door. [01:09:25] Speaker E: No, you do not. [01:09:32] Speaker A: Since we're feeding, I just want to clarify. When you feed, you can go to, like, no marked blood pools, right? [01:09:39] Speaker E: Yes. In 20th, you can go to full. This is not v five where you have to kill to get full. Nothing of note really happens at the club. [01:09:59] Speaker A: I'm starting to feel stupid here, you guys. I feel like we've forgotten a clue. [01:10:15] Speaker E: It. [01:10:18] Speaker D: I think I'm going to up in the rafters. The ReM is just going to be pondering. [01:10:33] Speaker E: Yeah, the rafters. Presumably closer to the end of night when around like, 04:00 a.m. You probably would have come down, regrouped with everybody else while the club is clearing out most of its people. Yeah. Nothing really of note happens. I'll let everybody get up to full as needed, then on your ways home. Are we going as a group or are we going separate? [01:11:11] Speaker A: We all live in different places, don't we? [01:11:13] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:11:13] Speaker A: We're probably all going to have to go separate. [01:11:17] Speaker D: Yeah, we're going separate. [01:11:23] Speaker E: Margot. [01:11:24] Speaker C: Oh, lord. Yeah. [01:11:28] Speaker E: Please roll me. Perception. [01:11:29] Speaker C: Alertness. Okay. Sounds about right. [01:11:36] Speaker E: I think I already know what the role is going to be. I know what's going to happen. Anyway. [01:11:46] Speaker C: Cool beans. There it is. [01:12:06] Speaker A: Incredible. [01:12:09] Speaker C: I'm unstoppable. [01:12:14] Speaker E: Just before it's too late, you hear the crunching of snow behind you. And then someone grabs your arms, pulls them behind your back. [01:12:34] Speaker C: I would like to use my heel to kick them in the groin. I'm a woman walking the streets of Chicago alone. Kindred or not, I'm going on defensive. Uh, you said Dex and brawl. [01:13:02] Speaker E: Dex and brawl. Also something you're not great in. [01:13:05] Speaker C: No. Could I argue for melee? [01:13:10] Speaker E: No, I'm sorry. This is more equivalent to a kick, even though you are wearing heels. [01:13:16] Speaker C: Fair. [01:13:17] Speaker E: This is not a stiletto to the eyeball or face. [01:13:21] Speaker C: Not yet. [01:13:21] Speaker D: It is. [01:13:34] Speaker C: Zero success. Move. Fabulous. [01:13:40] Speaker E: Faintly connect. And then your foot just kind of like, slides back, but there is absolutely no reaction. And he kind of grabs this guy. This person behind you, grabs your arms and holds them with one hand, and it is a crushing grip. Then a bag goes over your head is drawn tight. And if you were breathing, if you had the need to breathe and you needed your windpipe access, you would no longer have it. You are taken in the vault. The door opens up. A man. Rose. Margot in. Then Dimitri was walking behind. [01:14:43] Speaker F: Well, I see that you have made friends. As he looks over at Randy inside the vault with Soraya. Very good. I assume there is a reason he is not just laying dead in the floor. [01:15:10] Speaker C: Well, I don't know. [01:15:12] Speaker D: I thought that he know waiting this out would be better with some company. [01:15:22] Speaker F: With company. I like you. You're very funny. I also like her. Shelled. Good suggestion. New Orleans. I shall look at that. [01:15:31] Speaker D: I've never been, but I've often wanted to. I've heard it's very jazzy. [01:15:43] Speaker F: Sorry, I was like, you got me jazzy. [01:15:47] Speaker E: Okay. [01:15:48] Speaker F: Back into care. Well, maybe I should explain what is happening to you. I'm sorry, I did not get your name, beautiful lady. [01:15:59] Speaker D: My name? [01:16:01] Speaker F: Although the one I just threw in. Sorry. [01:16:04] Speaker E: Yours. [01:16:04] Speaker F: I learned the other day you are Soraya. [01:16:12] Speaker C: Where the fuck are we? [01:16:16] Speaker F: Well, we are in my vault. I am playing a game of chess. A wonderful game with people. But I'm sure your friend can explain it. I really do like the both of you. I don't want to cause you any harm, but you are the court pieces. And so, I mean, you know, ill will. I just have to capture you. It is the. [01:16:41] Speaker D: I understand. You know I don't like being here. And I wish you hadn't done it. But there's no reason to be rude. [01:16:48] Speaker F: Yes, now, Kritus, he is being rude. [01:16:52] Speaker E: He plays like a devil. [01:16:53] Speaker F: I captured you. I keep you alive. But he kills my men. I'm beginning to sicken of this game. I would end it now and release you, but you know, blood opportunities, you know. [01:17:06] Speaker D: Now I understand. You've got your obligation to your honor as a player. And so do we. [01:17:17] Speaker C: I'm sorry, I don't remember agreeing to become a human prop. [01:17:24] Speaker D: I elbow Margo in the rims. [01:17:27] Speaker A: Like. [01:17:28] Speaker D: Just go along with it. [01:17:30] Speaker C: I'm very excited to play this game. [01:17:35] Speaker F: Yes, the pieces usually do not like the game. But I've also usually never played with kindred. This is the first. And so because of that, I do not wish you to starve. Please do not think me is cool. Whatever your name is. [01:17:50] Speaker E: Lady. [01:17:50] Speaker F: And Soraya. Like last night with Randy. I shall feed you. And he steps aside to let Ralph throw. [01:18:00] Speaker E: Throws in a woman with blonde hair. [01:18:07] Speaker F: And also I will give you more options. This time I realized how cool I was. And he sets a can of oxygen and a mask in the room. [01:18:20] Speaker E: Randy, by the way, is absolutely quiet. And piss. Terrified and pissing himself. Terrified of the sky if he could have pissed. And the woman wakes up and begins screaming. [01:18:38] Speaker C: Oh, no. [01:18:42] Speaker E: Yes. [01:18:43] Speaker F: A knight and a bishop and two pawns. I am doing very well in this game. [01:18:48] Speaker E: A knight. [01:18:49] Speaker D: So I assume this is a goal then. [01:18:54] Speaker F: No, you are Bishop pawn. This seems like a conversation I should. [01:19:04] Speaker E: Let unfold on its own. [01:19:05] Speaker F: I shall leave you now. [01:19:10] Speaker E: Slamming of the Voltor. It's now pitch black and we are. [01:19:16] Speaker C: Going to absolutely fucking hate this, Argo. [01:19:21] Speaker D: I know, I know. Listen, we just need some time to think of something. [01:19:26] Speaker C: I don't get it. We need to get out of here, Bren. Jasper and Warren are going to be worried sick. [01:19:37] Speaker D: Well, since you're here, that probably means that Annabelle's going to take notice. That's a plus. [01:19:43] Speaker C: Hopefully. That would be nice, wouldn't it? I thought you were dead, by the way. [01:19:54] Speaker D: I am. So are you. [01:19:56] Speaker C: You know what I mean. [01:19:59] Speaker E: This woman is absolutely backhand you screaming her ears off. [01:20:04] Speaker C: Ma'am, need to pipe down. You're wasting your oxygen. [01:20:11] Speaker D: What's your name? [01:20:15] Speaker E: And you start on a new night. Ren, Warren and Jasper, you guys reawake during the night. And yes, I'm gonna need. Thank you, Scott. You guys wake and spend your bloodpoint to wake up for the night. And presumably make your way back to the succubus club again. You can always correct me if I'm wrong, if you want to feed beforehand or there. But as you all arrive there. [01:21:06] Speaker D: You. [01:21:07] Speaker E: Notice Margot doesn't show up. [01:21:15] Speaker A: Oh, fuck me. Hang on. Yeah, it can't have happened, right? It's too soon. [01:21:28] Speaker D: At this point. How long has the club been open? [01:21:31] Speaker E: Oh, it's probably like 10:00 p.m. Right now. It's been open for about an hour. There's a decent crowd in. It's not too full at the moment. It's not like full full point where it normally is, but it's a decent. [01:21:52] Speaker D: Mean. I don't know where Marco's haven is. [01:21:56] Speaker A: But could you be late or anything like mean? I don't know. She hangs out here. It'd be kind of weird. But not impossible. We should probably ask Annabelle. [01:22:09] Speaker D: Yeah, let's ask Annabelle. [01:22:16] Speaker E: You guys make your way up to her office. Who's going to knock? [01:22:21] Speaker D: I think. [01:22:32] Speaker B: Thank you. Warren will knock three times. Kind of trying to imitate what Margot did. The other. [01:22:40] Speaker E: All right, this will be performance difficulty eight. And we're going to use. We're going to use intelligence, actually, for this one, just to use your memory. [01:22:59] Speaker B: Increased by one. Because I have nothing in performance. Right. [01:23:05] Speaker E: So for a total difficulty nine, she had a very particular success. You just about do it and you feel like you had a subtle doubt in your mind but gone away. So the door opens and Annabelle's at her desk doing her usual writing of some sort with her calligraphy. Hun? Yes, my darling? [01:23:39] Speaker B: Not quite. Good evening, Annabelle. We were just wondering if you'd seen Margot at all this evening. We were supposed to meet with her here tonight. We haven't seen her. [01:23:53] Speaker E: No, I haven't. She doesn't always need to make a presence known to me. But it's also a little bit early in the night. Perhaps she's out somewhere else, feeding or anywhere else she might have goals outside of dealing with whatever you guys do. [01:24:14] Speaker A: But what if she got kidnapped? [01:24:18] Speaker B: That's what I'm worried about. [01:24:20] Speaker E: What are you worried about, dear? She's very heavily ignoring. [01:24:25] Speaker A: I'm just going to plow ahead. Soraya has gone missing two nights later. Coming, leaving, presumably from your club. Your protege has gone missing. [01:24:35] Speaker B: Well, I suppose what I'm worried about, Annabelle, is that the other night our friend Seriah went missing. And then the following night, your chilled Annabelle goes missing. [01:24:52] Speaker E: Well, she might need to be in different places. I don't know. I don't always know what her life is, frankly still. I do not know where your friend Seraya is. Have you checked her? Haven? Seraya? [01:25:13] Speaker D: We have. [01:25:16] Speaker E: Shame. All right. Well, seems like you've done what you can. [01:25:23] Speaker A: No. [01:25:24] Speaker E: She weighs you out. [01:25:26] Speaker B: Thank you for your time. [01:25:28] Speaker D: Could you at least give us where Marco's Haven is? If you know where it is so we can check on her? [01:25:39] Speaker E: I mean, I don't anymore. She used to be here, but now she's not. It's not my job to know where all of my children are. Okay. [01:25:56] Speaker D: Rin will just walk out. [01:26:02] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:26:04] Speaker E: You seemed like you were wanting to say something to. [01:26:08] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. Listen, I don't know. That's all we can do is Checker Haven. I don't know what's going on here, but you have some connection with Margot. Someone else got kidnapped. We're looking for the person that kidnapped. Your person goes out, I have no choice but to assume you know what's going on and you're not telling us. [01:26:31] Speaker E: What are you going to do? You sniffing a little child? Complain to your sire, to daddy? Like anyone important is actually going to listen to you, too. [01:26:39] Speaker A: That's fine. That's fine. Hey, when it comes out that you're doing this and we tell every kindred in Chicago that your club isn't safe, good fucking luck with that. I'm going to storm out of the office. [01:26:52] Speaker E: You might not see it. She gives a smirk. [01:26:57] Speaker A: All right, I'm speaking, like, too loud. Other people in the club can hear to ran into Warren. She knows something. I don't know what she knows. She should be more concerned if people are going missing. If her people are going missing and she's not doing anything about it, it's her. I don't know why or what. Something's fucking trishy. I don't like it. [01:27:26] Speaker D: Neither do I. [01:27:31] Speaker B: Incident. [01:27:35] Speaker A: Maybe. We've been around in the club. Have we seen Annabelle's other child? Earth? They're probably grounded after the party, but have any of her other people been around the pains? [01:27:50] Speaker E: No. Yeah, you haven't seen either of the pains. Because you are correct. They are gone. Brit Stryker, the doorman from the party, also not there. Your other option would be Sophia. But you don't know her or where she might be. [01:28:20] Speaker A: And none of her people are here. While people are fucking like it, none. [01:28:25] Speaker E: Of her people are here. [01:28:29] Speaker A: Something's up. She knows something's up. Didn't Margot say something? Not to mess with Dimitri or something? Does she know something about Dimitri? [01:28:44] Speaker D: Is Dimitri at the club tonight? [01:28:51] Speaker E: If you go looking for where the Chess game normally is. [01:28:53] Speaker C: Yes, he's there. [01:28:57] Speaker E: There's a poet nearby. [01:28:59] Speaker A: Oh, a poet. [01:29:02] Speaker E: They're giving off some apocalypse poetry of some sort. I'm not going to bother to recite it, but that's what they are doing. [01:29:09] Speaker A: Is it any good? [01:29:13] Speaker E: Um, no. Frankly, no, it's not good, but it is there. And this is just what he's wanting to listen to. Now. [01:29:28] Speaker A: Whose turn is it at? The chessboard. [01:29:36] Speaker E: Princess is still staring. Meat tree is still standing off to the side. [01:29:48] Speaker A: I'm going to be an idiot and approach him directly about this. Excuse me, Dimitri, can I speak to you for a second? [01:29:57] Speaker F: Sure. I'm not quite sure I understand this poetry that this person believes they are saying. [01:30:06] Speaker A: Maybe I don't like it either. So don't worry about it being a language thing. Listen. [01:30:11] Speaker F: Well, it's good because I for a brief moment thought maybe it was a language thing. [01:30:15] Speaker A: No, this is going to come off like I'm accusing you of something, but I need you to bear with me. [01:30:24] Speaker F: I am a good bear. [01:30:26] Speaker E: Yes. [01:30:27] Speaker A: People are going missing from the club. The proprietor who was telling her people not to associate with you. Do you know anything about the people going missing from this club? [01:30:39] Speaker F: Why would they know about people going missing from a club? Are they going off to go home? Are they going to feed? I mean, these are many questions that I do not have answers to. [01:30:52] Speaker A: As it would have it. A friend of ours went out to feed and we never saw her again. And the people outside never saw her leave. And we haven't seen another member, another one of our friends since last night when we left. I'm not saying it was you, but why would Annabelle tell her people to stay away from you? [01:31:12] Speaker F: Well, probably because I am quite old and I am not from here. Do not know this Annabelle. Well, if this is her. [01:31:24] Speaker E: No. Yes. [01:31:25] Speaker A: Yes. [01:31:27] Speaker F: Well, then I would have to assume she does not want anyone associating with a strange russian man. I mean, it was only, what, a year ago? Not even that. Gorbachev listened to Reagan and he brought down the wall. [01:31:43] Speaker A: So it's a cold war thing. [01:31:48] Speaker F: Perhaps Gorbachev is not the strongest leader that Russia's ever had. [01:31:54] Speaker A: Do I get any kind of read off of Dmitri? Is he telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth? Or am I getting danced on? [01:32:06] Speaker E: Roll me wits and empathy and specialty as well. [01:32:17] Speaker A: My wood specialty? [01:32:18] Speaker E: Yes, your wood specialty. [01:32:23] Speaker B: Well, this conversation is ongoing. Could I do a quick read of Dimitri and auras? [01:32:33] Speaker E: Well, they are still the same, except more visibly Cretus. Anyone can tell that he is fucking pissed. He is still deep in thought, but he looks pissed no matter what to everybody. [01:32:48] Speaker A: How do I include the specialty in Zimichi? [01:32:51] Speaker E: You just do a space and type it out with your words. [01:33:00] Speaker A: I should have spent a willpower. I got one success. [01:33:05] Speaker E: Yeah. He is speaking the truth. Yeah, he's speaking the truth. That's to your guess? I mean, it's the truth. [01:33:17] Speaker A: You don't even sound like you believe that storyteller. [01:33:21] Speaker E: It is the truth. Annabelle doesn't like him. She doesn't like commies. [01:33:29] Speaker A: Damn fucking american. [01:33:31] Speaker E: The red scares were happy about the. [01:33:36] Speaker D: Red scare until they found out what it was. [01:33:41] Speaker E: So that's just really. It is that he is right. Annabelle just doesn't like him. He seems like he's speaking the truth. [01:33:54] Speaker A: I can't go to my sire. She wins. [01:34:01] Speaker F: I am quite an old vampire and so it makes many uncomfortable whenever I come to any cities or princetons. Do you know the history of chess? [01:34:17] Speaker A: I can't say. I'm a student of the game. [01:34:20] Speaker F: It has been going on for longer than I think. Most of the kindred here in this club. Why myself. I played it with Rama a thousand years ago. [01:34:38] Speaker A: Do you ever forget the new rules? [01:34:42] Speaker F: The rules are always changing. That's kind of the beauty of chess. [01:34:48] Speaker A: Who's Ramach? [01:34:52] Speaker F: Well, it seems that you do not have adequate historical understanding or cultural understanding for me to really explain about chess. [01:35:03] Speaker A: I see. Well, thanks for the attempt. I can't say book learning has never been my strong suit. [01:35:14] Speaker F: Well, at least you understand your weaknesses. [01:35:18] Speaker A: I'm going to leave them alone. Fucking steaming. I don't know what's happening and I don't like it. [01:35:27] Speaker E: Yeah, you are feeding into that Peru nature. Yeah, nothing else really happens. [01:35:43] Speaker A: Sorry. This might take us out. Have you guys looked at the layout? It's just three of us. I'm scared. [01:35:50] Speaker D: Oh, no. [01:35:53] Speaker E: You do. See, on the board, two pawns of creatives have gone. One pawn and has gone from Dimitri's side. And then a bishop and a knight have been taken as well. From creative. [01:36:14] Speaker D: Bishop and a knight. [01:36:24] Speaker A: Did Margot like chess? Do you ever see her playing any games? No. That can't be it. [01:36:30] Speaker D: No. [01:36:34] Speaker E: What would you guys like to do with your night? Sorry. I'm so sorry for interrupting. What would you guys like to do with your night? [01:36:42] Speaker A: We should start looking, I guess. Somewhere else in the city. Right. With the club. We're trying to wring blood from a stone. [01:36:51] Speaker D: I just don't know where. If we knew where Margo was, I would mean, like, haven was. I would have suggested we head there. [01:37:02] Speaker E: But. [01:37:06] Speaker D: This is not looking good, honestly. Should we. [01:37:24] Speaker A: We should put the word out. APB for Margot and Soraya. Kindred are getting taken up off the streets. Tell whoever you know. We don't know what's going on. It feels like it's just our coterie, but maybe everyone's getting kidnapped. We just killed some hunters, right? Maybe it's hunter shit. [01:37:46] Speaker D: Maybe. [01:37:52] Speaker A: We should talk to our people. [01:37:55] Speaker D: That might be a good idea. [01:38:03] Speaker A: So perhaps we all split up to go talk to our various connections. [01:38:11] Speaker E: Yeah, let's go down the list. Who wants to talk to their contacts? Jasper, who do you want to talk to? [01:38:19] Speaker A: I don't want to talk to my sire specifically, but I will talk to some of my. If my sire has any underlings, I'm cool with, like, hey, let them know, keep an eye out. [01:38:30] Speaker E: Oh, totally. Yeah. Blackjack has. I gotta find what his. I gotta find which one. So he has. Oh, well, no, he doesn't anymore. They've been destroyed. Like, he doesn't know. Not recently at all. But his children, other than you, have been destroyed. And there are other anarchs. Anarchs in the area that you could talk to there. They honestly might not be as helpful as your sire. [01:39:22] Speaker A: But, you know, I can't go to my sire. I'm going to let the anarchs know people are going missing to keep a lookout. We're going to get to blackjack. I can't go to blackjack. She can't let this motherfucker win. [01:39:34] Speaker D: Hey. [01:39:40] Speaker E: Yeah. That's all you're going to do. We're going to move on to Warren. What would you like to do. [01:39:54] Speaker B: To contact his contacts? He's going to head back to his haven and log on to his personal computer because all his friends exist on terranet.com, the early 90s message board. [01:40:13] Speaker E: As you log on, everybody, all of your friends greet you like, hey. Then you type out, it's been so long since we've seen you online. [01:40:24] Speaker B: Yeah, he's going to take back. He comes back with something important. He's going to give a brief description of Soraya, Margot, and the blood doll that Soraya was last seen with. Tell everybody in the Chicago, sort of Midwest, Illinois area to keep an eye out for these figures. Look out for them and be safe. [01:40:52] Speaker E: Well, thank you so much. Of course. These CIA bricks are abducting people off the streets. And can you make a. What's awareness roll? Difficulty eight? [01:41:18] Speaker D: Oh, no. [01:41:33] Speaker B: And I would like to actually spend a point of willpower to get one success, my man. [01:41:39] Speaker E: Lovely chubbly. I love hearing. That is you hear from speakers that you have set up near your microphone as well. You hear her over the. Hear over them. Let me make sure I get the right name. You hear the game is sick. The game has ruined this. He's done this for ages. That avoid dimitri bind. Then it crackles a little bit. Can you make perception alertness difficulty six. [01:42:53] Speaker D: Sorry. [01:42:54] Speaker E: That was what in the learning perception. Find Darren. That's all you're going to get. That's all it says. [01:43:49] Speaker B: Warren's gonna do. [01:43:58] Speaker E: Ren? [01:44:00] Speaker D: Yes. [01:44:01] Speaker E: What would you like to do with the rest of your night? [01:44:04] Speaker D: I would like to go to my context as well and ask around of they've heard any spots where people could have, or any popular spots to be taken, basically to either a, to be disposed of or b to keep for a long period of time. [01:44:37] Speaker E: Can you say that again? I totally just had a brain fart. I'm so sorry. [01:44:41] Speaker D: No, it's all good. I'm basically asking. Most likely I'll be going to Isaiah because of the issues this is evolving. And asking if there's any places that they have heard of or would know of where you would store people or dispose of discreetly. [01:45:09] Speaker E: Or rivers, lakes, Lincoln park alleys, abandoned warehouses. Kind of all the normal, usual places that you might already think of to have already had a body. Sewers too. [01:45:30] Speaker D: Yeah, that sort of thing. I mean, more on the lines of like, kindred stuff. Like, hey, where would if you were to try to. [01:45:43] Speaker E: Honestly, it's kind of the same list, to be honest. If they've accidentally killed their prey, it's generally down the same list. Provided they don't have any phobias or some obscure weakness. Yeah, just pretty much down that same list. [01:46:01] Speaker D: We already know of. Like, no, I don't want to go anywhere near rivers right now. And I would just also talk to them about what has been happening around the succubus club, about people going missing and stuff like that as well. Why? I was asking. [01:46:29] Speaker E: Nothing known of the succubus club other than what you already know. They do say that there have been some reports that a lady was taken recently and that a guy was also taken a couple days prior. But the lady was taken last night and the guy on the same night that Soraya was taken. [01:46:58] Speaker D: Who was this guy? [01:47:00] Speaker E: Guy's name is Randy. He was a university student. And through know sneaky parts, they saw him get abducted. But since there wasn't really any interest or need for them to stop it. For money or whatever. They didn't really do anything about the same for the female as well. And I shouldn't have said what are you going to do with restoring Hayes? I'm presuming that you guys might go about your separate ways and probably regroups at the end of the night. [01:47:35] Speaker D: Maybe. Yeah. [01:47:36] Speaker E: Okay. Where are you going to regroup? [01:47:45] Speaker A: Outside the club. I guess it's been a rendezvous. [01:47:48] Speaker D: Yeah. Because. [01:47:55] Speaker E: I would say just given how long it takes for some of your contacts and spreading information, it's probably closer to about 03:00 a.m. At this point. [01:48:22] Speaker A: We all share our notes. What does that give us to track to? I guess Randy's apartment. [01:48:30] Speaker D: Randy or this other lady's apartment? [01:48:35] Speaker E: Randy wasn't taken from his apartment. I'll say he was not taken from his apartment, nor was the lady. [01:48:44] Speaker D: Okay, where were they taken from? [01:48:47] Speaker E: Randy was taken outside. He was banking at the time. And then the lady was taken from her office. [01:48:59] Speaker D: What was her office? We might have something there. [01:49:06] Speaker E: Something lawyersque. Okay. A rule I'm not following right now that I really ought to be is having a list of names. [01:49:29] Speaker A: Which one's closer to the club. [01:49:32] Speaker E: The ATM. But as you guys are leaving and all of you make a perception alertness roll. Difficulty eight, which means difficulty six for Ren. [01:49:51] Speaker A: Yeah, for me. [01:50:02] Speaker D: Will my specialty of noises apply? [01:50:07] Speaker E: 1 million billion percent total failure. [01:50:10] Speaker A: For me. [01:50:14] Speaker D: Perception. [01:50:14] Speaker E: Two successes like that. [01:50:16] Speaker D: Seven. Six noises. That is going to be four successes. [01:50:28] Speaker E: Lovely. [01:50:29] Speaker A: Christ. [01:50:32] Speaker E: What I do. Warren and Ren, here is someone walking up behind you as you guys are going to the. [01:50:45] Speaker D: Do a subtle glance over and see who it is. [01:50:49] Speaker E: You're being followed in a cloak. They're actually cloaked and pretty much it right now. You're being followed. You will know that. You two will know that you are being followed. [01:51:08] Speaker B: Warren's going to put his hand, kind of try to subtly put his hand in his pocket and rest it on the pistol that he took from the hunters. [01:51:18] Speaker E: Sort of. Ren. [01:51:26] Speaker D: Ren is just going to play it safe and just keep on. I'm just looking over and I see Warren most likely put his hands and I know he knows. So I'm just going to just toughly like faking, basically rubbing my hands and blowing in and just like giving like a subtle, as if like I'm trying to war self up. Just acknowledge and yeah. [01:52:10] Speaker B: Or give a nod indicates that he knows. [01:52:18] Speaker D: Let's just keep on walking to this ATM. And then can we actually try to. How close is this? Like if we go around a corner or how far away are they backed away from? [01:52:43] Speaker E: You wouldn't be able to hear them if you were mortal, I'll put it like that. But you two can. This guy is not. He's not doing the best to not be seen, but it is a little bit difficult. [01:53:07] Speaker D: Want me. Want me to try to ambush or we have someone following. [01:53:20] Speaker A: One person? [01:53:22] Speaker D: From what I can tell, yes. [01:53:25] Speaker A: I mean, considering what happened to the last guy who did this, we came up on, I feel like we should just. Well, maybe we have questions to ask him. [01:53:37] Speaker D: You guys keep on going, and I will ambush them. Right. Let's just break line of sight, and I can do my thing. [01:53:56] Speaker A: Are there any turns or anything we could take soon to possibly break line of sight? [01:54:00] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. [01:54:04] Speaker D: As soon as we break line of sight, I will locus shadows and just obfuscate. I mean, I'll obfuscate myself around like a light pole or something like that, just so we'll work properly and just wait for him to pass on by. [01:54:34] Speaker E: As the other two walk away. Okay. The other two walk away. He passes you. He's following them. [01:54:45] Speaker D: Do I catch any features or is just like a cloaked guy? [01:54:50] Speaker E: He's a cloaked guy. At the moment, he's hunched over, but other than that, you can guess. I mean, he's probably in his late 40s. He's abnormally short, I'll give you that. He's about four foot ten. [01:55:11] Speaker D: Soon as he passes on by me, if he doesn't notice me, which he shouldn't, but if he does, I would be scared shitless. If he does, I'm going to try to immediately push him against the wall and try to interrogate him. [01:55:35] Speaker E: All right, well, then. [01:55:42] Speaker C: As you do. [01:55:43] Speaker E: That, can you roll strength and athletics? Athletics or brawl, whichever is your highest. [01:55:55] Speaker D: Yeah, that'll definitely be my brawl. Will my reserve strength come in? [01:56:01] Speaker E: Yes. [01:56:03] Speaker D: Okay, that is difficulty six. [01:56:11] Speaker E: Yes, all. [01:56:17] Speaker D: It's a failure. [01:56:24] Speaker A: That's so sad. [01:56:26] Speaker E: You scroll him up against the wall, but as you do, you yourself bounce back a little bit as just kind of like how, I can't remember the exact wording for it, but, yeah, you push him back and you kind of bounce back as you're ready to pin him even harder. And he kind of moves out of the way, and he himself will use obfuscate. [01:56:56] Speaker D: He's so dope. Oh, no. [01:57:00] Speaker A: Was it loud enough to scuffle that we would be, like, turning around and looking at them? [01:57:04] Speaker E: Yes. I need you, Ren, to make a wits alertness. [01:57:16] Speaker D: Wits alertness. [01:57:18] Speaker E: Wits alertness. [01:57:20] Speaker D: All right, I'm guessing because this is all site based. Noises will not apply. [01:57:28] Speaker E: Noise does not apply to this one. This one is a different thing. [01:57:33] Speaker D: Yes. That's why I kind of figured. So. Difficulty. [01:57:49] Speaker E: Gotta make sure. I'm so sorry. Eight. [01:57:54] Speaker D: Difficulty. Eight. All right, since this does not apply. So here we go. Manifesting two successes. [01:58:05] Speaker E: This is technically. Technically a contested role. [01:58:10] Speaker D: Yeah, that's right. [01:58:14] Speaker E: Yeah. But it's also going to be difficult to eat. Oh. [01:58:24] Speaker D: Thank you. [01:58:25] Speaker E: So you can see that your. Your mind gets a bit higgsy, but you. You persevere through it. And he is still there, but he's moved off to the side now he's trying to run away. [01:58:39] Speaker A: Can we step in now? [01:58:41] Speaker E: Oh, yes. [01:58:44] Speaker A: Point out I'm real strongly and I want to use dread gaze and go. Stop right there. Try and scare him into submission. [01:58:51] Speaker E: Does that require eye contact? [01:58:55] Speaker A: Great question. [01:58:57] Speaker E: That's a problem. [01:58:58] Speaker D: I think it does. Let me look. [01:59:02] Speaker A: I don't think so. [01:59:08] Speaker D: Red gaze. [01:59:18] Speaker E: Does not say so from the looks of it. So I will need you to roll. Charisma, intimidation, difficulty. Got to find the right. [01:59:38] Speaker D: Equal to what's encourage. [01:59:40] Speaker E: What's encourage? [01:59:41] Speaker A: Yeah. I'm going to spend a willpower and I believe I don't spend a blood point for dread gaze. [01:59:47] Speaker E: Right. [01:59:47] Speaker D: Difficulty six. [01:59:50] Speaker E: That is correct, yes. So it's going to be your charisma, intimidation, difficulty six. [01:59:58] Speaker A: I don't suppose my eloquent specialty applies. [02:00:01] Speaker E: No, I don't think you're being eloquent at the moment. I think you're being more intimidating. [02:00:09] Speaker A: I think you're correct. And you said eloquently at the bit. Difficulty six. Sorry. Successes. [02:00:26] Speaker D: Nice. [02:00:28] Speaker E: Go see if I need to roll. Anything else? [02:00:35] Speaker D: Um, three or more successes means he runs away in attic fear. [02:00:41] Speaker A: The victim is cowed. I don't know what that means. Or if we did the. [02:00:45] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [02:00:46] Speaker A: But it definitely runs away. Shit. [02:00:51] Speaker E: He technically doesn't have anywhere to run, but he will try to hilarity to get in front. Yeah. I'm going to presume that you're doing that to kind of maneuver around him. He will attempt to. I mean, he'll. He'll attempt. Oh, he has that. Yeah, he's kind of attempting to climb the walls at the course. [02:01:28] Speaker A: Of course, he can literally climb up the walls. [02:01:31] Speaker E: He's not, because he doesn't have the ability to do that. But you can see him trying. [02:01:39] Speaker A: Ren, Warren, grab him. [02:01:41] Speaker D: I'm going to try to grab Adam as he's trying to flee. [02:01:49] Speaker E: Okay, roll. Strength athletics again. [02:01:56] Speaker D: Okay. Yeah, strength athletics this time. So that's just only going to be five this time. [02:02:09] Speaker E: Difficulty is six. [02:02:11] Speaker D: Okay. [02:02:17] Speaker E: Once you test, you pin him against the wall. Three successes, you definitely pin him against the wall, both of you. And you crunch in his shoulder. You can presume that it's either popped out or you might have broken some bones there. [02:02:38] Speaker B: Warren, at this point, is going to point the pistol he'd been holding at to the person he grabbed. [02:02:46] Speaker E: Okay, you're smacking me in the face. [02:02:50] Speaker B: Not smacking yet. Just pointing. [02:02:53] Speaker E: Just pointing. Okay. [02:02:57] Speaker D: Now then. Go ahead. [02:03:01] Speaker E: Sorry, no, go ahead. [02:03:03] Speaker D: Now then, can you tell us why. [02:03:07] Speaker E: Have you following us? [02:03:09] Speaker D: Lovely evening. [02:03:19] Speaker E: I was just following it. I was just following. [02:03:23] Speaker D: Bullshit. [02:03:26] Speaker A: Lying to us won't make this any easier for you. You know, we killed a few people a few nights ago. We don't intend to be nice to you if you aren't nice to us. [02:03:39] Speaker E: I am being nice. I'm telling you, I was just following you. Interesting. [02:03:44] Speaker A: No, that is not why you're following us. Our friends keep going missing, and if you can't tell us the truth, well, I can't promise what we're going to do to you, but you're not going to like it. Okay. Someone put you up to this? [02:04:00] Speaker E: No one did. No. [02:04:03] Speaker D: Does he still have his cloak, his hood pulled up and everything? [02:04:12] Speaker E: Presumably not anymore, now that you guys have. [02:04:17] Speaker D: I would have definitely pulled it away. [02:04:21] Speaker E: I was going to say, I was assuming that you guys pulled it away as you pinned him up. [02:04:30] Speaker A: We're pretty sure he's kindred, right? [02:04:34] Speaker D: Pretty sure? [02:04:34] Speaker E: Yes. He's not breathing. If that is your easiest indicator is that he is not breathing. [02:04:44] Speaker A: Listen, you can tell us what you want to know and we might even let you leave for free. Or we can take you up to some rooftop somewhere. Chicago's beautiful skyline. Stick a steak through your heart and let you see the sunrise. Do you understand me? If you want to live to see tomorrow night or the night after that, you're going to be straight with us. [02:05:04] Speaker C: Jesus Christ. [02:05:10] Speaker E: I don't know anything. [02:05:13] Speaker A: I punch him. Yes, you do. You don't follow people for no reason. [02:05:21] Speaker E: Sorry. Just to make sure, you did mention sunlight. Yeah, perfect. [02:05:27] Speaker A: Fuck. We're being watched. [02:05:31] Speaker E: Listen. [02:05:34] Speaker A: If you don't tell us what we want, we have no reason to let you live. You're going to go off and tell whoever put you up to this that you got caught and nothing came of it. That's not good for us. If you never show up again, they don't know what happened. If you want us to let you. [02:05:49] Speaker E: Okay, listen, all I know is that at. They're probably. No, they're definitely. Yeah, definitely at Prometheus Productions. [02:06:05] Speaker A: Prometheus Productions. [02:06:08] Speaker C: Yeah. [02:06:09] Speaker E: The warehouse. Yeah. [02:06:11] Speaker A: Where? Warehouse. [02:06:19] Speaker E: You would know. There is only one in Chicago. [02:06:21] Speaker A: Okay. Okay. We know where they are. And. Okay. They gave you the job. Who gave you the job? [02:06:30] Speaker E: Ren, you hear sirens in the distance? Or about a mile or two off, they hear them coming. [02:06:37] Speaker D: Oh, fuck. Yes. All right. [02:06:39] Speaker E: You would either guess that there's something happening nearby, or they are chasing someone who's heading your direction. [02:06:48] Speaker D: We got to go, guys. Wait. There's tyranns. [02:06:53] Speaker E: All I know is that they're there, and I was supposed to. And he kind of becomes blimp. And his clothes. [02:07:07] Speaker D: What the fuck? [02:07:09] Speaker A: We can't leave him here for the cops to find him. [02:07:13] Speaker D: I got him. I'll pick him up. [02:07:19] Speaker E: All right. You're carrying a sleeping guy who's pretty. Who's quite heavy. I mean, it's quite heavy for anybody else, but for you, it's not much of an issue, but it's a little. [02:07:30] Speaker D: Bit of an inconvenience. [02:07:31] Speaker E: Yeah, it's an inconvenience. [02:07:33] Speaker A: Whose haven is closest? [02:07:39] Speaker D: I would say most likely mine. [02:07:43] Speaker A: All right. We can ruin some of your furniture and keep this guy overnight. [02:07:50] Speaker D: Okay. Yeah, that'll be fine. [02:07:53] Speaker A: I'll pay you back for it. [02:07:57] Speaker D: Okay. Ren thinking his mind. Oh, God, Sylvia's gonna hate her. [02:08:05] Speaker A: So we're gonna run away from the cops and stake this guy in Ren's apartment, I think. [02:08:11] Speaker E: All right. [02:08:12] Speaker D: I'm not going to stake him just yet. [02:08:16] Speaker A: We can't let him move around and do what he wants. [02:08:21] Speaker D: We'll be fine. I think we'll be fine. We'll keep an eye on him. [02:08:26] Speaker A: I hope so. [02:08:26] Speaker D: Until he gives us the information. Let's go. Let's go. [02:08:38] Speaker E: Ahead. [02:08:41] Speaker A: Do we want into trouble on the way there? No, you don't, because it's pretty late, right? Like, if we went anywhere right now where we've got a good chance of getting arrested or seeing the sun. [02:08:53] Speaker E: Yeah, you have a pretty good chance of seeing the sun at the. [02:09:01] Speaker D: Mean. I'm guessing by the time we get to my haven, it will be a little bit. It will be getting very late, and it's almost impossible for Warren and Jasper to get to their places. I'm guessing. [02:09:20] Speaker E: It would be. I mean, it would be. Yeah, on the opposite side. You're kind of on the side of town. Know, furthest from the water. It's very south. [02:09:35] Speaker D: Yes, it's south. Pretty much suburbs. I would say a little bit like the suburb area. So, yeah, I think we would just bring. Yeah, let's take them. I just realized. Yeah, it would be. It's a listing being late, but we need to stake them. [02:10:08] Speaker A: Good night, sweet prince. [02:10:18] Speaker D: And then you guys can stay the night here. [02:10:22] Speaker A: Appreciate it. [02:10:32] Speaker E: Next night comes, you guys spend your blood point. I will say you do know the location of where they are, your friends. [02:10:44] Speaker A: Ren, do you have people that come around here? [02:10:52] Speaker D: I look over to the room and see that looks like Sylvia is probably still asleep. And be like, yeah, there's still people come around. [02:11:09] Speaker A: I guess we can tie this guy down and ask him when he knows, but he seems a little on the totem pole. I have a feeling we might just need to go to Prometheus productions. [02:11:19] Speaker D: Yeah. [02:11:25] Speaker A: You want to stuff him under your bed or kill him? I don't know. He seems like we should keep him around as a witness. [02:11:33] Speaker D: I would like just like to know more information before we just kill him. [02:11:38] Speaker A: All right. Stick him in your closet. We'll come back later. I slapped the guy in the face a couple of times. You just wait patiently for us. [02:11:47] Speaker E: He's still asleep, actually. [02:11:49] Speaker A: I hope so. We staked him. At least I thought we did. [02:11:54] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:11:55] Speaker A: Okay. [02:11:57] Speaker D: And just to be safe here as well, I will put like a sticky note on it, just in case somehow he starts wakes. Somehow some bullshit happened. Write like a little polity note on it. Be like, sorry. And, yeah, let's head over to this Prometheus productions. And where exactly is this place? [02:12:31] Speaker E: About the center of the city. [02:12:33] Speaker D: Center of the city. Okay. A little bit far away from water. Okay, good. I'm just. You could tell Ren is. As soon as he pulls up the. Let's start heading to production. [02:12:59] Speaker E: Right? Yep. [02:13:02] Speaker A: Wait, do you have any gear? You need steaks? Fucking garlic? Whatever you take. I have a feeling we aren't going to be welcomed. [02:13:10] Speaker E: Really? [02:13:10] Speaker D: Garlic? You were. Oh, my God. Okay. [02:13:16] Speaker A: That one's a joke. [02:13:22] Speaker D: I understand. It was. [02:13:25] Speaker E: All right. [02:13:27] Speaker D: It's in the center city. So let's go. [02:13:32] Speaker E: Takes about an hour and a half. Presuming you're avoiding. I mean, you're sticking together and you're avoiding certain spots where you think you could be taken or something. Could jump out of the shadows. [02:13:44] Speaker D: Right. [02:13:46] Speaker E: Takes about an hour and a half to get there, but you're there. [02:13:52] Speaker A: Let's circle the building, see what they've got going on. [02:13:55] Speaker D: Yeah. [02:13:57] Speaker E: Nothing of note. [02:14:01] Speaker D: Nothing of. No. [02:14:02] Speaker E: Pretty plain fence, barbed wire warehouse. Name of the company on the side. [02:14:07] Speaker A: I'll knock on the front door. [02:14:10] Speaker E: No answer. [02:14:13] Speaker A: No windows. [02:14:15] Speaker E: Yes. I mean, there's some windows up top. [02:14:21] Speaker D: Let's head in there. Let's try to get in there. [02:14:24] Speaker A: Just do we got a fire escape we can maybe look through the windows with? [02:14:30] Speaker E: No. [02:14:34] Speaker D: I'm guessing when we tried the door, nothing happens. [02:14:39] Speaker E: It opens. [02:14:41] Speaker D: Oh, it does open. [02:14:42] Speaker E: Yes. [02:14:45] Speaker D: It's the classic. How are we going to get in this locked door that is obviously unlocked. Okay, it can't just be that. Oh, that easy. I just walk in. [02:15:02] Speaker A: I'm staying behind. I've seen them do some stuff to people I can't do. Keep an eye out. [02:15:11] Speaker E: That's fair. [02:15:12] Speaker D: And how dark is this place right now, by the way? [02:15:18] Speaker E: There's no light on inside. I mean, there's like a light on inside. In the front area, you see a real old woman actually come, like walking out of a hallway. [02:15:33] Speaker D: I'm going to wait for the wishing to get back or hide. [02:15:44] Speaker E: You're hiding from her? [02:15:46] Speaker D: Yeah. I don't know what she can do exactly. [02:15:53] Speaker E: She just kind of waves at you. [02:15:56] Speaker C: Slowly goes like, hi. [02:15:58] Speaker E: At one. [02:15:59] Speaker C: Jasper. [02:16:00] Speaker D: Hi. [02:16:01] Speaker A: Hey, I know this seems weird. Our friends said they had a call time here, but I reach into my pocket and I pull out my wallet. But they left their wallet at home. I just wanted to bring it to them. [02:16:16] Speaker E: Can you two make a wits and occult roll? [02:16:23] Speaker A: It'll be seven for me. [02:16:36] Speaker D: Oh, no. [02:16:39] Speaker E: Lauren. One success. Ren, I will allow you to roll her, presuming you're looking at her. [02:16:48] Speaker D: Yeah. What's a cult? Okay, four, seven. I did not go through properly. [02:17:10] Speaker E: Try it again. [02:17:11] Speaker D: Yep, that's what I'm trying right now. There it goes. Two successes. [02:17:22] Speaker E: Now for her role. [02:17:24] Speaker D: Jesus Christ. [02:17:26] Speaker B: Don't like the she roll? [02:17:28] Speaker A: We're fucking dead, boys. [02:17:32] Speaker D: This is. [02:17:33] Speaker E: Nothing happens. She goes like, what can I help you with dairy? And she takes another step forward and kind of tumbles and falls over. [02:17:47] Speaker D: Jesus Christ. [02:17:52] Speaker A: I just sort of look at her with suspicion. Can I see if something happened to her? Probably not. [02:18:01] Speaker E: She's fallen over. [02:18:04] Speaker A: Hey, are you okay? Oh, my God. [02:18:07] Speaker E: You go to help her up? [02:18:12] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm suspicious of the place, but she seems normal. Does she immediately kill me? [02:18:25] Speaker E: No. Probably got to make sure. What is your humanity. [02:18:39] Speaker A: Six? [02:18:42] Speaker E: Not good for you. [02:18:44] Speaker A: Oh, no. [02:18:48] Speaker E: Your soul hurts so much. Can you roll? Self control difficulty, sir. [02:18:57] Speaker A: This is fucked up because, you know, I'm a bruha man. [02:19:01] Speaker D: Oh, no. [02:19:02] Speaker E: The thunderfield. [02:19:09] Speaker A: One success. [02:19:11] Speaker E: Your soul hurts. It feels twisted and something has sapped two dots of willpower. [02:19:19] Speaker A: I don't have two more dots of willpower. I don't know what that means, but I assume it's that. [02:19:36] Speaker E: Warren. You're right next to Jasper. Correct indeed. Cameron Dex brawl. And Jasper is going to take a swing at Warren. As your mind has been overcome by some unknown presence. [02:20:04] Speaker A: This is good for you, Warren. [02:20:09] Speaker E: Ren, you see Jasper. Warren and Jasper, you see. Sorry, not Warren. Jasper. Warren and Ren. You two see his hand go through the body. And then he attacks. Warren, can you roll your strength plus two dice? And Warren, can you roll stamina for me? [02:20:51] Speaker D: God. [02:20:53] Speaker A: One success. [02:20:54] Speaker B: Just my stamina. Stamina? [02:20:56] Speaker E: Yes, your stamina. [02:20:59] Speaker A: Are you kidding? Botched on some of the worst roles I could possibly make. [02:21:03] Speaker E: Can you? Okay, so take two dots of bashing damage. Wren, you see Jasper. Sock Warren. And body slightly flickers away. Both of you see it slightly flicker away. [02:21:28] Speaker D: Oh, shit. Jasper, you okay there, man? [02:21:35] Speaker A: I hiss. Maybe you do. [02:21:39] Speaker E: She has you hiss as you see the body. The old lady kind of is now up and standing it. [02:21:55] Speaker D: The old lady is up and standing now. [02:21:58] Speaker E: It flickered away, and now she's standing. [02:22:02] Speaker D: Oh, shit. I think I'm going to bend a blood point to pop the claws. [02:22:13] Speaker E: Okay. [02:22:14] Speaker D: And I'm going to try to go for the lady. [02:22:22] Speaker E: Okay. You go through. [02:22:26] Speaker D: I go through it. [02:22:29] Speaker E: It's not there. You go through the body. [02:22:34] Speaker D: Oh, shit. [02:22:37] Speaker E: What is your humanity? [02:22:40] Speaker C: Oh, shit. [02:22:41] Speaker D: My humanity is a big five. [02:22:48] Speaker E: Okay, can you roll? Okay, roll your two dice, please, for self control. [02:22:56] Speaker A: How do we play yakity sacks on the stream? [02:23:01] Speaker E: This is difficulty six. Rough. Yeah, it's going to be difficulty six. For the love of God, please spend a willpower. [02:23:14] Speaker D: Why? [02:23:15] Speaker A: We have not rolled this bad at all the whole game. [02:23:19] Speaker E: Hey. [02:23:30] Speaker D: Oh, God. [02:23:32] Speaker E: Yes. Warren. Are you going to run away? Does. [02:23:44] Speaker B: Is there an indication that something is wrong? Like something that happened then? Yes, he absolutely is. [02:23:52] Speaker E: He is zipping out of mean. This is very obvious corruption on his part. Whereas Jasper's. It was a little bit more subtle, but him. Totally, yeah. Okay. You run away. Can you make your Ausfex role for aura perception at difficulty six, please? Perception apathy. Thank you. [02:24:30] Speaker B: I was just looking at. [02:24:35] Speaker E: So. Can't believe we had two botches. [02:24:40] Speaker D: Okay. [02:24:41] Speaker B: One success. [02:24:43] Speaker E: Okay. You get the sense that there is something magical in the building. Guarding the building. It is not where you just left, but it does seem to have attachments to your friends. [02:25:06] Speaker A: Yeah. [02:25:08] Speaker E: There is a window. It's next to a window. I mean, the windows you would have to kind of climb up to. Which I will just give you. If you spend a blood point to buff your strength, which I will, just for the sake of brevity and control, of not letting this end horribly, you go through one of the windows and land on the ground, and you're in an office. As you hear the faint slaps of bare feet on the floor and then two covered feet running on the floor towards you. The magic, Magic sense. The file cabinet is emanating magical aura. It's sparkling purple and everything. You know. [02:26:08] Speaker B: Could I use heightened senses to try and tell a little more what this noise is? [02:26:16] Speaker E: The aura. It's magic aura. [02:26:19] Speaker B: Oh, I see. [02:26:20] Speaker E: I'm sorry, but the noises are of. You hear, you know, three sets of feet, one without shoes, which you can surmise was the old lady. You don't remember seeing her wearing shoes. And the other two. Um. But yes, the file cabinet is emanating magical aura. You think something in there is magic? [02:26:50] Speaker B: I will wear and will cautiously open it up. [02:26:57] Speaker E: Takes about two drawers, but then you see a stone in there, and that is where all the sparkles are coming out of. Are you going to grab the stone? [02:27:19] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. He's gonna pick it up and try to examine it, see if he can make heads or tails of what it's all about. [02:27:30] Speaker E: Both of you? Sorry, not both. Ren and Jasper, your will tower is back. [02:27:38] Speaker D: Okay. [02:27:39] Speaker A: I don't suppose I heal more than I took in total. [02:27:43] Speaker E: Sadly, no. The only one who's at full just because of what happened is. [02:27:51] Speaker D: Oh, okay. [02:27:54] Speaker E: And the frail lady is in front of you. And she stopped. Now she's stone cold. And the illusion falters a little bit. And in front of Warren, she appears in the form of a hack. [02:28:16] Speaker A: I. [02:28:19] Speaker B: Jump a little bit as she appears in front of me. [02:28:23] Speaker E: It is disgusting. She looks horrible and ugly, yet has no expression towards you, as if awaiting an order. [02:28:48] Speaker B: She's not making any aggressive acts. [02:28:51] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:28:51] Speaker B: After Warren realizes she's not aggressive, gonna slowly approach her and ask, what are. [02:29:04] Speaker D: Hag? [02:29:06] Speaker E: One of an ancient time. Watching him take them. You take who watching him take them? All of them. She cackles a little bit. [02:29:22] Speaker C: Don't you see it? [02:29:25] Speaker E: Do you ward the pieces? One of her eyes is really bulged out of her head in a sick. [02:29:41] Speaker B: And ruinous game, I'm beginning to think. [02:29:49] Speaker E: Now. What do you want? What do you need? What do you ask of me? [02:29:54] Speaker B: Where are my friends? Are they alive? [02:30:00] Speaker E: Let me lead you to them. She'll begin walking, and you see the two others outside the office in the hallway. And you two see a wrinkly old hag with a hunch and an absolutely bulging eye. [02:30:22] Speaker D: Oh. [02:30:26] Speaker B: Following behind. [02:30:28] Speaker A: Who's she worn? [02:30:34] Speaker B: A hag? [02:30:37] Speaker A: I don't think that's pc. [02:30:45] Speaker E: Laughs at that. [02:30:51] Speaker A: Sorry. Hey. Sorry for hitting you. I don't know what came over me. [02:30:54] Speaker E: You didn't hit me. [02:30:57] Speaker A: I'm now apologizing. Do you know where our friends are? I sort of look around and. No options. And follow. [02:31:10] Speaker E: She walks through you. [02:31:12] Speaker A: What the hell? No, not again. [02:31:15] Speaker D: Oh, no. [02:31:19] Speaker E: You don't feel anything? There's a slight mist. [02:31:28] Speaker A: We follow. [02:31:30] Speaker E: She leads you to a vault door. Then she just says, sleep. The two people guarding have fallen asleep. It is a male and a female. [02:31:45] Speaker D: Kindred. Or they. [02:31:49] Speaker E: Would you like to inspect to see if they are kindred? [02:31:52] Speaker D: Yes, please. [02:31:54] Speaker E: Okay. Can you do. Let me look at your character. Can you do intelligence, cult or perception awareness? [02:32:15] Speaker D: I'll do perception awareness. [02:32:17] Speaker E: Any of you three can choose that. Choose to also do the roll as well. Six, one. Success. Kindred. Kindred? Yes, kindred. [02:32:38] Speaker D: Good. [02:32:41] Speaker E: Non breathing. So you can presume probably kindred that way. She killed them. Yeah, but she only fell asleep, so probably kindred. [02:32:53] Speaker D: Okay, so, going to keep my eye on him, and I'm going to try to open the vault. [02:33:11] Speaker E: Can you roll difficulty? It's going to be difficulty nine. And it is going to be. Okay. You're attempting to rip open the vault. [02:33:25] Speaker D: Open? Just open it. Like, is it like, their handle or anything? [02:33:31] Speaker E: Yeah, it's locked. [02:33:34] Speaker D: Oh, it's full. Unlocked. I'm going to try. I would still try. [02:33:40] Speaker E: Okay. [02:33:41] Speaker D: Gameboard brains is on the mind. [02:33:44] Speaker E: Just going to be strength difficulty nine. [02:33:47] Speaker D: Strength difficulty nine. What did say? Reserves. The strength will definitely be a part of that, I'm guessing. [02:33:59] Speaker E: All right. [02:34:03] Speaker C: Success. [02:34:05] Speaker A: Nice. [02:34:07] Speaker E: It's weakening. [02:34:08] Speaker D: Oh, it's weakening. Okay. [02:34:15] Speaker E: You can make the roll again if you would like. [02:34:17] Speaker D: Yes, please. [02:34:19] Speaker E: All of you can participate in this, by the way. Or if someone wants to try unlocking it, then I'm going to need intelligence. Larceny. [02:34:29] Speaker A: Can I look for keys on the guards? [02:34:33] Speaker E: Not that kind of lock. [02:34:35] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, that. Fair enough. [02:34:37] Speaker E: This is fault. [02:34:39] Speaker D: I'm going to try again. No, that's a box. [02:34:43] Speaker A: I have one die on either roll, so I'm not any help here. [02:34:48] Speaker E: You are welcome to keep trying. Anyone is able to assist as well. But unfortunately, it's kind of now gotten more setback into place. [02:35:00] Speaker D: I got it. I push it back. Darn it. [02:35:04] Speaker A: Can we bang on the vault door? I know it's a long, like, see if we can't see if there's something behind it. [02:35:18] Speaker E: Soraya, Marco. You hear the faintest stuff banging on the vault door. [02:35:32] Speaker A: That was the world's subtlest insult. [02:35:39] Speaker E: Absolutely. Barely hear it. It is just the ever so subtle disturbance of air in this dead, silent, dark room that you see. You barely hear it. It's just that break of silence. [02:35:56] Speaker D: All right, you said intelligence larceny. Changing the guards. [02:36:05] Speaker E: If you are going to attempt to unlock it, it is going to be intelligence larceny. If you're going to continue to ripping it apart, it is difficulty nine as well? [02:36:16] Speaker D: Both of them are, yes. [02:36:18] Speaker E: If you're going to attempt to rip it apart, is still strength difficulty nine. [02:36:22] Speaker D: Okay, either way, I'm getting four dice. I was saying if it was a lower difficulty. So I'm going to keep on trying to rip. Can I get some help here? [02:36:35] Speaker B: Let me try. Warren's going to kneel down and try to. [02:36:43] Speaker E: Unlocking or pulling? [02:36:45] Speaker B: Unlocking. [02:36:48] Speaker E: Okay. These are two different roles, but they are there, so go ahead. [02:36:57] Speaker D: All right, I will try again. [02:37:01] Speaker A: Excuse me, Miss Hag. Do you know how to open this? [02:37:06] Speaker E: She shrugs. And for those of you inside, it is a smooth door. It's smooth on the inside. They've fully pressurized this room, so even if you wanted to, you can't actually update from the inside. Um, so our. Our target. Our target goal for the strength is gonna be five successes. Five successes in total. But a botch will reset it. [02:37:39] Speaker D: I'm going to try again. This time I will use a willpower. [02:37:49] Speaker E: Do you also want to blood buff? [02:37:51] Speaker D: Yeah, that's a good point. I will blood buff as well. Bump it up to five dice from my pool. [02:37:58] Speaker B: He's going to help try to rip it on the. [02:38:02] Speaker E: Add an extra die from Warren. [02:38:05] Speaker D: Okay, how do you do the auto mwmw? Okay, there we go. So six dice this time, and that is four successes. [02:38:34] Speaker E: I believe in you. Okay, you need one more. I'm still going to figure your health action is. [02:38:41] Speaker A: You can do it, red. [02:38:42] Speaker D: All right, come on. This time, red stretches a little bit, cracks his knuckles and. Wait. I didn't mean to spin another whim. [02:38:59] Speaker E: Well powered there. We'll take it off. So it's two successes. You rip open the door and you see four people in there. Margot, Soraya, two other people, a male and a female. Ren. From your sources, you can guess that they were both also taken. [02:39:22] Speaker D: So that's where you guys have been. [02:39:24] Speaker C: Hello, voice. Finally. You guys are missing a party. Yes. [02:39:31] Speaker D: So these are our childer. This is Randy and Deborah. [02:39:40] Speaker C: I believe we call her Debbie for short. Now we've all become fast friends. [02:39:49] Speaker E: She is hyperventilating. On the oxygen mask. [02:39:56] Speaker C: Still thinks she can breathe. These are our children. [02:40:02] Speaker D: I'm just. [02:40:04] Speaker A: You're. You're not. [02:40:07] Speaker D: You. [02:40:07] Speaker A: Are you fucking with me? [02:40:14] Speaker D: The store just drops it like such a language in front of the children. [02:40:20] Speaker E: Oh. [02:40:24] Speaker C: I can explain. [02:40:26] Speaker E: We're going to end for tonight with all.

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