Episode 3

October 17, 2023


S1 Ep3: Rook Takes Hunter, Knight Takes Bishop

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Hallowed Haven Studios
S1 Ep3: Rook Takes Hunter, Knight Takes Bishop
The Chicago Chronicles: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
S1 Ep3: Rook Takes Hunter, Knight Takes Bishop

Oct 17 2023 | 02:14:52


Show Notes

The Coterie find themselves flipping an ambush on an amateur hunter in the dark streets of Chicago. Tracking the hunter back to his hideout reveals another, and the sacred text the group seeks. Locating the their prize proves the easy part, and the Coterie are forced to stand and fight for their prize. But hunters are not the greatest threat the night holds, and having something of value can make one a target, as one of the Kindred soon discovers…

Jasper Black - Anarcholoserist
Soraya Sharif - Jazzy
Wren - Jimmy
Margot Beaufont - Legacy
Warren Sawyer - GR

Storyteller - Vironz

Dimitri - Scott

Opening Theme: Kick It by Flint

Listener Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:30] Speaker A: Hi, I'm Cam. I'll be playing the bruja. [00:00:35] Speaker B: VR. I will be playing Warren the Malkavian. [00:00:39] Speaker C: Hi, I'm jazzy. I will be playing Seriah the Asamite. Hello there. [00:00:46] Speaker D: My name is Jimmy, and I'll be playing Ren, the gang. [00:00:49] Speaker E: Cool. [00:00:51] Speaker F: And I am legacy. I'll be playing Margot the Toriodor. [00:00:57] Speaker E: And I am Virons, your storyteller for this evening. Last we left off in this windiest of cities. Our group was tasked with hunting down the apocrypha of the book of nod from Margot. Sire Annabelle. They talked to the only lead that they had from the person who even dropped off the note, Dennis Herdin, which was a challenge in itself to even get in contact with him. In the end, Margot talked with him and made off with the money and the phone number to the actual true holders of the apocrypha, using an unknown power of throwing her voice. After which our group. Well, our gangrel, heard a sound and went over to investigate and found someone with true faith and a very big gun. They sent off a crow to alert the rest of the group and send them over this direction so they didn't fight them by themselves. And that is where we're going to pick up Ren? [00:01:59] Speaker D: Yes. [00:02:00] Speaker E: You just sent the crow over. What's the next thing you're going to do? [00:02:07] Speaker D: Just to prepare. I'm going to go ahead and, as I like to say, pop the claws. I'm going to use my second level in protein to pop the claws. [00:02:19] Speaker E: Now, remind me if you need to roll anything for that. [00:02:23] Speaker D: I have to spend a blood points for that. [00:02:27] Speaker E: All right, go ahead. I can do that. [00:02:34] Speaker D: Aspen. [00:02:37] Speaker E: Now the rest of the group. Marco, Soraya, Warren, Jasper. You have a crow pulling at you and somewhat alerting you to. And trying to bring you over into a certain direction that you saw Ren go off in. Can't see him anymore. You've seen him use analyst before as well. The crow. Sorry. [00:03:18] Speaker A: Guys. I think that might be a message. [00:03:25] Speaker F: Possibly. You think we should follow it? [00:03:34] Speaker C: A reason not to. [00:03:41] Speaker F: Might be Ren's calling card. Yeah, we should probably go. [00:03:53] Speaker A: We run in the direction the crow wants us to. [00:03:56] Speaker E: All right, um, as you guys, I'll just say everyone except for Margot, for the reason of Margot only having one dot perception, are able to see this person kind of crouched down. They're holding something kind of big and vaguely weapon shaped. And you're able to see that from about like they're. They're obscured by shadow somewhat. And you're able to see it for about like 600 or so. [00:04:33] Speaker C: I have perception. [00:04:34] Speaker E: Four. [00:04:35] Speaker C: And keen eyes. [00:04:37] Speaker E: You definitely see that as a gun. [00:04:40] Speaker C: Okay, do I notice anything else? [00:04:46] Speaker E: They're wearing some sort of necklace as well. [00:04:50] Speaker C: Like a crucifix or. [00:04:53] Speaker E: No, not a crucifix. [00:04:55] Speaker C: Hmm. Would I take note of this net, this necklace? [00:05:04] Speaker E: Yeah, it looks somewhat similar to something you're wearing. It looks similar to prayer beads. Could actually be prayer beads themselves as well. [00:05:13] Speaker C: Oh, interesting. Um. [00:05:21] Speaker E: You guys are still running up as you get to the kind of 200ft range. That's when Margot starts picking up on the weapon. The vague shape of a weapon. And this person's actually like, crouched down instead of just being. This could have been like, trash and some other things. Everyone is now noticing that this is gun. [00:05:46] Speaker C: Um. [00:05:49] Speaker F: That'S not good. [00:05:53] Speaker C: Can I. Can I greet this person in Arabic and see if they respond? I have charisma. Three. Can I roll? For charisma and manipulation? [00:06:11] Speaker E: You don't need a roll. You do greet them in Arabic and you hear anyone with acute senses or like some sort of keen hearing of any kind can hear the click of a gun. Like the safety is now off. [00:06:33] Speaker C: Hmm. [00:06:36] Speaker A: I don't think that one's friendly. [00:06:38] Speaker C: Yeah, it seems that saying, peace be with you. They don't seem to return the sentiment. [00:06:49] Speaker E: Ren, you see the rest of your group now. [00:06:53] Speaker D: And did I also hear the click of the. [00:06:57] Speaker E: You definitely heard that click? [00:07:04] Speaker D: As soon as I see them aim the weapon, I am going to immediately, immediately rush on over to him and try to claw at him. [00:07:19] Speaker E: I'll let you roll the attack roll, but after which, everyone is going to need to roll initiative. Does everyone know how to do that in the system or does anyone need a refresher? [00:07:30] Speaker A: I need a refresher. [00:07:31] Speaker C: I would like a refresher. Yeah. [00:07:36] Speaker E: It should be width plus dexterity total. And you're going to roll one d ten plus that total that you have, as in that number. Not like extra dice. It's just one d ten plus that number. [00:07:57] Speaker A: So that wouldn't count solarity. [00:08:00] Speaker E: Solarity is counted. Okay, so add two. [00:08:10] Speaker A: This is kind of an insane. Okay for me. [00:08:16] Speaker E: All right. [00:08:21] Speaker C: So pool would be width plus dexterity and no difficulty. [00:08:29] Speaker E: It's not a pool. It is one d ten plus the total number of dots you have in your dexterity and width. So for you it should be one d ten plus five. [00:08:50] Speaker D: And if you use the bot, there is actually. If you do slash int, that will do. The cortesamine will do the initiative. [00:09:01] Speaker E: Yes. If you do add and you put in that number total, it will actually add to that addition. It'll actually auto calculate it for us. [00:09:15] Speaker C: I'm sorry, what is the command for rolling a d? Ten. [00:09:20] Speaker E: Right. Now, what you want to do is do in it. [00:09:24] Speaker C: Add in it. Add ten. [00:09:29] Speaker D: And then your modifier. [00:09:31] Speaker E: Yes. And then the modifier. [00:09:34] Speaker C: All right. [00:09:35] Speaker E: Which would have been five, but that's okay. We can use these roles. I'm not overly picky here. [00:09:44] Speaker D: All right, and what is going to be my role for this? With attacking. With. As soon as they raise their gun. [00:09:56] Speaker E: So we are gonna. It's gonna be brawl. We're gonna be using brawl because it's claws. So it's gonna be dex plus brawl. [00:10:07] Speaker D: Okay. [00:10:08] Speaker E: And it's gonna be difficulty seven. [00:10:12] Speaker D: Okay. [00:10:12] Speaker E: Of the true faith. [00:10:15] Speaker D: Okay? Difficulty seven. So that is six dice, seven. No specialty or anything like that. So that is two successes. [00:10:34] Speaker E: Okay? So you're going to roll your damage now, which is your strength plus one plus another one. Yes. Because of your protein claws. And then the extra success that you have. [00:10:50] Speaker D: That is four plus. So that's six. And difficulty. Six. [00:10:57] Speaker E: Right. Difficulty six for this one as well. Yes. [00:11:01] Speaker D: All right. [00:11:04] Speaker C: Jesus Christ. Okay, nice. [00:11:07] Speaker D: That's four successes of aggravated damage. [00:11:12] Speaker E: Yeah. You rip into him with those paws, you stab them in and pull apart. He is definitely wounded right now. He's really hurting. [00:11:28] Speaker D: And I'm definitely, like, making a menacing growl as well as the fingers are in them. [00:11:36] Speaker E: Okay, you guys all see this chazzy soraya? [00:11:48] Speaker C: Well, I offered him a chance to talk. Are you feeling a bit more open to talking now? [00:12:03] Speaker E: Fuck you, you undead bastards. [00:12:07] Speaker C: Such language is unbefitting of one of the faiths. Didn't you learn better at Sunday school? [00:12:16] Speaker E: Out of all the dialogue, he's going to say, that's all you're going to be able to get out. [00:12:30] Speaker C: It's okay. You're forgiven for having no manners. You learnt the faith in the land of the infidel after all. [00:12:42] Speaker E: Is that all you're going to do? [00:12:45] Speaker C: I mean, that's all I'm going to do right now. I'm going to completely let Ren take care of this and pretend to be good cops. [00:12:53] Speaker E: Okay? [00:12:54] Speaker C: Can I hold for manipulation or not? [00:12:58] Speaker E: No. Okay, legacy, margo. [00:13:09] Speaker F: Seeing the direness of this situation, I am going to use my turn to go into my meditative state. [00:13:26] Speaker E: Okay. [00:13:28] Speaker F: And then touch down into that deep part of my soul. [00:13:40] Speaker C: To prep for. [00:13:40] Speaker F: The action that I would like to take next turn. [00:13:44] Speaker E: Yeah, let's see. I don't suppose the book mentions if you get extra dice or reduce difficulty, does it? Yeah, you do. Let's look really quick. Yeah. Okay. So it's going to be plus two to whatever day school you use next. Yes. Yeah. That meditative state is very sharp. The music that you hear in this meditative state is a very sharp noise. They're very sharp notes and everything. As you are constantly thinking about music, after all. Of course, they're very sharp notes and as usual, very brass as well. But they're brass instruments. But it is very sharp notes. Our next person is Rhett. Yes. [00:15:02] Speaker D: All right. I would like to try to. This is definitely going to be more of a called thing. So I'm going to try to get the gun out of his hand and try to just pin him against the street or the car, basically. [00:15:29] Speaker E: Yeah, that definitely is. I. It's going to be strength athletics with your specialty, difficulty eight for this one. Difficulty eight. [00:15:44] Speaker D: Okay. [00:15:47] Speaker E: Grappling. I believe it's difficulty seven by nature. Yeah. [00:15:53] Speaker D: Let's see here. That would be. Let's go back to this one. This is easy. Okay. So that's going to be five, eight and specialty of. [00:16:17] Speaker E: Right. [00:16:22] Speaker D: That is one success. [00:16:27] Speaker E: Yeah. You land your hidden. Let's roll your damage. And it's just going to be strength plus one here. [00:16:35] Speaker D: Yeah. So that will be plus one. So that'll be five. [00:16:51] Speaker C: Six. [00:16:54] Speaker D: That's none. [00:16:56] Speaker E: Ones do not count in damage. So you got one. [00:16:59] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. [00:17:00] Speaker C: Okay. [00:17:00] Speaker D: That's right. [00:17:03] Speaker E: Yeah. You attack again with that claw and you kind of pull again at this guy and he's leaking lots of blood, actually. Sorry. You try to grapple him, but you kind of say, like, throw him against the car and it doesn't really work all that well. You do get a little bit of damage in and he's definitely grappled, I should say. [00:17:33] Speaker D: Sorry. [00:17:33] Speaker E: Rambling. Anyway, he's going to try to get out of it next. Also, strength athletics against yours as well, which is. No, it's just going to be from me on this one as well. And he just manages to break out, but he doesn't. He doesn't really get to do anything else other than that. All right, our next person, Jasper. [00:18:16] Speaker A: All right. I want to approach him, get close enough, and then I want to make. Spend a blood point to make two attacks with my knife using extra turn from solarity. [00:18:26] Speaker E: Yeah, definitely. Go ahead. That is going to be dexterity and melee. [00:18:38] Speaker A: No successes on the first one. [00:18:43] Speaker E: Sorry. That is difficulty seven as well. Not that it fully matters. Oh, seven. My bad. Difficulty seven. [00:18:50] Speaker A: We got one. [00:18:52] Speaker E: Got one. Go ahead and make a strength roll. Plus, what would I be. Yeah, plus one, but it's lethal. [00:19:10] Speaker A: And is that also DC seven? [00:19:14] Speaker E: No, that is DC six. But no failures. [00:19:19] Speaker A: A success. [00:19:23] Speaker E: Yeah. So kind of like stab in. And he's definitely hurting now and he's coughing up blood. And our next person, Warren. Is there anything you would like to do? [00:19:49] Speaker B: Warren is frail, though. He is going to try to take advantage of his hurt state. He's going to go see if he can grab this hunter by the shoulders. He's going to speak. I can tell you're already hurt. You need to get out of here. Leave now or you're going to die in the streets here. If I could use any sort of intimidation on that, or if. Actually, if I could just roll, I would like to use. I'm so sorry. Dementation. [00:20:32] Speaker E: And kind of instill and feel that fear that he's feeling now. [00:20:38] Speaker B: Yes, if I could use a passion. Sorry, that was what I was trying to look at. [00:20:43] Speaker E: Yes, I am with you on that. I see you. Yeah, roll. Charisma, empathy. And it's going to be difficulty seven as well. It. [00:21:17] Speaker B: One success. [00:21:19] Speaker E: Yeah, he's definitely looking more afraid now and is kind of guarding his eyes from wanting to run away. [00:21:34] Speaker C: So can I use dominate? [00:21:48] Speaker E: Yes. [00:21:50] Speaker C: Okay. [00:21:50] Speaker E: Sorry, I thought there was word to that sentence. [00:21:54] Speaker C: Yes, I wasn't sure if it was my turn yet or not. [00:21:58] Speaker E: Yes, it is your turn. [00:22:01] Speaker C: I'm sorry. [00:22:02] Speaker E: Yes, I totally thought there was more to that. [00:22:04] Speaker C: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make that seem. [00:22:08] Speaker E: No, it's okay. [00:22:09] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:22:11] Speaker E: Yes, you can use dominate. [00:22:13] Speaker C: All right, so what would that be? Do I need to roll for it or can I just. [00:22:21] Speaker E: You only have the one dot. [00:22:24] Speaker C: Yes. [00:22:25] Speaker E: So it is going to be manipulation and intimidation. Difficulty seven. Wait, hold on. [00:22:38] Speaker C: I don't have anything in intimidation. Can I use empathy instead? [00:22:49] Speaker E: What are you going to say? [00:22:51] Speaker C: I'm going to try to convince him on theological grounds that this is a bad know. Appeal to him. Cite Surah Al Jinn and the Wasallam preaching to devils, converting Jinn to Islam, saying that Islam is explicitly not just for human beings and that he's killing innocent creatures. [00:23:21] Speaker E: Unfortunately. So you only have the one? [00:23:28] Speaker C: Yes. [00:23:30] Speaker E: With command. Would you like me to read it out for you? I can read it out. [00:23:35] Speaker C: Okay. [00:23:36] Speaker E: The vampire locks eyes with the subject and speaks a one word command which the subject must obey instantly. The order must be clear and straightforward. Run. [00:23:45] Speaker C: I see all. [00:23:46] Speaker E: Yawn, jump, laugh, surrender. Stop, scream, follow, then surrender. Okay. Unfortunately, it is still intimidation. [00:24:00] Speaker C: Got it. [00:24:01] Speaker E: Difficulty eight. [00:24:02] Speaker C: So let's see. All right, it it. So success. [00:24:39] Speaker E: Yeah, he drops his gut. That's kind of all he's able to do at the moment, as he is right now, still paralyzed with fear from the dementation. You do assume that next he will probably run. Margo, what would you like to do? [00:25:17] Speaker C: Can I pick up the gun? [00:25:19] Speaker E: Sorry. Yes, go ahead. [00:25:20] Speaker C: All right. I pick up the gun and turn it over to Marco. Excuse me. [00:25:30] Speaker F: Cool. Yeah. Guns. I know how to use those. Wonderful. Do any of them look injured? [00:25:43] Speaker E: Are anybody, like, outright attacking? [00:25:46] Speaker F: No. Any of the. [00:25:54] Speaker E: Just this one guy. [00:25:55] Speaker F: Just this one guy. [00:26:00] Speaker E: Just this one guy. [00:26:01] Speaker F: Just this one guy who's being mind fucked. [00:26:08] Speaker E: He's being mind fucked in two different ways right now. [00:26:11] Speaker F: Well, you know. [00:26:15] Speaker C: Want to make it a third? [00:26:17] Speaker F: Kind of. [00:26:19] Speaker E: I mean, this guy's running out of holes. [00:26:23] Speaker A: Jesus Christ. [00:26:24] Speaker C: He's running out of holes. You've got him through both of his eyes, nina. Don't want to go in through his ears. [00:26:35] Speaker F: Help. [00:26:43] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:26:44] Speaker E: Plus tooth. Whatever action you would like to do. [00:26:46] Speaker F: All right. From where I'm standing, um, I am going to use my little ability that I've got to begin to peer into his mind to kind of add to that to the post traumatic stress disorder that this gentleman's about to get. [00:27:24] Speaker E: Yeah, let me go see if that's possible, because don't think it is with the current power you have no level that you have it at. [00:27:36] Speaker F: I kind of want to scare him into running away. [00:27:43] Speaker E: What? Yes. How would you like to do that? [00:27:50] Speaker F: Anybody who is around, anybody who's around Marga right now is going to hear her voice get. Just drop a couple of octaves, and she whispers in a low and deep tone, and I can't go that low, but it's almost like denomic or devilish in nature. And all she is going to say to this gentleman is, if you don't get out of here right now and go into hiding, I am going to. [00:28:38] Speaker C: Find you and I am going to. [00:28:41] Speaker F: Rip your head off and serve it to my devils on a silver platter. [00:28:53] Speaker E: Okay, let's roll. Charisma, intimidation. [00:29:03] Speaker F: Full. [00:29:06] Speaker E: Yeah. Okay, that one is definitely intimidation. All right. [00:29:13] Speaker F: And then I get dressed. Your dice on top of that. [00:29:16] Speaker E: Yes, it. [00:29:25] Speaker F: Difficulty seven. [00:29:28] Speaker E: Yes. For true faith. Still. Come on. That's wrong. [00:30:18] Speaker A: Mega sad. [00:30:20] Speaker F: Mega sad. [00:30:23] Speaker E: I hope you feel cheated, because I feel cheated. [00:30:28] Speaker F: I feel so cheated right now. [00:30:30] Speaker E: Okay. Yeah. Unfortunately, nothing in his demeanor changes. We're going to move on to our next person chat, Lee. And our next person is Ren. [00:30:56] Speaker C: Yes. [00:30:59] Speaker E: You're going to commit murder. [00:31:07] Speaker D: Most likely, yes. I'm going to be committing a murder right now. The hunter. [00:31:19] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:31:21] Speaker D: I'm going to try to commit a. [00:31:23] Speaker E: Murder. [00:31:28] Speaker D: So I'm going to try to just stab him in the gut again with my claws. [00:31:39] Speaker E: Okay. It. [00:31:55] Speaker D: Brawl again. [00:31:57] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:31:59] Speaker D: Difficulty seven. Cuts of true face. [00:32:05] Speaker E: Yes. Difficulty seven. [00:32:08] Speaker D: All right, that's going to be two successes. [00:32:15] Speaker E: Yes. So you get them. You're going to roll your strength plus one. Plus the other one with no failure. [00:32:29] Speaker C: One success. [00:32:35] Speaker D: I don't sit down those headphones. [00:32:37] Speaker E: I'm going to slump down. He's bleeding out at this point, but isn't moving or doing anything. Blood is leaking out of his back and his stomach and his face. Um, and he's currently bleeding out. I'm gonna take us out of. Out of combat initiative. What you want to do? [00:33:19] Speaker A: I want to go through his pocket, see if he has an order from somebody saying, like, oh, we're going to be here. Does he have a cell phone, anything like that? [00:33:32] Speaker E: He doesn't have, like, order. He doesn't have a note that's like an order. But he does have one that has an address on it and. Yeah, it just has this address on it, that's all. [00:33:48] Speaker A: Is it a nearby address? [00:33:50] Speaker E: No. I mean, it's in the city, but no. [00:33:55] Speaker A: All right, which one of you is good at dumping bodies? [00:34:03] Speaker D: Um, I will. [00:34:12] Speaker C: Anybody hungry? [00:34:15] Speaker A: I mean, I could use roughly one blood. Blood points worth. [00:34:21] Speaker E: Um, can I have you guys roll? Just. Everybody just roll me. Humanity. Except for jazzy. Jazzy. [00:34:35] Speaker D: Yeah, that's fair. That is fair. [00:34:38] Speaker E: Anyone who did damage or psychological damage. [00:34:42] Speaker F: I did nothing. [00:34:44] Speaker E: Anyone who did damage or psychological damage needs to roll their humanity. Otherwise, you're clear. [00:34:54] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:34:56] Speaker F: Does the psychological damage count if it's yourself? [00:35:00] Speaker E: Unfortunately, no. I think that's just more. Your self confidence went down a little bit. [00:35:07] Speaker F: Yeah. That's all, really. I didn't do anything wrong. [00:35:13] Speaker E: Yeah. Let's do this. [00:35:15] Speaker D: Okay. I got two successes. Okay. [00:35:21] Speaker E: You're good. [00:35:26] Speaker A: I'll be honest, I don't remember how this sheet works. There's six dots of humanity that are blacked out. So that means I have six humanity or four. [00:35:34] Speaker E: Okay, thank you. [00:35:36] Speaker C: You have four. [00:35:37] Speaker F: We'd be having some issues. [00:35:39] Speaker C: Yeah. You'd be a badass thing, would have. [00:35:41] Speaker E: Gone a different situation, a different way. And who else did psychological damage? It was just you three who did damage. Psychological damage only to myself. Okay. Oh, wait, no. Jazzy did do some psychological damage. [00:35:58] Speaker C: I compelled him to be disarmed. Does that count? [00:36:02] Speaker E: Yes. Psychological damages. [00:36:04] Speaker C: Okay. [00:36:08] Speaker E: Part of what's in his pockets as well, is some christian prayer beads. I should have just killed him. Everybody with Leopold written on the. [00:36:24] Speaker F: Oh, God. You definitely would have been doing everybody. [00:36:27] Speaker A: He's a catholic priest. [00:36:28] Speaker F: Oh, God. I feel like any damage being done to a catholic priest. [00:36:35] Speaker E: Yeah, there's no actual harm here. It's just you guys are kind of going about this murder without much care. [00:36:42] Speaker C: What was the difficulty? [00:36:43] Speaker E: Six? [00:36:47] Speaker C: All right, yes. [00:36:49] Speaker E: We're all in the clear. You guys are feeling a little bit guilty about talking about a dead guy this way and treating him like this. But then again, he's also a hunter and Christian and something about Leopold as well. [00:37:10] Speaker C: He started it. [00:37:13] Speaker E: Did he, though? Well, he pointed a gun. [00:37:16] Speaker C: He pointed a gun at us. [00:37:20] Speaker E: But did he get to pull the trigger? [00:37:23] Speaker A: No, because we were too good. [00:37:25] Speaker C: No, Han shot first, okay? [00:37:28] Speaker E: He had it coming. [00:37:32] Speaker A: Skill issue. There's some. A address on this paper handed off. I don't know where it is. I don't know if that's the people that sent him. I don't know why he's here, but we got to put him somewhere far away from us. [00:37:53] Speaker D: Yeah, that's fairly. [00:38:01] Speaker E: I mean, there's bodies of water. [00:38:06] Speaker C: If. [00:38:07] Speaker D: If we go. Yeah, I would. Oh, yeah, I'm not. [00:38:13] Speaker C: Where are we right now? Are we far from the park? Because I know that bodies turn up in Lincoln park every so often. [00:38:24] Speaker E: Yeah, right now, you are pretty decently far from Lincoln park. [00:38:28] Speaker C: Okay. Is there another park that we can just drop him off in? Can we feed him to the tigers in the zoo? [00:38:40] Speaker E: Okay, um. [00:38:46] Speaker D: How close are we to a river? Just so I. [00:38:51] Speaker E: There isn't really a river running through the city. There isn't one nearby. [00:38:56] Speaker D: There is a river runs through Chicago. [00:38:59] Speaker E: Oh, wait. Yes, there is. I mean, you're still a good 20 minutes away, and then all of you carrying the body would probably be about 30 minutes of walking with a body. [00:39:11] Speaker C: Why don't we just leave him here? [00:39:13] Speaker E: You're near an alley. [00:39:15] Speaker C: Yeah, just leave him in the alley. [00:39:17] Speaker A: Take his wallet. Make it look like a mugging going wrong. [00:39:21] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:39:26] Speaker F: That could work. [00:39:29] Speaker D: Yeah, I think we do that. [00:39:31] Speaker C: Why are we spending so much time deciding this? We have to get away from the body. Is this the first time you guys have killed immortal? [00:39:38] Speaker E: Let's go. [00:39:41] Speaker F: Yeah, I'm not touching that. [00:39:46] Speaker D: Fine. I'm the one who killed him. So I just picked up the body and then throw him against the dumpster just to make it also look like more of a hit? Possibly throw the body against the dumpster and feel guilty about that. [00:40:05] Speaker E: That. [00:40:05] Speaker D: Just try to make it look as much as a hit or something like that? [00:40:12] Speaker E: Yeah. Okay. [00:40:15] Speaker C: I'm sure that the claw marks and the open spine probably doesn't make it look too much like a hit, but sure. [00:40:27] Speaker D: It's my reasoning. [00:40:28] Speaker A: Can you call one of your animals or something? Get something that's supposed to have claws to come and, I don't know, munch on him? [00:40:39] Speaker C: I could do that sort of thing. [00:40:42] Speaker D: Not like I have a walking menagerie animal. [00:40:46] Speaker E: I can't do that shit. [00:40:47] Speaker F: You know what? I'm sure that the pigeons and the rats on the street will have a feast. We need to go. [00:40:55] Speaker D: Yeah, let's go. Let's get out of here. [00:40:58] Speaker E: Yeah, it's getting close to about three in the morning as well. You have about three to four more hours before the sun comes up and. Yeah. You guys are going to go head to the address now, correct? [00:41:24] Speaker D: Yes. [00:41:28] Speaker E: Yeah, it's on the other side of town, and it takes you about 30 minutes on the subways and trains as well. I'm going to assume that you guys did clean yourselves up a yes. Yes. With Margot being the only one whose clothes kind of blend the. [00:41:54] Speaker F: Oh, Margot also wasn't close enough to get near Margot. [00:42:00] Speaker E: Well, Margot was also the one not covered in blood at all. Anyway, you guys come up to an apartment of sorts. There is someone standing outside. He looks very gangster and thug like. [00:42:33] Speaker A: Anything recognizable to let us know, like who he works for, their vibes, location, anything like that. [00:42:41] Speaker E: I mean, this location is a little sketch. It's kind of a dingy apartment. [00:42:46] Speaker C: Is he kindred or kind? [00:42:52] Speaker E: Perception awareness. [00:42:55] Speaker C: Okay, I have perception four. And I have the key. Night perk. [00:43:04] Speaker E: Yes. Perception awareness with the specialty cat meowing behind you guys as well. [00:43:26] Speaker C: I am so sorry. [00:43:28] Speaker E: No, it's perfectly okay. If it's the ambiance. [00:43:31] Speaker C: Yes. See, I told you. She's the autistic one. [00:43:36] Speaker E: For our listeners, that was a conversation we were having before. Excuse me. [00:43:41] Speaker C: Yes. [00:43:46] Speaker E: Yeah, this guy is breathing. So it is possible to believe that he could be a ghoul or he could be a mortal, but he's definitely breathing, so he's not Kendra. [00:44:03] Speaker C: Okay. [00:44:07] Speaker A: Quietly, where he can't hear us. Should we send someone around the back? Look through a window or something? [00:44:19] Speaker E: It. [00:44:21] Speaker D: I'll have a look around the back. [00:44:26] Speaker A: I'm all for knocking before you enter, but this doesn't seem like a particularly savory guy. [00:44:34] Speaker E: Yeah. Who's coming around back? Who else investigating behind the building? [00:44:43] Speaker D: Anyone's willing to join? [00:44:46] Speaker C: Yeah, I'll go with Ren to investigate. [00:44:50] Speaker E: Outback anyone else accompanying? [00:44:55] Speaker B: Yeah, we're in mobile. Probably accompanying that. [00:44:58] Speaker F: Yeah. You don't want Margot trying to stealth. [00:45:02] Speaker A: Yeah, it's not my strong suit. [00:45:06] Speaker E: Yeah. So our three stealthy boys and girl. Sorry, our two stealthy boys and girl are going around the back. And as you are, you notice another guy kind of stationed at one side of the building, and there's one behind as well, kind of guarding fire escape. [00:45:32] Speaker D: One is guarding the fire escape. [00:45:36] Speaker C: Like a uniform or. [00:45:38] Speaker E: No, it's a ragtac group of bugs. From what you can gather, nothing like official. [00:45:57] Speaker D: I'm not sure what to do now. [00:46:01] Speaker E: They're not carrying big guns. They don't have any religious iconography on them. You all don't have an aura? You don't feel an aura of true faith or anything like that? [00:46:18] Speaker D: I'd say let's just go through the front. If that's the case, there's no easy way in. [00:46:25] Speaker C: We could just bluff our way. Yeah, Margot sort of work her magic. [00:46:35] Speaker D: Yeah, I think that's the best way. [00:46:37] Speaker E: Right. [00:46:37] Speaker D: Now. [00:46:49] Speaker E: You guys make your way back and report your findings. [00:46:51] Speaker D: Yes. [00:46:56] Speaker A: You can always try to lie our way through the front door. [00:47:01] Speaker F: I mean. [00:47:02] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:47:05] Speaker F: Lying is a bit of a forte of mine. Not that I often lie, of course, but, you know, when the time comes. [00:47:23] Speaker A: Well, I mean, we have what looks like an invitation. I say, in gesture with the paper. What's swift? Try and say we got a message or something. I don't know. [00:47:34] Speaker F: Very well. Take the paper and the two of us are going to head up to the front door. [00:47:53] Speaker E: What is Jasper wearing right now? [00:47:57] Speaker A: He cleaned up a bit, so probably he took off his jacket. So it looks like he just got off working an office job. I imagine he dressed decently. Looks good, but probably isn't normal for the area. [00:48:13] Speaker E: Yeah. You two will walk up to this guy and he kind of looks up and goes like, no visitors. [00:48:29] Speaker F: Darling, we're not just visitors. We're here by invitation. We were given this address, said that there is a piece that we might be able to look into. [00:48:48] Speaker E: Before you guys show the invitation, I want to ask, which paper are you holding? [00:48:56] Speaker F: I assume that it is the paper that I got from the guy. The guy's. [00:49:07] Speaker E: Dennis. Wrote down their names and their phone number. And you have the body. The bloody body with the bloody bloody paper has the address. Right. [00:49:28] Speaker A: Just put your thumb over the bloody spot. It's fine. [00:49:33] Speaker E: Covering most of the paper just with how many claw marks and everything were on the body. [00:49:41] Speaker F: How bloodied is the paper? [00:49:44] Speaker E: Very. It's very bloody, I would say. There's barely a portion of it that's not covered in blood. And it's just like a white. It's just like this one little white bit. [00:50:03] Speaker A: We ran into trouble on the way here. [00:50:06] Speaker C: As you can see, we went to quite a bit of trouble to come here. You can't turn us away now, man. Sorry. [00:50:19] Speaker E: Yes, I can. And it doesn't look like you came through trouble to get here, though, because I'm presuming no one's looking bloody at the moment. [00:50:30] Speaker A: Well, you can't walk around the city of Chicago looking like you just got out of trouble. We took a moment to compose ourselves. [00:50:40] Speaker C: Are you new to this, man? Do you usually. [00:50:46] Speaker E: At 330 in the morning in Chicago? I'm pretty sure if you got into trouble, you would just go home and stay home. [00:50:54] Speaker C: Boss wanted something done. What can we say? [00:50:59] Speaker E: Who's boss? [00:51:01] Speaker C: Don't you know? [00:51:04] Speaker E: Pretend like I don't. [00:51:08] Speaker F: Storyteller? [00:51:10] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:51:11] Speaker F: For clarity, what was the name of the guy that Margot spoke with alone? [00:51:16] Speaker E: Dennis Herdin. [00:51:18] Speaker F: All right, listen, darling, we're here on behalf of Dennis. We were just told to go check out something, see if it was up to par with what he wanted. We have the money that he was offering your friends for whatever it is. We just need to be let in. [00:51:39] Speaker E: You see him pull out a heater out of his pocket, press a little bit, and then he puts it back in his pocket and then goes, like. All right, wait here. [00:51:57] Speaker F: Thank you. [00:52:00] Speaker E: And he kind of begins to start looking past you guys. But his hand is now kind of, like, on his hip, close by where you would imagine sword would usually be kept. Like, where a gun holster might be or, like a knife holster of some sort. And you wait. And you wait. It's good, like, 20 minutes go by, unless you all want to do something. [00:52:32] Speaker C: I put my hand on the gun at my hip as well, just in a similar. To counter him. [00:52:47] Speaker E: Yeah. 20 minutes goes by, see someone come out. He's wearing priest gear. Yeah, not gear. He's wearing a priest robe. And he's also carrying a weapon as well. He's actually carrying what looks to what could easily be an automatic weapon. Well, but smaller than the one that I'm assuming Warren still has. Unless Warren ditched the weapon. What was that? [00:53:34] Speaker B: He did not. [00:53:35] Speaker E: You have not. Okay, so, yeah, it's definitely smaller. It's definitely one handed. Where yours is two handed. Yours is very much of an assault rifle looking thing. That one's looking closer to, like an SG. And he walks out. He goes, I wasn't expecting any clients this evening. Morning. Who are you? [00:54:09] Speaker F: We're here on behalf of Dennis Hurton. We were told that you have something that might be of interest. We wanted to see if you had it. [00:54:22] Speaker E: And if you did, why isn't he contacting me? This is all very unusual. [00:54:31] Speaker F: Busy man. All I know is that he gave me a name, a number and an address. [00:54:41] Speaker E: Roll manipulation subterfuge on that one. This is very much convincing him that you guys are not. You guys are actually on this. Like are actually acting on his will instead of your own interest. [00:55:00] Speaker F: That's fair. I'm going to spend a willpower to gain auto success. And I assume standard difficulty. [00:55:18] Speaker E: Yes. Standard no specialties. [00:55:23] Speaker F: Yes. [00:55:33] Speaker E: Let's go. [00:55:36] Speaker D: Nice. [00:55:37] Speaker E: It it. Hey. Yes. I mean, did he already get his commission out of it? Then it. I wasn't exactly ready to sell just yet. [00:55:58] Speaker F: Yes, he's already got his commission out of it. I'm simply here too. [00:56:03] Speaker E: It. [00:56:04] Speaker F: We are here to act as liaison. [00:56:07] Speaker E: Okay, come in. He's very suspicious of you guys and he'll walk in and gesture for you to follow. He still is wearing his holster for his still wearing and has the SMG on him. As you guys walk in. You see it's very much covered in weaponry and religious iconography of christian faith. Catholic Christian as well. And you see a personal computer as. [00:56:57] Speaker F: Well. [00:57:02] Speaker E: That is connected to some sort of server. Soraya will see that. It says society of the uphold on the top. Anyone with anyone else with a keen eyes, specialty or merit or anything to do with vision. We'll see this. [00:57:25] Speaker D: Will acute senses help with this? [00:57:30] Speaker E: Yours are attuned for hearing. [00:57:33] Speaker D: Okay, that's fair. Fortunately, that is fair. Just checking. [00:57:37] Speaker E: Yes. Appreciate you checking. Um, he walks over to one corner the room and pulls out the text. He pulls out a book. Doesn't really have any words or anything on the COVID or on any of the binding. It's just a leather with some like, gold inlay on it. So you guys are interested in this? [00:58:22] Speaker F: It very much so. [00:58:35] Speaker A: Looking around the room, what do I judge my chances are of grabbing this book and just fucking booking it? [00:58:44] Speaker E: This guy has a lot of guns and a lot of weaponry around this apartment. He also has an SMG on him. It's not impossible. I wouldn't say it's the smartest move ever, but it is definitely one you can take. [00:59:03] Speaker C: What if we jump him instead? [00:59:06] Speaker A: I don't know. We are in the hunter's house, like, literally. [00:59:13] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:59:13] Speaker C: But we do have the element of surprise on us and still kind of hungry. [00:59:21] Speaker A: So the people we've seen, the bouncer, we've seen this guy. Are we seeing other individuals? A bunch more. A few more, yeah. [00:59:31] Speaker C: Is anyone else in here? [00:59:33] Speaker E: No one else is in here at the moment. It does look like it's set up for one other person, though, which you could presumably guess that it might have been the guy that you killed. [00:59:47] Speaker A: Rip. [00:59:52] Speaker E: Wait. [00:59:53] Speaker A: Well, this must be a trap. [00:59:54] Speaker E: Whatever. [00:59:54] Speaker A: We're here now. [00:59:59] Speaker C: Yeah, on second thought, I don't think that he would invite five strangers into his home, one of whom he knows is armed without some precautions. So. [01:00:31] Speaker E: You see him? Yeah. Slightly old bath on the book. So Dennis got his money? [01:00:44] Speaker C: That's what he told us. [01:00:48] Speaker E: You want this book? How did you hear of the book? [01:00:55] Speaker A: Through Dennis. [01:00:57] Speaker F: Yeah. Dennis sent us a note saying that this might be something that we are interested in. I am a bit of a collector. Found out that I was a collector. Reached out, said that he would be willing to sell it to me. I just had to see exactly what it was. It. [01:01:43] Speaker E: Very peculiar. This isn't usually how deals like this go down. [01:01:51] Speaker C: Well, you expect the unexpected. Father. I'm sure you know yourself you're dealing with strange people in a strange. Who take an interest in the strange. [01:02:13] Speaker E: Sorry, e spark said that? Yes. I mainly deal with people interested in the occult. Those who worship Jesus. He looks at Soraya. Those who worship Jesus. My special way. And rid, you know, this beautiful world that he helped shape and that the good Lord made for us. Now, I helped them bring out the sources of corruption that would see it undone, his will undone. [01:03:11] Speaker C: I'm sorry, are you suspicious of us? Because of my faith? [01:03:18] Speaker E: No. Because one must be accepting of all faiths. [01:03:27] Speaker C: Of course. I'm here in my capacities as an academic. My interests here and my services are purely secular. [01:03:47] Speaker E: He's nodding his head. [01:03:53] Speaker C: I'm an archaeologist. A translator. [01:03:57] Speaker E: He looks over to Ren. Now. [01:04:09] Speaker D: Look back at him. [01:04:13] Speaker E: I get the feeling people like you, people of your nature, your background. Really good at getting into places that aren't really. Well, not getting into places. Delivering things that aren't really legitimate. Perhaps you should have been the one I fenced off of first. Then you would have stolen the book. Most likely. [01:04:52] Speaker C: Eh? [01:04:53] Speaker D: Depends on how it. I feel that today. But. [01:04:59] Speaker E: Then he looks over Warren, and you don't even seem to be present in this conversation. Lost. And yet none of you. Sorry. That's him fudging. Oh, sorry. I didn't realize he preferred to listen. My bad for trying that out. It seems that three of you. Three of you are sources of corruption that my group don't like. You see him grab out a walkie talkie, press the button three times? [01:05:50] Speaker A: Well, I guess. Is he, like, reaching into his jacket where I might be afraid a gun is when he gets the walkie talkie. [01:05:56] Speaker E: His gun is visible on the outside. He's reaching into his robe. Not for the gun, though. And he pulls up water, talking and presses it three times. [01:06:08] Speaker C: Father, you have reached an agreement with our employer, not with us, correct? [01:06:17] Speaker E: I haven't. Maybe I should be charging you the same price that he was being charged for, maybe even more. I don't really care. [01:06:29] Speaker C: Respect. Double charging people doesn't seem like the christian thing to be doing. [01:06:35] Speaker E: Ren? [01:06:36] Speaker C: Did not Jesus have something to say about dishonest merchants? [01:06:40] Speaker E: Ren? You hear somebody climbing up the stairs? [01:06:45] Speaker D: I most like. I'm going to wait for, like, three or four more beats before I turn, just to make sure, just to try to play off that I can't hear a person. [01:07:06] Speaker E: Yes, it would be very unchristian if I were dealing with other christians or people of other faiths. [01:07:13] Speaker C: Jesus did not limit his mercy only to christians. [01:07:17] Speaker E: No. [01:07:17] Speaker C: Listen, Father, I'll say a prayer for you, right. [01:07:21] Speaker E: It's not an issue of other faiths. It's your corruption. Only way that has been proven to root corruption. [01:07:32] Speaker A: All right, this is going to shit. I'm going to try and grab the book and get out of here, like through a window or something. [01:07:38] Speaker D: I'm going to hold back. I just got to hold him back. [01:07:43] Speaker A: He's already done his sos to somebody. We're boned if we don't leave. [01:07:49] Speaker C: We're boned if we do leave. If we try to shove him and break him out as the cavalry is coming in. [01:08:02] Speaker A: But the cavalry is going to get here and we're going to be stuck in a little box. [01:08:07] Speaker C: Yeah. With at least one potential hostage. We don't want him to die. We're in here with the priest. They can't just shoot at us from all angles. This is a very big conversation to be having with eyebrow movement. [01:08:33] Speaker A: Yeah, I don't know. I think I have to act. I don't like our chances against. [01:08:38] Speaker C: Because we don't know what he called Father. I'll prove my innocence to you right now. I'll say a prayer for you. I hope that Allah gives you a comfortable place in hell. Although not too comfortable. [01:09:02] Speaker E: By the way. [01:09:03] Speaker C: How many people do I hear, by the way? [01:09:07] Speaker E: You hear one person grabs the doorknob. Now you hear someone begin to set their foot on the stairway. [01:09:18] Speaker D: Okay. [01:09:19] Speaker E: The priest doesn't move or do anything. His expression remains very stoic at the moment. Without anyone moving or doing anything, the door will open and he will gesh. Sure forward this person to enter the room. He'll actually set the book down from where he grabbed it. He'll walk up to you guys. Notice. And he'll point at. Point at Jimmy and he'll point at your chest. Notice how the chest does not move and the shoulders do not rise, nor does the belly go out. Notice the faintness in the skin, the slight loss of pigmentation. It this who we are fighting. These are the people. These people? They aren't people, are they? Creatures. Beasts. They'll pull out his gun. [01:11:08] Speaker A: Is there a window to exit through? [01:11:11] Speaker E: Oh, yeah, totally. There is a window to exit through. You can see the little bits of a fire escape. You can see some of the railings. [01:11:22] Speaker D: Is he aiming the gun towards my chest, by the way? [01:11:27] Speaker E: He's aiming it at Warren right now. [01:11:34] Speaker D: Oh, shit. [01:11:35] Speaker C: Okay. Can I draw my gun and point it at the priest? [01:11:41] Speaker E: Yeah, you totally could. [01:11:42] Speaker C: All right, I'm going to do that. [01:11:47] Speaker E: And he goes, my dear, I'm not firing just yet. You can lower your gun. [01:11:55] Speaker C: You first, Father. [01:11:59] Speaker E: No, Leopold. Oh, shit. [01:12:09] Speaker C: Listen, we didn't come here to fight. We don't want anything except for what we came for. Now let's all just be reasonable and, you know, get going. [01:12:28] Speaker E: And I am here to remove the horribleness that you're kind brings to the world. Brings to his world? Vampires ruin everything. [01:12:44] Speaker C: God, guns and Jesus, you Americans are all the same. [01:12:51] Speaker E: He'll click off the safety and pull the trigger. But we're going to roll our initiative first before I roll his damage and everything. We're going to go into initiative again. So it is your wits plus your decks. So it's going to be that pool. Go ahead. [01:13:15] Speaker C: Sorry. When he shoots, can I start shooting? [01:13:19] Speaker E: Oh, yes. No, it's not going to be a surprising. We're just going to roll our initiative. He'll fire when it's his turn, and then you'll fire when it's your turn and all. [01:13:28] Speaker C: Got it. [01:13:33] Speaker D: That's back to back tens. [01:13:36] Speaker E: Wow. [01:13:37] Speaker A: Two tens. That's crazy. [01:13:39] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. [01:13:45] Speaker D: Okay, what should I roll int? [01:13:50] Speaker E: Add and initial modifier is going to be five. You just put five and that's all. [01:13:59] Speaker C: Okay. [01:14:12] Speaker E: Margot. Margo. [01:14:14] Speaker D: Yeah? [01:14:15] Speaker E: We need your initiative roll. [01:14:17] Speaker F: All right. [01:14:23] Speaker E: As he is about to fire, and so is Soraya. At Warren. Soraya is not firing at Warren. He's firing at Warren. [01:14:35] Speaker C: Gun do I have. Can I have an SMG that matches his? [01:14:46] Speaker E: Let's say you either have a nine mil or a six shooter. [01:14:51] Speaker C: Okay, I'll have a nine mil then. [01:15:02] Speaker E: Is that everybody? 123456? Yes, it is. Cameron. [01:15:10] Speaker A: Jasper is just going to yell, we got to fucking go. I'm going to try and grab the book and book it out of a window and down the fire escape. [01:15:23] Speaker E: All right, let's roll. Dexterity and athletics. [01:15:30] Speaker A: Shit. Difficulty six, plus one. Because I don't have any dots in athletics. [01:15:38] Speaker E: Difficulty seven plus one. [01:15:40] Speaker A: Seven plus one. [01:15:41] Speaker D: All right. [01:15:42] Speaker E: And plus one for the also. Yeah. [01:15:48] Speaker A: So difficulty be eight. Okay, I'm going to spin to willpower here. [01:15:56] Speaker E: All right? You're using our willpower like crazy today. I love that. [01:16:01] Speaker A: For three successes. [01:16:04] Speaker E: Three successes. If you do mw, that'll count your willpower. [01:16:11] Speaker A: Oh, that ends. [01:16:12] Speaker E: Okay. Yeah. You grab the book and dive out. Can you also roll your stamina to soak up that damage you're going to get from jumping out of a window? [01:16:25] Speaker A: Oh, I thought I was going to get to, like, run. This is maybe a little slower, but you mentioned a fire escape. [01:16:30] Speaker E: I was going to like, oh, you're going to go through the fire escape? Okay. [01:16:32] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:16:33] Speaker E: All right. I was imagining more action oriented, and. [01:16:38] Speaker A: Then I'll spend another solarity to just really fucking blast down there. [01:16:43] Speaker E: Yes. Okay. Yeah. You're at the bottom of the periscope. You're on the ground now, safely. We're going to go into Ren next, as you see this blur, grab the book and then jub out through the opposite window. [01:17:02] Speaker D: I am going to. Yeah, I'm going to because I have a feeling I'm going to try to knock this guy out. So first I'm going to spend a blood point to blood, buff my dexterity. [01:17:20] Speaker E: All right. [01:17:25] Speaker D: And I will run over to him and just stock him. [01:17:32] Speaker E: Yeah. So that's going to be dex plus brawl. [01:17:35] Speaker D: Okay. Dex is going to be four. Seven dice. [01:17:44] Speaker E: Seven as well. [01:17:45] Speaker D: He's man of faith. He's man of faith, I'm guessing. [01:17:51] Speaker C: True faith. [01:17:52] Speaker D: True faith, yes. [01:17:53] Speaker E: He's man of faith. [01:17:54] Speaker D: Yes, true faith. Yeah. [01:17:56] Speaker E: He's been in it longer, so he knows. [01:18:02] Speaker A: Oh, no, first botch. [01:18:08] Speaker E: I don't even know what to do about that. Yeah, you just kind of spend that blood and you wing and kind of land in the path of his gun now. And he was in the process of firing, so you're going to get shot. All right, good. It. You're going to take four lethal damage. Hold on, sorry. Let me roll those two. [01:18:54] Speaker F: I can almost hear the sign. [01:18:57] Speaker E: You're taking two lethal damage. [01:19:00] Speaker D: Oh, taking two lethal damage. [01:19:02] Speaker E: Taking two lethal damage. [01:19:05] Speaker D: Is that with the fortitude? [01:19:07] Speaker E: No, it is not with your fortitude. I should say that. [01:19:11] Speaker D: So I take one? [01:19:15] Speaker E: Yes, you take the one. [01:19:18] Speaker D: It's at a slash, I believe, right? [01:19:21] Speaker E: Yes, I believe that one is slash. [01:19:25] Speaker D: Okay. [01:19:26] Speaker E: No, that one should be your x. Lethal. Okay. X is lethal. The asterisk is aggravated. [01:19:34] Speaker D: Okay. [01:19:36] Speaker E: Believe I'm doing that. If I'm not, I apologize. People will be able to quiet later. [01:19:41] Speaker D: Yeah, it's all good. [01:19:45] Speaker E: Our next person who's going to go is Soraya. I'm presuming you're also firing your gun. [01:19:52] Speaker C: Yes, I'm also firing my gun. [01:19:55] Speaker E: This will also be a difficulty of seven. Okay, sorry. Difficulty six. Probably should have rolled that for him, as lowered his difficulty as well for point blank, but this is pretty much point blank. [01:20:08] Speaker C: Okay, six, what should my pool be? [01:20:12] Speaker E: Dex plus firearms. [01:20:14] Speaker C: Okay, so Dex is two firearms. [01:20:26] Speaker D: Oh, no, this is. [01:20:31] Speaker A: Damn. I really succeeded for no reason. [01:20:34] Speaker E: Your gun clicks and it doesn't really do anything as you fire. It's not really a jam. It's just you might not have actually had a bullet in that chamber that you really thought of that you thought you did, though, Warren, right now, Ren is in your way, but otherwise, you have another thug in the room. And you have this guy in the room as well. [01:21:04] Speaker B: The Ren would be in the way of the priest, but not the thug. No, I could open fire on the thug. [01:21:15] Speaker E: Yes. That is going to be dexterity. Firearms difficulty six, as well as he is further. He's slightly further away, but still close enough. You don't really need to take too much a. Oh, God. [01:21:41] Speaker D: What is going on? [01:21:46] Speaker E: Yeah, you go to fire your gun. The safety is not on, but a bullet might not be in the chamber. So I screwed up firing on that legacy, Margot. Two people have had somewhat misfires on their guns, and the priest has been the only one who's fired their guns successfully. And Jasper is not in the room anymore. Oh. [01:22:25] Speaker F: All right. Hi. We want to play this game. I guess we'll play the game. And she's going to whip. She's got a combat knife hidden in her boot that she's going to take out, and it's just going to be a takeout. And then a swift stab in the shoulder. [01:22:44] Speaker E: Dexterity. Melee difficulty seven. From priest. From the priest in the room. I don't know if you're attacking priest. Okay, so far, no one has done damage on him, so I'm really hoping. [01:23:04] Speaker D: Please. [01:23:20] Speaker E: Yes. So roll your strength plus one and plus one from the knife as well. And it's going to be lethal. [01:23:28] Speaker F: Okay? So strength plus two. [01:23:30] Speaker E: Strength plus two, which is not morgue strength. [01:23:37] Speaker F: It's more than one. [01:23:39] Speaker E: It's true. [01:23:57] Speaker F: And damage is done as standard difficulty. [01:24:00] Speaker E: Yes. This is standard difficulty no matter what. Okay. [01:24:07] Speaker F: Four points of lethal damage. [01:24:13] Speaker E: Did I. Oh, yes. Four points of lethal damage. Yeah, you got into an artery of some sort and the knife is still in there. But damn, that's a lot of blood pulling out. Now the thug is going to run to the window as well and kind of with his pistol, he's going to take a very quick aim kind of thing and fire at Jasper as he did. He saw the blur, but he knows that you're a Quarry at the moment. Oh, lord. So it's just gonna be okay. You take two. Two lethal damage. You lucky person. As I rolled three tens there for people listening, and he rolled. So you're to hit, but you're only taking, luckily, two damage. [01:25:40] Speaker A: And so two ethyl for me means I go up to injured or hurt. [01:25:44] Speaker E: You're going to be doing a hurt unless you already have an injury, which you do not. Wait, no, that was Ren who did. Sorry. Yeah. [01:25:56] Speaker D: Just asking as well. No rolling for soaking, by the way. Or is it not? [01:26:02] Speaker E: Yes. You can roll to soak for that as well. For stamina. I forgot I played the other system. This way they can't really soak lethal damage, so I don't think about it as much. [01:26:13] Speaker A: I didn't know if that was a fortitude thing or not. It's just two dice difficulty six. [01:26:16] Speaker C: For me, it's your stamina. [01:26:18] Speaker E: Stamina difficulty six. So you take one damage. [01:26:23] Speaker A: Sweet. [01:26:24] Speaker D: If that's the case, may I please roll on my stamina? [01:26:28] Speaker E: Of course. First, proper combat where we are remembering all of our roles, because there's a lot of roles for. [01:26:40] Speaker D: That means I take none. [01:26:42] Speaker E: So again, you're good. But we go back up in our turn order again. Go to camera. You just got shot. What is your next course of action? [01:27:05] Speaker A: Can I do it? Does it seem like I would be able to get back to the front door to throw everybody off in the course of this turn? [01:27:17] Speaker E: With celerity? Yeah. [01:27:20] Speaker A: Is there like, something in a trash can or something? I can stow the book in real quick? [01:27:25] Speaker E: Yes. You can also do that as well? [01:27:28] Speaker A: Yes. I'm going to dump the book, come back up to the front door, open it. [01:27:37] Speaker E: There is one other person on the stairs right now. [01:27:42] Speaker A: Does the person seem like they are coming to join the party. [01:27:46] Speaker E: They were part of the party before. Yes. [01:27:48] Speaker A: Right then I've heard gunfire, so I have to assume the worst. I guess I'm just going to stab this person. [01:27:59] Speaker E: Go ahead. We're going to say that your first round of celerity was running to the sky. Your next round, this is going to be your second round. So we're going to be doing. Oh, yeah. So this is going to be your next round where your actual celerity is coming up. To split that action, spend a blood. [01:28:21] Speaker A: Point and then I can just make the attack with full dice. [01:28:24] Speaker E: Yes. If you spend a blood point. [01:28:30] Speaker A: Difficulty eight. [01:28:32] Speaker E: Again, this one is going to be difficulty six. You are not around the true faith person and this guy doesn't have armor. [01:28:43] Speaker A: Three successes. [01:28:45] Speaker E: All right, roll your strength plus two. Sorry, strength plus two. Plus one from the knife. All lethal damage. [01:28:55] Speaker A: So strength plus three. [01:28:57] Speaker E: Yes. Strength plus three. [01:29:00] Speaker A: All right, four dice, one success. So two. Yeah. [01:29:10] Speaker E: All right. Yeah. You stab him and he kind of, like, lurches forward with the stab as well. Rent. [01:29:23] Speaker D: Yes. [01:29:24] Speaker E: The priest shot you. [01:29:27] Speaker D: Oh, I'm getting angry that I got shot and I missed my punch, so I'm going to try to punch him again and hit him hard. [01:29:42] Speaker E: All right. Diff seven. Fortunately, this type is not a botch, but he kind of, like, moves around it a little bit. [01:30:06] Speaker D: Yeah, he does. [01:30:09] Speaker E: And he's going to fire again at you. [01:30:17] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:30:20] Speaker E: Unfortunately. [01:30:22] Speaker D: Yeah. Point blank range. Yes. [01:30:25] Speaker E: But he is at negative three penalty. [01:30:31] Speaker F: You're welcome. [01:30:34] Speaker D: Thank you. [01:30:35] Speaker F: Thank you. [01:30:41] Speaker D: You have that. Do it. [01:30:47] Speaker E: Well here. You're guaranteed to at least get one. You're getting two damage yet again. So roll. Your stamina plus your fortitude is taking one of them off. [01:31:00] Speaker D: Yes. [01:31:01] Speaker E: Presume that you're also getting the other one off with your fortitude. But we'll see. With your stamina roll. [01:31:06] Speaker D: But we'll see three and six. And that is a big old yes. So no damage. [01:31:14] Speaker E: No damage. All right, our next. Our next person is going, which is going to be Soraya. [01:31:28] Speaker C: Right. So I'm going to try to go at his throat with solarity. [01:31:35] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:31:36] Speaker C: All right, so what should I use? What should I roll? [01:31:44] Speaker E: Are you biting? [01:31:48] Speaker C: Sure. [01:31:50] Speaker E: Okay. Shit. Oh, that's a resisted. That is going to be dexterity athletics for the grapple aspect of it. [01:32:04] Speaker C: Okay. [01:32:04] Speaker E: And then if you get a success on it, then it is going to be your strength plus whatever you get. [01:32:12] Speaker C: All right, four. And difficulty. [01:32:17] Speaker E: Difficulty seven or, sorry. Eight. Because you're grappling. [01:32:24] Speaker C: Okay. Success. [01:32:26] Speaker E: So you're going to roll two dice now for your strength, for your damage of fighting, and it'll refresh your blood pool as well. It'll sting a bit, but that's just because it's true faith. Blood. [01:32:36] Speaker C: Okay. [01:32:37] Speaker E: But it's not going to do any actual damage. [01:32:39] Speaker C: Dice roll strength, that's two. And difficulty two, a difficulty of six. Success. [01:32:55] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:32:57] Speaker E: You bite into his neck and you suck a little bit of blood. And so you refresh one blood point. [01:33:06] Speaker C: Okay. [01:33:10] Speaker E: And then you have another action you can do as well, since you did say you're using solarity. [01:33:18] Speaker C: Since I'm already at his neck, can I just claw at him with my hands or try to strangle him? [01:33:24] Speaker E: Yeah, go ahead. Say, Dex, brawl for clawing. [01:33:29] Speaker C: Okay, so that's. Let's see, brawl. I've got one. So that's three. And difficulty eight. [01:33:50] Speaker E: Difficulty seven, since it is just clawing now. [01:33:57] Speaker C: Three successes. [01:34:00] Speaker E: All right, so you're going to roll your strength plus those two extra dice. [01:34:05] Speaker C: Okay, all it. And now it's difficulty six. Oh, come on. [01:34:26] Speaker E: So ones don't count for damage, fortunately. Okay, so you only do one damage, though, since you only have eight. [01:34:39] Speaker C: It's better than nothing. [01:34:42] Speaker E: That is true. Warren, what are you going to do? [01:34:48] Speaker B: Would I be able to get close enough to hit him with the butt of the gun? [01:34:52] Speaker E: Absolutely. You could also shoot as well. That is, shooting and hitting are not out of the cards. [01:35:04] Speaker B: If I were to shoot, would I risk hitting my code remates? [01:35:09] Speaker E: If you botch. [01:35:15] Speaker B: Feel unlucky, I will. [01:35:24] Speaker E: Dexterity and firearms and difficulty of six, presumably the priest, which is point blank, essentially. Amazing. At this point, you shoot him and he kind of falls back, starts leaking blood out of the holes in his body and onto the floor. The other thug in the room actually begins to run away now. And Jasper, you see thug running away, running down the stairs, and he shouts, job's done. [01:36:20] Speaker A: Like at the other guy? Like at me or at the other. [01:36:24] Speaker E: Guy, presumably at the other guy. He'll try to shoulder his way past you and try to also. He's going to keep his distance from you as much as he can going downstairs. [01:36:44] Speaker A: All right, I'm just shout to everyone. He's coming out front. Come get him. [01:36:52] Speaker E: Does the rest of the codery follow? This guy seems to be running away from the fight. [01:36:57] Speaker C: Yeah, I pursue, try to jump on him. [01:37:03] Speaker F: Okay, well, while they're doing that, there's a room full of weapons that these people are just ignoring. Margot's going to go on the shopping spree. [01:37:16] Speaker C: Good idea. [01:37:17] Speaker F: Give me a sword. [01:37:19] Speaker E: Please. Yeah, well, the other two people are running away now. And you guys hunt them down. And if you want, kill them or drain them. Your choice. Whoever wants to study the apocrypha, please let me know. And whoever's going to be keeping it overnight. [01:37:43] Speaker C: I'd like to study the apocrypha. [01:37:47] Speaker B: Also would like study it. [01:37:50] Speaker E: Those who do. Soraya and Warren. You notice it doesn't really have anything of note or of worth. And a lot of the wording, often conflicts of what you've heard about Kane's story and the stories of kindred, and some of what you've heard of the supposed kindred who have achieved Golkanda, so never really lines up. You might determine that this book is actually not really worth it. You might be able to get a pretty penny for it. If you do try to sell it to some other kindred, though. [01:38:28] Speaker C: Well, I think that the honorable thing to do would be to report to our Camarilla retainers and tell them honestly that it was a forgery. Because that would mean that they can surely trust us more. [01:38:52] Speaker B: What is that? Smart think? [01:38:56] Speaker C: Yes. I don't want them suspicious of us. [01:39:02] Speaker E: By now. Your bodies are feeling a bit sluggish. The day is coming. You have about an hour to an hour and a half to get home to your haven. [01:39:18] Speaker F: Well, I don't know about all of you, but I don't want to get caught up in the sun. And my walk is about 30 minutes from here. [01:39:36] Speaker C: Yeah, let's take what we can and go. [01:39:48] Speaker E: And you do. And you safely make your way back to your havens. The day dawns, impasses. Dusk arises, then night. Will you all please spend a blood point to rise for the evening? Yes. Your usual meetup point is succubus club. And for no. You feel. Some of you feel the need to go to Annbelle and drop off the book and say, that is a forgery. One of you probably doesn't at all and would at least give the book to her just to cause chaos. There are blood dolls all on the dance floor. On top. On the main dance floor. On the main floor. There's some punks gathered around and people sitting at the bar. Lots of dancing. And the music is a punk rock band playing where the DJ booth normally is. On the balcony on the second floor, you see two people playing chess games. Jasper, this looks like a elder bruja known as Creatus playing as well. [01:41:28] Speaker A: Am I afraid or in awe of whom? [01:41:37] Speaker E: More in awe. He's a very old one. He's one of he's known to be fifth generation, but typically is a philosophist. A philosopher. Not philosopher, philosopher. He's a philosopher. So he often doesn't fight. One of the bruha of old. One who might even know what Carthage is like. [01:42:01] Speaker A: Like a fucking ancient. I want to walk over and look at the chessboard. [01:42:21] Speaker G: Doboravuche. Sorry, we are in America. Are you a connoisseur of the game? [01:42:30] Speaker A: I can't say I have a talent for it, but I recognize the players had to come take a look. [01:42:39] Speaker G: It is a most fascinating game. It appears simple, but it is in fact quite engaging. By the way, I am Dimitri. [01:42:47] Speaker A: Would I reach out to shake his hand? [01:42:51] Speaker G: Dimitri will accept the hand. [01:42:54] Speaker E: Creatus looks up at both of you. I must have concentration. [01:43:00] Speaker G: I'm so sorry. [01:43:02] Speaker A: Apologies, sir. [01:43:05] Speaker G: My opponent is at a critical juncture in the game, so I must ask you to part on your own business. But it was a pleasure to meet you. Your name was? [01:43:16] Speaker A: My name is Jasper Black. [01:43:19] Speaker G: Jasper. It was a pleasure to meet you, Jasper. Perhaps we meet again and speak in the future. [01:43:23] Speaker A: Indeed, indeed. I'll leave since I've been banished by creatives. [01:43:30] Speaker E: Rest of the group, you saw Jasper go up, talk for a tiny bit, then leave. [01:43:37] Speaker C: Who is that. [01:43:41] Speaker A: Guy on the right? Some old fuck named Creatus. I'm not related to him, but he's a bruha. Other guy says his name is Dimitri. Russian. I don't know him. [01:43:54] Speaker F: Old fuck name. Okay, yeah. You know what? I'm not surprised at this point. Why are two people playing chess in a nightclub? [01:44:14] Speaker A: Nerds. [01:44:19] Speaker C: I mean, if he said that he had trouble. Oh, wait, I don't have good hearing. Never mind. [01:44:29] Speaker E: Ren would have barely have heard that over all the music. [01:44:31] Speaker D: Yeah, the music is. I'm most likely just too distracted by the music to be honest. [01:44:42] Speaker E: Warren, a woman walks up to you and she'll start touching and feeling you up a bit and goes like, hey, how are you doing? Looks so interesting. You have such a deepness in those eyes. [01:45:08] Speaker A: One eye, actually. [01:45:11] Speaker B: No deepness here. [01:45:16] Speaker E: Oh, no, I'm sure of it. I sense it. There's something more to you. Do you want to go have a drink? Outside? Out in the. And she'll mention towards the alley in the back door. [01:45:38] Speaker B: At this point, Warren is going to very uncomfortably. I would prefer to stay with my friends here, thank you. [01:45:49] Speaker E: She'll start grabbing your shirt and pulling lightly. No, come on, join us. Join me. Sorry, not join us. Join me. Come on, it'll be fun. Just one drink. [01:46:06] Speaker B: Warren's kind of going to look awkwardly to the rest of the group, see if anybody's going to help them out here. [01:46:15] Speaker F: Darling, my friend said no. [01:46:28] Speaker E: She'll walk over to Sarah. Well, do you want to have a drink? I bet you have a story to tell. [01:46:37] Speaker C: You're just asking out everybody tonight, aren't you? [01:46:42] Speaker E: No, just a select few ones who I know just have an absolutely beautiful story to tell. Oh, she's breathing. [01:47:01] Speaker C: Is she a blood doll? [01:47:04] Speaker E: She's not dressed like the rest of. No, she is. She'll look over to Warren again. Come on. Don't you want to go have a drink outside? It's so loud out here. [01:47:23] Speaker B: I actually don't drink. I'm more of a smoker. [01:47:30] Speaker E: Yeah, she'll pull a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket. Well. [01:47:37] Speaker C: I also don't drink. And unless you have a quran in your other pocket. [01:47:44] Speaker E: She'Ll look at you. No, she'll turn toward it. Do you want to go have a smoke, then? [01:47:54] Speaker B: Not cigarettes, dear. [01:47:59] Speaker E: Oh, well, I definitely have that, too. I'm just not going to pull it out. [01:48:04] Speaker F: Darling, can you please stop talking to my boyfriend like that? [01:48:09] Speaker E: Oh, come on. It's just a smoke. [01:48:14] Speaker F: I said. [01:48:18] Speaker C: Go. You know, I don't know. Something about you seems very interesting. [01:48:27] Speaker F: You know what? [01:48:29] Speaker C: I'll see what you have to say. I'll step out with you. [01:48:34] Speaker E: Yay. She'll kind of like, sort of prance along, but not really because she's wearing combat boots. [01:48:47] Speaker F: That is fucking weirder. [01:48:50] Speaker D: I know. That was no offense to you, Warren, but that's just weird. Just having everything at the ready. That was weird. [01:49:02] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:49:04] Speaker F: Well, I'm going to go and hunt. [01:49:11] Speaker B: Effect I have on wimp. [01:49:16] Speaker F: That gives pause. And she'll just turn to look at you for one moment. It's not that heavy of an effect. And then she'll walk off. [01:49:29] Speaker A: It's okay, Warren. I still think you're sexy. [01:49:36] Speaker E: I'm assuming that you are doing seduction methods. Margo. Who else is hunting? [01:49:49] Speaker D: I need to hunt a little bit. Just do. [01:49:55] Speaker E: How are you trying to get someone into. We can come back to if you would like. [01:50:05] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm trying to think how Ren. [01:50:09] Speaker E: Would be Lauren and Jasper. Are you hunting or are you fine. [01:50:15] Speaker A: I'm all right for right now. [01:50:18] Speaker D: Okay. [01:50:20] Speaker E: Jazzy. [01:50:21] Speaker C: Yes. [01:50:22] Speaker E: You're outside with this girl. She is talking and talking. And you see someone come out from one end of the valley of the alley. It's kind of like walking past you guys. He's not really looking at you or anything, but he's walking to you guys while she's talking and she's smoking and doing whatever she would like. [01:50:56] Speaker C: Is she cute? [01:50:58] Speaker E: Very cute. [01:51:00] Speaker C: Enough that I would tolerate listening to a boring story or would I interrupt? [01:51:07] Speaker E: Definitely. All right. She's incredibly good looking, even for her blood doll. And as this person was walking closer to you, he. Let me gotta check something really quick. [01:51:28] Speaker F: I'm so sorry. [01:51:31] Speaker E: He, in the blur, grabs you and pins you up against the wall. Can you roll strength athletics to get out of the grapple? [01:51:48] Speaker C: Okay. Success. [01:52:18] Speaker E: Yeah. You struggle, and you are getting out of it. We're going to do another contest of it. [01:52:28] Speaker C: Okay? [01:52:29] Speaker E: So I want you to roll the same roll you. This guy barely has you pinned up, and he's covering. He has you pinned up again, and he's sort of starting to cover your mouth so you can't scream out. [01:52:59] Speaker C: Can I use solarity? [01:53:03] Speaker E: To do what? [01:53:05] Speaker C: To try to push him off. [01:53:09] Speaker E: That would be closer to potence or. [01:53:12] Speaker C: Maybe to struggle faster. [01:53:15] Speaker E: Yes, you could do that. Have you not been rolling your celerity die with your dex rolls? [01:53:24] Speaker C: I did. I only rolled celery once. [01:53:28] Speaker E: But with all of your dex rolls, that's kind of a free ability. [01:53:33] Speaker C: No. [01:53:34] Speaker E: Okay. [01:53:34] Speaker C: But I only needed to roll decks once. [01:53:43] Speaker E: Why don't you roll dexterity athletics then, and add your solarity to it? [01:53:51] Speaker A: Three. [01:53:52] Speaker C: Okay. Five. [01:54:12] Speaker E: Unfortunately, he still has you panned up. Now he's, like, successfully covered your mouth, and he's now starting to hold you and try to fully pin you and grab you. And you could tell that this is unnatural strength. This is not. This is not human inside. Jimmy, how are you? [01:54:51] Speaker D: Um, I think I'm just gonna. I'm gonna try and most likely fail at going up to maybe some people and just act like I'm drinking with them. And then when they're possibly, like, nearly passing out, just try to silently drink from them. Yeah, I don't. [01:55:22] Speaker E: Away from everybody else, too. Right? [01:55:24] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:55:24] Speaker E: Just to make sure. Okay, let's do not be seen. You're not going to have your specialty with us, but we're going to roll dexterity, stealth. [01:55:38] Speaker D: Okay. [01:55:39] Speaker E: And then it's going to be a stamina roll when you're done. This is alcohol you're drinking. [01:55:48] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. That's fair. [01:55:54] Speaker E: I'm assuming Marcos was a sober person. [01:55:57] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:55:58] Speaker D: Let me take off my blood. So that's three. Seven dice difficulty. [01:56:05] Speaker E: Six. [01:56:07] Speaker D: All right. That's four successes. [01:56:14] Speaker E: Wonderful. Through drinking, presumably to get back up to full. [01:56:23] Speaker D: Yes. [01:56:25] Speaker E: You only feel minorly inebriated. [01:56:30] Speaker D: That's fair. [01:56:31] Speaker E: Yeah. You know, what? I mean, I can't pronounce the word. [01:56:35] Speaker D: Yep. [01:56:36] Speaker E: Yep, I do. All right, you guys go up to talk to Annabelle about the book. But it's been a while since Saraya has been out there. For a while, actually. [01:57:05] Speaker D: Yeah, that's right. I'm going to go up to Jasper. Hey, have you seen. [01:57:20] Speaker A: Uh, yeah, a second ago. I think she went outside with somebody. [01:57:27] Speaker D: How long ago was this? [01:57:30] Speaker A: Like, probably a few minutes. Storyteller. [01:57:32] Speaker E: It's been close to ten. [01:57:35] Speaker A: About ten minutes. [01:57:37] Speaker E: With the feeding of your other people in your codery? It's been about ten minutes so far. [01:57:45] Speaker A: Why? What's up? [01:57:47] Speaker D: Don't we need to talk to Annabelle? [01:57:54] Speaker A: Don't ask me that question, but yeah, I think probably at least Margot wants to. [01:57:59] Speaker D: Right? And we need book, so. [01:58:03] Speaker E: Let me. [01:58:03] Speaker D: Go ahead and go out there. [01:58:05] Speaker E: Crap. [01:58:06] Speaker D: Soraya, I'll go with you. All right. [01:58:13] Speaker E: As you go out there, Saraya is not there anymore. It. [01:58:28] Speaker C: Has. [01:58:30] Speaker D: Is there like, any. I'm just going to cut out. Soraya, you're out in the alley anywhere or. [01:58:47] Speaker E: Don't hear anything bad? [01:58:54] Speaker D: Okay, this is good. [01:58:58] Speaker B: I would just like to look around the area, see if there's. It is wintertime. Is there any snow or anything that might have left? Traps or anything I could search through or try to find, like, signs of people previously? [01:59:16] Speaker E: Yeah, it's been kind of dragged. So you can't really see any footprints, but something has been dragged. [01:59:28] Speaker B: Could I follow those drag marks? [01:59:32] Speaker E: Yeah, they actually kind of disappear as you corner around the back of the building. [02:00:04] Speaker D: Think she's. I mean, it's not like her to just leave. Let's just head back inside and gather everyone. Or. Actually, would you like me to investigate further or to see if we have any leads? [02:00:38] Speaker B: Warren's going to shrug. If you think you'll find anything that I haven't, have at it. I'll go start gathering people, though. [02:00:46] Speaker D: Yeah, I'll have a look around. [02:00:55] Speaker E: It's. Yeah, roll a perception investigation. [02:00:59] Speaker D: Okay. That is five dice. Perception investigation. Two successes. [02:01:21] Speaker E: I mean, you see the drag marks. You can see some footprints walking up, kind of like down one side towards where the drag marks are, but nothing else. They actually kind of stop at one point and then they kind of appear by the door and that's it. [02:01:49] Speaker A: I don't know where they are. [02:01:52] Speaker D: I don't know where she is. I'm just going to continue. Just. And there's no, like, tire tracks that be like, is it going down the alley or is it, like, coming out? [02:02:16] Speaker E: There's no tire down the alley. At the moment, there's nothing. [02:02:20] Speaker D: No tire tracks or anything. All right, I'm going to try to. I think Warren's just going. I mean, Ren is going to just walk around, just hands on their head, and just look around, just like. What the fuck is going on? [02:03:02] Speaker E: Are you going to go tell the rest of your cuttery about this? [02:03:07] Speaker D: I'm waiting on Warren to get back together, everyone. Or I'll head back inside as well, after investigating for a bite. [02:03:31] Speaker A: You find her? [02:03:33] Speaker D: No, not at all. I just see some foot tracks, footprints and stuff of showing that someone was being dragged, so. Don't know. Yeah. [02:03:55] Speaker A: That'S not good. [02:03:57] Speaker D: No, it's not. [02:04:01] Speaker A: I'm going to, I guess, run and look for Margot so that we can have the full squad surgeon. [02:04:09] Speaker D: While I was investigating, was there any signs? Like, old cameras or anything like that outside? [02:04:20] Speaker E: Yeah, not by that door. Yeah. [02:04:24] Speaker D: Okay. [02:04:24] Speaker E: You would guess that it was maybe designed just in case people want to feed outside. [02:04:29] Speaker D: Yeah, I understand. It's just worth a shot. Worth a shot. Most likely is kidnapped. I don't know what to do. [02:04:50] Speaker A: Well, let's get Margot and start looking. We can fan out. [02:04:53] Speaker D: Yeah. [02:05:02] Speaker A: Are we able to find our other Carter? Remember? [02:05:07] Speaker E: Does Margot want to be found? [02:05:11] Speaker F: Margot is probably just finishing up her little snack. She'll pop her head out and wipe the corner of her mouth. What is it, darling? I'm a little bit busy right now. [02:05:31] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:05:33] Speaker A: Sarai is gone. Oh, no, indeed. [02:05:44] Speaker F: She'll dip back into wherever she was and then come out, like, a minute later, probably like, buckling off like one shoe. [02:05:54] Speaker C: All right. [02:06:00] Speaker F: Well, so much fun night off, I guess. Let's go find her. [02:06:09] Speaker E: And with that, we cut over to a building in an industrial park just outside of the city. House has a film production warehouse company, Prometheus Productions. It's temporary closed at the moment, as the company is shooting a project in Europe. It's been taken over by someone for their uses. For someone else's uses, Soraya. Or thrown into a vault where they keep a bunch of film stock in. Dimitri walks up. [02:06:51] Speaker G: I thought you might like to know that my game is going quite well so far. First, I capture you a bishop. [02:06:59] Speaker C: A bishop? Is this a game of chess? How do you know you're not casting dice instead? [02:07:12] Speaker G: Intriguing, no? This is a game of chess. Indeed. A very intriguing version of chess. Live chess. But I took you the bishop. And I also took a pawn. And reaching behind the door to the vault, Dimitri will throw in a young. Or just a young man. [02:07:43] Speaker C: If you're playing for influence against Alamut. You should know that I've defected. And if you're playing for influence against the Camarilla, you should know I haven't joined. [02:08:04] Speaker G: Well, it's just a game. Let me explain. I invented this game. We take mortals as the place of pawns. And I let my opponent move them as they desire, placing them in conflict with one another, gain victory on the board. It's very, very fun. [02:08:23] Speaker C: And who is your opponent tonight? [02:08:28] Speaker G: It was the creatus who invited me to Chicago. It's a wonderful city. [02:08:34] Speaker C: Creatus. Yes. I think I have a friend who knows him. A bruhe, isn't he elder? [02:08:48] Speaker G: He is. But he invented a new version of this game. He wanted to use kindred as pieces. I was astonished. But he offered me his blood if he won, so how could I refuse? Well, honestly, tell me, if you were in my place, would you not have done the same? [02:09:07] Speaker C: I'm afraid I would have considered it, but. Well, you seem a reasonable enough host. [02:09:18] Speaker G: And I do mean, you know, ill will. We're just fulfilling my role in the game. [02:09:25] Speaker C: Certainly. And you would understand, therefore, if I ask what you intend to do with me now? [02:09:35] Speaker G: Oh, well, I simply have to keep you to the game as over. [02:09:38] Speaker C: And when will that be? [02:09:40] Speaker G: I'm not sure yet. But I did not want you to think that I am not a gracious host. This pawn that I took. You may take him if you so choose. [02:09:53] Speaker C: I prefer the girl. She was pretty. [02:09:55] Speaker E: That the boy starts to wake up, I was like, where am I? [02:10:02] Speaker C: Yes. [02:10:03] Speaker G: Now I should leave you two pieces. I have other moves to make. Have a good evening. [02:10:07] Speaker C: All right, good luck. [02:10:10] Speaker E: He slams the door to the vault, and it locks with a very loud clang, leaving you in utter darkness. You don't feel any air movement in vault either? You seem assumed that this is probably airtight. Now, where am I? Who are you? What's going on? Why are they here? [02:10:35] Speaker C: Who is he? [02:10:36] Speaker E: What is he going to do with us? I don't know what's going on. [02:10:39] Speaker C: I'm so scared. So scared. [02:10:41] Speaker E: And he does not shut up at all. He is whining and crying the whole time. [02:10:47] Speaker C: All right. I attempt to comfort him and go. It's all going to be okay. It'll all be over soon. Don't worry. You'll be safe. [02:11:04] Speaker F: Why am I here? Who was that? [02:11:08] Speaker C: I don't know. But I won't let him hurt you. Okay. What's your name? [02:11:17] Speaker E: Randy. [02:11:18] Speaker C: Randy, okay, do you. What? Where did he take you, Randy? Or where do you last remember being. [02:11:33] Speaker E: I was at an ATM. I was just getting some money. [02:11:39] Speaker C: All right, whereabouts are you from? Chicago. I go to school here. Go to school here. And you don't know or have any connection to anything suspicious? Any weird religious sect, any. [02:11:58] Speaker E: No, I don't have any. [02:12:03] Speaker F: I was just getting money, and then. [02:12:05] Speaker E: This lady just came up and grabbed me. And then now I'm here and I. [02:12:11] Speaker C: Don'T know what's going on. [02:12:13] Speaker E: Why is this happening to me? And again, he's got to keep talking, talking, and there's so many tears running down his face now. [02:12:24] Speaker C: All right, so I just sort of sit there in silence and let him kind of talk himself out. Actually, can I feed on him? Just enough to put him to sleep but not kill him? [02:12:46] Speaker E: What's your goal? To cut with what information I give you? [02:12:51] Speaker C: Just to drink a little blood and leave him sort of semi conscious. [02:13:02] Speaker E: Is this an effort to preserve him or to. [02:13:06] Speaker C: Yeah, to preserve him. [02:13:12] Speaker E: Um, you. You would know that there's no air flowing in or out of here. That even if during slubber, he is. Even during slubber, he is still probably going to pass away. [02:13:31] Speaker C: Yeah, but a comatose person uses less oxygen than. [02:13:37] Speaker E: There is very little to no oxygen left anyway, so even if he is asleep, he is going to die. [02:13:48] Speaker C: All right, in that case, I just let him talk himself out, and once he faints, I'll eat him until he's dead. [02:14:04] Speaker E: Okay. I think for that, you're going to need to lose a dot of humanity. There were other ways of doing that that could have preserved him, unfortunately, could. [02:14:19] Speaker C: Have made him a ghoul. [02:14:20] Speaker E: But. [02:14:23] Speaker C: The asimite code says that blood only goes to the deserving. [02:14:30] Speaker A: Damn. [02:14:32] Speaker D: Yeah. [02:14:38] Speaker E: Um, with that, we're gonna end for tonight's.

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